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In just a few more sleeps, (six) Kate Middleton of London will ascend the ranks of commoners when she marries Prince William in the UK. Part of this process is for Kate’s family to be awarded their own coat of arms.

People Magazine of the USA obesses about this fact today. Here’s their verbage into what the coat of arms means: “Weddings are always family affairs, and Kate Middleton‘s is no different. With just over a week to go before she marries Prince William, Kate, 29, and her family have been granted a traditional coat of arms, which was unveiled Tuesday.

Three acorns, symbolizing the Middleton children, and a flash of gold to represent Kate’s mother, Carole, are at the heart of the design. But there’s more meaning to the choice of imagery than meets the eye.
In addition to signifying the princess-to-be and her siblings Pippa, 27, and James, 24, the acorns also hark back to the oak trees that grow near Kate’s home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. ” For more go here.

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It’s no secret that in a global economic crises, that it’s never been a better time for the rich to get richer. Warren Buffet (Goldman Sachs angel investor in the past) has repeatedly been saying this for almost a year now. Because the rich just keep on getting richer all over the world…

Perhaps this is why Lucy Lawless is starring in a saga set in Rome, that brings to an audiences attention what some wealthy people are prone to get up to. Slavery propagating culture could be what some are all about. Others choose to create Giving Pledge Trusts and give half their wealth to humanitarian causes, to level the playing field a little, and buy themselves some freedom. (It works both ways).

When the wealthy become disproportinately rich compared to the majority population, fears of their own personal security becomes their greatest concern. They can be a tad paranoid and they always favor a system of appointing jailers to police the people. This is what history has taught us. In such moments of history, gladiator culture then is a favored sport, where common people can rise above the ranks and win their freedom in a gladiator’s ring or sports field. They must win the popular vote to do this.

Yes, Lucy is really promoting this culture in her new fantasy drama.

Go here to read her words – for an education. Hollywood Maori actor Temuera Morrison also stands with this Kiwi girl of the small screen to bring us this tale. It is a tale Americans in particular are obsessed with right now.

I like the words of Paul The Apostle too on this kind of culture. His words are non-elitest, accessible to everyone and liberating! As actors Tem and Lucy are two of our all time Kiwi staples. They know how to turn on a show. A timely show.

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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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It’s royal wedding build up time. The media quite like the Young Royals show in most tabloids and newspapers at this Kiwi minute.

Plenty of royals on balconies is what we’ll most probably get to see when a certain young couple tie the knot.

Here’s Beyonce Knowles shout out to Kate Middleton via the USA.

An image of standing tall.

[Photograph courtesy of]

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The world’s most well known, modern day humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, has accepted a $10 million contract to be the face of Louis Vuitton’s new marketing campaign.

E! News reports, just days before a royal wedding in the UK that Jolie’s new campain will be photographed in a cathedral that features stained glass windows.

Sounds pretty.

[Photograph - coutresty of Out of New York]

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I never got to meet Katherine Heigl in the US, but people who knew her say she is gracious on set and a real team player. 

She lives in Silverlake where people like Dominic Bowden hang out, when in L.A.

Here’s a pic of Katy Heigl running errands.

[Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures ]



“Be the see, you want to change”Merata Mita, in an interview 1999.

Merata was a filmmaker extraordinaire (masterful sound weaving was her forte). She was revered in Hollywood and Hawaii for her Indigenous Peoples perspective as a story teller of the moving image. Mita was often asked to judge at film festivals around the world, including Sundance. She once was a friend of Nelsen Mandela’s from afar, revealing in her film Patu! how apartheid or systems of aparthied should never be tolerated. She gifted all New Zealanders this gift at great cost.  

I like this one saying she spoke on camera. She was deep.

To watch her films is an amazing journey into her wairua (or spirit). Her film Patu! is like greenstone (a taonga or treasure) in New Zealand arts lore. She was one of the finest advocates for human rights we ever witnessed in action.

