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Katy Perry‘s music video with Kanye West has dropped. Press play to view.

Escapist Totally (distraction entertainment).

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“If you project upon a star”…. hey, wait a minute… that’s not the lyrics of a famous moonwalking man’s once classic hit song as a teenager.

Katy Perry & Kanye West‘s new music collaboration, of E.T sitting at the current no.2 spot on Billboard’s music charts in the USA at the time of writing has all the kids of America popping their best dance moves on the d-floors across America The Beautiful.

Alien fascination continues. Last week ‘Kiley’ a girl I see at cafes some weeks said, “Sam, I know that I’m really from another planet.” Kiley was serious. There were tears in her eyes when she was sharing.

I looked her in baby blue eyes and said, “Kiley, people obsess about being aliens, when their current world hurts so badly, they want to be on another planet all together.”

I added, “I’m sorry Kiley, but no aliens are interested in human beings being a part of another planet until this world starts looking after the people and resources more fairly on the one planet that people have been given authority to be the stewards of. Who wants a society of planet wreckers in their society? No what I mean?”

Kiley is a lovely person. She’s a good American girl. She’s also a CEO of a company here in the California territory. I like Kiley a lot. It surprised me that Kiley thinks a lot about aliens.

In any event, here’s some alien-themed music by America’s Katy Perry and Kanye West scorching up the music charts, thumping on ipods and on car stereos in drive time. I don’t agree with any of this song’s lyrics (they’re like distraction), but let’s run this post anyway to cover off the rise of alien culture in the world people enjoy escaping into in sci-fi fantasy themes of popular culture’s propagation in this fleeting minute.

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What the kids of Hollywood are digging at the club right now: All of the Lights is all good in the hood. A catchy tune from Mr Kanye West feat Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Sir Elton John.

The documentary realism technique works a treat too in this music vid.

All of the lights (all of the lights)
(Lights, lights)
All of the lights (all of the lights)

Turn up the lights in here baby
extra bright, I want y’all to see this
turn up the lights in here, baby
you know what I need
want you to see everything
Want you to see all of the lights

[Keep reading, below the jump. As the lights are about to be turned up in April, here's a piece of pop art via the LA Times blog today well worth sharing with this song.]  Read the rest of this entry »



Kim Kardashian is set to go the J-Lo route of publicity. That meaning, ‘chic’ who can ‘sing’ and look good in music videos. Merchandizing then flies off the shelves of such stars backing products to people listening to their ‘music.’

With that in mind, Kanye West is pictured here in this pic arriving at a studio in L.A to appear in Kim Kardashian’s music video.

[Image via Bauer Griffon Online]

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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Sometimes, the most ridiculous rumors start between Los Angeles and NYC. The latest was Kim Kardashian is pregnant to Kanye West. ”The rumors are absolutely not true,” Kardashian told People magazine. “I’m not pregnant.”

The story was started by gossip site MediaTakeOut, which reported a “world exclusive” that Kardashian was having the rapper’s baby.

Another example of how stars get cashed in, all the time–for Media take out’s benefit, and also Kanye’s fan base too. Kim was analyzed as being’s no.1 trending celebrity of 2010.

Basically–that means that she is now a touchstone star celebrity-template. To enter the fame game in 2011–at least one thing that makes Kim Kardashian a star, must be in your star mix to cut it and break through. She’s the standard. One of them anyway. Kanye’s already started this trend, early.

Mine is: “In 2011, I will have at least one Middle Eastern friend more visible and represented as a friend on this blog.” The rumor is funny though.

[Image courtesy of WireImage]

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Brotha Kanye West is fast becoming like Sarah Palin or Mel Gibson, all people who are either hated or loved as faces who appear a lot in the press.

Here’s some footage of Kanye get boo-ed by Taylor Swift fans at The Maceys Thanksgiving Day parade.

