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There’s nothing like some Beatles art in the hood of West Hollywood. Here’s that view for ya. :)

This poster remembers the guest appearance by legendary actor Wilfrid Brambell. Put simply, this man was a comedic genius.

[Artwork - Weideman Gallery, West Hollywood]

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There’s nothing like an Orson Welles movie poster while at dinner eating an aztec steak (glamorized hamburger patty) here in West Hollywood.

This is a Citizen Kane original movie poster photographed at the Silver Spoon in response to hot chocolate being dolled out to a guitar playing Conchord.

Believe it or not. :)

This is my Kiwi cinema Heavenly Creatures movie nod tribute for the day.

In this clip, it’s the stuff about loss that many can relate to. If you’re not a fan of The Donald, go here to my favorite clip, How To Run A Newspaper.

Martin Scorsese offers his thoughts on how much Citizen Kane shaped his self-conscious filmmaking aesthetic and Scorsese’s generation of filmmakers.

Here’s Spielberg on Scorsese, Welles and Alred Hitchcock‘s filmmaking styles. To “quickly adapt film content themes” but yet not be too “imposing” was their mastery as storytellers.

Welles is perhaps just as well known for his War of The Worlds radio show in that Forgotten Silver ‘manipulate-the-media’ Hollywood humored tradition, that reminds us that all media texts are constructed narratives of place, purpose, intention, situations, outflows for an imagined community, perceiving and receiving a message they are led to see as an angle or shard of reality.

The more serious the tone, the more credible it is as real news was Welles and Sir Peter Jackson‘s reality jolt in these two examples of hollywood history sited. Auteurs who give us that gift, with a sense of humor, do a favor for the world. Always think for yourself based on the combination of ‘words/ pictures/ sound’ that have been presented in whatever form, is their message.

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Photograph snapped by Horiwood.Com

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“There are angels on the streets of Berlin” was the tag line for this award winning movie’s premise.

Let’s hope there are angels for Japan today.

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Alright, Ms Cameron Diaz is doing way too much in the classroom of this movie poster world, playing a rather quirky American “teacher.”


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Just gone up in West Hollywood is this movie billboard for Diary of a Wimpy Kid aka Rodrick Strikes Back. And hot in Hollywood are these posts we’re viewing and sharing. Peace ya’ll.

1. Halle Berry for Lena Horne‘s magic to US cultural life

2. Britney Spears & lads for Elle Magazine

3. Teen mom, Jenelle Evans makes Charlie Sheen look not so bad

4. West Hollywood humor for Lady Gaga‘s ‘under strict orders’ marketing team

5. Poor James Franco

6. Vintage Natalie Wood art for Young Hollywood

7. Celine Dion for Nelsen Mandela & friends – Least we forget… ourselves

8. Rihanna enjoys Hawaii

9. Head shot Taylor Kitsch

10. Will & Kate

Some US Media Outlets who may be covering the same people above are  Funny or DieGeorge’s Bottom Line (George Stephanopoulos)GothamistHotline On Call (National Journal)HullabalooInformed CommentInstapunditJames Wolcott (Vanity Fair); Read the rest of this entry »



On a Winter Sunday I go. To clear away the snow. In green the ground below.

“Did you call her a vampire?” the fifty something husband asks his wife as they exit the cafe. “No,” his wife says laughing. “I just said she sucked!”

April all an ocean away. Is this the better way to spend the day? Keeping the Winter at bay.

I look at Lemon Face serving our coffee today. She does look a little bit sour.

While in line waiting, Fulton tells me that Arki got “let go” from the bar last night. He was found with liquor in his back pack and a bottle of hot sauce. It was the hot sauce that got him fired. Especially because “the hot sauce was in his back pack before the shift began, not even at the end of the night.” Everyone at Arki’s Hollywood hip spot venue, is p*ssed with Arki. He’d been a part of the team for five years. He is the second long term staff member to be let go for theft in two weeks.

