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Emma Watson ‘s next two movie projects include, My Week with Marilyn Monroe, the Marilyn Monroe biopic, and, The Perks of Being a Wall Flower.

Love it! :)

[Photo courtesy of E! Online]

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“The traditional intelligence community is absolutely biased toward classified information,” said Lt. Col. Reid Sawyer, an Army intelligence officer and head of West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center. “I think that open source provides a critical lens into understanding the world around us in a much more dynamic way than traditional intelligence sources can provide.”

In a story where the US security industries realize that they missed the Arab uprising because they weren’t reading google trends, they now say Google is a part of modern Intelligence mapping.

What this means is… perhaps Google and Facebook, Twitter, Youtube owners are now required to give this information to US Intelligence, though the story doesn’t say that. Not a bad idea to read Google trends. All bloggers do. Most financially aware people do too.

Read NPR’s story here.

Did I mention that Harry Houdini is a trending Hollywood film topic in the works. Go here to read up. :) Should Daniel Radcliffe play Harry? Why not! As a young superstar Daniel thinks of metals, all people, teenagers welfare as well as doing live theater and delivering big time at the Hollywood box office. Give this lad the role.

[Photo of Daniel Radcliffe's Magazine cover from ICYDK blog archives]

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Making families laugh, is what Daniel Radcliffe is all about in musical theater.

Here’s his Vogue photo shoot footage. Enjoy.

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“I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen,” Charlie Sheen tells People Magazine. Ridiculous!

On the day baseball legend, Duke Snider passed out of this ball park life, Charlie Sheen talks benders, to distract the 100,000 Wisconsin protestors appealing Scott Walkers‘ enslaving propositions for union workers labor. Fox and CNN ignored their voices. It was called a media blackout day. We hear and see the faces of Egypt. Yemen. Bahrain. Tunisia. Libya, again and again and again. Wisconsin gets added to that list.

A blonde Chris Brown tweets ”look at me “  talks love. ‘s are on everyone’s minds in LA. Things British pick up steam like soccer teams winning from Birmingham. Kadafi provides the dark, here in the USA.

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have heat too, along with the hot topic of . 

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“At the coral reef, the beach tide was low like the flat Injun prairie plains of Boise, Idaho.”–Horiwood, a novel.

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated. It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”–Sir Edmund Hilary‘s humility as wisdom in Hollywood.

What’s up with this picture? It’s like when the cast of Mad Men went for berry martinis at The Abbey with the Hollywood Maori Harry Potter blogger guy, on the way to the Arclight theater to see a film with hobbits in it in 3D. That’s too many alluvial-intellectual levels of a horticulturalists nation’s, pop cultural quircke.

Anyways, in more simpler news. Ten Hollywood entertainment news posts, you’re sharing as culture right here on Horiwood.Com via social media are:

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10. Nicole Kidman joins Jon Hamm for presenting duties at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

Bonus Post: Starbucks for AfricaRox in a Box lyrics with The Decemberists good folks band

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[Photo of Elijah Wood courtesy of Elly's Elijah Wood Site. Pic of double taiaha Maori, martial arts, future action movies combat weaponry, courtesy of Aotearoa New Zealand]

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Be a reservoir via Hollywood of life for kids. To put it bluntly, 2 million kids die each year because clean drinking water is what 1/6th of the world still need.

Let’s flow. Thanks people.

[This photograph: Ethiopia]

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We live in an age where power people are obsessed with owning, quantifying/ qualifying WORDS, their USAGE, their CONTEXT, their HISTORY, their ORIGIN, their FREQUENCY and most of all THEIR MEANING. Why do words scare/ fascinate obsessive people so much?–Horiwood 2010′s.

Have you ever heard of the term culturomics? It posits that technology (a tracking tool developed by Google) can track words of scanned books and work out totals and frequencies of the words used and in what context. That’s amazing – because we have to believe the findings are true. I mean–it’s not like we’re going to manually go through 17,000 books for examples and check are we.

This either makes us extremely ‘trusting in Google’s brand integrity’ or extremely vulnerable and naive to being manipulated by Google as a ‘cultural engineer’ shaping our perceptions of culture past, in books.

Wikileaks taught us perhaps, that we can’t really trust people who manipulate data or information. We just can’t any longer–with no offense to the good people at Google, of course. In general we just live in an age–where data is being manipulated for other means than what we initially think. The global economic crises also taught us this outside of words, regarding numbers, as well.

