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Black Media Scoop brings us a report today of singer Chris Brown‘s interview with cancer survivor, Robin Roberts this am.

Say’s The Scoop, “The singer, who turns 22 in May, went crazy minutes after he was questioned by anchor Robin Roberts live on-air about his assault on Rihanna in 2009.”

GMA’s response via ABC was “As always, we asked questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

It appears that Chris smashed a window, took his tee shirt off, showed off his tattoos after the interview. He is promoting his album the F.A.M.E.

What do you think of Brown’s antics? Should he be showing that domestic violence is not the smartest way to live with sharing more openly about it? Or, is doing the community service (his sentence for the crime) that Brown carried out, as well as enduring 2 years of social stigma, his way already of saying sorry. Or, should he not show violent actions for being put under the microscope again, but be a bit more contrite in his reactions to the issue that plagued both Chris and Rihanna when they split? More important than selling an album (of fame), or not?

Many people offer commentary on this, already, here. At the time of writing, Brown is the no.2 most read topic on google search. Jon Stewart sits at no.1 with netflix at no.3.

It’s domestic violence awareness month in the USA. DV is a disease that is everybody’s business says the DV.Org website.

Buzz word topics of the last week in the US have been – “bullying” and “violence” by the way.

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Be a reservoir via Hollywood of life for kids. To put it bluntly, 2 million kids die each year because clean drinking water is what 1/6th of the world still need.

Let’s flow. Thanks people.

[This photograph: Ethiopia]

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Here’s Star Magazine‘s domestic violence and battery Britney Spears cover this week, that the pop star’s management has denied as being false. Dramatic, even if it is not true.

D.V statistics always rise close to the end of year holidays with increased financial/ family pressures causing pressure, so perhaps this is a good tabloid cover to bring awareness to this fact–to respect women always, especially at this time of year.

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A rumor surfaced via Jason Alexander‘s camp, that Jason Trawicke has been beating Britney Spears. Radar online provided a tape of a taped conversation between Alexander and a voice believed to be Brit Brits. The female voice said: ‘Trawicke beat on me,’ that he’d ask to marry Britney but she’d declined, and that her father Jamie Spears is so furious with Trawicke that he has “a shotgun and will use it.”

Spears camp has responded via her Manager that  these rumors are not true and Spears has had no contact with Alexander in years. The audio tap can be listened to here.

Any truth in a rumor like this would be the last thing Spears needs. Jason too. [Subtext - Spears has an agent and a manager. They are not one and the same person--as she dates her agent]. The issue does raise awareness to domestic violence though–and that this is always wrong.

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I saw that The University of Carolina is offering a Major in Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. Pop music as a vehicle of leadership in nationhood’s direction is what kids want to study. Really a University should be offering science and advanced mathematics or physics papers in the US in an effort to close the gap on Education being an equipping tool towards being viable competitors in the future direction of a global economy.

If sociology is a lure to get kids into college to see what it’s all about, all good–perhaps they should be offering a 2 hour lecture in Rihanna Studies instead though. Kids would learn just as much, although Rihanna is not technically an American citizen. Although shaping American culture so much as an artist, rather humorously, her visa status is still that of an alien. She is the USA’s Alien Queen of the 2010′s.

In 2008, Rihanna was ranked in the top four on google New Zealand trends for the year. Her live performances in Auckland The Supercity were well appreciated from fans. A then relatively unknown American leader (to the-wider-world), Barack Obama, also made the top ten in this innovative and perceptive trend-spotting small nation. At this time, New Zealand’s current Prime Minister, was not yet ranked in the top ten (Sir Edmund Hillary was instead, at no. 7) yet Rihanna and Mr Obama were on New Zealand’s cultural radar of people they like.

As a comparison, Australia ranked Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith in their top ten and Mr Obama was not yet on the radar in Australia’s mindsets at all that same year in a significant way. Rihanna however (was ranked no.9 in Australia that year as a trend) denoting that she is a key figure and entertainer to the South Pacific and Asia Pacific territories. She was the only person of color in Australia’s top ten that year to ‘cross-over’ as an accepted trend, whereas New Zealand had 3 people of color trend that same year. It is fair to say, that as a star, leader and a cultural-architect artist of a modern world–that Rihanna is always a forerunner of the world’s elite leaders. This is her destiny as a person. Let’s look at what she’s gifted the American people, so far.

What would GQ be, without its Rihanna magazine covers in the US or Britannia? You need at least one Rihanna moment as your cover girl each year to be a successful men’s magazine. This girl is both pretty, tough and resilient in making a comeback when beaten down. She can also make a fashion accessory super hot–that all stars emulate and fashion designers incorporate into their styles of design. She’s the edge of trendsetting when she feels like playing the diva role.

She also gave America a powerful image of someone who recovered from post traumatic stress disorder of something unexpected that can hit a life in America, requiring a major rebuilding effort. Her Chris Brown domestic violence saga of the past catapulted Rihanna into superstar status. Resilience was added to her star exotic brand in that tragic moment of callous American mistreatment by young Chris towards a foreigner living and working in Los Angeles. That media moment was bloody awful. Thankfully Chris Brown has moved on from the incident too now, maturing from it also.

