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Blake Skjellerup is an Olympian. He is raising awareness to bullying in high schools. Particularly with youth who identify with being gay.

Bullying of young people should not be in their picture growing up. Yet no one is exempt from stormy weather. Cases of bullying increase, in environments of economic bullying. Communities of young people feel the pressure of their parents to provide in stringently tight economic environments. The young people then go to school and they act out. It’s often that simple.

That needs addressing too perhaps in Blake’s work. This is an economic problem as much as it is a teen bullying problem, the very reason why we have an economic bullying section on this blog, so that the top earning 5-10% of personal earners can speak on the matter, not just schools or governments. The wealthy need to rise to the call of any teen being bullied if they want to and have a heart to.

Not bullying others is about respect and sharing. When we go to war, we agree to bully other people. The basis of this belief to suspend our civility and kill others, at war, is that we ourselves say – we don’t like being bullied. It’s what men do when bullied. At times men (and women) fight back. We can’t then be surprised young people then bully as these are the images they see on the mediascape we provide them.

Minorities are most at risk of being bullied which is why Blake Skjellerup gets a shout out on this blog for doing some good.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.2.11~