“Poor Arki,” I offer. “No. Not poor Arki,” Fulton says angrily. “Stupid, pig dog swine dumb Arki, that’s what. Stupid Arki,” Fulton fumes. “Okay, stupid pig dog swine Arki!”, I say as a friend. Strange, because I’ve never met Arki and I repeat the mantra like I am disappointed. Already my encouragement points of the day are in the red. My sister Rachel would kick my behind, if she heard me speak like this.

I know that Fulton is more p*ssed that Arki has robbed his workmates of the chance to be in team. That sense of being in ‘Hollywood family’ each week has been stolen from Fulton. In Hollywood, your workmates become just that to many single people. Hollywood Family. Poor Fulton and team, my mind forms the empathetic thoughts without saying them as words.

What were the words I meant to say before you left? When I could see your breath lead.

Stupid pig dog swine Arki.

“Kia Ora. I’ll have a venti cup of your finest Pike River Roast of the day please.”

“Sure” Lemon Face says, with a nice enough smile.

Because my perception of Lemon Face has been framed by her previous customer’s response to her service, my instincts kick in, when they shouldn’t even have to work this early, to make up my own mind about her.

I wouldn’t smile more than that, if I served coffee I think gauging her smile. So she’s okay by me so far.

“How’s life? I ask,” a mistake.

“My daughter’s sick today. I had to take her to the doctor this morning. It was so hard to come to work.”

“I hear ya,” I offer throwing an extra dollar in her tip jar.

Fulton throws me a look, as in ‘don’t.’ Too late. The money’s in her honey pot.

Her smile gets bigger. Maybe she’s not a vampire after all. Like a Hollywood actress, for twenty seconds of talking, she just made an extra buck. I guess that makes her a good vampire then. She’s all good. She’s winning.

Where you were going to? Maybe I should just let it be. And maybe it will all come back to me. Sing O January O.

I hum my oriori Maori song lyrics in my head over top of The Decemberists catchy guitaring tunes playing on cafe stereo. Once I have a coffee in my hand, I always wake up to the ocean of Maori culture inside me. It’s weird. But that always happens at first sip of the day.

“Stupid. Pig. Dog. Swine. Arki” Fulton mutters.

“Have you seen that movie?” I gesture towards Matt Damon’s latest movie billboard on the boulevard, figuring that a change of focus is as good as a rest.

“Your fate has been adjusted. The Adjustment Bureau,” Fulton reads the signage. “Well, that does nothing for me.”

“Look. You never know. It might be a good film. Wanna go see it?” I offer.

“No. I think it’s total pigs wallop, how Matt and Ben got their Oscar. There were 16 other writers on that script. They got the credit.”

Great. Another movie alone I think looking at Damon’s billboard with the Hollywood Hills winking behind it. How am I supposed to write scripts with a writer, who never wants to see the latest flicks in Hollywood? Argh!

[Stupid. Pig. Dog. Swine. Arki].

How I lived a childhood in snow. And all my teens in tow. Stuffed in strata of clothes.

“So, what’s going on with you?” Fulton asks.

“Well, the blog. I met this guy who wants to do tee shirts, coffee mugs and jewelry sales via the–”

“No. Don’t do it. You’re better off being independent.”

Pale the winter days after dark. Wandering the gray memorial park.

“But when do I get a chance to sit in a hot tub at my place with views overlooked from the Hollywood Hills if I’m always ‘independent’ and broke then aye?”

“You’re ridiculous,” Fulton says finally laughing.

“Made you laugh though aye bro? Stupid. Pig. Dog–

“Swine. Arki.” Fulton finishes his mantra, his smile now almost back-to-normal.

A fleeting beat of hearts. What were the words I meant to say before she left?


