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Sometimes I feel like a waterfall in West Hollywood, that just won’t stop. Where the water comes from within the spirit that feels dry, jaded, tired on grey winters days, ironically on days when it pours with rain – I don’t know.

One thing I do know, is that 2 million innocent children, die each year in our world, on our watch, regardless of what flags we wave above our heads, or what parades we have under them for whatever reasons to gratify our own sense of worth and identity. While our flags flap around in the wind, the lives of these children do too and many die because they don’t have access to clean drinking water. They get sick, their lives and their potential in this world are cut short.

Sometimes I wish, that people who are told and even say themselves that they are Kings & Queens would rise up like the legend of Moses in a dry desert, and take the wooden staff of their generation’s destiny and dare to strike the rock of greed, of apathy, or blindness, of entitlement, of nationalism, of hatred, of extreme and costly ‘paper gangsta’ capitalism, of those attitudes of detachment masked in those nonhuman words ‘that’s them and not us,’ of leader’s pride, human blind spots and prejudices; and our own too judging these leaders who are at best, mirrors of ourselves that we elected in many cases (or, the flip side too of letting go of the paralyzing and crippling fear of extreme loss and grief that inevitably follows in that degree of sudden loss too, it’s all the same constructed coin)–and these royals of the earth would say “enough, let these children go free” and cause water to flow to children they don’t know, whose parents they’ve never seen, whose dreams are more real than us at times or our bank balance or the figure we are told of our paper worth or lack of, or the excitement in our allocated and imagined carbon credit worth too. We are so green thinking these days!

[Excuse the Kerouac-esque lack of punctuating all proper, in that last paragraph].

Then I realise, sh*t, these Kings and Queens are on this blog everyday. They’re you and on a good day – I could be in your good company too. On a good day. Giving the gift of water to someone else is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do in the 2010′s. One of the true signs we have actually evolved with all of enjoyment and claims of new technology et al that have radically changed our lives. Giving water and saying to someone else, “I love you and you are much loved” are two simple yet vital things we can do each day.

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“True Hollywood fact: When Jodi Hannah gives you a hug, her love for the world, radiates heat from her heart like fire to touch the world, and make an uplifting difference”–Horiwood Today. 

On IMDB, film producer Jodi Hannah wife of director Eric Hannah (director of the latino friendly rom com film, Meet Me In Miami, is up 240% in popularity this week! She’s a hot honey. Just spotted today in Beverly Hills. You’d never know, Jodi has had two children, a daughter Rain Hannah and son Wind Hannah, and she looks like she just stepped off the fashion runway… Well, the sun-kissed beach runway version of California, that is. So pretty.

Jodi Hannah also does amazing film distribution strategies, across America and in California when she works on film projects, that have a unique ability to feed the hungry in City communities.

Love her. She’s a believer in creating uplifting entertainment with spirit, producing courageous extreme sports documentary film as displayed in her film Extreme Days, and Lifting Up America too. Go girl! :)

Jodi is all about lives being touched: Here’s a report of a Hollywood film premiere event Jodi and Eric were a part of: “If you attend one of our movie premiere events you will see hundreds of lives being touched. Here are just some of the many responses to our Hollywood premiere.

From Andrew Wolfberg, Attorney at Law, volunteer for Jewish Big Brothers/Big Sisters:

“My ‘little brother’ and his mother have had a difficult past few months especially after he was diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T). I have never seen him smile as much as I did at your event. He especially enjoyed his ride in a huge green [Interstate Battery] limousine.”

[Picture - top: Jodi Hannah, above image: Eric Hannah, Music: Earth, Wind & Fire -September]

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