Although Kanye can be a little annoying, he was assigned the role of a returning George W. Bush to recent public promotional life–so doesn’t this brotha get a break from the American public? No! Watch this footage. And in Kanye’s own town of NYC too. A little bit harsh?

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[Vintage image of Quincy Jones, courtesy of Lee Bailey's Electronic Urban Report]

Golly Guacamole! Don’t mess with Quincy Jones definition of a music producer. He’s too real.

When US Weekly Magzine insinuated to The Quincy, “Kanye West is similar to you in that he’s the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade,” Jones wasn’t having a bar of it. Here’s what he said in reply:

“How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He’s just a rapper. There’s no comparison. I’m not putting him down or making a judgement or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don’t rap. It’s not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It’s totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It’s a whole different mindset. No comparison. None.”

Um, good point. Kanye West is a pastiche producer. He does quick turn around music, and who really cares, as his fans accept it as music and buy it. He samples many other artists styles. Relying heavily on other artists work as ‘producer’ (this coming from a blogger, so I know!) is a lot different to original compositions and arrangements, like created from scratch (how Quincy creates with his collaborating music artists).

I guess Jones has a point if we’re talking authenticity as a music producer, for sure! A nice retort.

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Kanye West gives an interview about George W. Bush to talk show host Matt Lauer while President Obama is offshore, on The Today Show.

George mentioned Kanye in his new book. It’s kinda a unifying book narrative link into the current presidency, so a smart move from a past Texan president in re-entering the global political arena via a memoirs book, I reckon. But I’m not American, so let’s let the American people speak on that themselves. I must say, George’s plastic surgery touch ups look all good though. Amazing what time on your hands can engender. Love it!

My whole thing with George’s opener with Matt Lauer in this interview is simply this: how can Kanye a black man, be the racist? Okay, whatevz! Too funny how America switches it up, when needs be. Makes me laugh.

Alright the hori in me, makes me say: Is this the same George W. that helped accelerate a George W. financial melt down, that Presient Obama’s face is now wearing? Same thing, different face… Yes, I do believe it is. So for George to call a singer/ songwriter Kanye a “racist” is kinda dumb with a political? segue back in to US cultural life. Kanye’s a pop star George. That’s all he’s ever claimed to be. Nice work though.

Any thoughts on this? Leave a comment if you care for American entertainment and are a Kanye fan.

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Says Kanye: “I am like the rap version of George Bush. I became George Bush. The irony, poetic justice of that was just so amazing. Just for the caller to say “I lost respect for you” is just how a black person would completely say the same thing about George Bush.”

This year, Mr West is the designated center – of making other stars hot. Touch stone of celebrity for 2010. Mention Kanye’s name–and you’re off. He’s it. Was Beyonce last year. A guy this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Radar wasn’t kidding, when they said a Kanye West dick pic was gonna drop. It has. At the time of writing, the scandal hasn’t disturbed American office life too much – yet.

The top ten topics rating in America right now are: Charlie Sheen‘s piece on the side, , The Giants have The Rangers on the ropes, , Home biz online, the idiot Clint McCance, Maura Kelly, Natalie Portman, limewire, time traveler and .

The Obama Stewart TV interview is featured in these video clips. The number one man in the USA has accomplished a lot to date, as this interview reveals. He’s very real about the times we’re in. Like that.

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Hola, Kia ora. I’m writing this in Hollywood at the dawning of a new pop cultural super moment – here in America.

Everyone is buzzing about Kanye West‘s new film Runaway and what this could mean – not only for the US but a global world (shikes!) as an Arts text that’s captured the world’s cultural mileu even. If you drop a ballet dancer into anything, it conjurs up old world high cultural art. West was clever in doing his take on Swan Lake – the ballet.

Kanye is very matter of fact about it saying his favorite piece is when: “The ballerina’s are just still.” A symbol of youthful potential frozen in the world in economic times. Interesting. However MTV is doing way too much, so let’s let them break it down what the influences within the film text mean, and where they all come from. Here’s their thoughts borrowed from other people’s thoughts – the way of all bloggers and critics:

“So, from Yemi Akinyemi to Leonardo da Vinci, here’s our artful guide to Kanye West’s “Runaway”:

Akinyemi, Yemi: Czech-born choreographer responsible for the elaborate dance sequence in “Runaway.” Also runs the JAD Dance company in Prague.

