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The Front page of the paper today in Los Angeles asks some good questions.

All President Obama has been allowed to say about the USA’s involvement in Libya, is that, America is committed to helping the Libyan people in their revolt against Mr Kadafi Sr.’s dictatorship? simply because it’s ‘for a strategic interest.’

Libya is a test ground of military might and working together on a global stage. On a practical level, I don’t even know yet how to say “hi” or “hello” or “how are you?” in Libya’s many languages spoken in Libya? I certainly don’t know how to say “strategic’ in Libya’s languages either. Do you?

Maybe the world bank has the words for that.

Does anyone else in the US know how to do this yet? Or am I the only person whose this dumb, at this cultural juncture of US life?! I must try and learn how to do that.

When I asked an American friend their feelings on why America is involved in Libya, my friend said “I believe it’s in our best interests to be in Libya.”

Fair enough. That’s how Libya’s translating outside of Washington on a daily level. Let’s go with that view too then, today.

Also, Japan’s nuclear crises continues to capture our attention here, as Japan’s people find out that radioactive water is now in waterways of Japan. When I ask Americans about how we feel here about nuclear energy, a friend who invests daily on the stock market says.

“I am all for nuclear energy in the US, although I am aware that President Obama has tried for a while now to raise awareness to the dangers of it too. I am for it, but I just don’t want to live anywhere near where it is.”

Let’s go with this view too as a commentary on what is happening in Japan from our front page news today as well then. Japan’s crises prompts this story to be written about radioactive concerns. The story is

Do You Get More Radiation From A Banana Or Living Near A Nuclear Plant? The Results May Surprise You

Interesting differences of opinion on key issues, perhaps displaying democracy is a many sided debate on any topic, affecting us all. I personally appreciate that trait about this nation.

On the topic of Libya though, you can’t argue with ‘strategic interest” as America’s official answer for engagement in Libya with allied nations… there’s interest on loans to repay. That’s a given and perhaps a wise answer from America’s oracle elect today. I like it, ‘strategic interest.’

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.29.11~