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One Maori leaders words resound from Hollywood today. Api Mahuika, known affectionately to inside tribal members of the Ngati Porou Maori iwi (tribe of Aotearoa), New Zealand, as Yoda, comments on his tribe’s $110 million settlement. Says Api in wise words that many global leaders could take a note from:

“I don’t believe that growing the bank balance at the expense of our people is the way to go.What you have to do while you’re looking at investments is consider where your people sit and where the employment opportunities sit.”

“You are growing your economic wealth on one hand and growing the employability of your people to look after those assets that you are growing.”

“We have many sharks going round and round and you’re in the middle watching the fins. It makes me sick.”

Mr Mahuika says that Ngati Porou, the second largest Maori tribe in New Zealand after Nga Puhi in the far north of New Zealand, are likely to favor these tribally focussed programs:

~ A science of technology and innovation unit, to work with universities to find more efficient and profitable ways of managing farms, aquaculture and fisheries

~A school of excellence focused on tikanga (tribal truth principles of cultural lore) and Te Reo Rangatra (the Maori language of Chiefs). An associated sporting academy would call on the expertise of elite sportspeople from the iwi such as Rico Gear, Rua Tipoki.

~Housing and alternative education.

~Working with schools to develop a science syllabus which would prepare students to work for the tribe in the future.

It’s good to see Maori and the sciences develop along with cultural lore, the best known ideological framework known to best support Maori excellence and top level achievement in the world. Put simply, the knowledge of this tribe’s Maori ancestors, but with the tools of science aligning Ngati Porou with its destiny in the world.

As yet, Nga Puhi, the largest Maori tribe in New Zealand has yet to be compensated for their tribe’s settlement. Although all New Zealanders are one and a very tight community of people as a nation, Ngati Porou’s ‘dodging greedy sharks’ news, gives Ngapuhi and other tribes hope today.

Go Natis! :)

~That’s Maori news from Hollywood today. Sourced via the New Zealand Herald and posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.17.11. Sports pic San Jose Sharks Ice Hockey Team, Rock Jocks Sports Wear as a reminder to skate forward carefully.~