Beecroft, Vanessa: Italian contemporary artist who specializes in large-scale performance-art pieces, most of which feature nude female models. The phoenix in “Runaway” is indebted to her work, as is the film’s dinner sequence, which is reminiscent of her controversial “Last Supper” piece, which featured African immigrants wearing suits and seated at a banquet table laden with chicken.

Breuning, Olaf: Swiss-born artist who works in several mediums. In “Runaway,” his photograph “Smoke Bombs” — which shows a series of smoke bombs emitting multi-hued plumes — is recalled in the scene of a child running toward the camera while holding a flare aloft.

Cirque Garuda: Czechoslovakian performance troupe specializing in acrobatics and pyrotechnics. Several of their members can be seen whirling around West and the phoenix in the lead-up to the “All of the Lights”/ Michael Jackson scene.

Corbijn, Anton: Famed Dutch photographer and director. His which features hooded figures prostrating themselves before images of late frontman Ian Curtis, clearly influenced the “Runaway” Michael Jackson parade scene. Or, if you prefer to call them Klansmen, well, Corbijn famously featured a little girl wearing a Klan robe in his iconic video for Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.”

[Cover Artwork -A young ballerina in her prime, poses against a back drop of an industrial building with a green overlay, symbolizing "Green Technologies, is the future of power fueling industry - the Runaway Train for super powers to focus on to remain sustainable and relevant players in the global market economy]

Crewdson, Gregory: American photographer famous for his elaborately staged, supremely surreal portraits of suburban life. Many scenes in “Runaway” — particularly those in which the phoenix sits contemplatively in West’s backyard — seem to have been taken directly from his portfolio.

Dia de los Muertos: Holiday celebrated in Mexico (and, in varying forms, throughout the rest of the world) to remember family members and friends who have died. Often, parades are held, featuring towering skeletons, marching bands and papier-mâché skulls (called calavera), all of which sort of remind us of the Michael Jackson parade in “Runaway.”

Guo-Qiang, Cai: Chinese contemporary artist famed for his gunpowder drawings and so-called “explosion events,” large-scale performance pieces in which stuff is blown up, usually in unison, leaving only smoke and charred earth in its wake. Since roughly one-third of “Runaway” is slow-motion shots of explosions and fireworks, the connection is easy.

Koons, Jeff: American artist and prankster famed for his garish reproductions of banal, household items and a series of life-size, porcelain-and-gold-leaf statues of Michael Jackson cuddling his pet chimp, Bubbles (one of which sold for $5.6 million in a Sotheby’s auction). The giant Jackson head in the “Runaway” parade scene looks strangely similar to the head of Koons’ sculptures.

Kubrick, Stanley: Hugely important American filmmaker who West himself cited as an influence on “Runaway.” Case in point, the languid tracking shots, slightly off-kilter framing or even the elaborate dinner sequence, all of which recall Kubrick films like “The Shining,” “Barry Lyndon” and “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Arguably the greatest composer to ever live. A portion of his unfinished “Requiem” piece can be heard playing at the beginning of “Runaway.”

MTX Tatra V8: Czech-produced “supercar” with gull-wing doors and an engine positioned over the rear axle. Not surprisingly, they are incredibly fast and exceedingly rare.

The National Theatre: Vaunted Czechoslovakian institution that is home to three artistic ensembles: opera, drama and ballet. A handful of ballerinas in “Runaway” are also members of the National Theatre’s 2010 ensemble, including Jade Clayton and Ivanna Illeyenko.

