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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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Dame Catherine Tizard is a past Governor General of New Zealand. Always a lot of good humored fun. Dame Cath is pictured here with Eileen Parore, an amazing school teacher, proponent of kapa haka (Maori performing arts), the furtherance of Te Reo (the Maori language) and an inspirer and encourager of young Maori peoples dreams. She worked tirelessly for her husband Tom‘s people of the Ngapuhi tribe.

She made us all dream big. She believed that Maori kids could do anything. While I was in the USA, Eileen Paraore passed away. Remembering her today… and to her family… thanks for sharing your great mom, with us all and making Kiwis better people.

[Photo - A family favorite]

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A brills article in the New Zealand Herald gives two guys views of a Kiwi (New Zealander) who lives in China and is married to a Chinese national. The article also gives the view of a Chinese-Kiwi who lives in New Zealand.

It’s a must read as shared by Bryan Johnston and Gilbert Wong. Thanks lads.

Chinese are very big on preserving loyalty, even in their ethnicity and differences by region in China.

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In New Zealand we are big fans of Xena and NOT Xenophobia. Xena (once played by actor Lucy Lawless) was like a Kiwi version of a Maori warrior princess. She was fun.

Economically Kiwiland is positioned in the Asia-Pacific wired region of the global economy. Thus our prime ministers job, is to ensure that our economy is well integrated with Asia and the Pacific’s future flows. Banking systems (politicians chasing those) are being designed to farm money into and out of this region.

Part banking integration (and political governance) in our prime minister’s mission is to also find and source  and reflect “good cultural match” between all Kiwis and our Asian brothers and sisters. China especially with this one nation’s increasing might and economic take over (financial support) of the South Pacific.  

Because of these goals on the table, the New Zealand Herald has run amazing news coverage this week into the world of Chinese people buying heavily into New Zealand and investing too and Asian-Kiwis contribution to the future direction of NZ life. I am addicted to reading these stories. The journalists have done a great job. Here’s some snap shots for you of that coverage.

A lot of the news coverage centers on how important all Asian people are to the future of the world. Stories seem to be broken into the incredible work ethic of Asian immigrants ability to build business from scratch through sustained hard work. I like that. Or, we have the triad stereotype guys, who also provide entertainment with their gangsta ways and stories of ‘corruption’- yet they don’t somehow seem real. They just make the awesome Asians look even more angelic for their hard work in Kiwiland. So they do have their purpose.

A lot of stories also focus on ‘unpicking the Asian label’ and allowing Asian cultures to be known as Malay-Kiwi, Chinese-Kiwi etc. Not just Asia. Kiwi-Asians also want their own politicians representing their needs.

What I do not like though is when to argue this, Asian spokespeople say “Maori have this, so we want this too.” Such rhetoric is tiresome for Maori to read. It has also been used for 200 years for all immigrants to justify a sense of entitlement in Aotearoa New Zealand. Don’t do it. Thanks.

I think Kiwi-Asians are better off just saying “we need politicians.” Period. Instead of trying to climb up Maoris to do that and get ahead. It just comes across in the media like Maori peoples eyeballs are being scratched out. It’s tacky. And there is no need for that. It’s true… Asian-Kiwis just DO need political representation. It’s time. I’m all for it. Like… for example… Maori people living in China, would never attack the Ming dynasty’s history to get ourselves ahead. It’s just not culturally correct, or good Kiwi manners. Maori people are not the enemy of Asian-Kiwi getting ahead. Thanks for ensuring we are not depicted that way!  :)

People closest to me love Asian-Kiwis. They’re some of the new inclusion (bigger influx) of Asian-Kiwis biggest fans. Me too. For example, pork and puha steamed dim sim pockets… are unbeatable!

And making her debut, is politics newest Xena warrior princess, Louisa Wall pretending in the very funny portrait, that she’s a Maori cartoon. Love it! Can a girl be any more humble? No!

The big issue for New Zealand in the cultural shuffle is not to sell off too much land or assets. A good balance is needed when integrating to secure a future for existing New Zealanders who are the gatekeepers of Kiwi culture and the basics of it. We have many Asian-Kiwis as good gatekeepers too. The ones in Gisborne, who arrived during New Zealand’s gold rush years (500 in NZ all up) have amazing children and grandchildren leading in New Zealand in various fields. They have done “time on the block” and they rock.

