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Everyday we were fighting for survival, doing whatever we had to do. We rolled up our sleeves and left our egos at the door.

When we love something, emotion often drives our actions.

This is the gift and the challenge entrepreneurs face every day. The companies we dream of and build from scratch are part of us and intensely personal. They are our families. Our lives.

It was December 23, 2007, just weeks before I returned as ceo, and Michael Dell and I had just finished the 30 mile bike ride we took with a group of friends every morning in Hawaii over the holidays. More than just exercise, these daily rides had become therapeutic for me, especially as Michael and I got in the habit of talking about our individual challenges at work–Howard Schultz shares his love of getting coffee making and selling right from the book Onward.

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Ten things about Prince Harry Windsor‘s GQ Magazine cover’s, accompanying interview for war veterans awareness and sacrifice.

Hiking for charity is a royal thing to do:

In a world exclusive for the May issue, GQ meets Prince Harry and the Walking with the Wounded team as they prepare for their epic unaided trek to the North Pole, in an attempt to raise £2 million for charities focusing on the retraining and rehabilitation of injured British service personnel. Arctic experts give some of the disabled war veterans a 40-60% betting odds chance of completing the ambitious mission for a noble cause.

Who exactly is in the star line up of this Nanook of The North styled trek it out Posse?

Prince Harry is Patron of Walking with the Wounded, and the team comprises Captain Guy Disney, Private Jaco van Gass, Sergeant Steve Young, Captain Martin Hewitt, Founders Edward Parker and Simon Dalglish, Logistics and Training Guide Henry Cookson, and Polar Guide Inge Solheim.

Paid modeling for charitable causes is a royal thing to do as well for family traditions of charity. Chalk it.

Harry and the team were photographed by David Bailey in January 2011. A special edition front cover [pictured] will feature HRH Prince Harry, with a donation from each issue sold going to the Walking with the Wounded charity.

What frozen landscape sets can teach us about human rights beyond despair of the human price of war for veterans.

Founder Edward Parker comments of the wounded servicemen selected from the 100-plus injured who applied to undertake the challenge, “These four guys knew when they went toAfghanistan that they could get killed or wounded. The political whys and wherefores are not what we’re addressing here. These men are soldiers; this is what they do; it is their job. But what happens when they can’t go back to the day job through physical or mental injury? What happens to these men and women? We must not forget about them. They need assistance, support, money.  They need help realising that, yes, their options have changed – drastically – but they can still have an impact they can still very much lead full and prosperous lives. These wounded personnel have immense courage; more so than ever before. The four guys going to the Pole with Walking with the Wounded are just the veneer on the wounded community; it is up to us and this expedition to show there is a future. If by walking 250 miles across a frozen landscape, we can inspire one disabled serviceman to lift himself up off the bed, or out of a wheelchair, or out from the depths of hopelessness, we have done our job.”

Gratitude as a trait of brotherhood. Not taking an individuals personal sacrifice to serve others lightly.

Royal Patron Prince Harry, who is joining the other eight men on the ice for up to a week, said in a message of support: “This extraordinary expedition will raise awareness of the debt that this country owes to those it sends off to fight – only for them to return wounded and scarred, physically and emotionally. The debt extends beyond immediate medical care and short-term rehabilitation. These men and women have given so much. We must recognise their sacrifice, be thankful, so far as we can ever repay them for it.”

Norwegian Nordic Austin Powers sense of humor in tricky drifting conditions of navigating the Arctic world on top of the ice capped oil rich terrain.

Inge Solhiem, the expedition’s Polar Guide, adds “Harry’s training has been going very well: he has the right attitude. I’m sure Harry has healthy concerns about the dangers – as he should. You have no idea how different the pole is from everything else on the planet. The old Norwegian explorers called it the “devil’s dance floor”. It is unpredictable. Deadly. If you’re not paying attention it will just slap you… You can walk ten miles in one day, pitch your tent overnight, and the ice will have drifted you back eleven miles in the opposite direction.”

Jaco van Gass on Afghanistan as a door

Private Jaco van Gass [pictured, right, with Capt. Guy Disney], who lost his left arm (as well as almost two-thirds of his left leg tissue), is one of the chosen team. He says “I knew what I was fighting for out there. I wasn’t just doing what the army told me to do, I wanted to be there. I loved my job and I still do. I loved every second of it and that’s why I don’t regret what happened to me. There’s not a day that goes by now when I don’t think about Afghanistan and wish I was back out there; my battalion, the Parachute Regiment, is out there now, out on the front line.  I know that door has closed, but new ones are opening. I am ready for these new challenges; I am ready for the future.”–Excrutiating injuries.

