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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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As a Maori-Kiwi who writes from California USA, I am from a nation who respects Israel. We are pro-Israel when Israel is in democratic leadership that is just and displaying good traits of strength firmly grounded in humility.

In fact we are the most pro-American when America is pro-Israel’s spirit of fair democracy too. As a culture, it’s how we’re made and have been fashioned to feel strongly this way. That will never change.

New Zealand has 75 tribes (more as well) of Maori people, all who have deep links to ancestral lands in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our ancestors are buried in hills, on mountains along our coastlines. Although they are not with us, their bones bear witness of our spirit in the world along those landmarks they lived, saw as their own and are buried. This can or will never change either. It’s who New Zealand is and always has been for centuries. In that regard we are on Israel’s same page. We are a nation in some regards much older than America – although we like to call ourselves young as well.

We understand Israel perhaps more deeply than many other nations because we are in relationship to landscape too, over a capitalistic stand point alone, that often over-values commodifying landscape as an asset sale to the land’s and coastal territories’ spiritual significance to a robust culture and its protection.

Our culture and identity is in the land, just like Israel’s is too. Because we therefore see through similar eyes and we have in New Zealand for centuries as Israel believes they have too, ideologically we have many similarities and shared traits.

Aotearoa New Zealand will always extend our tewhatewha (look this word up) of spiritual protection over Israel and Israel’s people even if we have or do not have a Kiwi leader of Jewish descent at the helm. It is our nation’s mantel of spirit. We possess this richly, Given for a purpose, it cannot be defeated.

Currently we are blessed and fortunate to have a New Zealander of Jewish descent lead us. He is a gift ‘from the ancients’ (to be poetic) and he is a gift from his ancestors to us all, not only in New Zealand but for the gifts contained in his life – to offer stability, wisdom of leadership in the world. We value his families’ culture in our nation. We believe that he (and they all) make us stronger as a people and a democratic nation.

As a good Kiwi then (it must be a rare day for me – to be writing that!), who loves Arab people and who was socialized with Lebanese-Kiwi’s too across six generations of harmonious Kiwi living, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu‘s latest interview, fascinates today here in Hollywood as culturally relevant Kiwi TV. Watch it by pressing play.

Some highlights of the interview are:

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Jonathan Chancellor of The Sydney Morning Herald reports that ‘after a four-year search, Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, have spent $10 million on a Rose Bay property.

The purchase of Te Puke, a 1909 house updated with a 1927 Arts and Crafts-styled second floor, ends the entertainment industry couple’s search for a family home for their two children, now aged seven and four.

Along the way they inspected the $50 million-plus Altona on the harbour in Point Piper in 2007, as well as unsuccessfully seeking pricey inland residence Le Manoir at Bellevue Hill, which fetched $23 million in 2009.

Spencer was keen to spend more, while Crowe, preferring to keep his Woolloomooloo apartment as a bolthole, only wanted to spend a modest amount. The six-bedroom house is set on 1200 square metres overlooking the fairways of the Royal Sydney Golf Club. Te Puke, pronounced ”teh-pook-eh”, is Maori for hill, and last traded at $5.5 million in 2001. Crowe and Spencer snapped it up before its forthcoming auction through Ben Collier and James Dack at McGrath Estate Agents. ”Kent Road properties are among the finest non-waterfronts in the eastern suburbs,” one agent said.

Nice one. Te Puke is also a place name where legendary Indigenous peoples filmmaker, Merata Mita (wife of director Geoff Murphy – Young Guns II) was born and raised. My dad was raised their too. The Hill. How befitting for a Kiwi gladiator of Maori lineage of the South Pacific and his beautiful Aussie wife and family.

Photo - WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – MARCH 13:Russell Crowe salutes the crowd during the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Charity Twenty20 match at Basin Reserve on March 13, 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand. Courtesy of Daylife. Photo take by Hayden Hopkins for Getty Images.

Rabbitohs co-owner Russell and his wife Danielle Spencer celebrate a Rabbitohs try during the round one NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at the Sydney Football Stadium on March 15, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) via Zimbio.

Maori steel fish hook denoting the legend of Maui fishing up Aotearoa New Zealand on Russell Crowe’s Hollywood Star, Walk of Fame, California.

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Reports The New Zealand herald today, Flight of The Concord‘s star Jemaine Clement‘s ‘appeal to fans and photographers continues in the United States with his latest project alongside mega-stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black III, which sees Clement’s character travelling back in time to kill Agent K, played by Jones.

Riveting casting. A time traveling Maori-Kiwi with Smith & Jones. Now that’s some firece hot chocolate casting in Hollywood. Nice one!

[Photograph courtesy of the NZ Herald too].