A friend’s view today is “I believe that all people should be treated with dignity in New Zealand, regardless of where they stem from.” I like that too.

Both Lucy Lawless, Maori women and Asian movie action stars – all know how to swing a taiaha (wooden weapon of martial arts). It’s one thing we have in common in New Zealand. Already! :)

These stories of Chinese migration in New Zealand are more riveting to read then watching even the best Hollywood TV shows. Thanks New Zealand Herald. Keep it flowing!

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Amy Grant is a grammy winner. She endured a painful divorce and still went on to wow the world with her gift of song. She’s a beauty.

Here’s El Shadai for Elvira‘s memory today, a lady I had the privilege of knowing in Westwood California. Peace! Click here

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One for Ezra – In Aotearoa New Zealand we look after and we appreciate our remnant peoples. We also appreciate what remaining remnants of all earth’s resources there are to share with everyone on the planet, through sustainable living.

Once upon a time, a painter named Rembrand(t) painted this painting titled, The Feast of Belshazzar. It was painted on canvas, 167.6 x 209.2cm. In 1639 Menasseh published this interpretation in his book De terminu vitae.  Menasseh was a mysti[k]s scholar who would explain the meanings of culture to humanist scholars of his times. He also introduced his painter friend to Ephraim Bonus, a doctor. Like Menasseh, Bonus was a Portugese-Jewish member of Rembrandt’s community.

Rembrandt painted his friends because he discovered in his paintings that they had slightly distinct features, different to other subjects he had painted. This body of work, where Rembrandt became interested in their physiognomic peculiarities, was because Rembrandt believed not only the high priests but all Jews, even Jesus Christ, had looked like this. In the 1650s a young Jew frequently modeled for Rembrandt’s students while they were on their Christ painting modules of art in education.

Author Christian Tumpel notes “This reflects the change in the Master Painter’s attitudes towards the Jewish people: this people, who were distinguished because Jesus Christ came from their midst, had not ceased to be brothers of the Christians by remaining true to the faith of their fathers.”

Riveting stuff from the Arts World in the reference section of Visual Audio Arts BHPL, CA 90210.

Like I said… in Aotearoa New Zealand we are remnant conscious and remnant mindful people. We think green and that includes preserving peoples lives because we are incredibly real. There’s not a fake or shaved bone in most of our faces – we like to look after our original remnant people first, before we rock out and be super heroes like we can be and we excel at too – as if we have secrets to hide and have to. We don’t. Because such a view is our real status as a nation, and we too are in positions of changing this, getting it right before we can rock out and save everyone else’s non-Rembrandt thinking humanistic consuming ways that’s too heavy on the gas pedal –expecting spiritually-minded people to put ourselves on the block, for them, and go to battle and wrangle – without much of a thought to that… we must return to Rembrandt’s work.

I am sorry if we misled you that we didn’t know our ethics and morals and whose priorities lie where. We know where ours lie in New Zealand. We are decent people. This is our current status on justice. I love that about New Zealand, just like this magnificent Rembrandt painting also reminds us. Daniel saved whole kingdoms from toppling once. The best part of all, he did it from a basis of saving his own remnant through serving foreign kings with the truth on matters. His own remnant were once in states of captivity. He was quite a remarkable guy. His guidance never came from the systems of guidance around him. It came from a higher source.

One of our own great painters name in New Zealand was Colin McCahon. He once did a painting representing a candle in the dark. The candle was in the foreground of an Egyptian pyramid background. I am that candle today, writing on this zero-budget, virtual wall from Beverly Hills. Who would have thought? Not me. However, Remnants are US.

The original Daniel was a friend of Ezra.

