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OMG – GLOBAL PRICE FEARS MOUNT!!! (Whatever are we going to do – about this very dramatic news headline?) –  We all seem to forget what causes ‘asset bubbles’ in a global economy. Increasing national debt does. It then effects the global economy of the world. It’s not really rocket science. That message came via New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key on November 28th, last year. Why act shocked this year. So, let’s not freak out too much.

In addition, American Gordon Gecko Warren Buffet as a rich person who lives at Omaha sometimes, clearly has stated “He’s never had it better, in terms of all of the tax breaks, etc, he can get at this moment in his life.” It’s just that for the average person – food and material costs have all gone up to soaring levels according to WSJ via Europe. Go figure!

Anyway, according to European banking analysts – they haven’t forgotten what jacks up the global economy. The warning of inflation via a European banking spokesperson via Central Europe takes the cover of the Wall Street Journal today. This news is contrasted with President Obama allegedly now being fixated on the 2012 Presidential race in the form of “a new address.” After a start in some of the rockiest times for a US President in world history, it has to be said to be fair, he’s only just begun, really.

Scott Bakula of Men of A Certain Age will open the 17th Screen Actors Guild Awards this Saturday, Hollywood. Scott joins Alec Baldwin & Jeff Bridges in a line up of presenters.

Rick Ross, Travis Barker, Mix Master Mike join a hot tour package as Lil’ Wayne & Nicki Minaj announce a 24 cities tour. Wowsa.

Box office heavyweight Bruce Willis is tired of Ricky Gervais. Kevin Smith plays Bruce’s Hollywood villain, and calls Willis, “f*cking soul crushing” to work with. Bruce isn’t an actor. He is a Hollywood empire on his own. So that is kinda funny.

James Franco says he made a sex tape, when he was 19. Next James will say, he directed it actually.

Green liquor endorsement queen news – Kim Kardashian signs as the new face of Midori.

Sean Durkin‘s Martha, Macey, May, Marlene film, sells to Fox Searchlight Pics at Sundance. “MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE stars Elizabeth Olsen as Martha, a damaged woman haunted by painful memories and increasing paranoia, who struggles to reassimilate with her family after fleeing a cult.” Sounds riveting! All the critics at Robert Redford‘s Utah film festival, love it.

Oinksta.Com Humor – Heavy Metal, Oink Oink, Kiwi Maori bashing news for Kerre Woodham.

People Magazine gets Ryan Seacrest empire envy, announcing they’re muscling in to the red-carpet pre-Awards television market. Editor Peter Castro will join TNT & TBS for this. What took People so long, when TV Guide is their mentor and has a TV show. But, why TBS?!

Check out news: Ted “Golden Voice” Williams continues to amuse the UK from the US, after leaving rehab.

Some disturbed teen 22 year-old, has just pleaded not guilty. Alright. Imma little tired of that show already. But it’s still going!

Christopher Ciccone (Madonna‘s bro) calls Madonna’s other career as a Hollywood casting agent/ star maker… when dating, as a mere “distraction” from her good parenting skills. Okay then!

[Photo of Jean-Claude Van Damme Trichet scratching his head courtesy of The Globe & Mail].

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True fact: The Maori word for spirit is wairua. It means “two waters.” Water distribution is a spiritually humane act, because it takes anyone with spirit to ensure that people who need it, can have life each hour of the day. Our spirits need to act with goodness so water can happen for 1 billion people. Most of these people are in India and Africa. I wonder if China can help as water has so much significance as a metaphor for spirit in China. When I China is already helping share water.

Exciting News: For only $10 invested at Charity Water, one person in the world can have fresh clean drinking water, for a lifetime – when currently 1 billion people don’t have access to it yet. Isn’t that cool information?

It’s the end of the year in Hollywood. Normally I do the list of The 50 People Who Were Voted Most Hottest in Hollywood, as a really good compare and contrast democratic exercise in who is actually hot –vs, other media outlets lists. It can be quite surprisingly the results. On this website, votes are voted daily. The results always provide a study. For example Lady Gaga was no.1 last year, before she’d even appeared on Oprah’s Show.

This year though I thought instead of glorifying Hollywood’s Top 50 list, a priority first, was to link the list of stars, celebrities, hot Hollywood topics in this blogs category list with the topic of H2O. Sometimes we forget that the difference between a ‘star’ and an unknown third world person – is simply basics of humanity or human rights too, like clean drinking water being one–and equal access to it. So, before that list happens, let’s work the existing list already created of people and stars on this blog, who all can do something to help other peeps have life that flows daily with decent water.

Let’s do it as a Christmas gift to the world. Each star who gets any press going up online, have these news items emailed to them daily in the form of google alerts emails. So, in doing this exercise, this is my challenge as a Maori-Kiwi blogger to each one of US as I like US together as a global community connected to all people in the world, to give the gift of water this Christmas to someone else in celebration of life. Celebrity is about water. A celebrity is “anyone who deserves to be celebrated.” In giving water to someone else–we celebrate life, and we act like true celebrities of the world.

