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In a rather amusing story on the WSJ’s front page today, we learn that the new Republicans that were placed in those House seats in Washington about 5 minutes ago, all want the same things in common.

These can be listed as “smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, sculpted abs, bulging biceps and flexibility they never dreamed possible” jokes the WSJ.

A group of these Republican politicians gather each day in the House gym to worship at the shrine of a series of DVD workout routines known to latenight informercial freaks as being P9OX or “the most extreme home fitness program.”

It mirrors these newbie politicians roll to “chisel away flabby federal programs.”

Their leader? Not John McCain, but Tony Horton, the tanned fitness guru who created P90X and leads the routines on DVD. Tony’s combined skills as a Hollywood personal fitness trainer and actor were fused together to make him “Master of Motivation” where he has also fused his best sayings together, these being “Bring it” and “Man, on Manischewitz”.

Yep, that really is Wall Street’s front page lead in story today. Read it. Hilarious!

The story penned by an Elizabeth Williamson & a Patrick O’Connor goes on to drivel: “The goal of the exercises is to “confuse” the muscles by working different parts of the body each day in a workout that escalates in difficulty. Like much that gains traction in Congress, it’s a familiar idea wrapped in new packaging. ”I thought it looked like some kind of Jane Fonda video,” says Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.), 29, a former recreational weightlifter, but “it kicked my butt.”

[Photograph - Office of Kevin McCarthy. Photo caption - Tony Horton with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who follows the exercise guru's P90X workout program with a crew of young Republicans, at the Capitol.] Read the rest of this entry »