In New Zealand our greatest weapon on earth is our humility a sense of fair justice that can Rise Up above fear. We don’t fear nuclear weapons, because injustice is the greatest bomb of all to my people. Because of that. There is a principle that is spiritual, that states people who are just are respected, even by their ‘enemies.’ Justice preserves the life of a King, through wise counsel that is spiritually grounded in the rich fertile whenua of ethics. This is our best defense plan. It does cost a lot though. I hold this painting up as a symbol of justice today. Justice is a living spirit in New Zealand we all serve, honor, work hard to maintain. Justice is our passion, it is what we do well with gifted eyes for the world and strong hearts that can look at facts and divide an equation fairly. Not for ourselves alone to look good, in this fleeting moment of time, but beyond us all, for generations still to come.

Peace. Mauri ‘Ola. Ni hao.

[This painting is mounted in London at the National Gallery. T 11. Bredius 497. RRP A110. Christian Tumpel is the author of Rembrandt, Images and Metaphors - published by Haus Books, London. The book is a reference book and can be borrowed at the Beverly Hills Public Library's Arts Library before being returned for other people to share, read, enjoy and consume too.]

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Everyday we were fighting for survival, doing whatever we had to do. We rolled up our sleeves and left our egos at the door.

When we love something, emotion often drives our actions.

This is the gift and the challenge entrepreneurs face every day. The companies we dream of and build from scratch are part of us and intensely personal. They are our families. Our lives.

It was December 23, 2007, just weeks before I returned as ceo, and Michael Dell and I had just finished the 30 mile bike ride we took with a group of friends every morning in Hawaii over the holidays. More than just exercise, these daily rides had become therapeutic for me, especially as Michael and I got in the habit of talking about our individual challenges at work–Howard Schultz shares his love of getting coffee making and selling right from the book Onward.

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Love: A beverage of truth. A Love story Surfacing. Nothing is Confidential. Magic. Loyalty. Believe. Confidence: A Reservoir of Trust. A new way to see. Playing to win. Elevating the Core. Get in the mud. A reason to exist. Benevolence. Beyond the status quo. Bold moves. Pain: Whirlwind. A Lethal combination. Reverance. No silver bullets. I know this to be true. Hope: Truth in crises. A galvanizing moment. Nimble. Plan B. Stay the course. Courage: Innovate. Conviction. Connecting dots. Balance. Conscience. Winning. Ni Hao.

If you know who wrote these key words, inciting key attributes of #winning American culture that is proven by millions in the world, add the author’s name.


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The worst luxury one can delude oneself to feel in tough times, is the deceptive one, of self pity. You just can’t afford that emotion. It’s too taxing.

Today we learn from Italy, about how vital community is – and yet how bonds of community made up of family-based culture, can also be exploited by spoiled brats. (joking). However, this is italy’s story today, if you do the math.

Writes Stacy Meichtry for the Wall Street Journal, “On a recent Sunday in Rome, Daniela Varano and some friends lunched on eggplant parmesan whipped up by the 33-year-old publicist’s mother.

Mom, meanwhile, was 500 miles away in Bovalino, a small town in southern Italy. Despite the distance, [where items are transported overnight] she does what it takes to spoil her grown daughter with home-cooked fare.

“The umbilical cord was never cut,” says Ms. Varano’s 61-year-old mother, Lina.” Daniela maintains when she eats and shares her mother’s food with friends, “I’m maintaining an emotional link with my family.”

Stacey also notes, “Jobs for young Italians are scarce—particularly in Italy’s poorer south—forcing people to migrate north to big cities, leaving their mothers behind. In Calabria, on the toe of Italy’s boot, 52% of Italians between the ages of 15 to 64 were “inactive,” or not working or studying during most of 2010, according to Italy’s official statistics agency ISTAT. Authorities say Calabria is also home to the ‘ndrangheta mob, a drug trafficking syndicate that maintains a stranglehold on the region’s economy, starving the area of jobs.”

Rather humorously, the story of Italy’s doting mothers ends with this view of their independent kids, ‘A high-school teacher, Mr. Natale has been receiving Sunday deliveries [of food] for eight years. He deeply misses his mother, he said, but “there is no going back.”‘

Perhaps these mothers of Calabria, need to see ‘the world as their children’ and export vacuum packed products to China, America instead. I mean Calabria/ California… that has a good ring to it in this age of Jersey Shore culture taking the USA by storm. Now there’s a thought to really help their kids and grandchildren out as matriarchs of Italia grounded in reality too. For Stacey’s story, go here.