The Adjustment Bureau is a film that reads like a Natalie Portman tribute, in which – “Just as he is on the brink of winning a senate seat, politician David Norris (Matt Damon) meets a ballerina named Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). Though David is smitten, mysterious men conspire to keep him away from the beautiful dancer. David learns he is up against the powerful agents of Fate itself, and, glimpsing the future laid out before him, must either accept a predetermined path that does not include Elise, or defy Fate to be with her.”


adjust (əˈdʒʌst)
— vb
1. tr ) to alter slightly, esp to achieve accuracy; regulate: toadjust the television
2. to adapt, as to a new environment, etc
3. tr ) to put into order
4. trinsurance to determine the amount payable in settlementof (a claim)

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While Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, two top earning box office stars of 2011, canoodle for their latest Water for Elephants poster, Nicole Kidman in a rare moment, shares insights in to her decade married to Tom Cruise.

Says Nicole of their marriage, “I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love…It’s hard when you’re young. But I’m ready to give up anything for love, because ultimately, that is what you have.”

On damages: [via the UK Daily Mail]  ”I knew he was a really big star, but after a while, to get to a real place in a relationship, that has to wear off. As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23. That was a great relationship. It was great,’ she adds. ‘I think it ran its course.

Nicole Kidman admits she was unsure she would ever find love again after her high profile split with Tom Cruise ten years ago.

“I was really damaged and not sure whether that was ever going to happen again to me,” Kidman reveals in this month’s UK Marie Claire magazine.

[It's a good thing Nicole is being so sweet regarding Tom, because Cruise gave Kidman a half billion dollar divorce settlement, when they'd run their course together. How could Nicole see Tom any other way. It was of the main reasons why Hollywood is still listening to Nicole Kidman at 43 share her Pearls of wisdom as a leading light of this industry town. He may get a rough deal by press, may have never won himself an Oscar either, but Tom was very fair].

On her marriage to country Kiwi star Keith Urban, Kidman says: “I’m crazy in love,” she says. “I think you can live anywhere and do anything when you’re crazy in love. I’m very driven by falling in love. I fall in love and I’ll drop everything and change everything.”

On having more babies: “More.”

[Kidman appears above in her Moulin Rouge poster with Ewan McGregor. Pics courtesy of Crabby Golity, EW Popwatch and Vanity Fair's Oscars Night photograph archives].

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“At the coral reef, the beach tide was low like the flat Injun prairie plains of Boise, Idaho.”–Horiwood, a novel.

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated. It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”–Sir Edmund Hilary‘s humility as wisdom in Hollywood.

What’s up with this picture? It’s like when the cast of Mad Men went for berry martinis at The Abbey with the Hollywood Maori Harry Potter blogger guy, on the way to the Arclight theater to see a film with hobbits in it in 3D. That’s too many alluvial-intellectual levels of a horticulturalists nation’s, pop cultural quircke.

Anyways, in more simpler news. Ten Hollywood entertainment news posts, you’re sharing as culture right here on Horiwood.Com via social media are:

1. Kiwi Humor – A vintage Hollywood movie postcard for Sir Peter Jackson

2. The physics of super heroes - when good scientists become movie geek experts too

3. Benjamin Franklin & Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki quotes

4. Sir Ian McKellan will reprise the grey power fierce, for The Hobbit in 3D

5. Wisdom from the book In The Presence of a Gorilla

6. Yale Women’s Rugby Team & Rugby World Cup excursions 2011

7. Nesian Mystik music

8. Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe for Trevor Project teenagers

9. Maori Hollywood actors, the Courage to Love Novel, catching up with 3D star Cliff Curtis

10. Nicole Kidman joins Jon Hamm for presenting duties at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

Bonus Post: Starbucks for AfricaRox in a Box lyrics with The Decemberists good folks band

Other Hollywood news websites, blogs and media outlets who sometimes share Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, The Hobbit news too are: E!Hollywood NewsHollywood ReporterAccess HollywoodHollywood.ComET OnlineDeadline.ComCelebrity GossipYoung Hollywood.; HuffPo.

[Photo of Elijah Wood courtesy of Elly's Elijah Wood Site. Pic of double taiaha Maori, martial arts, future action movies combat weaponry, courtesy of Aotearoa New Zealand]

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The movie poster’s tagline is: “Someone has to fix the problems.” But what happens if we create the problems ourselves though?

