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Three elements come together in this blog post.

Top element, Belgian chocolates (Guylian) as gifted by Kiwis on an excursion recently. As we know Belgian just set the world record (Guiness Book of Records) for being a nation that hasn’t officially had a government. Their chocolate making skills are world renouned. This box featured shapes from the sea and was marbled in dark and white chocolate. A little bit like New Zealand really. The writing on the chocolate box is in Russian, Chinese and English.

Element 2: Although they are not going to the royal wedding, the Obamas are a family I like. I was in the USA when they made history as the first family. Hope soared and then we witnessed this family then have to oversea past policies through the house and senate. You can’t help feel for them at this time. Mrs Obama’s plane, recently had take off problems. Gosh. She’s the first lady of the US. Could happen to anyone really!

Element 3: A lollilop made by a California scientist in China. Read the ingredients on the wrapper. DNA of the sea’s phospherescence makes this item glow and it also uses fish protein properties to be made into candy.

That now brings me to the point of this post? When in New Zealand are we going to make Chocolate Fish confectionary… using fish protein for China’s growing middle calss market?

Now there’s an idea for budding entreprenuers. Novel.

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SALVADOR DALI’S ST JOHN OF THE CROSS is an image that reminds us that servants are not greater than our Master.

When Jesus died on the cross, he asked his best friend, John to look after his mother.

Here’s a picture of John’s own reality when he left this world.

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In just a few more sleeps, (six) Kate Middleton of London will ascend the ranks of commoners when she marries Prince William in the UK. Part of this process is for Kate’s family to be awarded their own coat of arms.

People Magazine of the USA obesses about this fact today. Here’s their verbage into what the coat of arms means: “Weddings are always family affairs, and Kate Middleton‘s is no different. With just over a week to go before she marries Prince William, Kate, 29, and her family have been granted a traditional coat of arms, which was unveiled Tuesday.

Three acorns, symbolizing the Middleton children, and a flash of gold to represent Kate’s mother, Carole, are at the heart of the design. But there’s more meaning to the choice of imagery than meets the eye.
In addition to signifying the princess-to-be and her siblings Pippa, 27, and James, 24, the acorns also hark back to the oak trees that grow near Kate’s home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. ” For more go here.

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It’s no secret that in a global economic crises, that it’s never been a better time for the rich to get richer. Warren Buffet (Goldman Sachs angel investor in the past) has repeatedly been saying this for almost a year now. Because the rich just keep on getting richer all over the world…

Perhaps this is why Lucy Lawless is starring in a saga set in Rome, that brings to an audiences attention what some wealthy people are prone to get up to. Slavery propagating culture could be what some are all about. Others choose to create Giving Pledge Trusts and give half their wealth to humanitarian causes, to level the playing field a little, and buy themselves some freedom. (It works both ways).

When the wealthy become disproportinately rich compared to the majority population, fears of their own personal security becomes their greatest concern. They can be a tad paranoid and they always favor a system of appointing jailers to police the people. This is what history has taught us. In such moments of history, gladiator culture then is a favored sport, where common people can rise above the ranks and win their freedom in a gladiator’s ring or sports field. They must win the popular vote to do this.

Yes, Lucy is really promoting this culture in her new fantasy drama.

Go here to read her words – for an education. Hollywood Maori actor Temuera Morrison also stands with this Kiwi girl of the small screen to bring us this tale. It is a tale Americans in particular are obsessed with right now.

I like the words of Paul The Apostle too on this kind of culture. His words are non-elitest, accessible to everyone and liberating! As actors Tem and Lucy are two of our all time Kiwi staples. They know how to turn on a show. A timely show.

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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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It’s royal wedding build up time. The media quite like the Young Royals show in most tabloids and newspapers at this Kiwi minute.

Plenty of royals on balconies is what we’ll most probably get to see when a certain young couple tie the knot.

Here’s Beyonce Knowles shout out to Kate Middleton via the USA.

An image of standing tall.

[Photograph courtesy of]

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As a Kiwi we value authentic experiences. We’re more niche inclined than franchise favoring. But, we do like a blend of both.

A good book that I’m reading is about Scotsman Robert Laidlaw whose vision and work ethic fused with a sense of streamlined biz management to create a store franchise called Farmers. Ian Hunter penned the book with the generous help and support of Laidlaw’s family. The book premise reads like this.