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Reports Zimbio today: ‘Frustrated with attention from fans and photographers, “Flight of the Conchords” star Jemaine Clement, splashes those surrounding him with water from a bottle he was carrying. Moments later an upset fan seeks revenge and douses Clement with hot chocolate, soaking the actor/musician’s coat.’

Jemaine looks like a cross between Sir Peter Jackson and beat poet Allen Ginsberg on his way to a guitar jam session in The Big Apple. Poor funny guy. Hope this Kiwi hairy hobbit is all good in the US of A.

In Los Angeles, Jemaine has a huge following of quirky humored appreciating people. He’s a big star here in the 50 and under set. I always feel like such a loser when I repeatedly get asked if Jemaine Clement is a Facebook friend, and have to say, um “nah.” :)

Kia ora bro!

(March 15, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)
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Cute is the Patea Maori Club singing and swinging the Maori poi via Taranaki.

Poi E is one of those classic Kiwi songs that always brings a smile, when you watch it.

The song is like a gift of authentic culture, uniquely created in Aotearoa New Zealand and loved by the people of Hawaii, USA, that keeps on giving.

Enjoy. Let’s go Maoris! :)

Maori – Kiwi Star Power tribute as Hollywood Art Today – Russell Crowe‘s Hollywood star, Walk of Fame, Hollywood California USA. Photographed by Horiwood.Com.

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Maori bros. Herbs, a Kiwi band from Gisbourne and the East Coast of New Zealand, onced dramatically questioned nuclear power’s place in the world.

At the time, they seemed commonsensical, if not a little bit naive, slightly self righteous on a green issue for the environment, in questioning the ‘what if’ nuclear waste was released into the environment, theme of their song.

In New Zealand as kids growing up, we danced to this song at school discos (prom nights).

This song from the 80′s provides poignant music reflection as we all hope for the best for Japan’s people (first and foremost), who are at risk of a nuclear meltdown, to their personage and sense of home… and also the environment of Japan and surrounding districts.

In the spirit of believing and hoping for the best for Japan in this crises hour, here’s also Herbs song Sensitive To A Smile, that is all about being kaitiaki (or guardians) of the world for the children, the people who will inherit this world the way we work with it and design it for changing times.

It’s a warm hearted song. I hope you like it. Their message is pray, (for wisdom) not take away, as depicted on the ancestral whenua (coastal landscapes) of Ngati Porou, the home of Maori greats like Ta Witi Ihimaera, Hekia Parata, Robin Pere (Bell) Barker tona whanau, Papa Api Mahuika, Taika Cohen, Ainsley Gardiner, Sir Wira Gardiner, Dale, Kobey, Darrin, Patsie, Pa K and Dennis Barry (and their friends like Mary Teachin) to name a few of a long list of good people who practice the spirit of manaakitanga (hospitality from the heart) on these landscapes all year round adding to the Kiwi fused art of bronaaki (Kiwi brotherhood of common shared bonds of community hearted ties).

These are my people with a message today for this earth we all call our kainga (home). Enjoy.

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Maori actor Cliff Curtis is a Maori bro to always watch in movie roles.

Today we give thanks that good is triumphing over pain in the world.

That freedom is being waged in all of our lives, regardless of what designs others (or untested systems designs) may have for territories of the world. Melt-downs occur when systems collapse without a majority being told they would.

The City of Freedom rises with spirit in every heart who hears freedom’s message to unite and rebuild with human rights as the basis of societies not just dollar signs.

This is Liberty’s true story in light of all world history that continues today.

Okay…  in our ever hotly contested entertainment and celebrity news as voted by you, the people worldwide. Here’s our Horiwood Top Ten today. Thanks.

1. Ross Bush‘s rememberance letter from a Christchurch lassie

2. Dressed to thrill - Halle Berry, NAACP 2011 Awards

3. Holly Madison & Kim Kardashian

4. #Tigerblood – The Charlie Sheen show

5. Libya – One pic of a revolution

6. Brooklyn Decker talks diet tips

7. Alex Meraz

8. Paranormal activity – Pop Watch & US 3.5.11, 5.15pm at 1111 N Fairfax

9. A tattoo by Amber Portwood

10. The Anomoly of Kindness

Bonus Post - Cliff Curtis

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Oh Numi Tutelar

(At the British Museum, London, 25 June 1998)

3 in the morning
The streets deserted I had forgotten
only derelicts & prostitutes are abroad in the night
forsaken lovers locked out
(and Maori attending dawn ceremonies)

Make way, Britannia, Albion, Victoria Imperatrix,
make way our putatara are braying to bring down
your walls The dawn is coming and with it
Magi, gift bearers from the South