It is what it is. A gun poster spotted today on Melrose for a new Hollywood movie. A critique on America’s allocated role to “fix it.”

According to this poster, the mechanics of the gun as a symbol of power, is depicted being a component made up of smaller guns.

In particular, note the super hero dolls reflected in the poster’s mirror image, of this particular take of the poster.

When fixing anything, we often discover if we are humble enough to see clearly, that “it” is always ourselves, that’s needing fixing at times, as much as other people, things or factors we also acknowledge need to be fixed to. It’s part of being one of over six billion people, sharing life on this earth. :)

I still refuse to see the gun as the ultimate ‘peace’ piece defining us all. Love is.

Yet we do need mechanics.

The talk of this film in Industry Town Hollywood -accompanying this poster for reals is that: The Mechanic is a movie starring Jason Statham and Ben Foster. Its movie story line goes like this: “Follows an elite hit man as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.”

Writers are Lewis John Carlino and Richard Wenk and directed by Simon West.

Meet in The Lobby website (aka Starbucks on Melrose) takes the movie marketing analysis even further noting:

“The Mechanic is a version of the 1972 Charles Bronson thriller of the same name, with the hitman-as-mentor storyline. This time around, the oft-typecast Jason Statham is the lead, breakout talent Ben Foster is the student. Throw in revenge as motivation, and you can understand why this new movie poster for The Mechanic is all about the weapons.

“Look closely toward the bottom of the image. Seems the marketing team at CBS Films is kneeling to the smartphone gods, sneaking a QR code into their jigsaw puzzle of a poster. Here, we’ve made it easier, so get out your reader. If you don’t have a QR reader, the code takes you to the film’s official site. And we’ll make that easier too…  Check out the official site for The Mechanic.”

The world is becoming more like, follow the trail of the QR reader isn’t it. Here’s one example. Cool or not? The gun as a symbol or test study to follow of the QR strategy… interesting!

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As I blog today in Hollywood as a Maori Kiwi farmer’s raised country kid son, there’s a lot going on to deal with. Nothing is as simple as those country days, in a Cosmopolitan City like Los Angeles.

I get texts on my phone asking for a meeting with a Romanian-American kid whose discovered paranormal activity in Laurel Canyon, beneath the house with a pyramid on top of it, currently on the market for 3.5 million, “why wouldn’t Tom Cruise buy it?’ is the gist of texting. Why I would even go, I don’t know?

I know that the founding Native American Indian tribes of California used to meet in the Laurel Canyon area each year, seasonally and theater would occur between the convergence of tribes there – where they would reenact a year’s worth of tribal stories for each other as tribes, in shared song and dance narratives.

Hollywood in a way, is an evolution, of this tradition, but technology (cinema, film, media, mobile telephony) is the preferred medium to convey this tradition in the world now from California. As I’ve already told this kid that, I don’t feel like going.

There’s always going to be paranormal activity in the Canyon, until Native American Indians are invited back to do what they always did on Hollywood Hills and Canyon landscapes, as people. It’s just what they do and should be allowed to do as a sign of genuine belief in the origins of freedom of expression of America’s founding fathers, mothers and their children. That’s where the concept of American family begins as a narrative in the USA, in a celebrated and ongoing healing process that should be honored and respected too for all of America with Native American Indians being a vital part of that.

I had suggested to the kid to meet with Indian tribes himself if he was so concerned about the increase of paranormal activity in Hollywod, to see if there was any interest in that and to meet with the Mayor of L.A too to get it going on. He had looked at me like I was a total spinner, (I have the same thought each day too at times, so that’s quite okay) but it’s certainly much better than entertaining ghosts in the canyon, I think. Far smarter.

Pyramid worship here of the rich and famous and Free Mason society types aside here, I think Indians have their place in Hollywood as people on this landscape that should be honored and respected as honoring the roots of a nation’s peace and human rights record and pathway forward. So that’s the end of the texting saga as I turn my phone off. Peace is the greatest gift of all in California. Least we get confused at to what robs America’s peace, we need to learn to turn our phones off sometimes to have it.