Veteran Injuries have greatly increased dramatically for UK soliders

The number of single, double and triple amputees and severely injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan annually has risen dramatically since the war began in 2001. Figures from Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA), part of the Ministry of Defence, mirror the numbers compiled by independent charities for limbless service personnel, and the news is shocking. Look back as far as 2006 and the number of UK servicemen who sustained partial or complete limb amputation that year in Afghanistan as a result of injuries sustained was seven.  In 2007 it had reached 12, by 2008 numbers were up to 30, come 2009 and 55 were recorded and by the end of 2010 this annual figure had risen to 76 troops who had suffered “traumatic or surgical amputation” of one or more limbs.  No one has any doubts this figure will rise again in 2011. From the period 1 January 2006 to 15 January 2011, 1,608 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK field hospitals, categorised as Wounded In Action, as part of operation in Afghanistan, whereas 248 were categorised as Seriously Injured and 235 Very Seriously Injured.

I hope these lads take some Afghan Biscuits with them. Afghan biscuits help your skip along when hiking. One shouldn’t hit the arctic without them in your pack. They’re chocolate biscuits made with (skippy maybe) cornflakes in them. Perfect for hiking, like scroggin biscuits add strength with triple New Zealand butter and a dash of sugar via Fiji with extra dark chocolate lashings of icing for good luck and good measure.

The full feature from Walking With the Wounded expedition appears in the May issue of British GQ, out 31st March. Proceeds from this special issue, with two collector’s edition covers, will be going to Walking with the Wounded.

Click here to read what happened when David Bailey travelled to Afghanistan

This article shared via GQ’s website to assist the injured of Britain’s contribution to war via Hollywood California USA.

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Photographer Christian Rios photographs actor Chord Overstreet taking a dip in an ‘infinity pool overlooking downtown Los Angeles.’

Just Jared reports ‘Chord took part in a signing for fans last night in Times Square and went out to dinner with co-star Lea Michele and her boyfriend, Theo Stockman! “Just left this cool spot with @msleamichele @nickwrichardson and theo had fun tonight,” Chord .’

One things clear. With abs like that Chord Overstreet would make a good rugby footballer as a star back. (In rugby, the ‘forwards’ tend to be heavier and ab-less and more about adding body weight to the forward pack as a mass working in collective). The game of rugby football is the best to play and watch.

I wonder if Overstreet likes the Flight of The Conchord series on DVD. With a name like his, he’s bound too.

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In a rather amusing story on the WSJ’s front page today, we learn that the new Republicans that were placed in those House seats in Washington about 5 minutes ago, all want the same things in common.

These can be listed as “smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, sculpted abs, bulging biceps and flexibility they never dreamed possible” jokes the WSJ.

A group of these Republican politicians gather each day in the House gym to worship at the shrine of a series of DVD workout routines known to latenight informercial freaks as being P9OX or “the most extreme home fitness program.”

It mirrors these newbie politicians roll to “chisel away flabby federal programs.”

Their leader? Not John McCain, but Tony Horton, the tanned fitness guru who created P90X and leads the routines on DVD. Tony’s combined skills as a Hollywood personal fitness trainer and actor were fused together to make him “Master of Motivation” where he has also fused his best sayings together, these being “Bring it” and “Man, on Manischewitz”.

Yep, that really is Wall Street’s front page lead in story today. Read it. Hilarious!

The story penned by an Elizabeth Williamson & a Patrick O’Connor goes on to drivel: “The goal of the exercises is to “confuse” the muscles by working different parts of the body each day in a workout that escalates in difficulty. Like much that gains traction in Congress, it’s a familiar idea wrapped in new packaging. ”I thought it looked like some kind of Jane Fonda video,” says Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.), 29, a former recreational weightlifter, but “it kicked my butt.”

[Photograph - Office of Kevin McCarthy. Photo caption - Tony Horton with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who follows the exercise guru's P90X workout program with a crew of young Republicans, at the Capitol.] Read the rest of this entry »



Gwen Stefani hits the gym in California.