Piki mai, kake mai, homai te wai ora
ki ahau

We have come
from the utmost ends of the earth a tribe of travellers
with our own Queen, ministers & warrior escort
to the land of our Treaty partner where
our treasures have been plundered
(and Roma & I halfway round the world
to read in a stairwell)

Make way, O Egypt, ancient Assyria, Greece, Rome
make way our own Cleopatra comes amid you
Semiramis, Te Arikinui, Imperatrix of Aotearoa
Maori women, gift bearers from the South

Haramai te toki, hui e, haumi e, taiki e

So here we are
climbing upward     the Museum opening unwilling
to the dawn, the kai karanga calling, the warriors
pulling us in & Maramena asks, ìHow can our
culture so small survive in this treasure house
of many cultures?î
(The answer is simple: Godzilla was wrong
size does not matter)

Oh antiquities of Asia, make way, lions of Judah
bow down, Babylon, stela of Islam make way
give space, Oh Nimrod, Horus, Mahomet
we are iwi Maori, gift bearers from the South

E taonga tū mai, tū mai, tū mai

And in the great hall
for the first time we see the past before us
the treasures of our ancestors a Pharaonic ransom
of immense psychic power, indeed we live
with our past the ghosts among us
(How can I explain? We have always walked
backwards into our future)

Oh, ancestors, stand forever! Stand for yesterday!
Stand for today! Stand for tomorrow! Stand
for always! Stand! Stand! Stand!

Take heed, O Gods of all other worlds, numi tutelar
We come chanting, we come singing, we come
proudly from Rangiātea, there our seed was sown
We come, still voyaging by star canoes
by aurora australis

We are from savage islands, far to the south
we move through your constellations
make way and where there is one
oh Gods, there are a thousand

We are Magi, bearing gifts
and our dawn is coming

Ka Ao, ka Ao, ka awatea






~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.22.11. First published in Whetu Moana (An Ocean of Stars) – Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English. Auckland University Press, April 2003, editors Albert Wendt (editor), Reina Whaitiri (editor) and Robert Sullivan (editor). Keisha Castle Hughes appears courtesy of the Whalerider film, via Celebrity Wonder~



Mo konei kia mau ki nga mea whawhai katoa a te Atua, kia taea ai e koutou te tu atu ki te riri i te ra kino, a ka poto i a koutou nga mea katoa te mahi, kia tu.

Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might. Put on the whole armor of God so you may be able to stand and withstand–Wrestling Wisdom & Spirit Armor. Tongues.

New Zealand Herald -The elderly weep as they see the dead, lying in the streets. Heartbreaking. “A total warzone,” is a comment.

(CNN) – A 6.3-magnitude earthquake ripped through Christchurch, New Zealand, on Tuesday afternoon, causing multiple fatalities as it toppled buildings onto buses, buckled streets and damaged cathedrals, authorities said.

New Zealand Police announced a large-scale evacuation of the central city was under way on the agency’s website. According to the news release, the earthquake killed an undetermined number of people at various locations around the city, including passengers on two buses crushed by buildings that had fallen on them.

Laura Campbell told CNN she was at work at the bottom of a six-story building when the earthquake struck. She described seeing “windows blowing out, bricks falling down, people screaming, the whole nine yards.”

“It was bloody serious,” said Campbell, Read the rest of this entry »



Ko au, ko koe. Koe koe, ko au. I am you. You are me.–Cliff Curtis, Maori Hollywood 3D action film, actor.

Ten pop cultural posts you’re sharing worldwide via social media in this Hollywood momento. Love the shared love. Peace!

1. Political leaders making billions while in government office – Revolution news. Whose next?

2. Michelle Rodriguez shines in Hollywood

3. Saris worn as colorful tattoos amongst Indian women

4. Maori as super heroes of Taiaha Art are selected to entertain USA’s children

5. Malili Muliaina is a rugby football star

6. Doug Pitt‘s philanthropic profile – Like Water for Africa

7. Marlon Brando, on the set of Missouri Breaks, 1976

8. Bar Refaeli covers Esquire Magazine

9. Getting Stronger - Why we should sing

10. Elizabeth Taylor‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

[Movie still of Cliffie via Hot Flick.Net]

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Te Mata Tini o te Ra, Video footage off the coast of Gisborne, Te Tai Rawhiti a Aotearoa/ New Zealand can be viewed here.

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

~The words of poet Laureate, Toni Morrison, from a Kiwi brother for Rodney Hide and friends, posted in the literary traditions of Patricia Grace, Witi Ihimaera and Hone Tuwhare from Amerika today. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.18.11~



“My pride, I will show, so you will know who I Am”He Kaakano School for teen parent mom’s song lyrics of spirit, Ngapuhi, Te Taitokerau.