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New Zealand’s opposition leader of the nation’s Labor Party, Mr Phill Goff not only had to deal with a gay sex scandal of a Jr. politican who had to resign, but he also said his members of Parliament had talked about the sale of state assets by John Key‘s government and the impact it would have on electricity prices, as well as the Christchurch recovery, which he said the Government was using as an excuse to make changes such as cuts to Working for Families.”

Kiwis don’t like selling off national assets at all (because politicians do come and go) when assets go what’s left for future generations? Eroding community programs is also viewed as an erosion of cultural strength too at the grass roots.

There’s a lot going on in New Zealand. Rebuilding is definitely robust opposition terrain to flex some weight behind such issues. For sure. The whole nation’s heart is with Christchurch City though, the people are awesome.

In any event, there’s a royal wedding to attend for the nation’s PM, so Mr Goff needs an introduction about now as the caretaker leader during the upcoming days where the world will celebrate Will and Kate‘s special day in London.

Phil has been one of the nation’s longest serving politicians. Always thoughtful and purposeful. Most of all patient is how I remember him when I was in high school. Just kidding, he’s not that old! Blimey.

The climate these MP’s are in is leading ‘Facebook culture environments of peeps,’ where work gets in the way of Facebooking (darn it!) like this story perhaps shows, More than half see work as a big yawn.

Who are the new neighbors in New Zealand who’ve snapped up the state assets? What asset territories/ companies were sold off and what nations are the buyers from? New neighbors are always fun if we take a chipper view of these harrowing facts of sold assets. All these questions… and so little Facebook time too in a day. What will Kiwis do? :)

The Rugby World Cup is ahead in the upcoming months. Exciting stuff to plan and prepare for in anticipation or a major sporting event on the planet. Go New Zealand! It’s a party in Kiwi-land soon.

What about Sir Peter Blake‘s son, doing extra mural university papers and being on college campus when he can be and standing as an MP (no disrespect meant to the other candidates). Perhaps he could motivate the student pack in Dunedin as a good young leader? And generate some exciting culture in Dunedin that would benefit Canterbury youth as well? Why not! Give this student town something to Facebook about. Or, why doesn’t Dunedin (or Canterbury) create its own Facebook all Kiwis can use.

So many exciting possibilities ahead for Dunedin. Kara whiua!

[Photo caption - Labor Party leader Phil Goff emerges from a meeting with his front bench at Otago University in Dunedin today - NZPA].

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Recently a friend sent me a link to the book review by Ben Brothke on the much talked about book in Hollywood, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, penned by Christopher Hadnagy and published by Wiley.

Hollywood is divided into two tribes of filmmakers. There’s those that unpicked social engineering by offering views of living different than what we may perceive to be good living. Avatar‘s green planet conservation film text over destroying the earth in war, was one such powerful moment. Or, on the other hand, Hollywood too can be involved in filmmaking to program people with texts of new trends (sometimes propanda – all cinemas do this to varying degrees with view points offered) embedded in films to help social engineering people along the lines of new orders of power, or, prescribing the ‘new norms’ of social behavior.

For these two reasons, I’ll give you some snippets of Ben’s review on the topic of social engineering (people hackers) as a courtesy to the friend who shared the link. Here we go.

A person’s brain (or mind) can be hacked like a computer. Christopher Hadnagy describes social engineering as being like a science of manipulation of humans. He writes  ‘tools are an important aspect of social engineering, but they do not make the social engineer. A tool alone is useless; but the knowledge of how to leverage and utilize that tool is invaluable.’

Studies on how people have been hacked reveal two important books before Hadnagy’s. These Kevin Mitnick’s The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security and The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers.

Hadnagy advances the social engineering (observational science of the process) by detailing how attacks take place. He writes, the social engineer needs to use a formal context for the attack.

Information gathering is the game. (We saw this in wikileaks for example with a global scandal in foreign affairs ‘secrets’ being spilled to other nations). Brothke writes ‘Social engineering is often misportrayed as the art of asking a question or two and then gaining root access. In chapter 3 on elicitation, the author details the reality of the requirements on how to carefully and cautiously elicit information from the target. Elicitation is not something for the social engineer alone, even the US Department of Homeland Security has a pamphlet (Pdf) that is used to assist agents with elicitation.

