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Ashton Kutcher tells BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills that at the Super Bowl, George W. Bush snubbed him. I think what Ashton meant was that George W. doesn’t know how to tweet regularly yet. Anyway…

I just ate half an acre of salad greens at The Soup Plantation in West Hollywood. One of those all you can eat dining situations… if you live outside of the US, that’s what happens at the S.P. Gosh, after nibbling on all of that, I felt like a Chinese bunny rabbit.

For all of two seconds… before the inner Maori got the better of me, and I decided to commit ‘skinny Hollywood person’s suicide’ and smother maple whipped butter onto five freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that were still hot from the oven. Truly, I just did. Now I’m in a delicious butter coma like I thought I was from Chicago or Canada or something and needed all of that in one hit! Ridiculous!

Mean while on The Huffington Post, Kelly Brooke is doing way too much. Kelly is pictured below. [Dinner was fun. Thanks J].

Here’s ten celebrity news posts we’re bumping as pop culture on twitter, Facebook, emails from Hollywood right now.

1. Jon Voight and James Haven for Angelina Jolie

2. Born to be Somebody - Dianne Warren writes for Justin Bieber

3. Aussie angel Miranda Kerr for Victoria Secret in NYC

4. Aaron Carter tweets a zero percent body fat body

5. Kelly Clarkson is cute in Hong Kong

6. Some Rahm Emanuel

7. Tayor Lautner as Jacob Black

8.  Stars and Google Yoga – Jake Gyllenhaal & Jennifer Aniston

9. Boxer Megan Gangitano has quite a fan club in West Hollywood

10. Cheryl Cole covers February Elle, UK

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