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He aha te mea nui i te ao? He Tangata. He Tangata. He Tangata–a Maori proverb taught to most children in New Zealand in grade school.

Nat “King” Cole was a much loved entertainer here in America, who broke many boundaries and transcended borders for his people, because he chose to live in neighborhoods, where people said he shouldn’t be seen. He did so in order to make a difference, lead his family, and entertain his much loved America with his talents.

Here’s his Hollywood star today, with the unforgettable duet with Nat and his daughter Natalie Cole turning back time with the help of video footage of this man performing. This duet is a reminder that family and people are what matters in everything we do. Strong families equals strong communities, the building block of strong nations and allied nations in the world. Hopefully, all working towards the good.

Nat’s star has both a New Zealand fish hook symbol and a Maori koru motif mother of pearl, taonga on it in this picture–which symbolizes change, beginnings, new life amidst challenges. A koru is also the symbolic metaphor of a fern leaf’s tip–symbolizing renewal and regeneration of life. Both symbols sit on Nat’s star, Hollywood Blvd–as a tribute to two men. First Nat King Cole himself–and secondly, John Key - the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the “King” in a way, of The National Party.

Mauri Ora to America, her allies and New Zealand -from your Los Angeles based Maori entertainment blogger. Let’s always be unforgettable as people who care for people. And to my own dad – thank you for teaching me this, in your own way to who you care about.

[This image of John Key and Prince William cooking on the good old Kiwi BBQ, shot in Wellywood (Wellington), courtesy of The Herald Sun].

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Via email: “Well Bird [Bird Runngwater] and 2 other Indians and Cliffy [Cliff Curtis] and Taika [Taika Cohen] came back for Merata’s [Merata Mita's] funeral. She had a stroke.

Long weekend here I’m up at Pakiri on my own enjoying the peace and quiet although stormy outside.”


[And as The Maori Queen of Cuisine, Merata and their husbands (Fred and Geoff) grew up enjoying the music of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones--M used to joke that really she was Jerry Hall --I should perhaps play a little Mick Jagger at this moment, especially for Kepa Murphy and Trinity Brooke and Twinkle Toes--Taylor Thomas Thorp and Oscar Frederick Brooke, because that's how 'we' roll. However, I will reflect the Kiwi-American gentility of decorum instead--our best look--and go with Frank and Nat King Cole's daughter's ditty instead. Mr Jagger is photographed at the Weideman Gallery in West Hollywood, June 2010 for Merata]

nb: Mrs Kai Ora, Queen of Parnell, TV Star of Ngati Awa was Merata’s undisputed favorite chef in the World, because of her healthy life-giving cuisine made of Aroha/ Aloha. She’s the best in the Southern Hemisphere. M and Anne were soul sistas of sorts, Merata always wanted Anne to be her film editor–at one point–but Anne was too busy feeding everyone. Today, reflected in their art, that they, their husbands and families produced from their households and hearts– they teach us/ their audiences/ how to wear our hats. Thank you.

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Jazzy Mama is lookin good!

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