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Not everything appearing as a Saint, is–C.S Lewis (all that glitters isn’t gold).

Would you sell the cricket bat in a nation’s hand? Or the rugby field from under their feet?

Living in humilty is to not live in delusion. Wisdom resides in humble people, who have an ability to recognize that fame is a mirage that only a minute few project. It is not reality for majorities of most people. Because humility recognizes this, in between navigating the quick sand fleeting mind fields of passing fads, humility is a spiritual protective force field around a nation’s future. Staying grounded on solid ground you still at best are a steward of, ensures a secure future for people you lead is to Stay Strong as a leader.

We call this art of humility Kia Kahatanga of financial management in New Zealand.

Future generations will praise such a leader who has this spirit. Fame is a demon. It seduces people into living short term. The wise think long term. Having been seduced in the past, I know this first hand and seek to help in this area.

We learn from mistakes. We need to learn quicker.

Debt is a demon. A nation’s assets in this current crazy world economy, perhaps need to be locked in a trust of safe keeping, under a key.

Vampires (sharks… whatevz you want to call them) swirl around freedom’s ramparts shores. And crawl over the green grassed hills and forrests of ‘home.’

Public demonstrations are all the rage. They are a sign of Demon.St.Ration at work. Seeing people live on coupons one loaf of bread at a time is debilitating. That’s not good leadership. It’s orchestrated mismanagement being pimped off shore. It needs to be curbed. It’s not freedom, it’s enslavement.

Democracy is being eroded. Culture is being sold. People of the future are being sold in this process to these narratives of potential enslavement. It is the nature of spend and debt to enslave. We must stop it. Asap.

This post can also be read in tandem with this post too (there’s a very good article to the New York Times cream of journalism from a veteran’s wise perspective observing the selling of America as America’s top journalist shares good insights of learning from America’s own life experiences).

[Photo caption - Currently on sale via the Knights Sports, Sporting Memorabilia, Wisden Almanack Auctions website and listed as 'Lot no. 452' is this item. The cricketing belt buckle. Brass belt buckle with cricket bat, stumps and bails and crossed racquets, 2.25"x2". VG. Estimate: £40/60.]

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The pen [that can write just laws for majority] is mightier than the sword–Winston Churchill

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Robin William‘s – America’s most famous TV moon man from back in the day is currently starring in a play about a bengal tiger at the baghdad zoo. Go here to read in full. An excerpt of this story written by Patrick Healey is -

How to turn the bloody truths of the Iraq war into mass entertainment is a problem that has repeatedly bedeviled Hollywood executives. Even “The Hurt Locker,” which won the Academy Award for best picture last year, earned only $17 million domestically. Now Broadway, where the price of a ticket can be 10 times as much as at the multiplex, is taking its first major look at Iraq eight years after the invasion, with a play that starts with a behanding, descends into brutality and murder, and features no less than Uday Husseinclutching the severed head of his brother, Qusay.

“Driving Miss Daisy” it isn’t. Nor is it the sort of familiar fare that commercial producers usually pick to reflect on wartime, like “South Pacific,” “All My Sons” or “Macbeth.” No, Rajiv Joseph’s “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” is the first play on Broadway since David Rabe’s Vietnam trilogy in the 1970s directly to confront the ruthlessness of war and the fallout for all sides involved.

To break even, the producers of the $3 million “Bengal Tiger” need to sell at least half of their 1,356 seats per show. They are pursuing a strategy that is two-thirds modern Broadway and one-third audacious bet: Match a critically acclaimed script with an Academy Award-winning actor —Robin Williams — then roll the dice and hope that a walking, talking tiger in the Green Zone will provide an artistic escape from Libya’s civil war and Japan’s nuclear crisis.

“This is, to put it mildly, a little different for Broadway,” said Jeffrey Richards, a prolific theater producer who is not involved with “Bengal Tiger.” “Everyone is town is curious if this show can succeed.””

And we remember the horrors of the holocaust today as well in the New York Times Arts section as the New York Times says that Japan finds solace in a cradle of consolation amidst their tragedies currently with a performance of Japan’s Bach Collegium Japan’s orchestra performing at Carnegie Hall.

