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In New Zealand we are big fans of Xena and NOT Xenophobia. Xena (once played by actor Lucy Lawless) was like a Kiwi version of a Maori warrior princess. She was fun.

Economically Kiwiland is positioned in the Asia-Pacific wired region of the global economy. Thus our prime ministers job, is to ensure that our economy is well integrated with Asia and the Pacific’s future flows. Banking systems (politicians chasing those) are being designed to farm money into and out of this region.

Part banking integration (and political governance) in our prime minister’s mission is to also find and source  and reflect “good cultural match” between all Kiwis and our Asian brothers and sisters. China especially with this one nation’s increasing might and economic take over (financial support) of the South Pacific.  

Because of these goals on the table, the New Zealand Herald has run amazing news coverage this week into the world of Chinese people buying heavily into New Zealand and investing too and Asian-Kiwis contribution to the future direction of NZ life. I am addicted to reading these stories. The journalists have done a great job. Here’s some snap shots for you of that coverage.

A lot of the news coverage centers on how important all Asian people are to the future of the world. Stories seem to be broken into the incredible work ethic of Asian immigrants ability to build business from scratch through sustained hard work. I like that. Or, we have the triad stereotype guys, who also provide entertainment with their gangsta ways and stories of ‘corruption’- yet they don’t somehow seem real. They just make the awesome Asians look even more angelic for their hard work in Kiwiland. So they do have their purpose.

A lot of stories also focus on ‘unpicking the Asian label’ and allowing Asian cultures to be known as Malay-Kiwi, Chinese-Kiwi etc. Not just Asia. Kiwi-Asians also want their own politicians representing their needs.

What I do not like though is when to argue this, Asian spokespeople say “Maori have this, so we want this too.” Such rhetoric is tiresome for Maori to read. It has also been used for 200 years for all immigrants to justify a sense of entitlement in Aotearoa New Zealand. Don’t do it. Thanks.

I think Kiwi-Asians are better off just saying “we need politicians.” Period. Instead of trying to climb up Maoris to do that and get ahead. It just comes across in the media like Maori peoples eyeballs are being scratched out. It’s tacky. And there is no need for that. It’s true… Asian-Kiwis just DO need political representation. It’s time. I’m all for it. Like… for example… Maori people living in China, would never attack the Ming dynasty’s history to get ourselves ahead. It’s just not culturally correct, or good Kiwi manners. Maori people are not the enemy of Asian-Kiwi getting ahead. Thanks for ensuring we are not depicted that way!  :)

People closest to me love Asian-Kiwis. They’re some of the new inclusion (bigger influx) of Asian-Kiwis biggest fans. Me too. For example, pork and puha steamed dim sim pockets… are unbeatable!

And making her debut, is politics newest Xena warrior princess, Louisa Wall pretending in the very funny portrait, that she’s a Maori cartoon. Love it! Can a girl be any more humble? No!

The big issue for New Zealand in the cultural shuffle is not to sell off too much land or assets. A good balance is needed when integrating to secure a future for existing New Zealanders who are the gatekeepers of Kiwi culture and the basics of it. We have many Asian-Kiwis as good gatekeepers too. The ones in Gisborne, who arrived during New Zealand’s gold rush years (500 in NZ all up) have amazing children and grandchildren leading in New Zealand in various fields. They have done “time on the block” and they rock.

A friend’s view today is “I believe that all people should be treated with dignity in New Zealand, regardless of where they stem from.” I like that too.

Both Lucy Lawless, Maori women and Asian movie action stars – all know how to swing a taiaha (wooden weapon of martial arts). It’s one thing we have in common in New Zealand. Already! :)

These stories of Chinese migration in New Zealand are more riveting to read then watching even the best Hollywood TV shows. Thanks New Zealand Herald. Keep it flowing!

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