There has never been anyone who lived in Hollywood Hills, quite like Rihanna who has contributed to American culture in difficult years, offering hope or distraction or attitude or just good fun. She’s quite unique. Via Barbados and the Commonwealth, along with Beyonce she is the All American Girl inspirer of the last decade. Next year, I wonder if actor/ singer/ fashion sequer and stylist, Kat Graham, a newbie who is currently sporting top hats of British gentry of the UK, will get to land on GQ too?

In the meantime, here’s the hardworking Riri, amusing Britain with those looks. In the last 11 months, she’s just not stopped working. Respec. In fact Rihanna’s music accomplishments are second to none in America–she’s pop royalty and the Commonwealth’s black queen of pop. In 2008 when Rihanna performed live for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she wore earrings reflecting the shape of the late Princess Diana‘s engagement ring, the same ring now being worn by Kate Middleton. With her symbology that constitutes pop star monarchy’s iconography, that millions of people worldwide follow–as symbols of empire that they think define them, Rihanna is always smart. Equally subtle as confrontation, a rare mix. Rihanna is a little naughty, she’s the only music artist to give the Queen a diva snear at the end of her performance, before she curtsied–an expression the Queen would never allow herself to do in public, even if she wanted to. The moment from Rihanna is cute.

Hitfix reports that Riri (who this blog is sorta named after too), is the no.1 charting artist of the millennium. The music website writes: “Only Girl In the World jumps to No. 1 this week, giving Rihanna her second single from Loud to hit the top spot. Two weeks ago, What’s My Name featuring Drake was at No. 1. Loud debuts at No. 3 this week on the Billboard 200.

Riri makes history. It is the first time Read the rest of this entry »


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The cover of The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles tackles the topic of domestic violence head on this week.

The neat thing about the article that accompanies this dramatic cover, is that the story actually examines the effects of “verbal violence.”

The emphasize is put on ‘violence of the tongue’ or ‘words’ or ‘intention of words’ that can brutalized another’s emotional reservoirs — or emotional currency. What I have found living in L.A is that emotional currency has a direct impact on energy investment into creating new things for a society including its economy. I like the theme of this article, as although it uses domestic violence as its platform its much more nuanced in commenting on society at large.

So clever. Long before there’s a war of fists and violence, there’s always a war of words and misunderstandings. These days, many are trying to capture others ‘emotional capacity,’ as if to do that, makes someone more powerful than another. It’s a sickness, that equates to violence in a war of words.

The Jewish Journal focuses on attitudes as reflected in our words one to another. Deep as always from The Jewish Journal. I like this magazine a lot.

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Alrighty, I am still obsessing on the fact that Michael Jackson as a brand to entertain, still rocks on, because his architecture as an entertaining King, has a life force of it’s own–with or without him.

That’s nuts. For a fragile dude, he sure built a solid kingdom of entertainment to model. Look at this stuff fly. It’s the real deal of a King. Dance is celebrated in these images of art and performance. Monarch butterflies and Doves feature too.

These are the symbols that Jackson’s children and Miss Janet Jackson – MJ’s sister, are presenting to his fans and the world.

There is no more successful American who proved they could cross over and appeal to India, like Michael Jackson. He “lived beyond color lines, geographical borders and boundaries” to paraphrase his sister’s Rhythm Nation lyrics.

He was cross-cultural, all people he saw as being the same. As a culture maker, and America’s King of Pop he saw his role as creating symbology for his fans, so that they could have  a sense of global culture that resonated with them all.

Seriously though, as New Zealand is the nation that creates Jackson-Taylor Monarchs in 3D  in the 2010′s of cinema mastery –we perhaps need a ‘royal cinematic meeting of entertainment minds’ with one of MJ’s kids or his nieces or nephews (we’re not fussy), to star in our Hobbit films, to cement that point. What a cool idea.

Let me play ‘stand in’ Hollywood casting agent on this one…  We’ll go for Blanket Jackson thanks, as a Hobbit prince of Latino descent. :)Having seen both Michael and Janet Jackson both perform live in concert in Auckland at Mt Smart Stadium, New Zealand with friend, Trinity Brooke, I think Blanket would rock, following in the footsteps of the family, in a Hobbit film shot in 3D and Middle Earth. Imagine that! A real Jackson Hobbit too. Perfect!

Enjoy these images, from Blanket’s Estates’ one page ad in the LA Times today. A paper that services a city and associated cities of 20 million people.

[Image of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Patron Saint portrait at The Abbey, West Hollywood, hung over fire's heat--Horiwood.Com's own like the hearth and kiln of a Queen. Music: Janet Jackson singing Nothing (Trust in Me)]. “Cherish each moment as if it’s your last. Nothing is more important than the one’s we love. Trust in me.”–lyrics paraphrased.

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Eliza Dushku was doe-eyed for her man, Rick Fox, currently a Dancing With The Stars leading lad aka reality TV star, while attending the Peace Over Violence 39th Annual Humanitarian Awards. Cute couple doing good things.

[Image courtesy of Eliza Dushku]

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Caribbean cutie, Rihanna says this of what being in a relationship of domestic violence will do to a woman: “I felt like an empty vessel.”

Of course, over 18 months after she exited her violent relationship, she gives this news, from the cover of Marie Claire Magazine. Pop stars and public figures!!!

Love her message. A reminder that domestic violence is never cool and should not be tolerated by anyone.


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