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Vanity Fair’s list of 40 Top Hollywood Earning Stars sheds light on who people genuinely like, appearing in studio system as our guest commentary spotlight. Faces of the studio system we all appear to dig the most are:

40. Eddie Murphy
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $13 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$7.5 million: Tower Heist (fee for co-starring in action comedy with Ben Stiller)
$4 million: Shrek Forever After (back-end bonus)
$1.5 million: Older film revenue

39. Guy Ritchie
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $13.5 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$7.5 million: Fee for directing untitled Sherlock Holmes sequel
$6 million: Sherlock Holmes (back-end for directing, based on worldwide gross of $523 million, and share of DVD and pay-TV revenue)

38. Shawn Levy
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14 MILLION (2009 rank: 26)
$10 million: Real Steel (fee for directing and producing upcoming robotic action film starring Hugh Jackman)
$4 million: Older film revenue, mostly from the Night at the Museum franchise

37. Hugh Jackman
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$9 million: Real Steel (fee for starring in upcoming Shawn Levy movie)
$2 million: Butter (fee for starring in upcoming Weinstein Co. film)
$1.5 million: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (fee for starring in small art-house film)
$1.5 million: Older film revenue

36. Reese Witherspoon
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14.5 MILLION (2009 rank: 31)
$12 million: This Means War (fee for starring in upcoming romantic comedy directed by McG)
$2 million: Water for Elephants (fee for co-starring in upcoming drama with Robert Pattinson)
$500,000: Older film revenue

35. Tom Cruise
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14.5 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$12.5 million: Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol (fee for writing, producing, and starring in upcoming fourth M.I. movie)
$2 million: Older film revenue

[Oscar winning filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson courtesy of Horiwood.Com's Archives]

34. Shia LaBeouf
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $16 MILLION (2009 rank: 39)
$15 million: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (fee for starring in Michael Bay’s upcoming, third Transformers movie)
$1 million: Older film revenue

33. Katherine Heigl
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $16 MILLION (2009 rank: 25)
$15 million: One for the Money (fee for producing and starring in upcoming romantic cop comedy)
$1 million: Older film revenue

32. Martin Scorsese
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $17 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$10 million: Hugo Cabret (fee for directing and producing upcoming 3-D adventure film starring Sacha Baron Cohen)
$3.5 million: Shutter Island (back-end for directing and producing, based on worldwide gross of $295 million, and share of DVD and pay-TV revenue)
$3.5 million: Older film revenue [Photographs: from left, by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic, Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage, Dave Hogan/Getty Images, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic, Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Alex J. Berliner/BEImages, Jon Furniss/WireImage, Fergus McDonald/Getty Images]. Read the rest of this entry »



“When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings”–TV show premise by writer Terence Winter. & director Martin Scorsese.

In coming to grips with Boardwalk Empire‘s [the HBO TV series also known as Подпольная империя] ’upset win’ over American TV staple Mad Men, in the SAG Awards best TV ensemble win last night (Sunday), The Hollywood Reporter writes that they should have seen this coming.

Hindsight is always that gift, that leaves you scrambling if you got something a little off point to realign and straighten your lopsided hat.

Writes The Reporter in typical quirky awards style –”In the Martin Scorsese-directed kickoff episode of Boardwalk Empire, the nude flapper floozy Lucy (Paz de la Huerta) flops her boobs at the camera, bouncing atop Atlantic City gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson (Steve Buscemi), and bellowing nasally, “GIDDYAP, COWBOY!” “Stop with the ‘cowboy’ sh[*]t!” snaps Nucky.”

Contact music reports: Steve Buscemi, who ‘plays corrupt politician Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson in the crime drama, beat Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and Hugh Laurie (House) to win the SAG’s first trophy. Taking the stage to accept his win, Buscemi paid tribute to his fellow nominees, and Boardwalk’s cast and crew, saying: “Im very nervous. I want to tip my hat to Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm and Hugh Laurie, it’s an honour to be nominated with you. I want to thank the amazing crew on Boardwalk, they’ve been a second family to us.”‘

In addition, THR, notes ‘David Thomson called his pre-Boardwalk persona a “babyfaced thug, sleazeball, scumbag,” but now he’s the big thug, his baby face gone gaunt, and he makes the top-dog role his own.’

Gosh – gangsta noir dramas of the USA, bootleg political climates are the backdrop of exciting cable Television drama – a genre that is always edgier than mainstream TV. Film noir narratives are a hotly sought after genre, perhaps denoting entertainment grit with characters that are slightly more layered in their writing and creation, than Glee for example. Lol!

[Steve Buscemi appears courtesy of Kevin Winters/ Getty Imagesvia NJ.Com]

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