Merry Christmas and if you feel inclined, make a difference. is our water distribution agency today. It’s a trust that is action certified that Nicole Richie all year round. Richie also does work too for water distribution via UNICEF as well. I think that’s pretty gnarly good. Let’s do it and make a difference. Cheers and thanks for reading this blog all year round. May festive greetings flow to others too through US. Much love.

Until every person has clean drinking water –no one in the world has true power. Who are we fooling? There will never be peace in the world, if people are fighting over clean water each day. As a power balance exercise that makes us civilized nations look less fake in the eyes of the world, let’s have some fun and make it happen. :)

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Dame Helen Mirren says via The UK Telegraph“I prefer the finesse of French humour. English humour is: harsher, more scathing, more cruel and more surreal too, as illustrated by Monty Python and the TV series Little Britain, where situations are far-fetched and over-the-top. England is constantly threatened by a savage assimilation. This isn’t the case with France which remains furiously protective of its culture.”

Well, in an increasingly globalizing world – French snobbery, protecting its culture within ‘language’ is not a bad idea to have an authentic sense of self.

[Karl Urban & Dame Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis pic courtesy of About Movies]

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In the studio system, the workings are very much set. More Washington than innovative and welcoming of new people. Hollywood risks stagnation. The savior of Hollywood is young talent, proven enough to no longer be a risk, tougher than most for enduring the system, for convincing the town that they had the staying power to stick around enough to hold their own. Chris Pine is one such man. Listed as new A-List along with Karl Urban of New Zealand who follows closely beside and behind Pine. Hollywood 2010′s.

True fact: The box office rules this town. You can make an art house film – but the town doffs it hat to box office’s big hitters. Of these people (Sir Peter Jackson and James Cameron being two) the wheels of Hollywood spin. Who cities of people are fed. Here’s the latest takings from Nikki Finke:

FRIDAY PM/Saturday AM: Estimated Top 10 North American grosses for Friday heading into the weekend
1. Unstoppable (Fox) NEW [3,207 Theaters]. Friday $8.1M, Estimated Weekend $24.5M

2. Megamind 3D (DreamWorks Animation/Paramount) Week 2 [3,949 Theaters]
Friday $7.9M (-37%), Estimated Weekend $25.5M, Estimated Cume $85M

3. Due Date (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,365 Theaters]
Friday $5.5M (-54%), Estimated Weekend $16.5M, Estimated Cume $60M

4. Skyline (Relativity/Universal) NEW [2,880 Theaters]
Friday $4.7M, Estimated Weekend $14M

5. Morning Glory (Paramount) NEW [2,518 Theaters]
Friday $3M, Estimated Weekend $9.2M, Estimated Cume $12M

6. For Colored Girls (Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,127 Theaters]
Friday $2M (-72%), Estimated Weekend $6.3M, Estimated Cume $30.5M

7. Red (Summit) Week 5 [2,878 Theaters]
Friday $1.5M, Estimated Weekend $5M, Estimated Cume $79.7M

8. Paranormal Activity 2 (Paramount) Week 4 [2,403 Theaters]
Friday $1M, Estimated Weekend $3M, Estimated Cume $82M

9. Saw 3D (Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate) Week 3 [1,976 Theaters]
Friday $970K, Estimated Weekend $2.9M, Estimated Cume $43.7M

10. Jackass 3D (MTV Films/Paramount) Week 5 [1,607 Theaters]
Friday $775K, Estimated Weekend $2.4M, Estimated Cume $114.8M

Via deadline Hollywood.

Chris Pine Covers Hollywood Reporter: Unstoppable star Chris Pine graces the cover of the second weekly edition of The Hollywood Reporter, on stands Wednesday.

Pine is just one of a handful of hot, young Hollywood lights on which the industry is banking to replace the vaunted old guard of box office stars.

Between now and summer 2012, audiences will see Pine, along with a small group of young actors, pushing — and being pushed — into blockbuster star-making terrain.

“We need these kids desperately,” one studio producer tells THR. “And there happens to be a crop of five or six of them that are actually filling the role.”

And clearly the new status has its bonuses. As Pine tells THR, “To have just a bit more power to say yes and no is very appealing and intoxicating.”

[Box office big hitters as talent, Karl Urban and Bruce Willis - movie still from Red]

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Brad Pitt and Angelina work on their relationship by just working together, away from Hollywood in Budapest. 

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news you liked today are as follows in our top ten. Thanks everyone.

1. Chilean Miners live feed -10.12.10

2. Liu Wei is China’s global superstar

3. Karl Urban and Jodie FosterRED premiere

4. An author’s sugar & spice style – Lauren Conrad

5. Justin Gaston sports Psalmist King’s ink for Young Hollywood

6. Amputee Art with colorful humor

7. Gerard Butler - It’s amazing what a suit can do

8. Kim Kardashian

9. Corey Miller ‘s owl tattoo

10. Swim with dolphins

Bonus Post – Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore‘s Israel adventure

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Karl Urban, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman led an impressive assault on the red carpet outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the premiere of RED on Monday in Hollywood.