[Photograph courtesy of The National Geographic Website]

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Part II of this book display spotted in Hollywood at Circus, shows how celebirty in the USA creates its own royals of the people in Hollywood’s star system.

In the UK, royals have been doing this for centuries with their appearences to the public.

Here’s books that reveal this artfrom of culture in growing brands to expand markets.

Are you a Royal fan (fan of Monarchy) or an American ‘royalty’ fan?

Or like us in New Zealand, do you like a blend of both as your favorite form of distraction and entertainment. Here we favor a strong inclusion of local folks entertaining too, in our media mix?

We have very clever celebrities here in New Zealand. They are all so smart, kind, funny and talented.

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“kia ora girl!”

[News source, Miley Cyrus twitter account]

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What did one Maori fullah say to his Samoan friend?

Stat you bro?

Tee hee hee. :)

[Some Billy T. James / Hone Tuwhare humor from Beverly Hills].

Zinzan Brooke is one of the greatest sports gladiators alive on the planet. He grew up in rural farming countryside. He played rugby football. He now lives in London. He is Maori and a global superstar. Kia Ora bro! Thank you for being so… shiny! Go for the silver. Why not! It’s more like innovative no.8, land aware, country folks fencing wire. :)

Will Carling lists Mr Brooke as being the 9th greatest rugby football player ever, in his book.

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Dance action for Christchurch City from dance group Sound Vision – as shared by my nephew, dance champion of Australasia - Jordan Samuel.

Who dat? Doin’ it for Yeti Hu’s in Christchurch? Break it down then, Sound Vision. :)

Discipline comes rarely honed than this. Learn!

Thanks J.

He writes: “Hey uncle im the guy dancing in the cap. I start moving first at the start of the set. hope you like it.

love you.”
As we always say in true whanau humility “I love you [All] Black 2.”
My nephew is the coolest at Polynesian suave cool. Press play 2 C.


At The Lemon Tree, one store has this vibe about their snap shot of Hollywood history in this moment.

We’re content to be James Bond lead (it’s spy time), we gave up Superman to the UK (it’s his turn to steel it), we’re about green peas on our plates, we’re about fat chooks shopping and sharing their wealth… and a few other things.

Intriguing, laden with many symbols all worthy of giving a mood and a vibe in this pop cultural terrain.

As always in the hood every single month, Marilyn Monroe still makes the cut.

Masterful too at playing the ‘damsel in distress’ the US admits to feeling a bit like China’s concubine in this moment of being in debt. An honest expression of Hollywood? Or just this mad crazy town being always dramatic, that’s impossible not to all love. It’s what we do in Hollywood as an art form. Always a colorful store is The Lemon Tree.

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USA IN A SHAP SHOT – 4.5.11 @ 12.20am

This is what is consuming America’s minds on Google-


Alright we need some light in this house… obviously! Press play on Leona Lewis above for that purpose. It’s nice to hear an artist who can actually sing, Right!

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Teen Miley Cyrus is going on tour. Smiler’s is back on Twitter again .

“I am taking over the Gypsy Heart Twitter! Gotta keep ya posted on tour. Come see me! Let’s get me back to as many followers as before! So excited for tour I can barely stand it!” she tweets. Source – Cover Awards.

Our Hollywood top ten today are:

1. Of course… Charlie Sheen!

2. One for Scotland. Susan Boyle as you voted

3. Cafe talk on US Pastor burns Qur’an, Afghani misguided youth murder UN workers

4. Argentine actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Tores marries a Canouk crooner

5. Romance by Will & Kate

6. Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt – What’s in a name?

7. Sydney Australia looks at tsunami fake photographs being posted online

8. Tatau – Dwayne Johnson is The Rock of Hollywood

9. Model citizen – Richard Chandler

10. Nicole Scherzinger

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[Michael Jones - is appreciated worldwide as a sportsman of noble spirit].