The New York Times writes – “Hearing a good performance of Bach’s Mass in B minor is always a privilege. But it was especially meaningful to hear the Bach Collegium Japan’s account of this astounding masterpiece on Tuesday night at Carnegie Hall.

The citywide festival JapanNYC, sponsored by Carnegie Hall, whichbegan in December, returned to the hall on Monday with a concert by the NHK Symphony Orchestra. The remainder of the festival has been dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. To that end, there could not have been a more consoling work than Bach’s Mass.”

Go here to read more.

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Here in California the war of TV networks audience shares are focused on keeping America amused for advertisers. US TV Networks are betting big on historic UK European ‘war of thrones culture’ to make bank for advertisers this year on the TV.

All entertainment texts are written to serve up an audience to someone. Usually advertisers, yet in a fast moving multi-media terrain, that concept is fast changing too.

HBO is backing Game of Thrones, the Nordic fantasy tale with horses and King’s men getting a run (or a canter is more apt as the art of de-cantering is upon us in such times of sediment sentiments) while all wearing iron clad suits.

It’s about military might and uniformity of team working in disciplined unity as lead by King’s battling for territories and kingdoms. So competitive. Show time is doing sexual kink, trists with religious corruption confessional booths storytelling to amuse audiences this year in the US – all with a pseudo-religious face on it. Jeremy Irons is leading that charge with a show concept of The original crime family.’

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Karen Pickering
shines as a singer, music artist and performer, Maori representative of Aotearoa Sounds and WOMAD Music Festival.

The Maori-Tongan New Zealander is pictured here with Josephine Costain, Moana ManiapotoMatiu Te Huki.

[Photographs courtesy of The Pic's own collection]

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Beautiful is the moon, rising over a Fairfax Hollywood palm in black of night.

Regal is the crown of the tree, like liberty light sustained ‘neath moon’s full glow.

[Use your photo shop tool to download pic and see the palm tree. Pic taken 3 minutes ago in Hollywood].

[Pic below TVNZ footage still - From the rubble where the earth quivered and shook, a dusty barber shop throne called from the ends of the earth, to rebuild a kingdom not made by hand alone].

Music, Adagio For Strings for mediation. Click on chair to listen.

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This one for St Sticky, on St Patricks Day and for all of the awesome people in the World who are and who love The Irish.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day.

Good rugby heads music anthem as Music today: The Proclaimers with 500 Miles. Let’s go Ireland & Scotland!

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Before I ever headed for the USA my Maori mom told me that Hollywood was ruled by 3 snakes.

Their goal is to whisper in your ear concurrently trying to seduce you and offer you a false i-d or sense of power. Their fangs drip with gilded lies. The snakes she named were The Gold (lust for capitol gain)/ The Girls/ Guys (sex)/ The Glory (fame and its many illusions and guises).

Whenever we have a tabloid scandal here in Hollywood, or the US, the biggest scandals are when all three of these snakes have wrapped a celebrity (a person who entertains) in a bind. We call the death grip bind, addiction. How this person slays the snakes (tames them, plays with them or just ignores them) is the strength of a leader. Or it is also a display of either a train wreck or someone with a strong spirit. The best Hollywood movies depict this seduction/ possible restriction/ battle to be free/ death or victory journey theme in characters battling on screen.

Mom wasn’t far wrong. “Humility, being considerate to others and your faith, keeps you free from their deathly hold” was her remedy.

Today though when I take a quick glance at New York City, I see this photo caption that says: “Just as “Guns, guts and God made this country great” …”Black roots, boots and gloves made this Walmart glamour shot.” -Citizen Strange.

I like these midwest words a lot. Never have more blunt hill billy words of wisdom been written. Love it. Thanks New York.