So which one are we? Gullible or trusting in whatever Google’s new tool claims are ‘definitive’ findings? As always –perhaps ride the middle line, and believe half of what ‘culturomics’ findings tell us. Otherwise it’s a new invented ‘literary religion based on key findings’ with no checks and balances, that cannot be debated either, because it has the appearance of being ‘scientific.’ Culturomics is either going to be really good or really darn scary–there’s no middle ground to it, as it’s completely unaccountable to other technology counter-scanning and collating its findings at this point. Or in other words, it’s not scientific, yet its outcomes posited are claiming to be pure quantitative science. A full press release by Google follows below our top ten results today about it–positioned as a news story.

Hollywood entertainment and celebritiy news posts voted hot today worldwide. Here’s our top ten. Thanks beautiful people. Enjoy!

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Gosh doing the bonus posts is far more rewarding than putting one’s hopes in the Lotto power ball. Lol!

Jane Seo on Culturomics for The Harvard Crimson writes this Press Release:

“A team of Harvard researchers has created a new tool that analyzes language patterns in published books to quantify cultural and historical trends from 1800 to 2000.

The innovative research tool made its debut yesterday in an article titled “Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books,” which was published online in the journal Science and launched as a feature on Google.

[The Guardian UK posits Google's word-counting tool fancies Sigmund Freud of many other fine philosophers]

Dubbed “culturomics,” the tool enables the public to use the Google Books database as a “genome of culture,” according to Adrian Veres ’12, one of the article’s authors.

[Movie still image via Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince courtesy of This Website]

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I’m sure some people will see me as Harry Potter forever and I’m truly fine with that, says Daniel Radcliffe about his decade of playing the boy wizard over eight films. I could so see Daniel playing a hobbit too. Or a villain, just for variety in his next film.

He has an audience like very few 21 year olds can claim and both Dan and Emma Watson, just keep getting better onscreen with each film. So talented.

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More pics of Daniel Radcliffe in Dazed and Confused Magazine.

Art and artist, is his message.

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Harry Potter meets art for Young Hollywood favorite magazine,  Dazed & Confused.

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Daniel Radcliffe – the star whose been most active in the past two years, fighting the gay teen suicides trend, in a lot of his movie publicity, has signed with United Talent Agency’s Tracey Jacobs and partner Billy Lazarus.

Radcliffe’s search for the right U.S agency has been heavily contested but Jacobs and Lazarus won out in the end. Radcliffe is California bound.

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Scary movies, aren’t really my cup of tea–romance, biopics or action is preferred. But, here’s Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows trailer 3.

It is always good to have a dream worth living and fighting for. Once you connect with yours, know that it will be tested. 

No matter what any death system threatens you with, (in Hollywood jealousy is perhaps the biggest threat to any young person to survive), it is when young people look death in the face and they choose to live beyond death’s threats–that they then become an unstoppable force.

I like the message of this film, for that reason. Death systems are anything that makes you afraid to face obstacles in reality. Confrontation of fear, always leads to a significant epiphany of some kind. In fact, where our fears lie, there lies the growth opportunity for our character to develop, deepen and be refined. 

To ‘stop the slaughter’ of young peoples dreams, lives and potential–we have Harry Potter hotness as a reminder. Stand up. Confront a system to test its validity. Choose life.

You owe this, not for the world, but to yourself. The world reaps the benefits when we rise up within our dreams. Own it. Confront bullies barricading the best thought and actions in the world. Dare to test the mettle.

And, as always–Let’s go. 

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Gay teen suicide is a huge problem. Here’s Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe‘s great interview for The Trevor Project –an organization who gives a damn about it.

Nice one Daniel. To find out more about the Trevor Project–to mentor, volunteer or donate to this great community based outreach, and make a difference–go here if you want to.

Thanks Tribe Horiwood.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in the upcoming The journey is the Destination–that depicts UK journalist Dan Eldon‘s life as a photojournalist who first brought attention to the plight of people in Somalia with his photographic works. The full plot goes like this: “Dan Eldon was was a British born photographer, who spent his childhood in Kenya. His photographs of refugees from the Somalian civil war led to his employment by Reuters, who sent him to Somalia in 1992. His pictures helped draw the world’s attention to the crisis, but on 12 July 1993, while covering the story that UN forces had accidentally killed 74 civilians, he and three colleagues were stoned and beaten to death by a furious crowd. Written by LSJ

But really, I wish Dan Radcliffe would be cast as a Hobit in Sir Peter Jackson’s next films. He’d be great in these potentially 3D movies. Go Dan Rad!

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Not really… but I had to caption this pic somehow of the UK’s Harry Potter star. 

Image from Towleroad

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The Hollywood Insider is reporting that Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe will spoof his fellow UK buddy, Robert Pattinson‘s Twilight character in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

Radcliffe will loan his voice to the character, ‘Edmund,’ a vampire Lisa Simpson falls in love with.

Sounds fun. Nice to see Radcliffe becoming ensconced more in US mainstream culture. You can’t get much more ‘American’ than the Simpsons.

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