“We’re really proud of these stamps, they’re vibrant, colourful, and capture the energy of Kapa Haka”–Darrin Apanui said recently, as Maori cultural performance is celebrated as an art form with new stamps being commissioned. Now every person in New Zealand can stick Maoris on to their correspondence. That’s a taiaha stroke of cultural awesomery, in my Hollywod book. Fun.

New Zealand Post marketing commercial director James Te Puni said: “Kapa Haka is unique to New Zealand, and a great way to celebrate our heritage. The series highlights a performance from beginning to end with each discipline showcased on each stamp.”

Alright, here’s a snap shot into the rich diversity of Kiwi news right now:

What guy named Hone too launched one of the most authentic cultural festivals in the world?

What dollar just broke through to the US 76c zone?

Whose sharemarket ended the week on a strong footing?

What country of Nati Hobbits is very excited Japan ended whaling season?

Whose sister’s boss froze the price of milk for a year, so families could afford it more easily? Mine! Woot! :)

Sadly, what Kiwi-Polyensian family are mourning a soldier killed in Afghanistan?

Are sea coastal dwellers at risk of shark attacks?

Who launched stamps sexier than food bank stamps?

What nation’s President is brainstorming with kings of Silicon Valley to create mo’ Jobs? Good!

Heard of David Leggat yet?

Guest commentary via Aotearoa New Zealand courtesy of the New Zealand Herald’s Yvonne Tahana. Go wahine! :)

“I am not a kapa haka fiend. In fact, I’d rate my relationship with it as A for awkward. The closest I’ve ever come to it was when I did the immersion thing a couple of years ago at Waikato University. We’d do it in the mornings and it was a lovely way to start the day, even for a rythmically challenged dork such as myself who has trouble remembering the words to any song. (The only tune I can claim to know the whole words to – being Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby – sad but true.).

I’d hide behind taller people so one of the cute tutors who took us sometimes wouldn’t be able to see my crimes. But at Te Matatini o te Ra this week, the national kapa haka competition which is fiercely contested every two years, the crème of the crop made up of 2000 performers from 42 teams has been putting on a spectacle.

At Waiohika Estate on the outskirts of Gisborne, roopu perform in a natural amphitheatre. There’s been times this week where voice has cut out through the air, crystal clean and clear and it’s stopped me in my tracks.

To read more of Yvonne’s ataahua (spunky) words, go here. Thanks Yvonne.

Haere ra Te Toa ou tatou Ngakau a Aoteroa i roto i Afghanistan me Aotearoa.

[Te Matatini Cultural Festival Pics in Oscar nominated history's filmmaking country of Whalerider scenic views, Gisborne of Ngati Porou - the ancestral home of Oscar nominated filmmakers Taika Cohen and producer Ainsley Gardiner. Bottom image - Kiwi Base, Bamyam Provence - Kirifi Mila is farewelled. Kapa Haka News Video Footage, anchorman Scotty Morrison of Te Arawa, Executive Producer Tini Mollyneux of Ngai Tuhoe for Te Karere Maori News]

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אַף־אַ֭תָּה תָּפֵ֣ר יִרְאָ֑ה וְתִגְרַ֥ע שִׂ֝יחָ֗ה לִפְנֵי־אֵֽל׃

Ko te arero reka he rakau no te ora; tena ki te wanoke a roto he wawahi wairua.

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, don’t crush the spirit.

He tangata ano ko ana korero maka noa, me te mea ko nga werohanga a te hoari;

he rongoa ia te arero o te hunga whakaaro nui.

מוּסַ֣ר מְלָכִ֣ים פִּתֵּ֑חַ וַיֶּאְסֹ֥ר אֵ֝זֹ֗ור בְּמָתְנֵיהֶֽם׃

Reckless words are as the piercings of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

~Bronaaki is the collective brotherhood of Manaakitanga’s rich cultural values as epitomized in the prayerful and mindful spirit of Bronagh Key of Helensville and her people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The words of King Solomon – son of King David – The Psalmist Warrior King, history’s wisest King on Earth as posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.17.11~




Photo caption: Dame Whina Cooper – a grandmother, who once cloaked herself in truth and became Waitangi Day’s meaning as a leader, and who took action so the Spirit of The Treaty of Waitangi would be visible and have hands and feet and voice, when some of US were growing up. Our future to express ourselves and be ourselves depended on this woman, to do this for us. This Waitangi Day I celebrate Dame Whina Cooper and my grandparents and their generation of her ilk, feisty spirit, strong heart and fearlessness to be uniquely themselves.

1. I am thankful that my Pakeha dad overcame government policy of the day fourty-six years ago, and saw through its slanted blind-sightedness to see the beauty of my Maori mom, to court her, marry her and honor the spirit of The Treaty of Waitangi, in a real and living way based on true love.