[Photo via Break. Words via Michael K]

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Kaimiko Saito introduced me to Twibbon, and shares these thoughts: “Kumiko Saito

Let’s all pray for everyone for japan. Lets think of the positive side , I am sure that a lot of people survived! Lets Be Thankful For That. We all have to believe and have faith in them. They will make it threw this because they are strong people , I know that!”
What a good attitude. At the minute ‘pray for Japan’ is the 5th biggest trending topic all American people are thinking about in the online community. It really is devastation beyond describale for any community to be enduring. Remember to, a blog post is in the ‘all kinds of prayer’ category as well these days. Prayer is not limited to traditional means, it’ IT related now too.
Some other links of other bloggers we’re looking at in between Japan news are:
[Art work - Snow by Tokugawa Nariaki currently on display at LACMA] Read the rest of this entry »


I have to behave myself here. :)

But it must be said, when you look at this photo of an Aussie and a Kiwi playing a cricket match for Christchurch City this weekend in Wellington where The Hobbit‘s 3D production HQ is, that the question must be asked in bold:

So WHERE IS Elizabeth Hurley EXACTLY when she’s most required to watch a charity cricket match for EARTHQUAKE survivors?!

How insensitive of Liz NOT to turn up to THIS cricket match… of all the days!

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Cute is the Patea Maori Club singing and swinging the Maori poi via Taranaki.

Poi E is one of those classic Kiwi songs that always brings a smile, when you watch it.

The song is like a gift of authentic culture, uniquely created in Aotearoa New Zealand and loved by the people of Hawaii, USA, that keeps on giving.

Enjoy. Let’s go Maoris! :)

Maori – Kiwi Star Power tribute as Hollywood Art Today – Russell Crowe‘s Hollywood star, Walk of Fame, Hollywood California USA. Photographed by Horiwood.Com.

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Growing up playing rugby football, I never thought I’d see the day where somehow I’d get to blog in Hollywood (woot!) about rugby football coaching legend Graeme Henry hanging out at a cricket match with The Gladiator/ Robin Hood Oscar winner guy (Russell Crowe). Yet today is that surreal collision of Kiwi childhood dreams converging into this one photograph by Mark Mitchell. For more photos of Russell, Graeme and friends, go here to view these lads in action for Charity cricket for Christchurch City’s rebuilding effort post the quake in Wellywood. A nice gesture.

Graeme Henry is the current coach of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, a football team most people in the world have heard of and like. Graeme’s always as laid back as a Tararua cheese TVC. He’s a dude.

Voted in Hollywood today, here’s our top ten trending celebrity, entertainment and news posts on a day where we are all conscious of earthquake survivors in Japan, Christchurch and Tsunami survivors too. Peace!

1. 80′s music commentary – Herbs with Maori anthem of Nuclear Waste wisdom

2. Fukushima Iwaki Japan vacate 170,000 people in nucler meltdown precaution

3. Amber Rose before the storm

4. Tsunami & Quake Watch – Japan in 3 pics – 3.11.11

5. No waste – fashion recycling keeps it real – Michelle Obama is measured

6. The Bush family have a budding writer via Christchurch

7. Hollywood Vegas cellulite bikini confessions by Holly Madison & Kim Kardashian

8. Virginia bootleggers movies are a new theme in Hollywood reflecting the times

9. Friday by unknown artist Rebecca Black

10. Best Sports People of 2010 – Social Media votes via Twitter results

Writes Reuters of this Satellite image of Japan post the quake and tsunami – This one-meter resolution satellite image of Fukushima Daiichii Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, right, was taken one day after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Oshika Peninsula on March 11, 2011. According to news reports, this is the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history. Analysts believe the powerful earthquake moved Japan’s main island eight feet, shifted the Earth on its axis four inches and unleashed a devastating tsunami. The image shows extensive destruction to buildings, vehicles and infrastructure. Entire regions have been flooded, swept away or reduced to ruin. The image was taken by GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite at 10:36 a.m. (local time) on March 12, 2011 from 423 miles in space. The image on the left is a satellite images of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite on November 15, 2009. - Washington Post for REUTERS.

People on a rooftop await rescue in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture -Reuters

Cricket spectators support Christchurch’s earthquake relief fund by attending a charity cricket match in the nation’s capitol. That’s the humanitarian spirit! LOVING IT!!! Go Kiwis. Pic via NZH.