“Our aim, to build the greatest business in New Zealand; to serve the farmers in the best possible manner, with the best possible merchandise; to simplify every detail of every transaction; to absolutely satisfy every customer with every purchase; to eliminate all delays; to sell only goods it will pay our customers to buy, to treat our comrades with kindness and our competitors with respect; to work as a co-operative whole because all at it, always at it wins success.”–Robert Laidlaw, 1912, Farmers Trading Co.

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The world’s most well known, modern day humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, has accepted a $10 million contract to be the face of Louis Vuitton’s new marketing campaign.

E! News reports, just days before a royal wedding in the UK that Jolie’s new campain will be photographed in a cathedral that features stained glass windows.

Sounds pretty.

[Photograph - coutresty of Out of New York]

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Ezra Robert Graham Hōri makes his debut on Horiwood.Com today.

He is pictured here with his mum, Crystal Rachel.

He is a miracle baby, lucky to be alive. This is my grand-nephew’s own story – he will tell himself one day.

His name dates back to 5th Century B.C to a scribe, poet, leader whose name means “helper” in a time where New Zealand is being rebuilt. Ezra’s namesake and kinsman, Robert Graham was the first Superintendent and a Magistrate of Auckland City. He was the first person to promote Auckland and Coromandel tourism to the world on a regular basis. As a model Kiwi citizen of early times, Robert Graham was trilingual and spoke English, Celtic and Te Reo Rangatira (the Maori language) fluently.

Ezra shares the same kinsman of Sir Douglas Graham, Kennedy Graham and families. Sir Douglas is an instrumental figure in New Zealand’s ongoing history, ensuring retribution and justice for Maori people under The Treaty of Waitangi’s settlement process. The ToW is the agreement that Queen Victoria signed with Maori Chiefs when the UK was included into the Aotearoa New Zealand family of nations. Years later Maori would marry into the royal family of Britain too.

Ezra is also named after his great grand-dad Graham – a man of faith, who is a legend in his own right. His father is John.

Aw! I love him. He is a beautiful child. His spirit is so strong yet peaceful. He is of Ngapuhi and Ngati Whatua descent – two Maori tribes. As a babe, this little guy is old New Zealand. At the same age, he resembles his cousin Jordan.

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You have to love Dame Jenny Shipley. Not only was Jenny the first female Prime Minister of a nation that first gave women the vote in the world! But…Jenny is still a consummate politician, long after she’s not been in an official political position.

Here’s a Dame in action diplomatically denying the fact that China totally wants New Zealand’s minerals rich land. Who wouldn’t… the views are amazing and the land is fertile too. This report as guest commentary written by NZPA as shared via :

“The Chinese don’t want New Zealand land, former prime minister Dame Jenny Shipley says.

She runs a consultancy for businesses dealing with China and is a director of the China Construction Bank.

“The Chinese don’t want land, the Chinese want the resources and protein,” she said on TV One’s Q&A programme today.

“Their middle class is exploding and the one thing the Chinese government and Chinese companies worry about is disappointing the middle class, so they have to get good quality food and they have to keep providing steel and copper and coal and oil to fuel their economy.”

Asked whether there were great opportunities to trade with China long-term, she said: “Yes, if we don’t keep insulting them…If we don’t get over this, we should get used to wearing jandals.”

Dame Jenny said she wasn’t familiar with the latest Chinese bid to buy the Crafar farms but she knew the Chinese wanted long-term contracts when they did business in other countries.

“If you ask why they are doing that, it is their anxiety over the long-term,” she said.

“They’ll come in and say `I don’t want a three-year contract, I want a 40-year contract’…and the reason they’re saying 40 is they’ve got 1.3 billion people and if they run amok and the middle class implodes, that’s a big problem for the Chinese.”

How about this solution. Let’s give the Chinese a written agreement saying we will honor a biz union for 40 years, as well as a piece of jade greenstone to seal the promise. That should be all that’s needed to seal a trust agreement, while we keep the land. I do agree with Dame Jenny though, we are totz learning not to offend China.

It’s a growing process we’re up for I reckon. Maori kids in New Zealand were wearing black karate shoes to school twenty years ago. We do still like our jandals too. :)

[Photo of Jenny Shipley Coming Soon]

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I never got to meet Katherine Heigl in the US, but people who knew her say she is gracious on set and a real team player. 

She lives in Silverlake where people like Dominic Bowden hang out, when in L.A.

Here’s a pic of Katy Heigl running errands.

[Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures ]




When I lived in Cali, Bell (a city) was always in the news, with claims that City Councillors were totally making bank at the locals expense.

Today the LA Times has won an award for writing about this. Reports the AP, “New York, Apr 19 –The Los Angeles Times has won a Pulitzer Prize for public service for revealing that politicians in a small, working-class California city were paying themselves exorbitant salaries. The newspaper’s reporting that officials in the struggling city of 37,000 people were raising property taxes and other fees in part to cover the huge salaries led to arrests and the ouster of some of Bell’s top officials.”

It’s good to see the LA Times win something! Normally it’s the New York Times. Woot! Community focused stories are always the best ones. For more, go here.

[Kia ora, California!]

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“Be the see, you want to change”Merata Mita, in an interview 1999.

Merata was a filmmaker extraordinaire (masterful sound weaving was her forte). She was revered in Hollywood and Hawaii for her Indigenous Peoples perspective as a story teller of the moving image. Mita was often asked to judge at film festivals around the world, including Sundance. She once was a friend of Nelsen Mandela’s from afar, revealing in her film Patu! how apartheid or systems of aparthied should never be tolerated. She gifted all New Zealanders this gift at great cost.  

I like this one saying she spoke on camera. She was deep.

To watch her films is an amazing journey into her wairua (or spirit). Her film Patu! is like greenstone (a taonga or treasure) in New Zealand arts lore. She was one of the finest advocates for human rights we ever witnessed in action.

[Photograph courtesy of The National Geographic Website]

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Dame Catherine Tizard is a past Governor General of New Zealand. Always a lot of good humored fun. Dame Cath is pictured here with Eileen Parore, an amazing school teacher, proponent of kapa haka (Maori performing arts), the furtherance of Te Reo (the Maori language) and an inspirer and encourager of young Maori peoples dreams. She worked tirelessly for her husband Tom‘s people of the Ngapuhi tribe.

She made us all dream big. She believed that Maori kids could do anything. While I was in the USA, Eileen Paraore passed away. Remembering her today… and to her family… thanks for sharing your great mom, with us all and making Kiwis better people.

[Photo - A family favorite]

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Part II of this book display spotted in Hollywood at Circus, shows how celebirty in the USA creates its own royals of the people in Hollywood’s star system.

In the UK, royals have been doing this for centuries with their appearences to the public.

Here’s books that reveal this artfrom of culture in growing brands to expand markets.

Are you a Royal fan (fan of Monarchy) or an American ‘royalty’ fan?

Or like us in New Zealand, do you like a blend of both as your favorite form of distraction and entertainment. Here we favor a strong inclusion of local folks entertaining too, in our media mix?

We have very clever celebrities here in New Zealand. They are all so smart, kind, funny and talented.

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Residents of Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi are faced with rebuilding their lives in the face of destroyed homes, businesses and schools, as well as the loss of friends, family and neighbors in the wake of devastating tornadoes that have hit these regions.

In New Zealand, we were blessed to have friends from North Carolina who visited us over the years. They were impacting people full of encouragement. None of our lives were quite the same, when they turned up here. Beautiful people.

Catching the plane from LAX back to New Zealand, a lady sat behind me.

She was a honey and we were both flying Air New Zealand in one of those amazing 770 luxury planes. Brand new and it flew like a dream. The lady’s name was Frankie and she lived in North Carolina with her husband and three kids and was en route to visit her mom who lived in Christchurch. Frankie was a remarkably strong Kiwi girl. A tornado had hit in her nieghborhood, the night prior. So…

This one’s for Frankie and her friends in their courage to rebuild from tornadoes devastation. To make a difference to Frankie’s hood of North Carolina, click on this link if you’d like to.


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Will & Kate‘s special day is getting a right royal hyping up, for fun here in New Zealand media.

Yesterday, a published poll tried to claim that most people thought Kate was even more beautiful then Diana, Will’s late mum.

When I last was in Hollywood, a bookstore called Circus, had two window displays.

One window display focused on Hollywood American ‘royalty’ or ‘celebrities’ as illusionists of the camera. The other window display of the same store featured books on different members of the British royal family and other monarchies throughout history. The displays together – perhaps denoted how Royals are illusionists too.

Whoever is photographed with royals, imports their celebrity brand into their own branding,so to speak. This will be occurring on mass, in 9 days time when Will and Kate leave Westminster Chapel.