2. I am thankful that “Kia Ora” means hello in New Zealand – and everyone knows it and can say it. Kia ora also means “thank you” and “life be to you.” The Maori language is so beautiful and is upheld and protected by law under The Treaty of Waitangi.

3. I am thankful that early Pakeha descendants of New Zealand learned the Maori language fluently, like Scotsman Robert Graham, Auckland City’s first magistrate. He set an example of Treaty-honoring living in his thought processes, life and actions for all Kiwis to emulate his example. He also was the first New Zealander to promote New Zealand to the world as a high-quality tourism destination too. Not only did he believed that New Zealand’s thermal properties were healing, or New Zealand landscapes spiritual and stunning to be in, but he also believed that Maori people and Maori culture are unique wonders of the world to be in Maori’s presence.

4. Because of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealanders are some of the best kaitiaki (or guardians) of environmental protection and our role as people of the earth, through what has been learned and articulated by Maori scholars, thinkers and leaders in light of Maori peoples key role as kaitiaki of landscape, place, people.

5. Because of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, New Zealanders honoring the concept of ‘Tino Rangatiratanga’ or sovereignty in one’s unique humanness towards Indigenous Maori New Zealanders; all New Zealanders have been deepened to become aware of human rights in the world – and where people’s intrinsic uniqueness is being violated by multi-national corporations, corrupt governments, or, dictators in the world. As a nation, New Zealand excels at being aware of where human rights are being breached globally. We have ‘tino rangatiratanga’ to thank for this awareness perhaps in New Zealand culture.

Read the rest of this entry »



One signed legal document as Hollywood pop culture today. Te Tiriti o Waitangi and/or The Treaty of Waitangi is well worth an airing as a major human rights, Hollywood news story today. The copy of the government funded website says: “This is the document that was signed a Waitangi on the 6th of February 1840 and this wording became the only official text for the Treaty. The text was transcribed onto parchment by Reverend Richard Taylor on the evening of the 5th of February 1840, using Reverend Henry Williams’ translation completed the previous night. The bottom third of the parchment document was sewn on at “Waitemata” (Auckland) on the 29th of February 1840 and contains the signatures of chiefs in that region. A day later Lieutenant Governor Hobson suffered a massive paralytic stroke.”

Here’s ten Waitangi Day-esque posts today from California, USA. Peace!

1. Maori Super Heroes Art appears in Hollywood to inspire young people of the US

2. Wise people plant peaceful kauri trees, like nature taught us

3. Taylor Jane Davis of Nga Puhi and Ngati Whatua says Kia Ora via Hollywood.

4. Maori and Hebrew words for Egypt’s people

5. Should Ngati Porou and Ngati Whatua/ Ngapuhi take on New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival?

6. What’s rugby football player DJ Forbes up to?

7. Waitangi Day ‘gossip’ appears in Hollywood entertainment celebrity news this year. Wowsa!

8. Captain Cook could sail and navigate, just like Maori settlers could. Wikipedia says he could.

9. Humor – Political leaders making billions while in government and office – If only, right?!

10. As well as hobbits, Maori culture is loved by most College Football teams, heading into Super Bowl. Chaa!

Most current Waitangi Day News post: John Key & Mereana Kereopa Hodge reveal a snap shot of Waitangi Day and what it means today.

New Zealand is a beautiful country. Kiwi people are as stunning as their landscapes. Together we’re getting there fairly, just like many other nations in the world are too. Let’s work! Smile lots and always consider one another and our neighbors of the world too. Mauri Ora!

[Tee Shirt via In True Maori Fashion - Hollywood Maori culture]

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This vintage live peformance of the rather famous All Black Rugby Teams Maori haka featuring Tane Randell and sporting rugby football buds is not bad!

For haka rocking college football fans of America, (okay and of South Africa and the Commonwealth too then…) have you bought your Rugby World Cup 2011 hot tix yet?

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Maori-Kiwi Super Heroes of the World Post: If you live near Melrose fashion district of West Hollywood, the culture is street smart fashionista meets your favorite super hero comic book. The vibe is, one’s neighborhood as living eclectic super heroes. I kid you not. It may sound a little far fetched, but it’s a good concept in Melrose. Too see your neighbor as a current or future hero of the world, is where community begins. Against a backdrop of super hero art, this is the subliminal message when you meet real people – as art too.

The ‘super hero’ theme also sells Hollywood and West Hollywood too all year round in a nation that is much loved for super heroes being brought alive for global audiences via Hollywood cinema.