Phoenix: Mythological firebird referenced in early works by the Persians, Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese. Known for its colorful plumage, the phoenix lives for anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years, at which time it builds a nest for itself and ignites. A new phoenix arises out of the ashes. Subsequently, it has become a symbol for rebirth, immortality and renewal. And the namesake of the capital of Arizona.

“Swan Lake”: Celebrated Russian ballet about a princess transformed into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. In the third act, said evil sorcerer tricks a kind-hearted prince into confessing his love for his daughter by dressing her as a black swan. Kind of like all the ballerinas in “Runaway.”

Tarsem: Indian director famous for his artfully abstract, hyper-detailed and lavishly staged productions, most notably R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religon” video, which seems to have influenced the cinematography — and some of the biblical body language of the dinner guests — in the “Runaway” dinner scene.

Von Trier, Lars: Danish filmmaker famous for his artful, oft-brutal films, perhaps none more artful (or brutal) than 2009′s “Antichrist,” which — much like “Runaway” — features a scene with a deer that doesn’t seem all that afraid of humans. Of course, unlike “Antichrist,” the deer in “Runaway” doesn’t have a dead fawn hanging halfway out of its womb.

Da Vinci, Leonardo: Italian-born painter, sculptor, architect, scientist and mathematician (to name just a few of his endeavors) who created famed works like “The Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper.” The latter work is referenced in the “Runaway” dinner scene, most obviously in the hushed conversations of the guests and Kanye, who, of course, is seated at the very center, just like Jesus.

Did we miss anything? Share the high-culture references you noticed.

Horiwood: Yes.  Kanye creating a brand new genre of cinema – that being Hip Hop Art House Cinema is a major achievement on an arts and cinematic cultural-media global landscape. Hot!

Swan Image – Counter Point Blog

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Apparently this guy, like Kanye West, used to be good at using feathers in cinema and creating films about birds too.

As Kanye depicts by being a cross-over music artist in cinema, with Runaway, his short film, Feathers will always be an important part of Hollywood cinema. Whether it be first nation Indigenous peoples’ feathers in The Western genre, or feathers of haute fashion, or birds themselves as subjects of the camera’s gaze in cinema, they are a motif of great auteurs of Hollywood town.

Birds have wings. They observe seasons. Many migrate. They are good metaphors for messages (film texts too) that travel.


[Image of Alfred Joseph Hitchcok's Hollywood star - the Maori Koru Version for Maori and Polynesian auteurs of Cinema and African-America one's too, courtesy of Horiwood.Com]

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Artists of the world, will always respond to an auteur. The Arts are always created when we cross cultures, to the center and push back in creative response. In this moment, we are the center of the world’s pop culture creation too as artists. We are creating the future by speaking back in response to the present in expression with our unique worldviews and artistic reo (voices) and vision too. Let’s go Maori and Polynesian filmmakers, musicians, artists and entertainersHoriwood

Who: Kanye West

What: Hip Hop Art House Cinema as a new genre of filmmaking.

Title Work: Runaway, a short film

Duration: 34 mins, 32 secs aprox.

Starring: Selita EBanks and Kanye West

Key Themes: A commentary on America’s nationhood, in Kanye’s lifetime. The rise and fall and what is the rise back up again of the USA. Decadence fused with decay of empire.

The Michael Jackson death of the King of Pop reference, is both respectful and a little spooky in the form of a military like national guard parade, and a blown up head of MJ. The golden phoenix references are powerful. Selita Ebanks is pure art in this role. Naive, beautiful, out of place, learning of a new world–a metaphor of a nation rebuilding, and representing a younger generation in it–as also reflected in a gaggle of strong, youthful ballet-swans, depicted as youthful potential turned statues with their economic? wings ripped off by resulting circumstances of unwise political/ banking leaders of the past. Selita plays the role, of someone being introduced to America now as shown by Kanye, an auteur. She asks: how is it possible to be authentic and survive in your world, when most are cast in stone of economics/ current politics?

Perhaps indicating, patriarchal culture, Kanye’s response is: just stay with me anyway and make love to me. An interesting political commentary, when no one really has an answer to this question Selita posits.