With 10,000 people missing in Japan’s hour of need, we can help by acting with faith and hope. Go here to make a difference if you’d like to. :)

Music today – Commonwealth Anthems from Kiwiland, backstage with Crowded House performing at Live Earth Day Australia. There’s a new star on our watch older than us all…. it’s the Earth. The more aware of the earth we are, the better we will all be. This rousing performance reminds us of that. Much love from the City of Angels today. Kia ora Russell and Graeme! Mauri ‘Ola…. Life to US!

USA Media outlets raising awareness about the people of Japan too in this moment our earth’s watch are: AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing BoingBrave New FilmsBuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireRaw StoryRedstate.orgSeeing The ForestThe Swamp (Chicago Tribune)Swampland (Time)TalkLeftTalking Points MemoTapped (American Prospect)Taylor MarshThat Minority ThingTruthdigThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWashington Whispers (US News & World Report)WonketteThe Young TurksRoger E. HernándezChristopher HitchensRich LowryDick MeyerJohn NicholsJack ShaferRobert ScheerLynn SweetBrian TillGeorge WillMichael WolffPBS NewsHour. Nice one!

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Artists are leaders because they know no fear. Culturally, they will cross over–Dame Elizabeth Taylor‘s humanitarian story.

What: Photographic Exhibition – Elizabeth Taylor in Iran.

Who: Photographs by Firooz Zahedi

Where: LACMA, Los Angeles, Ahmanson Building, Level 4, February 26, 2011–June 12, 2011.

About: The year was 1976 when Hollywood’s leading lady of cinema, Elizabeth Taylor travelled outside of the USA to visit Iran with photographer Firooz Zahedi.

Back then Zahedi was an arts student, who having left Iran as a child was rediscovering Iran with Taylor on this sojourn. These photos are being exhibited for the first time.

The locations Taylor and Zahedi visited were the Persepolis. There The Tent City erected for the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire was on display in 1971. They also visited Shiraz known as the home of fine wine and all things poetic. Isfahan’s mastery in tile-clad architecture was a key spot of their travels.

Zahedi would photograph Taylor many times post this trip, but these images are their most personal collaborative efforts. This installation was made possible in part by the Art of the Middle East Council. Additional support was provided by The Icon Lab.
Image: Firooz Zahedi – Titled - Dressed as an Odalisque, 1976

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( 大 卫 的 诗 , 交 与 伶 长 。 调 用 百 合 花 。 )   神 啊 , 求 你 救 我 ! 因 为 众 水 要 淹 没 我 。

我 陷 在 深 淤 泥 中 , 没 有 立 脚 之 地 ; 我 到 了 深 水 中 , 大 水 漫 过 我 身 。

求 你 不 容 大 水 漫 过 我 , 不 容 深 渊 吞 灭 我 , 不 容 坑 坎 在 我 以 上 合 口 。

耶 和 华 啊 , 求 你 应 允 我 ! 因 为 你 的 慈 爱 本 为 美 好 ; 求 你 按 你 丰 盛 的 慈 悲 回 转 眷 顾 我 !

Psalm 69 for Japan. Artwork, Tiger Rain by Utagawa Hiroshige, woodcut print – LACMA, Los Angeles, photographed by Horiwood. Accompanying music, Gräfenberg, Johann Crüger, Praxis Pietatis Melica, 1647.

Go here to make a difference.

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This artwork by Carlton is a little bit Bill Clinton. Very cool.

[Photographed by Horiwood via Weideman Gallery, West Hollywood California USA]

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Here’s a South Pacific classic song to sing if you’re Fiji friendly in the spirit of sharing vs protectionism.

What’s Your Name? by Pati & friends is the jingle.

Loves! It’s all about the certain way, a guitar is strummed. Coco-licious music.

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This is how we do it!

I’m a bit of Hollywood fan of Aussie Idol singer, Guy Sebastian‘s golden vocal sound. Here’s Guy singing for Oprah Winfrey on her now infamous sojourn in Aussie land.

Hot r n b vocals entertainment. Thanks Guy. I like Guy because he’s like Beyonce. They have the vocal goods to be megastars of entertainment as singers, yet they are so humble in spirit. Powerful people.

Mr Sebastian kicks in at the 2:30 mark of this video footage.

Own your story. :)

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