Beside me to the right, the blonde girl in the cowboy tartan red and black cowboy, all wool shirt (too hot for California actually), cut off denim shorts and black fishnet stockings talks the need of “boundary setting with her new boyfriend” to her ‘Personal Gay’ friend. He just nods at everything she says, like he’s a tamed poodle or something. What’s up with that brainless trend?

A Mexican Aztec fashion designer, with sharp cheekbones talks to investors in the cafe today about how far $100,000 investments could go, and where that would take them. He’s 50 with little Richard eyeliner Aztec eyes. A fierce statement in today’s Hollywood. He’s not big on ‘speaking the English,’ he’s like “You give me $100,000 and this is what you get for that.” Yet there’s no denying that he knows his stuff in the new wave of the fashion apparel business in California. He’s a modern merchant of Cali’s fashion world as perhaps best denoted by his leopard, tiger markings-fused silk printed gypsy-esque scarf worn over his Aztec Indian jewelry. The look in his eye, tells his investors, that he’s fearlessly forging ways forward in the current economy. Good for him! A discerning confident spirit.

He wears an old school biker leather jacket with the words L.O.S A.N.G.E.L.E.S in white leather down each black sleeve and plenty of jean jewelry chain accessories.

Beside and opposite me, Mandel an Orthodox brother studies up on the Torah on his laptop and my African-American brother, Jey Lawrence sits too. Jey’s dad researched in the Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn Hollywood-popular era of the 70′s, Jey’s family history. He mapped his families tribe back to the Southern Nile of Egypt, hence Jeys Egyptian key, eye, double spears, skin-shield tattoos. He is very Barack Obama-esque today (the contemporary inked version) and watches college football keeping up with the next generation of sporting talent. Of course being in Hollywood weird things happen all the time in good ways. My last Hollywood post was about the Key of Ramses II fused with the prophet Isaiah’s words. Then Jey sits right next to me, with a version of Ramses tattooed on his arm. His version does look like Obama’s face a bit, and we laugh about that, because it’s true.

In addition, Jey tells me that the Maori haka is a big trend in college football. Where football teams perform the haka (Maori war dance) before their football matches. What is even more awesome though is when the crowd of spectators respond and do it too. Jay says American footballers love Maori culture because it is an expression of warrior-hood and tribalness that defines community, that football represents here at community level. The Maori haka resonates with America’s belief of strong warrior communities.

I can’t argue with that. Maori culture and tino rangatiratanga (the spirit essence of the culture) is all about that. It does think of protecting everyone, and ensuring everyone remains strong warriors in community. The haka is a visual expression of this aesthetic in effect. The haka – when performed properly, is always spiritual. Jey loves it.

Jey has moved from personal fitness training to now doing hair. He says it’s way easier to manage. We talk the concept of ‘hair lockers.’ Where Jey points out the beautiful twenty-something blonde girls in the cafe and says most of these girls have weaves, or hair tracks on their scalps. I’m so dumb, I’m like “no way!”. He’s like, “yes, they all do. California is hair capitol of America.” When they get their hair done, their old hair they take off their heads and they save it. Hence all these girls have what is called a hair locker in their bedrooms at home.

I say, well, Hollywood American girls are sort of like Native American Indians, collecting hair in that scalping tradition way then. Jey says, “not a good example. But yes. You’re right. Half of Hollywood is like that.” We laugh. Servite Football team of California are Jey’s favorite college football team’s fans, he says do the Maori haka the fiercest. They’re also big on Scottish music too. Must check them out. Jey reminds me of my brother-in-laws Lou, once bro-in-law Matthew, Richard and Eddie who all play touch rugby football. Some internationally too. Jey most looks very similar to brotha Eddie who is half Maori of the Tainui Maori tribe and half Tongan of the South Pacific.

‘Don’t be a stranger,’ Jey says off to his next appointment. Dude is so Warren Beatty of Shampoo movie days in 1975 Oscar winning history, minus the attitude. We had a good conversation today, with his permission to share it with you. Yes, feel privileged.

