07 Dec

Pensioners have been promised their superannuation pension from 65 years of age onwards in New Zealand. They won’t have to wait until 67 by some mean person penciling a later number on a piece of paper–before they can receive it, and will still be entitled to receive their pension at 65 years of age.

That’s if New Zealand’s current Prime Minister John Key gets in a second term with his National government party. As Mr Key has no fair competition at the minute opposing his lead–because most New Zealanders are happy with his bright spark leadership, this is a good sign for grey power in New Zealand. Go here to read the story.

I think any society who looks after their children, elderly and families–is seriously humane and rocking. A nice story in this day and age.

[Here's a shot of The Queen Mother - as a reminder why grey power are so important in The World. Who can forget her smile! or her roguish great grandkids, Prince Harry Windsor being one, organizing Snoop Dogg bachelor parties either? Too funny.]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.7.10~


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