Somehow, I managed to let a good bottle of red wine (a rare moment) stand in the way of bringing our top ten yesterday. Here’s those results from the Hollywood hood. Just as well.

Today Michael Jones is honored for his contribution to rugby football worldwide as a leader, ambassador of humility and calmness in any pressurized situation. A master at a game the Commonwealth love, below is an interview with MJ’s rugby football mate from rugby’s glory days, John Kirwan in an interview that gives a snap shot of New Zealand. It is Rugby World Cup year after all.

Our top ten for Monday 3rd of April from Hollywood are:

1. Fierce rugby football sketches show brute power in a great sport

2. Land mines, US troops, Post traumatic stress disorder

3. Big toothed American grins by The Kardashians

4. Game of Thrones has a gazillion horses in it

5. Nicole Scherzinger is a tad bit hot – X factor judge or not?

6. Oh the loves of Elizabeth Taylor‘s humanitarian life!

7. Lady Louise Windsor has a wedding to rock out in

8. Canada and Cricket – One Photo -3.30.11

9. Step to it Ohio – Flash mob dancing and US

10. Artic Hiking for a good cause – Prince Harry hits the ice

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He starred in The Party and he protected the wild life.

Most of you are perhaps too young to know who Denny Miller was. He once was a basketballer, who became the first blond Tarzan starring as the protective white guy in the TV series Tarzan, The Ape Man. His role in Hollywood protecting an Island paradise was well watched world wide.

Denny was renowned for his epic fight scenes and his courage to protect his Island dwelling friends and their environment. Not only Jane his heroine, but also the animals in their green kingdom.

I used to watch Denny Miller as a kid in black and white on my grandma’s TV in Helensville with my cousins on the front porch some holidays. He was the king of action in his day. He made white lads seem so brave cause he just leapt right into battles like it was second nature to him as a protector of Island life. He just had so much energy to burn when he fought.

He also played the character “Moose” once on the hit show of I Dream of Jeannie. – that TV series starring an astronaut and a girl who dressed like Kim Kardashian. Denny also appeared once on Hawaii Five-O.

Miller’s sense of humor is reflected in his books he wrote and published. One even won an award in 2006. Denny wrote an autobiography titled “Didn’t You Used To Be…What’s His Name?” and a book about the USA’s obesity problem as he was a Hollywood fitness buff of California, titled “Toxic Waist?…Get To Know Sweat!”. Love it. He was a character.

Here’s a pic of Denny as Tarzan. He was discovered on Sunset Blvd by an agent and signed to MGM. Today, he teaches relaxation.

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An artist Natalie Stamilla has her Kiwi heart set on sculpting rugby football player Michael Niko Jones in a bronze statue. The artist aims to honor what Jones has gifted the game of rugby football, New Zealand culture, his worldwide fans and his West Auckland community, close to neighboring Helensville.

One of the most famous sports moments of Rugby World Cup history is when Michael dived across the try-line against Italy in the 1987 World Cup tournament to score. The photograph of this moment has captured the young sculptresses imagination and artistic talents.

It is ironic that someone who doesn’t really care that much for ‘graven image culture’ (like Hollywood loves to rock out with as US culture as a norm) and who is known for his great athleticism and cool calm strength veiled by restrained humility would agree to the sculpture even being made. He’s just so humble.

The moment perhaps shows Jones’ sense of humor to honor his team mates of rugby football of the game by green-lighting the project and what all Michael’s peers have given the game too, when Jones switched from basketball to rugby football. It was a rare sporting moment at the time and he brought his basketball reflexes to rugby football – changing the game with quick creative play. Jones is also a big star of South African people.

Michael’s mother Maina Jones was a vibrant school teacher who would always say she “loved Jesus.” It was just her line. Saying such things today, can get school teachers in trouble, but with Maina, it just drew her many fans closer in to her warm heartedness. In that regard, she made modern law scientifically irrelevant. Her life would never have fitted these restrictions. When she died, she had the second largest funeral of any New Zealander known in New Zealand history at her passing for a person who wasn’t born in New Zealand. She was a legend too.

