Ezra Robert Graham Hōri makes his debut on Horiwood.Com today.

He is pictured here with his mum, Crystal Rachel. His father’s name is John.

He is a miracle baby, lucky to be alive. This is my grand-nephew’s own story – he will tell himself one day.

His name dates back to 5th Century B.C to a scribe, poet, leader whose name means “helper” in a time where New Zealand is being rebuilt. Ezra’s namesake and kinsman, Robert Graham was the first Superintendent and a Magistrate of Auckland City. He was the first person to promote Auckland and Coromandel tourism to the world on a regular basis. As a model Kiwi citizen, Robert Graham spoke English, Celtic and Te Reo Rangatira (the Maori language) fluently.

Ezra shares the same kinsman of Sir Douglas Graham, Kennedy Graham and families. Sir Douglas is an instrumental figure in New Zealand’s ongoing history, ensuring retribution and justice for Maori people under The Treaty of Waitangi’s settlement process. The ToW is the agreement that Queen Victoria signed with Maori Chiefs when the UK was included into the Aotearoa New Zealand family of nations. Years later Maori would marry into the royal family of Britain too.

Ezra is also named after his great grand-dad Graham – a legend in his own right.

On his maternal grandmother’s side, Ezra is the 8th generation descendant of William Hill of England (more about him later). His Maori heritage is linked to several of the first waka (canoe) that landed in Te Tai Tokerau region. One of his Maori descendants is Paniora, a son of an early Spanish sea captain who when shipwrecked at sea, washed ashore in New Zealand, miraculously alive. Paniora is the Maori transliteration of Espana. His Maori great-great granmother’s sister, had green eyes via her Spainish ancestry. (More on Ezra’s fascinating Maori heritage will be updated at later date).

Ezra’s Uncle Bradley James serves in the New Zealand military.

All of Ezra’s family love him. He is a beautiful child. His spirit is so strong yet peaceful. He is of Ngapuhi and Ngati Whatua descent – two ancient Maori tribes. As a babe, this little guy has an old New Zealand vibe to him. I wonder what world in New Zealand he will grow up when he hits forty. Excitring stuff really. Mauri ‘Ola and Ni hao. :)

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