[Photo via Splash News Online via People]



[Photo caption - Alan Grinberg - Mount Aspiring National Park. A view]

If in the silhouette of your skyward majesty,
your big-hearted presence breathes life into my soul,
may I be found in your wild and open summits
along your magical trails, aspiring upwards
to world inspiring peace kissed views. 

You are sheer splendor, a reflection of the divine.
--Mauri 'Ola. Life to US.

–Mount Aspiring College’s Hollywood Fan Club, for Christchurch City’s Thank You! To see more of this great mountain, head to Summit Post. This one for my grandad too, G. Edward Cruickshank, a mountain climber and tennis star–

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From the pages of Men’s Fitness (the magazine that guys read before yoga class and after the gym here in the hood) Malibu based actor Matthew McConaughey shares his fitness tips that can help men ‘lose their gut forever.’

Shares McConaughey, “It’s not as simple as it seems, [lifting rocks as weights in your workout]” he says. “You shift the weight from high above your head, in your right arm, then your left, then rest it on your shoulders, adding more weight to your back, then your legs. You get a full-body workout just by finding out how many positions you can manage without having to set the weight on the ground. You also discover the stronger and weaker spots in your physique…I’m not a professional athlete,” he says. “But I have a job where I like to look good and be as healthy as possible.”

Whoever would have thought that the humble rock, outside of a gym, could be used for movie stars staying in shape. Gosh that was unexpected news. I guess Matthew’s point is just exercise then.

Not bad advice at all. You do realize that we’re all supposed to live forever in California right? :)

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“As an assistant helped him put on the Super-suit, Cavill recalls: ‘All I could think was: Oh, god. They’re going to look at me and go ‘He’s not Superman. Not a chance.’ The actor inside me was going: ‘You’re not ready! You’re not ready.”‘

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10. Tie A. Cultural match & strong mateship – Julia Gillard & John Key

10. Tie B. Channing Tatum‘s GQ Cover

“Amongst all the media chatter about the British actor playing Superman, one person has remained mum, and that’s the man himself, Henry Cavill. Well, the Tudors star has broken his silence in a big way: he’s featured on the cover of this week’sEntertainment Weekly, donning a leather jacket over a battered Superman T-shirt. Inside, he opens up about his audition for the role, in which he had to wear the Man of Steel’s spandex suit and shoot a screen test in front of director Zack Snyder (300).

According to EW, “Cavill was feeling less than super in the moment, at least about his ability to fill out the costume: He had just finished shooting a film with Bruce Williscalled The Cold Light of Day, and the part required to him to shed the impressive abs of steel and muscle tone he had put on for the movie he made right before that, the forthcoming mythic fantasy Immortals.

When Cavill was in the suit, “Snyder saw something — or rather someone — different. ‘He walked out, and no one laughed,’ says the director. ‘Other actors put that suit on, and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go “Wow. Okay: This was Superman.”‘”–BBC News.

[Sofia Vergara talks little exercise and liking fat on her body for Shape Mag]

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The ‘ideal body’ is simply the one that you can afford to maintain.

Sean O’Pry, Arthur Kulkov and Noah Mills are all featured on Details new issue. Think Robert Pattinson contrived messed up hair trends with gym fit bods.

The look is very California.

On that motivating thought, best I hit the gym.

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Three German bull dykes speak German in Hollywood while playing on their iPhones and swapping Echinacea pottles to read from the health store. Not that it matters as it is totally a closed conversation, but why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? Lol!

If I could speak German, I’d probably throw in some Ray Allen 3 point record talk as a conversation opener. I’d follow it up with some banter about Cisco. Peggy Rea and Axel Weber. I would definitely say the words ‘Born This Way’ to get their attention, with perhaps some work out hot tips terminology as read via Hugh Jackman’s build up press for X Men First Class. (Watch trailer at link). Hugh’s a big hit with dykes, oddly. Go figure! Then in my best Donald Trump I would mention the “s card.”

I decide an echinacea conversation is all a bit contrived and I’m feeling lazy today, so I choose not to interrupt this power health, dyke moment. Gosh. These girls are all set in echinacea euphoria land. Still, these girls make me ask, Why don’t I speaka da Deutsch?

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In Other News - Grey Lyn, Auckland City, Samoan raised action star Dwayne Johnson gets majorly segued into Hugh Jackman’s Hollywood mix, with an exclusive Fox news story (now not so exclusive) that goes like this:

It’s that time again, folks: Hugh Jackman is pumping iron and packing on the pounds to shape up for the next installment of Wolverine.