Here’s a shuffle of both book collections on display. Americans prefer Hollywood celebrities with a touch of the Young Royals, in New Zealand – we perhaps prefer the Young Royals as our celebrities of choice at the minute, with a dash of Hollywood.

Either way, here’s those books. Celebrities help create an illusion of a strong brand no end. This is their job in the world. It’s tough, but someone’s got to do it. At the moment, I like all of the Kiwi celebrities. They’re fun.

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MANUKA HONEY FLOWERS – 20th April 2011

Manuka honey has healing properties like no other honey found on earth.

Here’s a pic of manuka flowers today from NZ.

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A brills article in the New Zealand Herald gives two guys views of a Kiwi (New Zealander) who lives in China and is married to a Chinese national. The article also gives the view of a Chinese-Kiwi who lives in New Zealand.

It’s a must read as shared by Bryan Johnston and Gilbert Wong. Thanks lads.

Chinese are very big on preserving loyalty, even in their ethnicity and differences by region in China.

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Here’s a snapshot of how Maori people in the media are being depicted right now. I’ve chosen the most flattering options to share with the world.

1. A Daniels sister, Stacey Morrison does the art of show biz PR (above). Smart press from Ngai Tahu TV princess! Hot on this Kiwi wonder woman’s books are: flash mob dancing clips reflecting the collective gathering as one having FUN! Raising Kiwi kids to speak Maori and English (do you think Stacey’s kids can manage Mandarin as a 3rd?! – of course they can!), the spirit of Christchurch people to get over disapointment and rebuild. A nice profile 

2. Why is politician Shane Jones even talking side-lining Maori issues with plastic tupper-waka fake storylines.

This man should be Minister of Fish, Fossil Fuels, Minerals and Energy! Let’s not pretend he shouldn’t. This would be a wise move to grow New Zealand’s future interests in the world. He is Harvard trained and a Kiwi-Iwi centered bloke after all!

3. Glenis Philip-Barbara whose husband Nick is a long-serving member of the New Zealand military and Erima Henare bring awareness to the issue that a letter from an MP has effectively “gagged” their daily operations in securing that the Maori language is well protected. Read their sentiments here.

4. Should Sir Pita Sharples be a Minister of Te Reo Maori (the Maori language)? Read link at 3 for that story.

5. Mike King is doing used appliance outlets ads and fat Maoris appear at mega jumbo sale ads in todays paper too. That’s funny! 

Bonus Post – Te Whanau-a-Apanui owned vessel San Pietro trails Brazilian seismic mappingcompany (oil/ mineral explorer) Petrobas off the east coast this week. Green peace has noted that 95% of all oil drilled off NZ shorelines will not go to New Zealand shareholders, it will go off shore. And people also are concerned if drilling will increase earthquake increase on shore in New Zealand. Arkansas, USA found drilling does increase quake risk in Arkansas.  

Bonus Post II – Much loved singer Tiki Tane was arrested singing two lines of a song this week while in concert at Tauranga’s Illuminati Club. Meanwhile across in the USA this weekend, rapper Lil Wayne has friends dress up as police impersonators to raise the question, sometimes police don’t know who they’re working for. Safety in community is what police used to sign up for! Gosh!

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“kia ora girl!”

[News source, Miley Cyrus twitter account]

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In New Zealand we are big fans of Xena and NOT Xenophobia. Xena (once played by actor Lucy Lawless) was like a Kiwi version of a Maori warrior princess. She was fun.

Economically Kiwiland is positioned in the Asia-Pacific wired region of the global economy. Thus our prime ministers job, is to ensure that our economy is well integrated with Asia and the Pacific’s future flows. Banking systems (politicians chasing those) are being designed to farm money into and out of this region.

Part banking integration (and political governance) in our prime minister’s mission is to also find and source  and reflect “good cultural match” between all Kiwis and our Asian brothers and sisters. China especially with this one nation’s increasing might and economic take over (financial support) of the South Pacific.  

Because of these goals on the table, the New Zealand Herald has run amazing news coverage this week into the world of Chinese people buying heavily into New Zealand and investing too and Asian-Kiwis contribution to the future direction of NZ life. I am addicted to reading these stories. The journalists have done a great job. Here’s some snap shots for you of that coverage.

A lot of the news coverage centers on how important all Asian people are to the future of the world. Stories seem to be broken into the incredible work ethic of Asian immigrants ability to build business from scratch through sustained hard work. I like that. Or, we have the triad stereotype guys, who also provide entertainment with their gangsta ways and stories of ‘corruption’- yet they don’t somehow seem real. They just make the awesome Asians look even more angelic for their hard work in Kiwiland. So they do have their purpose.

