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Coffee Drama – I just had to sign off as a witness on a report that a barista at Starbucks wrote and is filing against an aggressive customer who threatened to beat him up, when this barista knocks off work.

Anger is quite a problem for Team Starbucks I’ve noticed. Anger is increasing in society.

That trend is escalating and it’s a concern. Can Starbucks’ baristas get a pay rise perhaps, for even fronting in this economy to be faces of their daily communities in such conditions, the question must be asked?

They do put up with a lot. As team members of a corporation, they’re not always safe in tense times and they should be. Their customers too. ;)

UPDATE – 12.13am, 3.31.11 – “As a result of the report being filed, the aggressive customer was arrested by police. He had a knife on him, so I probably would have been stabbed,” said the Starbucks barista, giving an update. He said it very calmly, like fact. Blimey, it’s time to do those kick boxing classes with Megan Gangatano in the hood with a ninja uplift perhaps. Insane stuff. Never dull.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.30.11~