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Because fabulous people who want to make a difference in the world, can’t just live  on Lady Gaga news alone, here’s a look at a billionaire’s brain today.

1. Christopher Chandler is a billionaire whose from New Zealand.

2. The  son of a beekeeper raised in a small town, Christopher Chandler sold his parents small department store  and invested the money into Hong Kong real estate.

3. Christopher Chandler is now the brain of Legatum, a company thats a one stop shop as an investment firm and think tank  venture fund. Legatum’s mission is: “Legatum is a global investment organisation with a twenty-year history, allocating proprietary capital in the global markets and to programs that promote sustainable human development.” It’s green thinking. 

4. The Legatum Institute  is involved in creating better analytical tools to gage the global economy. For  example, “The American appetite for multiplying unnecessary necessities—like houses consumers bought but could not afford, and that developers built but could not sell—was creating a financial house of cards that could only spell trouble over the long run.” –Legatum don’t want anyone to be  caught  out like this again, so they’re  on top of it as an investment capital company.

5. Christopher Chandler’s first investment partner was his brother, Richard Chandler, whose also a billionaire, proving that families who work smartly together  can conquer the world.

6. Initially the Chandler brothers: focused the  early biz ventures on transitioning industries in Russia, Latin America and eastern Europe. Transitioning economies like Latin America and eastern Europe is Christopher Chandler’s forte. In transition, there is  a wealth of opportunity.

7. Chandler is now based in Dubai. Socially sustainable enterprises, such as microfinance in his main focus. He has heavily invested into India.


8. Chandler founded Legatum Centre for Development & Entrepreneurship at MIT, which sponsors students from developing countries who aspire to launch businesses back home.

9.  Chandler’s  mother wants to break into Manhatten’s Art and  Art Gallery scene. At 72, Ana Tzarev is  a character.  An innovative personality, she is  a self-taught artist. Say’s Tzarev: “I am in front of my easel from 8 a.m. until sunset except for a lunch break with Robert Chandler, my husband of 52 years. I am hermetically dedicated to art,” she said. “I paint seven days a week.” That’s  where her sons get their work  ethic and creative  ability to invest and create new wealth from. Amazing.

10. Creativity. Investment. Performace is Christopher Chandler’s life motto. 


We love it. Rock on Kiwi![image: Ana Tzarev Gallery & Paintings]


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