Anyway, it’s a little weird for me, but I love the fact that Kanye has created the Hip Hop Musical, Art House short film genre of cinema. Not enough can be written about that. It’s revolutionary in African-American cinema that he’s done this. Creative plus!!!

Enjoy. And in honor of Taika Cohen‘s artistic filmmaking abilities – who could do the same, for Maori down under, I post this Korowai cloak, as a challenge (or take in Maori) to pick up in future years and do the same as an artist. Maori Art House Cinema, let’s go, thinking outside of commercial, Hollywood narrative structures too – into more artistic expression of Maori cinematic arts. Artists should always respond across cultures to other artists. It’s cultural manners and is also what true artists are about if we hail from centuries-old traditions of artists – which we do as Maori. Any culture with authentic artist will respond from their nation as global artists.

As Maori we are not passive. American culture is boring if it’s monologue. What we need is dialogue for US culture to even be relevant in our Maori mix at all. We don’t just consume from America, we speak back like mature adults, and put our own spin on our own future – as teachers (not children) of America too. So, where’s our film texts (musicals on cinema, please).

Who in New Zealand wants to respond to this, in cinema? I ask. Taika is a good start, with Awanui Reader writing the film’s score and starring in the lead. Ainsley Gardiner, an award winning film producer and Oscar nominated producer, as producer of such a project, showing the strength of good female leadership from New Zealand – would be hot.

But let’s get back to Kanye West’s brilliance and budget spend here. His interweaving on a sound sonic-scape with international accents (German and European) as well as importing the class of Rihanna ‘s hip hop and r n’b proven sound globally via Barbados of the Commonwealth (UK tributes and associations) show’s an American artist seeking cross-cultural ties and connections with a place for Americans in the world. Amidst the American ego–that his nation expects in their pop culture to fuel their own sense of identity, Kanye shows humility too for other nations cultures he’s learned and gleaned from as one of the 30% of Americans who have traveled outside of US borders and dared to be an American minority in another nation’s cultural life–and position himself as a student of the world. I like it that he has and it reflects in this film, from what he’s borrowed and interwoven into his art.

In particular, Kanye uses the elements a lot, of the sky. Perhaps indicating a future where, manipulating the earth’s elements (whether in visual depiction via news footage) or for real, will be common. An oil spill, was the last example of this we witnessed by a multi-national corporation in Mexico’s gulf for example. Oil from depth in the earth’s crust became vapor that filled the sky like a column of smoke. The world had never seen that before, as elements burned from the sea.

Kanye’s film is a version of a vision of America today. Powerful as art and social commentary. He raises the bar of hip hop artists and most music artists too, with this contribution. It’s his version, of “I am King” of pop culture and the arts eg: Muhammad Ali via cinema. Or, his version of “Presidential vision” or “if I was President” in that The Thompson Twins 80′s kinda statement way. Smile America. It does get better, is what West says here. :)

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Kanye West tweets on arrival in London town. With his trademark, caps lock on, of course!

What would be, as a global community, without Kanye West tweeting in CAPS. Tumeke!

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Barbara Streisand is an icon of New York. Here’s Duck Sauce of Spin Records with their song, Barbara Streisand. It enters the New Zealand music charts at no. 14, first week of release. Wwwow!

Nice cameo from Pharrell and Kanye West appearance in it.

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Regardless of being called a jack ass, by the U.S President - as a performer, Kanye West is still top shelf.

Image courtesy of FunPic

[This image - A Kanye Toast via Weideman Gallery, West Hollywood]

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So American. :)

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So French. :)

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Kanye West is the man, that President Obama, off the record was video taped saying “the guy’s an ass” during a White House press interview.

Performing two new songs on SNL, Power and Runaway the artist Kanye West was a fusion between, Jay-Z‘s Caesar complex (upped several notches) and the male hip hop version of Lady Gaga electronica tinkering at the BAFTA Awards, when she famously, sung her “free b*ach” song.

