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… still… it’s time to lower those noses… grow wings… take off those yamulkes for a noble [agreed upon] cause and fly outside of Israel [Orthodox America] and the USA… get out of those black and whites… and give a little deeper and more adventurously. Yeah… I see you all on Facebook at Starbucks bored out of your brains… you’re so ready!

Go here Israel and my Jewish readers. Your strategic minds and presence of spirit is needed for this one. Mazel Tov.

“May The Rock deliver ‘them’ up” then… [Yeshua]. Shalom!

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Chavi of Detroit, now living and studying in Los Angeles has started her blog today. Woot!

Ms. Hot Thing, shares a story about her Inner Teenager. It kind of goes a bit like this:

“Usually when I learn, there’s a certain resignation. I don’t expect to love what I’m learning. I don’t even really want to learn. I can almost see my nefesh habehamis shrug his shoulders like a sullen teenager. Fine, he says, learn if you have to, but don’t expect me to care about any of it. I’ll just retreat until you’re done.

So I sit myself down and start reading. The words go in and out and I ride the rhythm of it. Until some times, an idea or a word or a thought will excite my imagination and then even the teenager in me can’t resist.

That’s what happened this morning. My father was explaining a concept to me. In tanya it says that the purpose of creation is this world. It must be, argues the Alter Rebbe, because all the other levels are only manifestations of atzmus (hashem himself) and Hashem has no need for anything outside than Himself since He is complete.”

I think Chavi’s blog must have a bit of a Jewish theological focus to it, because as always Ms Hot Thing, is being way too beautiful and deep, even as a brand new, baby doll blogger, who just started blogging this morning. When your first blog post is about Omnipotent Completeness – um, yeah, celebrity news is clearly not what Chavi is blogging about at all. Congrats Chavi. Thanks for sharing.

The major thought crosses my mind that I should be hold up at the local right now, watching The Super Bowl. But, after discussing what Post-Graduate course in depth that Chavi should pursue (an important matter now planned), I have discovered that Ms. Thing is a complete 100% distraction right now. Football, football, football! Don’t Orthodox Jewish girls care about football, the other major religion of the US?! Lol!

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“Hold up your hands before your eyes. You are looking at the hands of God.”–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner talks practical spirituality as food for thought today.

Photo Caption: “Crown Heights, NY – What is it like to photograph thousands of rabbis? Award winning photographer Don Holloway has been doing it for over twenty years. The Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim gather from over seventy-six countries for a five day conference in Brooklyn and traditionally gather for a group photograph outside Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters.”

What a photograph! That’s a lot of wisdom assembled in one place as depicted in this picture. Thanks Don.

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I saw this sign today in Little Russia West Hollywood. It has a very cool message, well worth posting in Hollywood.

It reads – “From darkness into great light. From slavery into Freedom. From bondage to redemption.”

I was thinking that at face value, this message is a good one. Debt can be an enslaver. Or living a life behind facades that aren’t real or aren’t fun to live behind too can cost people life’s purpose. Or, just not being sure of the future can enslave the psyche with fear of the unknown. Or, being oppressed by rule you don’t want (as in Egypt’s case this week), means that we can also gain inspiration from this message via the Chabad community of Little Russia.

I know very little about Chabad people and their beliefs. In the last three weeks I have met a few members of this community. They are extremely over-conscience when discussing any issue in discussion. In the age of the sound bite, you need to be prepared to allow time for Chabad community members to share their wisdom. I like seeing their thought processes at work, before they conclude what they think in each moment on any major issue. They are raised to think. Deduce their own thoughts as unique individuals. Their thought processes are so fascinating. They are spiritual intellectuals. Like, fierce. Although a lot different to myself, I like their sincerity very much in Hollywood.

So far, I’m finding them to be nice people. It’s exciting really to meet people different to yourself. Where dialogue occurs, we learn new things, that are hopefully of benefit to our community. I am always thankful, they are open and share their culture with me, a guy from New Zealand living in Hollywood.

What a cool sign! If I hadn’t of gone down a side street a different way to the cafe than I normally go today, I would never have seen it.

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Blog critics release a list of ways you can help Egyptians who are being censored from internet access, reach the outside world. Here’s our top ten today as voted by you. Thanks people. Egypt is on our hearts and mind today. At the time of writing, I have an Orthodox Jewish 17 year-old crying on me, needing advice – so here’s a picture of how the Chabad roll in our hood of Little Russie. They’re all about celebrating transcending slavery with redemption. That’s one thing Jewish people do know a lot about amongst many wise things. Let’s go with this pic then, while I get the story beneath the outburst of this yamulke-wearing teen’s tears. Peace.

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March 15th is when Britney Spears new album drops.

Coming up to me – we look at lines from the star of The Pick Up Artist in particular “having what girls think about having a Britney Spears C Shaped smile as being a Hollywood sign of success.”

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