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Dave Franco makes his debut as a Young Hollywood face in Flaunt Mag via ONTD. (below). Heard of Reince Priebus yet? (above).

Gohmert: ‘Guns Are The Great Equalizer’ - or just overrated as a concept entirely?

Michael Sheen lands a spot as a villain in Same Mendes upcoming James Bond flick.

Pike River families are caught in information crossed wires?

Hu Jintao

Canadian mogul James Salter buys Marilyn Monroe‘s name/ image rights for $50 millies.

Bono invested $175 million in Facebook. A year later that investment returned $728 million. Wow!

Cohen: Mohammed the Brit

Matt LeBlanc is so honest.

Obama will ease travel restrictions to Cuba.

Should Fight Club be a musical? No!

Cricket News: Black Caps vs Pakistan second test.

GOP Elects Reince Priebus As 65th RNC Chairman

Glee‘s Jane Lynch loves Ed O’Neal. Of course. Ed is America’s favorite belch coach. :)

Washington Post obsess about Golden Globes 2011.

Six Feet Under‘s break out star Lauren Ambrose will star in John Barrowman‘s Torchwood.

Facebook teen bullying over profiles? OOC 15 minutes scrapping.

A motorcyclist is killed on Palmetto.

Planes as a futuristic icon are all the rage heading to 2025.

CBS execs love Charlie Sheen being their Hollywood brat. Ratings and press ops galore.

Bank of America

David Fincher changes Stieg Larsson‘s The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo‘s ending. Risque?

The Office (US) news is not a surprise really. Diva’s leave early.

Grey’s Anatomy Golden Hour special episode in real time? Yes. Hot tv.

An Adam Sadler & Andy Samberg comedic pairing? Yes! Funny already.

Aretha Franklin never had cancer as reported.

Adele talks golf, accidents, Diddy. TamponsHot Peppers. Right!

Cheryl Cole settles into Cali life some more. She’s Catherine Zeta Jones II really!

Ben Stiller stays in crank the sequels mode. Zoolander 2 anyone? Why not!

Lindenhurt skier survives 900-feet fall. Amazing.

Oprah‘s OWN snaps up the Chaz Bono doco.

Camille Grammer accidentally meets Kayte Walsh.

Terry Rossio signs on to write Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Disney’s golden ship.

Creating new film franchise spin offs. The Dark Knight Rises talks 2 new villains.

Natalie Portman fancies a private pregnancy. Good luck with that!

Can Gemma Arterton play Joan Collins?

Apple can presell 90 million phones in advance. Okay, that’s too much power. Competitors?

Editorial: North Korea

Courtney Cox talks David Arquette.

Canadian mogul James Salter buys Marilyn Monroe‘s name/ image rights for $50 millies.

CBSThe Talk gives The View some good blah blah TV competition. More multicultural with Sharon Osbourne.

Longtime publicist Michael Russell is spitting tacks at The Hollywood Foreign Press. Fair enough!

Justin Bieber is rushed to hospital. Exhaustion perhaps? When does this kid get a break?

The UK gears up to party big for Will & Kate‘s . Laws get changed for a night. Amazing!

Doctors Call Giffords’s Progress Remarkable

Desperate Housewives cast look set to make bank for ‘final’ season. Excellent.

Op-Ed: Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?

ESPN SCRUM has some Stephen Donald rugby football USA news. Read it.

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