In between these two influences, his imagery is a Michael Jackson Caesar with Robert Plant swans in ballet tutu’s abounding. Subtext [ballot boxes].

Disturbing, like art. Egotistical, like the reason why people today say we love “country, folk music, Opera, classical music and reggae.” Yet nonetheless, as a music star, Kanye‘s performance has a raw edge to it – that is connected with the masses on the ground.

He’s very ‘United States of Models’ Tyra Banks x 3 reality TV shows fame, but at least he’s giving young Americans work in these times. He’s a little bit Tiger Woods haram complex too, or, a ballet teacher of the young, at a stretch? Like this gaggle of models who make the performance, representing America’s youth. Beautiful, contorted – whose culture says ’just look pretty’, but we’re on it. We’re ‘fixing’ things.

I can imagine pop cultural study majors at every university worldwide, having a field day, reading into and critiquing Kanye role playing his take on ‘Jay-Z’ role playing ’Obama,’ seeing Kanye as ‘a product of the system’ and what statement this says about America. If any.

Not that this has anything to do with Obama, because it doesn’t – artists like business leaders too, give allusions of Presidential ties and power ties, to make their money.

The fact is, an artist like Kanye West (the man whose brother has had #1 hits, and whose mom tragically died during cosmetic enhancement surgery) are what the American people hold up as being spotlight worthy, so we should somehow ask why? how? and what their message of relevance is, to us all.

That’s what university students studying culture will be doing all over the world, when a performance like this is presented to the world. It will even be given to some as an assignment to analyze about culture. His take on an ‘empire complex’ performer, is both disturbing and beautiful. Your thoughts?

How he could have made this better, or more real? Included some reference, to the Middle East, perhaps? Or other war torn lands? to give a perspective outside of America. To be ‘less of an ass’ perhaps.

But seriously, our brotha, needs more bling. Lol! In spite of his overuse of ‘auto-tune’ or the fact the keyboards still play when he’s not near them, is funny. 

Runaway is going to be a #1 hit worldwide – with disgruntled kids of the world all singing “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags” – all names leaders and key American media figures have called Kanye in the past during prime time television in order to garner themselves ratings etc, and in order to celebrate too a sense of outrageous Americanness. This is his reply. Distorted, but a pop star’s statement that’s honest.

And no one can take away from Kanye, the fact he has always the best looking website of any pop star (or entertainer too) for his fans.

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Making a fine red carpet duo, Selita Ebanks and Kanye West were two of many celebrities supporting the New Yorkers for Children Charity Gala event at Cipriani 42 last night.

[Image courtesy of Wenn.Com]

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Ballet swans is his theme. Artwork above.

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Quote 1: “I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that’s so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her,” said West via Twitter, heading towards his 5th album’s release. 

Quote 2: “She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She’s just a lil girl with dreams like the rest of us,” West said, as he does his bit to keep Swift 13 years of age for her fans. 

Quote 3: “It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. What’s the point of dressing tastefully if I’m going to act the complete opposite? Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child. When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE … I take the responsibility for my actions. Beyonce didn’t need that. MTV didn’t need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn’t want or need that.”"–CBS Celebrity Circuit News

Love this kid’s chutzpah. Kanye is always so funny.

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Says Kanye West: “I actually don’t know a rapper before me that liked white people more than me. I don’t know a rapper that wore tighter jeans. I don’t know a rapper that collaborated with more white people than me.”

Kanye is so wannabe Eminem‘s mainstream audience appeal right now, you can’t help but smile at Kanye. He’s always a try hard showman. And as if wearing tight jeans makes a black rapper more ‘white.’ Lol! Eminem went through that baggy/oversized jeans wearing-stage of a white rapper appealing to a black audience, when he began his journey as a ‘white’ rapper.

So, this is too funny from Mr West today. Good humored stuff. It’s nice to see an artist having the courage to joke with ‘race’ again in America. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, so I like this comment from Kanye like the refined potential of a sold out Opera Haus. West provides healthy cultural banter. 

