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A must read book for teen moms earning $280k plus, but yet still learning fashion style, taste and good parenting skills is this book featured.

Alright, Arianna Huffington and Michael K, blog lime lighter hoggers of New York City need a bit of competition today. Have you heard of Laura Bennett? As a blogger, she pops reporting on fashion design. Tim Gunn, that dude who almost committed chop suey-sidewise when he was 17 until he worked out he could grow his own set of balls without others acceptance. Yes that dude who is now much loved in America as a gent in a suit with gracious taste, hauled in Laura Bennett into his star mix, to blog her snobby (in a good real way) bleeding heart out on The Project Runway After Match Commentary carry on blog. Go here to read Laura.

Bennett is also the author of parenting expertise, while living in the fashion obsessed and people watching capitol of the World, New York. Her book is rather honestly titled: .

Gotta love Laura. She’s a redhead. A redhead!!! With something in it. Wow! :)

If fashion doesn’t spin your wheels or float your heels or your boat, then check out New Yorker (and one of my favorite bloggers ever) Una LaMarche. Una is a writer, editor, and karaoke enthusiast living in Brooklyn. She is the managing editor of The New York Observer and her writing has appeared inBlackBookStrut, and Gotham, among other publications. When she’s not trolling the internet for celebrity blind items or bidding on old Sassy magazine issues on eBay, Una documents her life, pop culture obsessions, and red carpet fashion throw-downs on her blog, The Sassy Curmudgeon.

Both Una and Laura are lol funny. I like them as amusing American women.

[Book cover image via Entourage Edge Books]

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