Hollywood super heroes are American, but they are also universally loved. When heroes of another culture hit Hollywood’s psyche, without even a marketing budget to achieve that, these types of heroes are pretty special. Perhaps they even have an authentic sense of culture that just arrives anyway without all of the hype.

Today, I noticed that as hot as Spider-Man culture (and varying versions of it) in Hollywood right now – was the appearance of a Maori taiaha in a super hero warrior’s hand as painted by an Asian-American brother with a hat. Well worth sharing today as local pop cultural art that is trending on trendy Melrose.

Ten minutes after photographing this pic, I also noticed Milton‘s (a graphic artist and musician, composer) tee shirt with kowhaiwahi elements in screen printed design form. Milton tells me he scored ‘his favorite tee shirt’ under the Obey fashion label. Well worth sharing too, I reckon as another example of Maori-Kiwi culture winging it’s way into US trends.

It’s good to know Maori culture of Aotearoa New Zealand is keeping Hollywood and America amused in visual ways.

When I look at these images, I see tino rangatiratanga in effect. That concept being “sovereignty of one’s sense of unique humanity. It means speaking the tongue of your people’s origins without fear of suppression. It means forming, thinking, expressing your own unique thoughts in the culture you were given. It means liberty. It means freedom to be whole and holistic too, link to the earth as well as family, extended family (whanau) and one’s community – the strength of a people united as one.” I see these images and know ‘that tino rangatiratanga as an arts aesthetic of Maori-Kiwi culture is buzzing all over the world.

It is the stuff super people in groovy communities are made of. Naturally. Maori-Kiwi culture can be seen, even in the City of Angels quite a lot actually. It warms my heart and is very inspiring! I now am expecting to see more of it and you just never know whose going to be wearing Maori culture next!

Perhaps this is testament to the fine acting Maori actors like Cliff Curtis, Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes and the cast of the Whalerider family entertainment movie, have already gifted Hollywood to date with their love and skill of wielding a taiaha as action star actors.

[Thanks Milton. Maori super hero with taiaha appears on Genesse & Melrose]

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Kia Ora Crystal Rachel,

While your Uncle took a cigarette break from Hollywood blogging, two things happened. Outside Suru clothing store (a fun store) an abandoned bible lay open. Blowing in the wind, its pages were opened on the concrete pavement to these passages written by Moses.

I share them with you on my blog, as spirit food as one of your Hollywood moments via me. The passage is significant as I blog in Hollywood at a time where animals, birds, fish are being reported dead in the world in large numbers. In this climate, I felt that this is yours and John‘s promise, after your personal flood of fear.

Like a tohu (a spiritual sign of guidance), this moment is your own rainbow for your heart’s Peace as a mother of Aotearoa New Zealand. May your life always hold this promise over this beautiful nation, as a key keeper of Life. And for America too, if you’re feeling up to it. :)

A minute prior to leaving the Cafe I’m at today in the Melrose fashion district of West Hollywood, I saw this lady. A hot dance choreographer of America and Los Angeles I have seen many times on TV. She is the one and only, Sonya Tayeh. Like you, she is extremely talented with a wonderful personality. I asked her to pose for a photograph for you as I’d heard you’d had a wee shock in hospital. She said “Cool, I know what to do for that.”

She grabbed her boyfriend, Craig Hollamon, pictured who is an “amazing dancer and choreographer” also. Craig could look a bit like your brother Bradley James. Especially when Brad was a baby. One of your great great grand Uncle’s (father’s name) had a Craig in it somewhere. Here’s that picture. And here’s a dance for you, as spirit food too, for your own beautiful dance of life.

I love you. Mauri ‘Ola He Wahine o Te Ngakau Reka. Let’s keep life fun and always inspiring and colorful. :)

Here’s one to watch – Hallelujah by Sonya Tayeh as danced by Alex Wong – Watch here.

Above - Arcadia by Ellenore Scott & Ryan Di Lello.

Artwork – Dove by Holly V Hoof.

[Thanks Sonya and Craig].

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MY “TOO EASY TARGET” FUNNY THOUGHT FOR TODAY – If Kiwi commentator/ radio jock/ MC Kerre Woodham was a media-muppet for some paper gangsta politicians, she would definitely be, Miss Piggy of The Muppet Show. Because of this ‘uber funny comment today’ from Kerre the lazy not-always-funny smart *ss Wodham’: “we know how Hone feels about all things white. He probably puts chocolate milk in his tea.”

Here’s a good hair dresser for Ms. Woodham to get a makeover to, so she looks less like a one dimensionally-cultured muppet in her next life.

This humor post comes complete with Metallica jewelry contacts too, to give Ms Woodham a grounding sense of place, when remembering whose ground her piggish trotter hooves even walk on. It appears that Ms Woodham has amnesia.