But who has he enlisted for help in achieving that rock-solid physique? Why, none other than The Rock.

“I got the diet from Dwayne Johnson, he put on 25 pounds for his last film and I saw him and was like, ‘wow’ so I called him up and he gave me his exact diet,” Jackman told FOX411′s Pop Tarts at the Audi Super Bowl celebration at the Audi Forum in Dallas on Friday evening. “I need to put on about 30-40 pounds, I don’t know if I can get there but I am up about 15 pounds so far. I’m trying.”

Jackman’s Johnson-inspired weight gain diet is comprised of 6,000 calories daily, and believe it or not, but its “hard work” to eat so much.

“Basically it’s steak or chicken, broccoli and cauliflower, and sometimes rice but only up until lunch time,” he explained. “That’s it eight times per day. It’s like a job in itself.”

Jackman, who hosted the Academy Awards in 2008, also shared some words of wisdom for this year’s hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“Have fun, enjoy the first hour because it’s the best audience you’ll ever have and from then on there is a lot of seat fillers and people that are really tired and probably upset they didn’t win,” he said. “So just keep the show moving.”

And even though the Australian native grew up playing his homeland’s beloved form of football – rugby — he’s happily converted to U.S style.

“It took me a little while to get into, because I was used to rugby and played rugby,” Jackman confessed. “But I love that in every game there is great pressure and suspense. With rugby and Aussie Rules (another form of Australian football) it is just flowing all the time, but American Football is so full of suspense. I just love it. And the athletiscm, these guys are freaks. I love it.”"

The world is changing so rapidly, that the US has its very own rugby football team. If you want to support them at Rugby World Cup in September this year. Get your hot tix, right here. You won’t want to miss it.

But why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? :)

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First Lady Michelle Obama talks to Matt Lauer on The Today Show today. She says the West Wing has focused a lot of attention on Egypt’s foreign policy right now. From Egypt’s pictures we can learn that democracy is something not to take for granted.

She says it’s hard being President of the United States. And that Mr Obama has not had a cigarette for a year to her knowledge. She also says giving up an addiction (like smoking) once a person decides, to leave them alone. They must find their own path.

Political campaigns are brutal. She’s up for it. Campaigning is not on her radar, she’s busy. But she enjoys being on the road and talking to the American people where “she will do whatever she’s asked to do.”

If Barack wins the election, six more years in the White House for the Obama family will see Sasha will be 15 and Malia will be 18 at the end of a second term. Her kids are normal. Raising teenagers “would be killing her” talking about it. She says the tradition of White House kids being good is great. The Bush girls “are magnificent.” Chelsea Clinton is “a solid young women” and Caroline Kennedy is amazing – so she thinks the Obama girls surviving the pressures of the White House follows a good legacy. She asks the country to keep her girls “in their prayers.”

To her “haters” she says you don’t do politics to be liked, because you have to make tough decisions. People have strong feelings for every President whose ever held the office. It’s not a surprise. She feels her husband is the same guy that has held the office. “Emotional Consistency” is Barack’s forte. He’s emotional about his family, but on his job he’s remained steady through it all.

To her Republican critics who are concerned with “Economy and Jobs creation” she still expects these critics to support her husband in 2012. She talks of significant improvements in the economy, a slow growth. She maintains “change doesn’t happen overnight, it happens gradually. She feels her husband has kept “every promise he’s made.”

She refers job seekers to investments in the future through educational community colleges, because the economic structure of the nation has changed so much retraining is the way forward. Find sectors that are growing and recharge skills towards these new sectors. She says, “all careers are fluid” and the days of working in a company for 20 years are gone. Young people are extremely aware that 2 years in a company is where it at and to use the company to upskill oneself and move on.

She’s proud of her “Let’s move” fitness and nutrition education for kids campaign. Good for her! On her Super Bowl Party menu was buffalo wings, deep dish pizza and potato chips. These with exercise and fruit and veges every day are all fine by her. It’s about balance. She sees Nutrition revolutionizing school lunches and child awareness to what healthy food is via the education system.

She doesn’t believe her kids “need” Facebook. So they’re just not allowed it. Good for her! That’s different. Like many of US, Mrs. Obama admits she is obsessed with french fries.