Her bubbly laughter was like a well of joy. Her face was like the sun shining. She knew no fear. She loved all people. All of her children have her zest for life in fine doses and are equally interesting people who carry this one gracious lady’s spirit of excellence in leading others with laughter.

Because Michael has a living likeness named after him too, Niko Kirwan, (rugby football player John Kirwan named his eldest child after his legendary bro), the above fun pop art tribute via New Jersey, USA is going up for Michael’s Kiwi mum who mothered John Kiriwin too and her unique ability to feed peoples’ spirits while feeding them at her family table.

Honoring Maina’s legacy today from The Entertainment Capitol of The World, is perhaps what Michael, his sister Kathy and older bro Derek, would all want to see with this story. She was special. One out of the box.

Maina was her childrens’ and Michael’s biggest fan and she was 200% rugby football obsessed like most Kiwi moms are. As a sport, she loved rugby football. We all miss her enthusiastic contribution to a sporting nation. Her faith was bright shining as the sun.

Talofa Michael Jones! God is always with Michael and his brother Derek – The Matai (Chief – one of them) of us all. Stay close.

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This one for Google, my most used information sharing website company.

No matter where new ideas, new stories stem from writers in the world, we must never remove the incentive to block their payment and IP conveyed in their typed words in digital or print formats.–Freedom of expression 2010′s.

New ideas and new insights from writers help better preserve the planet, as well as sharing insights into better human rights, we may not have yet considered. Writers should always be paid for good ideas conveyed in their thoughts and typed words.

A federal judge in New York has allegedly derailed Google’s bold plan to build the world’s largest digital library and bookstore. With 15 million books [already] scanned, Google had gotten closer to the elusive goal than anyone else.

We wanted to “make the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity available, free of charge, to all. People feel energized,” said Robert Darnton, the director of the Harvard University Library, who recently praised Google’s Scan Every Single Book In The World Project and make it available free online, in an opinion article in The New York Times.

“This is an opportunity for those of us who care about creating a noncommercial public digital library to get on with it,” writes Michael Heft today.


The strange thing about scanning every nation’s books, is that the writers of these books don’t get paid in the process. It turns writers into slaves. It’s intelligent not to turn writer’s into slaves, because of the concept of ‘laborers are worthy of their fair hire.’ On a scientific level, yes it must be a disappointment. But all of the mouth pieces in this story, aren’t working for free. They get paid wages to say these things. If their wages were lost, like writer’s and independent voices royalty payments are lost in the ‘scientific’ collection of words, they wouldn’t be chirping this same tune.

What this means is that the public won’t get to view all books from all authors. From 15 million books already scanned, google is able to track digitally the highest trending key words, most people like the best. That’s a good experiment to date.

I am from a nation where our Indigenous writers thoughts are viewed as taonga that cannot be stolen without payment. IP is about having your own. Sharing it when you want to. Buying it fairly when needed – but most of all, not stifling new thought from writers by strangling the incentive for them to write new work and be rewarded for it.

Keeping in line with this principle, as I never paid the New York Times for use of writer Miguel Helft’s journalistic skills above, I trust that adding to Miguel’s thoughts in this post, and with a link to his story, offers some kind of sharing support back to this writer in payment of his words, time and thoughts. The photographers too.

Miguel notes, ‘The idea of scanning every book ever published captivated Larry Page, co-founder of Google, even before he started the company. In 2002, he set out to refute skeptics, who said the idea was unworkable. He set up a makeshift scanning device at Google to see how many books could be scanned in an hour.” 8 years later, 15 million books had been scanned.  Read the rest of this entry »



Artwork… “it doesn’t matter what color our eyes are… just don’t kill civilians if you can help it. We must never cheapen Life, because in Life is our redemption as fellow brothers and sisters across all and any divides.”– this one for Ivory Coast & Afghanistan & Libya & Hollywood today and whoever needs a reminder that they are loved just the way they are too. Especially soldiers cast in war… this one’s for you. Peace!