Of course – that was meant as a joke in jest. Ha, Ha! Right? Kia ora Kerre Woodham.

While Kerre gets her hair did by Kenmoria Wilson, Kenmoria will happily pour hot chocolate into Kerre Woodham’s cup of tea herself, because in Los Angeles, Kenmoria is hot chocolate honey!

Why am I so embarrassed reading Kerre Woodham’s dumb-*ssed comments from L.A? Don’t get me wrong, I’m also embarrassed of Hone! Most days. So childish!


[Humor pic courtesy of Photo Bucket - for a good vomit at Kerre's exceptionally lazy and re-gurgitating stereotypes commentary]

I do like Kerre Woodham’s sense of humor most days though, a little bit better than Hone’s though as a rule. Just today, I didn’t.

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MC Glass The Tramp of East Los Angeles with Horiwood of Aotearoa-New Zealand has a message for America The Beautiful today.

It is – “Put yo’ afros up!

Word! Let’s go America!!! The morning after The Golden Globes - Los Angeles knows what day this is today. This is a day, like no other day and we celebrate this significant and momentus day, even more than we celebrate the Golden Globes or any awards show.

[Motifs - White gold and silver chains on purple cotton. And Chinese cream silk with tassels on MBX black velvet military tuxedo jacket, on Angeleno, black cotton tee. Standing on Abbey Stone - West Hollywood.]

On this day we sing of crossing the Jordan. We sing of deliverance from Egypt. We sing of Civil Rights. We sing of Liberty. We sing of restoration of a nation’s dignity and humanity. We sing of equality. We sing of goodness overcoming greed. We sing of the power of truth in oratory breaking piercing the bonds of slavery. We sing of hatred’s blindness falling off like scales that covered a nation’s eyes. We sing of free women and free men. We sing of brothers and sisters fully acknowledged as family. We sing of history being rewritten. We sing of past systems being overthrown. We sing of looking through histories glass and learning from a history of shame and vowing never to repeat it again towards any other people in America or the world. We sing of reordering honor systems. We sing of reordered values. We sing of the last being first. We sing of forgiveness of lynchings past. We sing of freedom from being raped, of overcoming the oppression of sexual slavery and servitude. We sing of owning our own bodies and God-given sexuality. We sing of freedom and forgiveness and Love’s fullness washing a nation’s past like the ocean. We sing of being able to sleep with Peace in our hearts and night. We sing of miracles happening. We sing of new gatekeepers, new leaders, new opportunities. We sing of a First Lady of America’s people. We sing of an American Queen’s history and what her America means and stands for. We sing of trampling racism. We sing of jazz, soul, blues, hip hop and diverse American art forms of being, living, expressing, laughing, swaying, moving, sounding, speaking and entertaining in all their free floetry forms of African-American freedom. On this day – like any other day – we put our once cotton picking afros up and we remember, celebrate and honor who actually built this country. With pride, triumph and dignity we stand alongside our black brothas/ brothaz and sistas/ sistaz as equals and we say “we too are proudly black, because you are, we are.” We put our afros up and we honor the prophesy and belief of conviction, that all men are created equal and that their labor is of equal value. We stand in an eternal commitmen to uproot, unmasked entrenched laws and any systems of governance that oppress others and strip fellow human beings of their dignity. We vow to not support anyone or anything that oppresses others for capitol gain over the life and value of fellow citizens and human beings of the world. We sing of confidence that our women and daughters are safe. We sing of confidence of bringing sons into this world who are safe in our neighborhoods at night.

We put our afros up, learning from the past in America, South Africa, England, Africa, France’s histories and all of their colonies. Got yours up? Good. Keep it up, for the rest of your life and teach your children and their children and grandchildren what an afro means and how to treat people right who have one, and how to respond and behave when they see one in America’s precious and beautiful, global future of relevance.

Let’s go America and let’s go Pacific Islands, Polynesian and Maori Peoples of Aotearoa-New Zealand too!

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Random Maori Fullas are two Maori bros who have a Facebook following. They’re very funny guns. Now progressing to merchandizing. I love their tee shirt.

They’re also doing Hollywood shout outs too. I love how the bros have never been to L.A but they know all about it. Lol! Maori are perceptive as a rule, so perhaps they already do. Who knows?!

This one’s for them on their first visit as a warm welcome. They can be found here on ! :)

If my knowledge of Hollywood serves me correctly, this view of the Hollywood sign is taken from below Beachwood Canyon. Definitely snapped on the tourist traps trail well blazed. Love the photo. Black cotton on denim. How could you go wrong? That’s the attire of over half of L.A running errands right there.

I am very excited there are Maori in the Hollywood Hood creating and sharing ‘Hollywood Maori’ culture with the world. Chaa!