A lot of stories also focus on ‘unpicking the Asian label’ and allowing Asian cultures to be known as Malay-Kiwi, Chinese-Kiwi etc. Not just Asia. Kiwi-Asians also want their own politicians representing their needs.

What I do not like though is when to argue this, Asian spokespeople say “Maori have this, so we want this too.” Such rhetoric is tiresome for Maori to read. It has also been used for 200 years for all immigrants to justify a sense of entitlement in Aotearoa New Zealand. Don’t do it. Thanks.

I think Kiwi-Asians are better off just saying “we need politicians.” Period. Instead of trying to climb up Maoris to do that and get ahead. It just comes across in the media like Maori peoples eyeballs are being scratched out. It’s tacky. And there is no need for that. It’s true… Asian-Kiwis just DO need political representation. It’s time. I’m all for it. Like… for example… Maori people living in China, would never attack the Ming dynasty’s history to get ourselves ahead. It’s just not culturally correct, or good Kiwi manners. Maori people are not the enemy of Asian-Kiwi getting ahead. Thanks for ensuring we are not depicted that way!  :)

People closest to me love Asian-Kiwis. They’re some of the new inclusion (bigger influx) of Asian-Kiwis biggest fans. Me too. For example, pork and puha steamed dim sim pockets… are unbeatable!

And making her debut, is politics newest Xena warrior princess, Louisa Wall pretending in the very funny portrait, that she’s a Maori cartoon. Love it! Can a girl be any more humble? No!

The big issue for New Zealand in the cultural shuffle is not to sell off too much land or assets. A good balance is needed when integrating to secure a future for existing New Zealanders who are the gatekeepers of Kiwi culture and the basics of it. We have many Asian-Kiwis as good gatekeepers too. The ones in Gisborne, who arrived during New Zealand’s gold rush years (500 in NZ all up) have amazing children and grandchildren leading in New Zealand in various fields. They have done “time on the block” and they rock.

A friend’s view today is “I believe that all people should be treated with dignity in New Zealand, regardless of where they stem from.” I like that too.

Both Lucy Lawless, Maori women and Asian movie action stars – all know how to swing a taiaha (wooden weapon of martial arts). It’s one thing we have in common in New Zealand. Already! :)

These stories of Chinese migration in New Zealand are more riveting to read then watching even the best Hollywood TV shows. Thanks New Zealand Herald. Keep it flowing!

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When I first opened the Newspaper after returning from America for 5 years, this dude was the featured artist.

The story said, he was reintepreting “Colin McCahon‘s body of work.” No one can really interpret Colin’s work. It’s too deep on many levels, but this artist’s sense of cheeky chutzpah did make me smile.

One of his paintings, was called Taming The Colt. His artwork is very “Old McDonald had a farm.” E.i.e.i… owe.

I don’t know his name. If you know his name, add it in a comment below. By the way, eels are a Chinese delicacy. They need to be pickled though before China is interested. Some New Zealand companies are working hard at breeding eels in captivity to supply China’s love of baby pickled eels. I used to work for one company who were exploring this option once.

Ironically, eels swim up to Tonga each year to breed. The ideal conditions for eels are when water vibrates under the ocean due to volcanic activity shuddering. The ‘electric current’ vibrations in the water, signal to an eels brain, these are the ideal conditions to mate in. The eels in New Zealand make this swim to Tonga, every year. These days, with the amount of volcanic activity in the world, I wonder where eels are most likely to breed on their migratory path?

That was a free marine biology lesson today into pickled gold ecomonies possible growth and expansion in Kiwiland.

Oh… and May we always support the arts in the world. Woot! Keep painting!

[News source NZ newspapers].

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Redemption is the art of redeeming or buying back.

When I think of redemption, on a pop cultural level, I think of Bob Marley‘s classic waiata (song) Redemption Songs. I do not share Bob’s religious views, yet his song I love. “Emancipate yourself from mental [ideological]  slavery” was this masterful poet/ songwriter’s heartening and universal message.

Whatever we lust unhealthily after, we are a slave mentally of it. Be it money (economic status), fame (a desire for recognition), sex (an illusion of love in a touch), these things can make us slaves if we are not in balance. That’s been my life experience to date.