On any given day you blog in a cafe in Los Angeles, such things go on all around you in the real Hollywood.

I love it.

Today Malia gets top billing (pictured above), with her Maori koru design aesthetic from Aotearoa-New Zealand etched into her Young Hollywood scalp. She’s all fierce, smart, beautiful like a skinnier version of Missy Elliott, the rapper; having biz meetings with a blonde guy from the U.K with a Cockney accent whose convincing Malia to sign with him as her photographer/ manager.

She is beautiful, confident, quietly resolute. As I ask to share her winning look back to the good people of Aotearoa-New Zealand where her I.D is inspired from, (and with you all) she smiles big, turns side on and says “Wurq it Mah-ree peoples of New Zeeeeeland.”

Like that. Let’s go America! :)

As a New Zealander, I am that American footballers and supporters do the Maori-Kiwi haka of New Zealand. Just get on a plane every now and again and head down to NZ to see it performed live every now and again, for reals from the source of culture, okay? :)

What a fun day. I feel like I hung out at Hollywood’s version of The White House – Hollywood coffee bar today. Thankfully Aotearoa, New Zealand is so in that picture too. Fun.

[Gosh, that was perhaps the longest blog post header written ever!]

Music today is laid back mellow, as I think about Hawaiian sun, South Pacific palm trees and beautiful Aotearoa beaches, while listening to the Zac Brown Band ‘s song Toes brought to US by 5 Gum, while thinking that I’ve already done our celebrity news today in this one post.

I can imagine my Maori-Samoan cousin Eileen Taogaga grooving to this at the Helensville pub today near the Kaipara, on a mom’s friday night off in the ‘big smoke’ of Helensville as good country Kiwi folk do in any tight knit rural community, with the best green grass in the world, far across the waters on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean of Malibu as I blog, from The City of Angels today.

~Cross cultural, living tukutuku weaving art on wood created at Melrose & Spaulding. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.26.11. To everyone who contributed to this moment, thanks.~



Living in Hollywood means that cinematically we’re either cultured in that Black Swan ballet way this Oscars season. Or, we’re debating about governments’ shifting power via ‘more fun’ corporate agencies and forms (Facebook) acting as government for ‘whoever,’ in The Social Network‘s popularity with Academy voters this year. Such questions are being talked about with many young people in Hollywood, in that exact same manner. It is their banter at Cafes.

No one really understands why James Franco, is even hosting the Oscars this year – let alone even being nominated in the best actor section. That’s got everyone double scratching their heads, like – “whose he screwing?” is what the kids are wondering out loud today. Don’t worry, no one wants to really know. But they like James overall. He’s seen as a bit of a pawn. Sometimes funny in this role too.

Teens and twenty-somethings are always so honest. Perhaps the most critical Hollywood film audience of all.

Thankfully, Hollywood is also about light-hearted fun, minus dark themed wickedness in film. It’s almost like when the global economy lights were turned down to dim, politicians have been told that by encouraging more spooky film themes and twisted pop culture, that this will make politicians shine brighter as angelic heroes of the people. Please! It’s not working.

To escape all that, thankfully, we have the comedy genre.

Just a genre where to be too deep, too political, too clever is considered a yawn, because all movie goers want, is a good laugh. Comedy provides that.

While blogging yesterday, a total stranger said to me, “I want to be your friend forever, like in my favorite movie Grown Ups.” I thought that was one of the best offers of friendship I’d ever heard. Said in the spirit of this film, their humor made me laugh. As the film is now on Blue Ray dvd, let’s revisit its story line then:

“Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you have to grow up! Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider are at their hilarious and outrageous best playing childhood friends who once played in the same basketball team who reunite one holiday weekend to relive the good old days. It doesn’t matter that these five guys are now respectable businessmen, husbands and fathers. Once they get back together, nothing is going to stop these kids-at-heart from having the time of their adult lives in this hilarious and heartwarming film that proves men will be boys from the people who brought you Click.”