RED is short for “retired, extremely dangerous,” and the film is an action comedy about former CIA black-ops types based on a darker graphic novel.

What ever you do, do not take any already-fiesty octogenarians, you may know, to see this film. They’ll be even more lethal than they already are! :)

[Images: Sylvester Stallone with his pal Bruce Willis, , and at the Los Angeles screening of on October 11, 2010. Fifty Cent, And Taylor Hackford with his Helen Mirren cut out]

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Reports Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke in dew eyed fashion for old school Rocky: “I can’t blame Sly Stallone for wanting to milk The Expendables for all its worth. On his new Twitter account, Stallone says his director’s cut will be out in about six months but also “Inferno, which is the documentary, will be out soon – its hard core – everybodys on it.” What’s described as a brutal smackdown scene with former pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin when a stunt went wrong on the Brazilian set of the movie, as well as the resulting trip to the hospital where Stallone was told he needed surgery for a spinal cord injury to his neck, are all captured in the documentary Inferno: The Making of The Expendables. Sly also just finished upThe Expendables‘ DVD commentary. “Turned out great, think you’ll like it.” He’s already soliciting opinions about Expendables II. (FYI, Sly asks everyone including his gardener about his films.) “I am thinking what would be the most dangerous places in the world to set the sequel?… Had dinner with Bruce Willis… I want him in Expendables II as a super villain. What do you think?”

I think that’s fantastic!!! Go Sly Stallone and friends. Yes. Mo’ Bruce Willis!

In August last year, Bruce said this: “I want to send best wishes to Sly,” Bruce Willis said with a grin when we spoke with him last week. “And the Governor of California, my old pal Arnold.”

Friends should look after friends. That’s the story of how California always got ahead. 

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Mr Belvedere vodka stakeholder, Bruce Willis, has signed on to star in Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt the actor who resembles Heath Ledger.

Justice is on Bruce’s mind (again) these days in his film role choices. The synopsis of Looper goes a little like this: This is a film of  ”hitmen whose victims are sent back in time from the future to be executed. The Loopers bump them off in the present, so there is no trace of a crime in the future.”

Very Inception-esque like Christopher Nolan‘s altering of time. Apart from boys waving guns on celluloid,  where’s the “spirit” in this film, one might ask? It has to be said though, that Willis is working with some great actors as he makes a return to upcoming movies. He’s the man. 

With Bruce being able to work Hollywood strings like he is, with the emerging set of A-List actors in Hollywood, expect the popularity and value of Belvedere to sky rocket. 
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Dame Helen Mirren is always such a lady. Love her speel to Fandango at Comic Con, on being operative in Red. A movie that rests on the premise of a darn high tech assassin’s invasion. Helen’s level headed, Oscar winning sensibilities are always so cute and emulative worthy. 

Fandango! Whatever Helen is saying must be so working. Red is UP! 430% popularity this week in Hollywood. Nice. 

[Image, of Karl Urban, Dame Helen, Bruce Willis and the one and only Mary Louise Parker of Weeds].

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No one can break a shawty situation down, like a black female rapper. That’s why we love here in America.

Love is an allusive thing in the fame game. But according to Nicki, love can be found in people of action. Not a bad philosophy.

In my [limited] observations of love, I have noticed that lust sits back and takes. Love does something always and gives.

Full fly girl lyrics follow from Minaj after the jump. She’s a fusion of Rihanna and Lil Kim with her sound and look, she hot. Moving from gimmicky, cartoonish presence, to developing a unique sound of her own. Progress and confidence looks good on Nicki Minaj. 

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Hollywood Actor Cliff Curtis has Courage To Love the Middle East

Hollywood actor and film producer, Cliff Curtis holds his early edition copy of Courage To Love, the new Romeo & Juliet novel by author Robert Ellis. The modern story of forbidden love that is set in Israel and the Gaza strip, is getting good early buzz in Hollywood. Curtis describes the book as being “beautiful.”

Of this pivotal novel, Curtis features here in his hand, filmmaker Bill Birrell says: “I have been looking for a human scale story about the Middle East: but one that will both entertain and provoke. In short I believe Courage to Love is it. Not since Elie Wiesel, the Nobel prize-winning writer, has an author distilled these conflicts into such human terms.  Put another way, while the story touches on significant issues, it is really a tale of two young people and their struggle to be allowed to love each other.”

Cliff, a newly wed himself, is all about love these days and furthering love’s potential in a world wind epic romance he finds himself caught up in, in his real life. His Hollywood career also has elevation. Curtis currently stars as Firelord Orzai in M. Night Shyamalan‘s 3D film franchise, The Last Airbender and has just signed on to two films starring opposite, Zoe Saldana (of Star Trek and Avatar film franchises fame) where he’s cast as Zoe’s closest family member. Coming up, Curtis will also star with Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis

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Hey horis. :)

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