Artwork made of recycled plastic pieces of happily consumed products, that were then collected and painted blue. Steel wire and copper wire also make up this piece, mounted on the side of a plaster building – opposite the wonderful and very expensive Whole Foods. West Hollywood. Photographed 5 minutes ago.

Our top ten this eve, are…

1. Land mines, post traumatic stress & USA’s military on the front lines

2. Model Yasmin Bidois

3. Miranda Kerr

4. Lady Louise Windsor has a wedding to go to

5. Bollywood – ten stars

6. Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt

7. Flags by Brooke Fraser is so now

8. Michael Buble ties the knot

9. Game of Thrones gets a good review on HBO

10. A dancer speaks for a mother post trauma

George Pendle shares his observation of airport decor:

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Avalanche City sing of carefree times. Their music is of smiling from ear to ear.

I like their guitar vibe. Way cool in the Hollywood School. Thanks! :)

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African Cats is a dramatized Disney documentary film. Jordin Sparks adds her emotions on vocal to the soundtrack to give this film some life.

Cute family entertainment.

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“I feel guilty because I don’t do either of the things well”–Stella McCartney admits that working and mothering four children takes its toll some days. More here.

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Paris Jackson, 12 and Blanket Jackson, 9, got their caliente shopping vibe on. The siblings are seen shopping in Beverly Hills.

[Photograph courtesy of Broad Image]

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Starbucks of Seattle continues to do the most amazing marketing ever in every hood in the USA. Today you can download recipes of 75 diverse ethnic dishes and take your taste buds on a global tour, without even leaving the USA or Hawaii, you can download free music (always a big hit)… and even get the inside scoop of the best sports news and sports stars, right at your finger tips as well.

All this in your local Starbucks in the USA while you sip cafe au lait and dream of Jeanie. jk. Way cool marketing styles. Hard to beat!

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One Cricket World Cup related tweet [sourced via Google in America] shows fear beneath a visage of the act of supporting a sport.

Here it is – by ‎ – “If India were playing China in the Cricket World Cup Final today, productivity would dip so much on this earth that it would stop turning!” Twitter - “

If your life was about ‘majorities’… that was perhaps the case in the last tweet… you’d tweet that. Life is more than that though… [sometimes it's about MINORITIES too]. It’s also about planet preservation thinkers over ‘numbers games’ of people players (the safe vote)… so…. for the planet (as I AM a green thinking Maori-Kiwi in the USA]… I guess it’s up to me, to offer a picture of the world today as a reminder we are at best, mere stewards of the Earth’s future interests and peoples interests arriving long after us – no matter how great or small. Sometimes, the last will be first. Meekness ensures this. Let’s be more meek.

Today in Hollywood here is how you voted our top ten… on a day that received 6 x the hits of a normal Hollywood day as a blogger [it is April fools!]. Here we go then. Our top ten democratically voted posts are…

1. Dan Carter is a rugby football star

2. Pippa Middleton is no longer on a diet

3. Alex Meraz

4. When Robin Li agreed to give Mark Zuckerberg a meeting

5. Miss Elliette

6. Spikey couture and Rihanna was a winner

7. NBC, UNIVERSAL will showcast Rugby World Cup 2011 in the USA

8. Bill Gates & Harry Houdini

9. Judge Maryann Sumi judges fairly for majority in Wisconsin – USA

10. Chris Liddell + milk

My question is… why can’t people just love cricket for cricket… and the good sport it is?

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At the time of writing, this blog has reached 3,076,123. I write with mixed emotions today.