Okay other celebrity links today are:

Nicky Minaj‘s Pink Friday album is not only Billboard’s no.1 album but has sold 1,035,000 copies. Congrats!

An Indiana judge lifted Teen Mom reality TV stars couple, Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley‘s no contact order today. Read the rest of this entry »



Adam, a fighter specializing in mixed-martial arts, is taking the hard hits for the art of sport and honed reflexes today.

The local legend of Legends Mixed Martial Arts (Training Center) here in Los Angeles says “I love the Maori haka. Your Kiwi football [rugby football] boys are fierce doing the haka!”

We talk about Maori actor Cliff Curtis who trains in Mau Rakau (the indigenous form of Maori Martial Arts learned on Mokoia Island training schools at set times of the year in Rotorua, New Zealand). A trip to Rotorua is something that fascinates Adam, to learn this Maori sport.

Cliff kicked his weight at the global box office in The Last Airbender in 3D, a big box office winner last year worldwide. Mau Rakau goes with Hollywood, already as a useful sports activity that can equate to box office stars with good casting moves on the board.

“Black eyes are just a part of the sport,” Adam says with an eye that only Sylvester Stallone‘s mother Jackie could love today. “I’m so used to having them, I’ve learned to read out of the eye that’s less painful to see out of each week. It varies.”

Man. That’s tough. Cheers bo!

Adam is also a student, studying hard, as well as being a top-level fighter. It’s about good balance and taking the good with the bad being a champ, who can read with both eyes! Go Adam!!

Music – In case you wanted to see it again, here’s Fergie, Will.I.Am & The Black Eyed Peas turning out their Super Bowl Show 2011 from Sunday. It’s all about the freaky costumes and the armies and armies of dancers doing MC Hammer’s running man moves, in an effort to look like the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, I tell ya! Will’s dancers are running to school to get educated or something though, apparently in his shout outs during this performance.

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Crossword girl sits opposite me in the cafe, her feet in a cross-legged position on her chair as she scribbles, like it’s yoga class over coffee. It’s good to see someone writing in this day and age. Like, with a pen. I jump on Facebook and see my friend Dale from Wellington, Aotearoa-New Zealand wants to head to New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival this year. How cultured of her.

Dale must already be over racking up ten out of ten tans in Hawaii. Dale did that twice last year and loved it, but perhaps New Orleans would be more fun. She reads books anyway, so how’s that going to mesh with our spicy crawfish gumbo, serious paella palate research and sarsaparilla vodka martini sessions, with all the beaut music that dance-loving Maoris will instantly want to do, if I go with her? The world’s hottest books list, might feel a bit neglected, this US trip of Dale’s.

Then there’s all those vampire movie sets we’ll have to visit in New Orleans too, like where the Twilight Saga kids (Kristen Stewart, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson) all are filming, or where Oscar winner Anna Paquin‘s True Blood cast film too, or even where Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunce and Tom Cruise filmed the Anne Rice novel adaptation too, of that film, Interview with a Politician Vampire we’ll have to get photographs of at – as well, if we do New Orleans with a Hollywood Maori twist. I don’t know if I can cope without my new Orthodox Jewish friends nearby for too long these days in such political-economic climates of the world; or when you pick up any newspaper. But I think I just might manage.

Of course we should as Dale and I always had movie dates in the nation’s capitol of Wellington when we both worked in government in New Zealand on Sundays, so we should keep our tradition going as US movie loving hori film buffs. Already the possibilities of fun in New Orleans are sounding tres exciting, and that’s months away. I know Dale already has friends there, so that could be rivetingly wild as Dale does biz too. She’s a bright spark with a fine sense of Nati humor, I have always been proud of to have as my friend.

Knowing Dale though, while I’m running around vampire set locations, she’ll be more green thinking conscience, like wanting to go and meet the real people of New Orleans who live in the lakes and inlet areas, to talk to them about how they managed to clean up the environment after the gulf oil spill crises with BP. Remember that? 

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As I blog today in Hollywood as a Maori Kiwi farmer’s raised country kid son, there’s a lot going on to deal with. Nothing is as simple as those country days, in a Cosmopolitan City like Los Angeles.

I get texts on my phone asking for a meeting with a Romanian-American kid whose discovered paranormal activity in Laurel Canyon, beneath the house with a pyramid on top of it, currently on the market for 3.5 million, “why wouldn’t Tom Cruise buy it?’ is the gist of texting. Why I would even go, I don’t know?

