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Public demonstrations generally follow Facebook numbers increase. The latest trending topic of world news is undoubtedly a display of Public Demonstrations. Everybody’s doing it. New Zealand did Public Demonstrations over “keeping The Hobbit Films in New Zealand.” Not very political, but hey – entertainment goes with Facebooking!

Filmmaking is well worth, public demonstrating over! Hollywood would agree with that.

Seriously though, Public Demonstration News is swiftly followed by press releases from Facebook, appearing as news via The Associated Press, who are now playing Facebook’s publicists. That’s sort of funny. Read here.

This via a blog today - RABAT, MOROCCO – FEBRUARY 20: Women whose family members have been arrested join thousands of other Moroccans in demonstrations against the regime led by King Mohammed VI on February 20, 2011 in Rabat, Morocco. Responding to calls by the ‘February 20′ movement on the social networking site Facebook, thousands of Moroccans from diverse backgrounds and ages took to the streets to protest in Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat. The protests in Morocco, which follow uprisings in neighboring countries, were mostly peaceful.”

May equality for all global citizens be our goal. And may each nation get it together and develop their own Facebook sites in this age of digital revolution. Words written by the people of the people should be housed by the people within their own nation’s word banks. Perhaps. :)

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Adel is from Morocco. He’s a chef whose been cooking for twenty-odd years now. One day when Adel was cooking for studios at Hollywood parties, he’d also fly across to Idaho for the Marriott hotel chain’s finest parties they used to throw in Boise.

One night the New Zealand consulate (based in Brentwood, California) was promoting New Zealand’s fine travel destination virtues and food produce in Idaho, when the New Zealand chef ate MacDonalds that day. He got food poisoning and could not cook for 600 guests that night.

Adel was in town and got the gig in Boise, thus saving the day. The event was a huge success serving up New Zealand beef and lamb. Always delicious meat. Since then Adel has been a friend of the New Zealand Consulate here in L.A. He’s also a new friend of mine.

What I like about Adel is that he stresses that at some point all people should seek to increase their knowledge of how finance, stocks and bonds work. Since he’s grown in financial knowledge himself, life has gotten so much better for him. He invests all of his money in oil, gold and oil and steel and more gold and then oil. Did I mention that Adel invests in gold and oil? – yet he still works too with his hands each day.

These days Adel doesn’t cook much but it is in him to cook as Morocco peeps like New Zealanders (Kiwis) must always be cooking tasty food, especially with quality meat. Adel gets up at 4am and reads up and checks his stocks related news. By 7am he is at his restaurants in L.A. His big focus is working up his Deli Bar franchise prototype deli/ beer bar, so that it can fly US nationwide.

Adel is very calm and uses his time wisely. Unlike me. Yet we are good buddies who share stories of where we came from before we hit L.A. He gets a kick out of worthy people getting more financially versant in financial knowledge, so that life becomes better for them. Thanks Adel. Adel reads novels on his Kindle each day between 2-3 when he can. People who read books in Hollywood, are always quite cool, I’ve found. Rock on Morocco in LA!

[Alright that was my New Zealand Consulate press for NZ in the USA]

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I don’t know why Los Angeles Times, Arts & Books section, is not doing books at all, but features this story on “their mix goes global” regarding Lady Gaga and Eminem and other US music stars working with people Nadhir Kayat, RedOne, Alex Da Kid and oh wait… Ari Levine.

Yet, books get bumped for this story on… pop music culture.

Although the article appears entirely in the wrong section of the L.A Times, if you’re a music enthusiast the article by Ann Powers is a riveting read. It talks of immigrants with outside perspectives, bringing their infusion of music, sound thoughts translating into tunes–imported into the shell that is America – and working with American faces of music (and artists), to help create new ‘American pop culture’ that translates easily globally via iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, Google etc etc etc.

Culture is often musically driven these days as music transcends all barriers. Social media and the internet capitalize on this hugely, thus culture gets spread via the US, because distribution is the name of the game over the internet.  Here’s Powers story:

“LOS ANGELES – Nadhir Kayat’s journey from obscurity to fame is the tale of a global wanderer. Born the youngest of nine children in the Moroccan port city of Tetouan, Kayat realized early on that his ambitions required him to leave all he knew.

“I grew up in Africa,” said Kayat, now better known by his nom du studio, RedOne, in a recent Los Angeles Times-sponsored roundtable discussion at the Grammy Museum in downtown L.A. “And America, the dream, is very far.” Read the rest of this entry »