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“Grief is the price we pay for love”–Prince William quoting his paternal grandmother in Christchurch City today.

His speech is about fortitude and strength through kindness.

Courage and understated determination are the hallmarks of New Zealanders and Cantabrians.

From the reflected strength of Christchurch’s resilience of spirit as a community, the Prince sends his well wishes to Japan.

Click on Wiremu’s pic to view video footage of his adress to Christchurch City, brave survivors of a devastating quake.

He opens and closes his speech in Te Reo Rangatira – The Language of Chiefs, ending on “Kia Kaha, Be Strong.”

What a guy! What a speech delivered with resounding humility! Well done.

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I woke up today thinking of Han Han, 28, China’s star blogger who published his first novel at 19 and bored with that began blogging in 2006. His love of race cars fused with entertaining millions of China’s emerging tech savvy generation made me think that rather obvious appeal should really be reflected more from Hollywood. He’s an interesting chap. His novel on teen angst titled Triple Door has sold more than 2 million copies making Han Han China’s best selling novelist in 20 years.

A self described pop novelist and racing car driver, Han Han’s casanova fame is evidence by women approaching him with love letters faked with his signature. He’s often pressed upon to endorse products, most he declines to do. Another example of this is when Hollywood came knocking at Han Han’s door.

Back in ’05 a Hollywood film spun a script veiled as based on Chinese writer Xie Hang‘s novel, Dysmenorrhoea (痛经). Filming was even eyed to occur in a Northern Chinese city. The view was that Han Han’s image suited him to play the male lead. When Chinese media asked China’s star for his opinion at the news, his answer was, “I have yet to receive this invitation, but basically I would reject it. It doesn’t matter that this is a Hollywood movie, as my decision would depend on who’s playing the female lead.” When he eventually heard the movie centered on forbidden love between a boy and his female teacher, his reply was, “This makes it even more difficult for me, I will not play such a role.”

Han Han’s a paradox. He’s both a symbol of democracy of sorts in China and yet he always has to dodge censors who delete his posts whenever they deem he’s telling the truth, they don’t quite like. “A Chorus of Solos,” Han Han‘s evocative array of essays and images says good things of Mr Han’s stance on Chinese cultural life. “The government wants China to become a great cultural nation, but our leaders are so uncultured. If things continue like this, China will only be known for tea and pandas.”

Han Han has had more than 400 million hits to his blog, making him perhaps the most popular blogger and living writer the world has. He is the panda he describes drinking tea. Read the rest of this entry »



Christina Koutsimanis looks like she had a good NYE’s last night (Thursday) in New Zealand. I wonder if Christina won the fishing kit?

Anyway not to be outdone, here’s Chuck Norris, with a big fat fish story to go with that sign in this pub pic then about being totally illegal and transcending Communism, of course! in The Czech Republic with um.. telephones. Lol!

THAT STORY: ‘During communism, smuggled video tapes of Norris’ action films would find their way into Czech VCRs, and once the Iron Curtain fell, one of the first shows the Czech people got to see on newly freed airwaves was his hit Walker, Texas Ranger. Now, he’s hawking cell phones, and proving a hit once again. The ads are popular on TV and have been viewed over 4.5 million times on YouTube. With a population of 10 million, that’s an incredible percentage. Add to that by watching some of the ads below. And don’t worry about the language barrier; you’ll find Norris pretty easy to understand. For much more from the story, click over to The Wall Street Journal.’

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE: Click on Chuck’s wet fish to watch his carpy diem TVC. Actually it’s the most boring TVC ever! Unlike fishing trips from eons ago, involving a lot of screaming and um… canoes. Happy NYE Christina and Ava!!!

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