I know that the founding Native American Indian tribes of California used to meet in the Laurel Canyon area each year, seasonally and theater would occur between the convergence of tribes there – where they would reenact a year’s worth of tribal stories for each other as tribes, in shared song and dance narratives.

Hollywood in a way, is an evolution, of this tradition, but technology (cinema, film, media, mobile telephony) is the preferred medium to convey this tradition in the world now from California. As I’ve already told this kid that, I don’t feel like going.

There’s always going to be paranormal activity in the Canyon, until Native American Indians are invited back to do what they always did on Hollywood Hills and Canyon landscapes, as people. It’s just what they do and should be allowed to do as a sign of genuine belief in the origins of freedom of expression of America’s founding fathers, mothers and their children. That’s where the concept of American family begins as a narrative in the USA, in a celebrated and ongoing healing process that should be honored and respected too for all of America with Native American Indians being a vital part of that.

I had suggested to the kid to meet with Indian tribes himself if he was so concerned about the increase of paranormal activity in Hollywod, to see if there was any interest in that and to meet with the Mayor of L.A too to get it going on. He had looked at me like I was a total spinner, (I have the same thought each day too at times, so that’s quite okay) but it’s certainly much better than entertaining ghosts in the canyon, I think. Far smarter.

Pyramid worship here of the rich and famous and Free Mason society types aside here, I think Indians have their place in Hollywood as people on this landscape that should be honored and respected as honoring the roots of a nation’s peace and human rights record and pathway forward. So that’s the end of the texting saga as I turn my phone off. Peace is the greatest gift of all in California. Least we get confused at to what robs America’s peace, we need to learn to turn our phones off sometimes to have it.

Beside me to the right, the blonde girl in the cowboy tartan red and black cowboy, all wool shirt (too hot for California actually), cut off denim shorts and black fishnet stockings talks the need of “boundary setting with her new boyfriend” to her ‘Personal Gay’ friend. He just nods at everything she says, like he’s a tamed poodle or something. What’s up with that brainless trend?

A Mexican Aztec fashion designer, with sharp cheekbones talks to investors in the cafe today about how far $100,000 investments could go, and where that would take them. He’s 50 with little Richard eyeliner Aztec eyes. A fierce statement in today’s Hollywood. He’s not big on ‘speaking the English,’ he’s like “You give me $100,000 and this is what you get for that.” Yet there’s no denying that he knows his stuff in the new wave of the fashion apparel business in California. He’s a modern merchant of Cali’s fashion world as perhaps best denoted by his leopard, tiger markings-fused silk printed gypsy-esque scarf worn over his Aztec Indian jewelry. The look in his eye, tells his investors, that he’s fearlessly forging ways forward in the current economy. Good for him! A discerning confident spirit.

He wears an old school biker leather jacket with the words L.O.S A.N.G.E.L.E.S in white leather down each black sleeve and plenty of jean jewelry chain accessories.

Beside and opposite me, Mandel an Orthodox brother studies up on the Torah on his laptop and my African-American brother, Jey Lawrence sits too. Jey’s dad researched in the Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn Hollywood-popular era of the 70′s, Jey’s family history. He mapped his families tribe back to the Southern Nile of Egypt, hence Jeys Egyptian key, eye, double spears, skin-shield tattoos. He is very Barack Obama-esque today (the contemporary inked version) and watches college football keeping up with the next generation of sporting talent. Of course being in Hollywood weird things happen all the time in good ways. My last Hollywood post was about the Key of Ramses II fused with the prophet Isaiah’s words. Then Jey sits right next to me, with a version of Ramses tattooed on his arm. His version does look like Obama’s face a bit, and we laugh about that, because it’s true.

In addition, Jey tells me that the Maori haka is a big trend in college football. Where football teams perform the haka (Maori war dance) before their football matches. What is even more awesome though is when the crowd of spectators respond and do it too. Jay says American footballers love Maori culture because it is an expression of warrior-hood and tribalness that defines community, that football represents here at community level. The Maori haka resonates with America’s belief of strong warrior communities.

I can’t argue with that. Maori culture and tino rangatiratanga (the spirit essence of the culture) is all about that. It does think of protecting everyone, and ensuring everyone remains strong warriors in community. The haka is a visual expression of this aesthetic in effect. The haka – when performed properly, is always spiritual. Jey loves it.