Being more honest is also what I seek to be, at this point in my life. Part of my redemption involves people who care asking questions. Here’s some of those I got back to from friends when hitting Aotearoa New Zealand’s magnificent alluvial and minerals rich soil.

What is a blog?

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Before I left America, I noticed this book, We bought a Zoo by author Benjamin Mee. The book concept made me smile, because if you can convince everyone in the world that each nation is a zoo (as a metaphor), then we can set up systems of zoo keeping – and convince everyone they are good.

Following this concept (not the concept of B.M’s book) the eventuating result would be that the world will become governed by zoos that all look the same–in time. The global village concept that is invetible.

There’s only one problem with this concept though. The real ringmaster is hidden. Other peoples efforts of zoo keeping in each circus zoo (nation) get served up to the hidden (yet to be revealed) ringmaster.

Benjamin Mee‘s book concept is a lot more simple. It is about “The Amazing Story of a Young Family, a broken down Zoo and the 200 wild animals that change their lives forever.” I like the concept a lot. It should be a film. Back to the concept though of nations as zoos for circus ringmaster owners.

Zoo keeping is simply about real estate. It is not about culture. It is about who owns the real estate. Culture is its distraction. Zoo keeping, ironically isn’t even about zoo culture. It’s about the price of tickets to the show via real estate or asset sales. If wealthy, you simply buy into the circus you want to be a part of. The zoo keepers of every territory, will happily sell their circus ring off. All of ‘the spectacles’ in the zoo, then earn money for the owners with shares on the soil of the circus ring they own. It’s like carving up real estate, to sip from a kava bowl with elite people of the world.  Often wannabe kava bowl sippers wear a lot of leopard print. They give an illusion of feral qualities. In their need to upgrade, they can be viewed as being rather cute.

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Amy Grant is a grammy winner. She endured a painful divorce and still went on to wow the world with her gift of song. She’s a beauty.

Here’s El Shadai for Elvira‘s memory today, a lady I had the privilege of knowing in Westwood California. Peace! Click here

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Future thinking. Out of all of these markers displayed, I think the tan one is very significant to the future of Aotearoa New Zealand. It will write history.

I also like the red one, but somehow it should be capped with a Stewart tartan cap, instead of just… well, bold red. A marker with a Stewart tartan colored red, will write history too.

Arts Tip – You do realize that the important tan marker, is really blue though, right?

Okiez. :)

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First up. Click here. Waterways Music – “Your world is clanging like a liberty bell. People divining long abandoned wells.”

Today I’m blogging from Aotearoa New Zealand, I read the paper and the nation’s treasurer is explaining his nono off. For a lad in the hot seat, he’s actually doing an okay job considering all of the global crises situations, natural disaster scenarios, AEG (or is it AMI here?) type people to pay (bail) out, cities to restore and sup up, and the fact that my Kiwi birds are eating ourselves silly on credit cards. Island nations in the South Pacific too. We love our selves more than our kids and our grandchildren at this rate. Clearly!

This means we are becoming more dependant on China’s buck and also The World Bank. Between these two major players, no one really stands much of a chance. Alright… maybe the UK too. We are being shepherded by these two main, aforementioned guiding economic forces. (Alright, that was a bit dramatic, but it’s a factor to consider). We are being swayed their way.

 Don’t worry though if in debt (I am), we have events to watch and go to. Like Will & Kate‘s big day on the telly and also some super amazing sporting matches to attend or watch on TV too at the Rugby World Cup. No one wants to miss out on either of these two events in this neck of the world.

I think New Zealand is an amazing nation. Even the politicans are nice. Wow! They actually try and work together. It’s very good to see.

Because I’m missing the American accent today, majorly… the next best thing is hearing singer Dave Dobbyn‘s voice singing about Southern California. Read the rest of this entry »



This one for people in the South Pacific Paradise territories of the world: I hear that there’s a play well worth attending.

It’s based on the life of comic genius and race relations ambassador (in a bush singlet), the late Billy T. James.

Billy T features throughout this blog. He was an astute gentleman.

I wonder if rugby football stars and their families will go to this? Like Maori ones and their best Chinese and Kiwi and Samoan mates.

The play is called Billy T & Me starring Peter Rowley. Go see it if you appreciate comedy. It’s a lesson in cross-cultural humor this play – by the looks of it.

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Posted by horiwood on April 12, 2011 in Billy T James, Peter Rowley, Theater