One must always take advice from a Kevin. So alright then, I have my ears on. Let’s lighten up a little, get funnier and remember to laugh our no-no’s off, because that’s what life should be about more, in the world. I don’t know if there’s more problems in the world for today’s youth to face and deal with on Facebook, or whether we’re now just more aware of any problem instantly in an internet mediated age. Sometimes we need to laugh too. Joy is strength. Let’s do it!

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.29.10~

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Before there was Avatar there were The Smurfs. Now these blue characters are in The Big Apple in 3D.

Katy Perry is the voice of Smurfette. Poster looking .

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Olivia Wilde, Garret Hedlund and Jeff Bridges heat up the box office this weekend in the USA. If wanting to see this film in Hollywood, here’s some theater times: : 1000 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA - 
10:00am  12:20  1:00  3:40  4:20  7:00  7:40  10:20  11:00pm. And:  – 621 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA - . 11:45am  2:30  5:15  8:00  10:40pm. After all movies is what keeps this town spinning.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news voted by you all worldwide this weekend, in our top ten are as follows. Enjoy!

1. Michelle Obama and daughters are on scheduled family holidays, Hawaii

2. Teeth by Joe Manganiello for Sir Richard Branson

3. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are friends

4. Mila Kunis drops Miley Cyrus name for a spark

5. Is Kate Middleton too wild to be tamed?

6. Kieran Read is sports hot as an emerging sports branding mega-star

7. Radio humor: Lil Kim imitates Nicki Minaj

8. Angelina Jolie humor: The Elise doll on E-bay

9. Dont Ask Dont Tell in the Senate

10. Besos cuisine: Eva Longoria‘s Texan tortilla soup recipe is now Hollywood hot

Movie posters via Shock Ya!

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Game changers are people who altar the way people think, communicate, do things. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences leads it’s “For Your Consideration” campaign charge with these two posters of potential nominees.

Inception by Christopher Nolan and The Social Network. “A Game Changer and An American Landmark.” True that.

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There’s no stopping the kids of Harry Potter and their 7th movie installment this weekend at the box office. These friday takings via Box Office Mojo. I have to say though, having seen Morning Glory, (at no. 10) it’s a cute film. Feel good film, if ever there was one out of this line up. Go and see it, for a good laugh and to be pleasantly surprised.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part I. Theaters – 4,125. Studio – Warner Bros. Takings – $20,750,000.

2. Tangled. Theaters – 3,603. Studio – Buena Vista. Takings – $19,700,000

3. Megamind. Theaters – 3,411, Studio – Paramount (Dreamworks). Takings $5,254

4. Unstoppable. Theaters – 3,183. Studio – Fox. Takings $4,575,000.

5. Burlesque. Theaters – 3,037. Studio – Sony. Screen Gems. Takings $4,500,000.

6. Love and Other Drugs. Theaters -2,455. Studio – Fox. Takings $3,800,000.

7. Faster. Theaters – 2,454. Studio – CBS Films. Takings $3,227,000.

8. Due Date. Theaters – 2,555. Studio – Warner Bros. Takings $2,850,000.

9. The Next Three Days. Theaters – 2,564. Studio – Lionsgate. Takings $1,800,000.

10. Morning Glory. Theaters – 2,441. Studio – Paramount. Takings $1,595,000.

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Two pictures “paint” an image of Hollywood history and Hollywood today featuring child actors in talented directors/ auteurs films.

Top pic: In 1939, child actor Shirley Temple presented Walt Disney with Oscars (one statue and 7 mini-Oscars) for Snow White & The Seven Dwarves–the first animated feature film made. Temple herself had already received her own mini-Oscar four years prior in 1935.

Below image: James Rolleston is a young Maori actor who features in Boy - a film about small town coastal life, by rising auteur Taika Cohen.

Hollywood then and right now. Go see this film, when it hits Hollywood soon.

Boy‘s producers are: Ainsley Gardiner, MERATA MITA, CLIFF CURTIS and Michael E.

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