Jey has moved from personal fitness training to now doing hair. He says it’s way easier to manage. We talk the concept of ‘hair lockers.’ Where Jey points out the beautiful twenty-something blonde girls in the cafe and says most of these girls have weaves, or hair tracks on their scalps. I’m so dumb, I’m like “no way!”. He’s like, “yes, they all do. California is hair capitol of America.” When they get their hair done, their old hair they take off their heads and they save it. Hence all these girls have what is called a hair locker in their bedrooms at home.

I say, well, Hollywood American girls are sort of like Native American Indians, collecting hair in that scalping tradition way then. Jey says, “not a good example. But yes. You’re right. Half of Hollywood is like that.” We laugh. Servite Football team of California are Jey’s favorite college football team’s fans, he says do the Maori haka the fiercest. They’re also big on Scottish music too. Must check them out. Jey reminds me of my brother-in-laws Lou, once bro-in-law Matthew, Richard and Eddie who all play touch rugby football. Some internationally too. Jey most looks very similar to brotha Eddie who is half Maori of the Tainui Maori tribe and half Tongan of the South Pacific.

‘Don’t be a stranger,’ Jey says off to his next appointment. Dude is so Warren Beatty of Shampoo movie days in 1975 Oscar winning history, minus the attitude. We had a good conversation today, with his permission to share it with you. Yes, feel privileged.

On any given day you blog in a cafe in Los Angeles, such things go on all around you in the real Hollywood.

I love it.

Today Malia gets top billing (pictured above), with her Maori koru design aesthetic from Aotearoa-New Zealand etched into her Young Hollywood scalp. She’s all fierce, smart, beautiful like a skinnier version of Missy Elliott, the rapper; having biz meetings with a blonde guy from the U.K with a Cockney accent whose convincing Malia to sign with him as her photographer/ manager.

She is beautiful, confident, quietly resolute. As I ask to share her winning look back to the good people of Aotearoa-New Zealand where her I.D is inspired from, (and with you all) she smiles big, turns side on and says “Wurq it Mah-ree peoples of New Zeeeeeland.”

Like that. Let’s go America! :)

As a New Zealander, I am that American footballers and supporters do the Maori-Kiwi haka of New Zealand. Just get on a plane every now and again and head down to NZ to see it performed live every now and again, for reals from the source of culture, okay? :)

What a fun day. I feel like I hung out at Hollywood’s version of The White House – Hollywood coffee bar today. Thankfully Aotearoa, New Zealand is so in that picture too. Fun.

[Gosh, that was perhaps the longest blog post header written ever!]

Music today is laid back mellow, as I think about Hawaiian sun, South Pacific palm trees and beautiful Aotearoa beaches, while listening to the Zac Brown Band ‘s song Toes brought to US by 5 Gum, while thinking that I’ve already done our celebrity news today in this one post.

I can imagine my Maori-Samoan cousin Eileen Taogaga grooving to this at the Helensville pub today near the Kaipara, on a mom’s friday night off in the ‘big smoke’ of Helensville as good country Kiwi folk do in any tight knit rural community, with the best green grass in the world, far across the waters on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean of Malibu as I blog, from The City of Angels today.

~Cross cultural, living tukutuku weaving art on wood created at Melrose & Spaulding. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.26.11. To everyone who contributed to this moment, thanks.~



If this magazine cover from Sports Illustrated won’t make your sporting blood excited heading into Super Bowl season, not much else will. The Jets and The Steelers! Woot!

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Although Arnie is no longer the Governor of Cali and he’s now a motivational speaker for the Green Technologies movement, (I kid you not!), he still is a figure that fuels the Health & Fitness industry in L.A. As this Magazine cover shows.

Arnie’s latest press is allegedly, that Arnie has his eye on at least ‘three screenplays’ that may have his name written all over them to make a return to the silver screen. He tells Australia’s the Krone (as sourced via the UK Guardian), he’s happy to wait for the right screenwriter to end his 7 year hiatus from movies.

One thing is certain, Arnold is loved by many worldwide. He’s quite the global ambassador really if you ever track who covers his story angles and news. Go fella! If Stallone can have a comeback with a box office no.1 film franchise launched this decade, anything is possible for Arnie too!

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… in California – we are all supposed to have bodies like this? And hire personal trainers like young Aaron Savvy here.

I’m not joking! Lol! I like my KFC too much to um, perfect this particular art form. Though many people spend hours and hours and hours each week perfecting it.