On one hand, a virtual landscape (this daily blog) has achieved the 3,000,000+ summit in Hollywood, the entertainment capitol of the world. This is something, no other Kiwi of Indigenous Peoples descent (like Avatar‘s story depicts with its creative scripting) has achieved. It perhaps shows that there is interest in such a blog. On the other hand, I observe Indigenous Peoples land rights, water ways rights, mineral rights on landscapes being sold (sometimes legitimately in a fair business like manner and sometimes overtime–in varying shifts of ownership titles changing hands – avoiding just agreements between people) like in the award winning book, . In severe cases of greed, we witness land or water territories (or earth’s resources) confiscation. Sometimes women have been the key actors in the process of confiscation. It needs a word today, because justice centered in adequate human rights governance is being eroded.

Patricia posits that the concept of Heritage, Arts & Culture is a nation’s land. Culture stems from it in dialogue back to a nation’s people. Art then is created from this dialogue. Hollywood’s biggest selling box office film in history depicted Patricia’s truths as a writer.

For example, Patricia writes novels like James Cameron‘s Avatar – but of real people… her own and their concerns with land struggles and equality of justice in laws appearing to be fair and the rather pretentious cue process some people take great pains to weave with a minefield of words and structure to slow down progress of justice being restored. She posited, that Indigenous People should remain on the land, because this ensures that people blinded by a buck as individuals appearing to look good in a moment, do not sell off the heartland of one’s culture – that being the land and its resources – without careful consideration. Patricia may never have had equal access to filmmaking technology and film budgets like James Cameron has across his career, yet Patricia is no Avatar in an Indigenous person’s body. She is the real deal Indigenous Peoples writer, telling similar stories like James Cameron is, using Indigenous Peoples themed story lines to raise awareness of earth preservation and Indigenous Peoples culture, directly linked to Earth preservation. Her words ring like a herald from Hollywood today on this blog. Together, we all share this milestone with her as a Maori-Kiwi storyteller who is worthy of being respected deeply.

I also think of Tonga, a South Pacific principality of beautiful Island dwelling people who are led by a Monarchy – like the UK are. Their culture has survived many storms. It cannot be scuttled and it is our role to strengthen Tonga, Tonga’s people, their spirit’s and their place in the world with humility, justice and most of all considerate friendship towards Polynesian Indigenous Peoples of the South Pacific.

Here’s a St.amp of a lady who knew a thing on two in her day (like Patricia Grace). Her name was Saloti Tupou III. She was 6’3″ tall. She was an outstanding poet, a much loved global figure and a darling of other leaders in the world. My family resided for a time with her people in the Principality of Tonga, a nation whose largeness of spirit – when humble is strong and belies it’s geographical terrain. Saloti’s father’s name was George. She was only 18 when she ascended to the throne and she was a strong friend of Queen Elizabeth II.

Her legacy is a reminder that perhaps we don’t value teenagers voices enough and we need to listen more to what some teens have to say. Both Saloti and Elizabeth did the same thing during some trying years they were called upon as young people and destined to bring stability to the world throughout the years. Patricia Grace and Tonga’s people – are US too, on this blog. The concerns of their people are Indigenous Peoples concerns, always. Their spirit is what we honor and promote in Hollywood today – as balance to the silly games men can sometimes get caught up in and play.

May our presence in the world honor Indigenous People as gifts to humanity with unique worldviews – in both virtual and tangible ways demonstrating respect and equality. Today, I share a moment, from a nation who first gave women equality in the legal system by giving women the right to vote. As a result Aotearoa New Zealand led the world in true democracy that is grounded in good kaupapa and tikanga (principles). Indigenous women therefore in Aotearoa New Zealand and the South Pacific, will always be voices to take heed to and listen to. This is their gift to preserve the world and her people. Few people have a worldview of the depth this people group have to offer being in relationship with inextricable links to landscape, people and place – like such examples of people offered on this blog today as a benefit of the world’s well being and best interests beyond just making bank. Peace!

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That doesn’t mean my love somehow diminished… when the words destroy all meaningChris Knox, songwriter extraordinaire reminds us in a song to love in noble actions as well as the illusive promises of written and oratory breathed words alone.