Nau mai, Haere Mai ki Te Whenua o nga Toa Waha Nui… Right backatchu! :)

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Yesterday I had a meeting with a writer who wrote the proto-type script for the Little Fockers film franchise. As you know this movie franchise has made over $700 million worldwide.

In their words: “You have such a good blog Sam. What is it that you need to be better and more visible?”

After a lengthy pause, the answer was simple “I think I need support from my own country. I’ve never really had that for this blog yet.”

Wow! Being honest is always such a load off your mind. Although I don’t see myself as “an artist” because I am surrounded by great artists here in L.A, many people see me as a blog artist. I see myself as a sharing global citizen – most of what I share is not my own. A blog relies on other peoples creativity and sense of fun being shared. It’s nice though to be thought of as a Maori-Kiwi blog artist in Hollywood then and have cool people read Horiwood.Com. For the support to date – “Kia Ora” and “thank you.”

As blogging (and all things entertaining) is always about trailblazing frontiers for the kids – here’s two cool images that remind us of that.

[Movie still courtesy of EUR Film Review website. Image of Maori-Kiwi baby courtesy of Huggelig Photography blog]

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This headline today brings a smile. Apparently according to this report Jermaine Jackson‘s baby momma Alejandra wants him to pay her $100,000 in outstanding child support. Jermaine had charitably travelled to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa where food processing and textiles are what this French-African City do. It is also the city of the Moro-Naba Palace of the Mossi Emporers era of 1441 and the National Museum of Music.

Monsters and Critics report, on this rather humorous press from The Jackson family entertainment empire today “Michael Jackson’s brother cannot get back into America due to the fact his passport has expired. Jermaine is stuck. And he reportedly owes so much in back child support, he cannot get a new one.”

Alright – to supper African Children this month – let’s check out World Vision. What they do in African is freeking amazing! A Sudan focus is what they’re about this month. It’s amazing how the Jackson family can easily generate a headline a day to do some good. There’s so many of them in one family. Peace! :)

[Photograph of JJ courtesy of iGossip]

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Trailblazers are US-Kiwi – Hollywood Today 2011

Did you know that Te Reo Rangatira is a language holding deeply embedded truth principles, like living words acting as guardians for people and earth preservation:

Weird good things happen in Hollywood. A day or so ago in Hollywood, I did a blog post about Virtual Oceania a website that features paradise on earth website uploads. I also of that world loved musical TV series. What’s it called? Glee I thinkThen what happens? Like a magic flute, the lead singer of the music group, Oceania (aka Hinewehi Mohi) who is a Maori singing diva extraordinaire of world renown –magically appears in the news along with my Aunty Naida Glavish. Ba-bling –history shines with melodic “Kia Ora” (Hello) smiles in leading edge world leadership cultural news. Go figure!

Both women put their hands up in world history to defend Te Reo Rangatira (The Language of Chiefs), an official language and cultural treasure of Aotearoa New Zealand – allowed to be spoken, articulated, visibly and proudly for all the world to hear and see the speakers of this beautiful and poetic language containing life-giving thoughts and culture for everyone who dares to think people first and green for the planet.

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I woke up today and read the book of Ezra. I was left thinking, how can you be Jewish and live in Hollywood, after reading that book.

It was amazing. Although a lot of stuff was weighed.

Ezra of old, was quite a unique guy when it came to nation building. He was asked by King Cyrus of Persia (now modern day Iran) to rebuild Israel in Jerusalem. As you can imagine, such moments in world history, are sort of like miracles, when King’s hearts are turned by a divine hand.  Something in Ezra’s life spoke of purity of focus and courage to build. He was Hollywood dramatic too in the way he expressed what he felt for his people. He was a fashion designer’s dream client. His trait of diligence is perhaps something for us all in these times to learn from in rebuilding nations after that rather gutting global economic crises.

Ezra is a good example of why we should write things down as we build. Centuries later, a Maori from New Zealand is reading his words in a US city titled The Entertainment Capitol of the World. He was quite a writer then. A scribe I think, was the correct term.

[Photograph, freshly snapped at Starbucks - Santa Monica & Fairfax, West Hollywood. Music by best selling artist Josh Groban. What a set of pipes! This song especially for a little prince, who joined us with a spirit that would never give up. Mihi atu ki a koe, toku rangatira iti ou tatou ngakau Kahanui o to koroua Kereama, he Tohunga o Te Paipera Tapu o Te Wairua Tapu hoki. Ko koe, He Arohanui o te Atua Kerehi, rite tonu te Ra ma runga a Parahaki. Ko koe, te tama matakitea hoki. ICU and I love you!]

Josh Groban appears live on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight in Los Angeles.

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