News source via: Chikara Fans.Com.

[Image of Gemmy Alcantra photographed by Shamayim and Opera House by David Leventi--both images as featured on Kanye's rather tasteful blog].

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Kim Sherrell who is a sweet new media queen, holds her copy of the novel Courage To Love by the author Robert Ellis

Kim was quoted by MTV today, on comments about hip hop star, Kanye West. MTV in an article titled Kanye West’s Twitter: Social Media Experts Weigh In quotes Kim as saying:

“His posts are entertaining and yet they contain an unexpected depth and substance,” said , a new-media-savvy filmmaker with over 70,000 Twitter followers. “Like George Carlin or Larry David, Kanye excels at creating humor by examining the different ways in which our world is messed up. He is pretty good at observing contradictions.”

“Kanye’s ability to reflect on his situation while tossing punches at some embarrassing realities the way he does, well, these are some of the reasons why I think he is a force to be reckoned with,” she added. “He comes across as a very rich, but deep and somewhat sincere guy who is just going through his day and learning how to get his tweet on.”

[Kanye's new track See Me Now featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson features here]

Kim is so funny. She also is the founder of the Artwalk.TV –a website where artists all over the world upload new artwork. John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a big fan of Kim’s. Anyway, currently I am helping Kim take on a twitter stalker, named @shervin.

There is a debate raging at the moment as to whether Facebook should have ever set a ceiling at 5,000 friends for Facebook users. @Shervin tweets Kim to ask her, why she needs more than 5,000 friends. One of my favorite IT bloggers ever @Scobleizer is playing Kim’s angel on twitter too right now.

Being a sport from New Zealand, I tell Kim what I’d say to @shervin to tell him to where to get off. Surprisingly, Kim likes it, and goes with it. Here’s what “@ @ @ 1) a friend is someone who helps you bury the bodies. 2) in this economy there are more bodies! Requires +limit! via web “

She sounds so Gangsta/ Godfather right now (… oops!) And there you have it. Follow Kim on Twitter at And to buy the book that Kim is holding, go here to .

And to sum up the point of my post. Established media are nothing, unless popular media outlets who shape pop culture (like MTV) include new voices like social media queen Kim Sherrell. 

Thanks honey! :)

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MTV promo-ed this 142 version of Kanye West’s new video, titled Power, after the Jersey Shore kids show had amused America’s youth.

It’s pitched as a moving painting. What evz! Love it.

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Nellos restaurant, Upper East Side New York is where Kanye West met with his buddy Jay-Z when they got the munchies. A nice pic.

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This song from Kobe Bryant‘s LA Times Magazine’s photo shoot’s White Hot Playlist–helps sum up the vibe of Los Angeles and the top echelon of sports stars to me.

This is the music they listen to that helps define their reality of life in a big Cosmopolitan city–and inspires them as winners.

Let’s take it UP to the hoop and make it count! Enjoy!

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THE HORIWOOD TOP 10 – WED 3.3.2010

Kanye West questions art’s purpose in society; a Young Hollywood chef has some mean heat online and Maori high school girls swinging their pois from New Zealand also make your top ten entertainment news posts today here in Hollywood. Enjoy!

1. Kanye West on the role of the artist is to question, the nothingness, the superficial and create. Deep!

2. Bing + Amber Rose News

3. Cullinary Tips for Young Hollywood  by chef Matt Flinn of the Flinnfluence blog.

4. Megan Fox for Harper’s Bazaar, UK

5. The Gaga’s want to dominate the fashion world 

6. Fashion Pop: Tokio Hotel & dsquared

7. Maori girls and the poi dance

8.  The banal as Art: Morning ritual by James Franco

9. 10 Things Obama can learn from Tiger Woods

10. Introducing: David Osmond and his first album, Reflected

Bonus Post: Music: Kelly Clarkson live in Munich

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