There’s nothing like a Pearl Jam artist of Southern California, via Seattle who writes of Ukelele Songs and Into the Wild and Water on The Road, singing with New Zealand’s future generations of cultural leaders strumming up a storm and singing a song penned by a great, Chris Knox.

Here’s Eddie Vedder singing Not Given Lightly. Neil and Liam Finn celebrate this song with Eddie too.

Press play to enjoy. Mauri ‘Ola Chris Knox and the USA and South Pacific Island dwelling friends.

~ This clip of guitars in action posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.1.11~



Charlotte Rampling is an actress that always brings an air of maturity to every film role she’s appeared in. Here’s Rampling’s mug today, for a different Hollywood view.

While fine filmmakers like James Cameron are offering technical tips to filmmakers here in the USA today recommending an increase from 25 FPS 24 FPS to 48 or 60 FPS to reduce strobing on digital film cameras while capturing the moving image for a better quality film product; down under in Kangaroo country, filmmakers are wrangling up their own private investors quite well to get their films made. It’s exciting stuff revealing pride of culture and traditions in celebrating a sense of place.

The stories have a local theme. A good thing, because it’s not a bad thing to hear the Aussie accent in cinema texts some times – not just at awards shows, right? This exciting buzz shows a renewed passion for Australia’s arts and culture in their local filmmaking community. The story can be read after our top ten today in Hollywood. James Cameron‘s filmmaking advice can be read here.

Here we go! :)

1. Moussa Koussa in London

2. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are friends

3. Kris Jenner talks creating your own economy

4. Olivia Wilde

5. Owl tattoos from Kat Von D

6. Australia’s trends

7. The judge who intervened in Wisconsin’s labor wrangles

8. Beatrice of York exits the club

9. US trends on

10. Rugby football humor – black or white? by Dan Carter

Private investors are jumping on board filmmakers visions to offer a view of culture that reflects the Aussie way of life. Films in the works are, Beneath Hill 60 (a military drama about WWI Aussie miners deployed to tunnel under the great Western front once). Townsville, a mining town with locals are funding the filmmakers vision.

As the story goes, Film producer Bill Leimbach, ‘raised $2.5 million in private investment for the $10 million film through mining industry suppliers, including a publican, the owner of a construction company, a truck operator, scaffolder, lawyer, excavator, road builder, property developer and a rock crusher.’

The private investors blend with government funding seems to be accelerating new ideas to be made into films. Out in May is Mad Bastards, a drama set in the Kimberley – once again funded by the areas mining community.

In August comes Red Dog, a heartfelt tale about a cattle dog that becomes a hero in the Pilbara, which has local investment from Rio Tinto, Woodside, WesTrac and regional airline SkyWest.

September sees a cultured adaptation of Patrick White’s novel The Eye of the Storm,that stars Oscar winner, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis and Charlotte Rampling. Producer Antony Waddington says private investors have contributed ”several million dollars” towards the $15 million budget. Rather than chasing a fast buck, they are fine-art lovers – discreet enough to want anonymity – who wanted to support a quality Patrick White project.

Although the investors who are investing in these Aussie films (do not necessarily expect to get their money back). “These stories need to be told” is the common bond that is causing the private sector of Australian film investors to believe in these stories being shown on the silver screen.

Bill Leimbach is upbeat to be progressing with two new film projects. One centers on the wool industry in a film titled Banjo and Matilda, a love triangle that centres on Banjo Paterson writing Waltzing Matilda (Australia’s national anthem) during a shearers’ strike lull.

Another film idea is from the Singaporean community for a $45 million co-production about the fall of Singapore. Two new films are also being made in Australia, the Willem Dafoe drama The Hunter and the Joel Edgerton-Teresa Palmer mystery drama Say Nothing. :)

Australian film news today via Sydney Morning Herald. Film trailer, no.1 box office film in Hollywood history – with the best message.

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