None of these people are on television, but they all walk around like they could or should be. At first it was unusual to get used to. Then after being in L.A for a while, you respect these peeps for making an effort to further Los Angeles culture in the world, their way – using the Health & Fitness avenues to express their version of LA culture.

After a while too, you relax in your own skin and accept your one pack ab (called a puku in the Maori language).

You realize that you’re still all good, although you exercise more than you would anywhere else in the world, with health nuts all around you.

It’s perhaps one of the reasons why California people can live such a long time. The increased health focus and the beaut warm climate all year round.

Bodies like this are everywhere in Los Angeles. LA is both the Entertainment Capitol of the World as well as being The Heath & Fitness Capitol of the World.

Alright, this is my health fitness plug today as I have people pointing out quite rightly that I don’t do enough of this part of L.A culture enough.

Gosh – you could blog all day really!

[All pics via this week's issue of Frontiers Magazine].

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Cute is hip hop dancer, Maori-girl tres artistic, Amelia Lynch teaching Aotearoa New Zealand how to hip hop dance. This just in via Facebook from A.L:

“WE’RE BACK Hiphop Dance Workshop TODAY with  & I Come down and get ya groove on with us! See you at  (above Mcdonalds on queen st) 5-7pm!! Cost $20.”

Come on New Zealand – let’s get your dance on! She’s a sweetie. She brings me dark Kiwi chocolate right here in Los Angeles. Look after this girl!

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Suzanne Sena stars as Onion News anchor Brooke Alvarez “reporting” on a “story” about North Korean’s leader Kim Jong II shutting down their nuclear program for the lead in the next Batman film. Too funny! So Hollywood. Had to share this one!

In perhaps one of the most interesting voting days ever today, here’s what made the upper cut as voted worldwide in our top ten entertainment, news and celebrity news posts in Hollywood. Much love going out to Arizona State from Hollywood and New Zealand beaches are holding their own in a starring role this week. Good to see!

1. Humor - Zahara Jolie-Pitt has her Naomi Campbell pose worked out already

2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is Elle blanca for Bollywood

3. New Zealand’s Beaches – Getting real about the Foreshore & Seabed Act

4. President Obama & Alan Grayson for Arizona shooting victims families

5. Rugby Musik flava – Nesian Mystik & Sonny Bill Williams

6. The rise of Latina in fashion & beauty – L’Oreal signs Jennifer Lopez

7. World Newsy Bites via The Hollywood Hood 1.5.11

8. Richard Chandler is a shark in a good way

9. Education Nation: Does teen mom, Janelle Evans like her pot a little 2 much?

10. Meet Gabriel Corbin – California actor

Bonus Post: Instant Heat – OMG! I think there’s some Patrick Logan fans in the Haus today.

Rugby Football player Hikawera Elliot shows Hori (Maori) strength as a rugby football player (pictured) who likes to kick box to stay in shape for football season. As Maori, action lads do.

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Kids getting fit and exercising their weaves off is all the rage thanks to Willow Smith.

This clip of Starr Andrews on the ice with attitude for Africa is lol! Go kid.

[via FP]

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Like many of you, I’m a big fan of all kids in the world having clean drinking water whenever they need. 1 billion people don’t have access yet. 54% of all people in Africa need us to act on their behalf for their better water situation as well.

Click here to make a difference if feeling it. Let’s flow. Thanks peeps. Water.Org is asking for $10 to makes this pivotal dif. Sweet!

[Music: Kings of Leon] Their message:”It’s in the water.”

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It is not exactly warm in L.A today – I’d quite like to be in Hawaii right now at Dukes listening to good live music. However, Los Angeles is all okay today too, indoors. The South and NYC have blizzard situations going on. Poor peeps. Here’s ten hot posts being bumped via social media this Christmas right now in Hollywood.

1. Hinewehi Mohi sings for Peter Gordon‘s hangi feast

2. Alison Iraheta & Cindy Lauper can sing

3. Star Politicians – Bill English, Hekia Parata, John Key. Kiwi smiles. :)

4. Taylor Swift gets her Rachel Hunter on

5. Hollywoods Top 50 stars list 2009

6. Beyonce‘s diet tips

7. The Peeps judging the Oscars

8. Kendra‘s diet tips

9. Hallelujah! Chorus – Flash Mob Opera

10. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

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Olivia Wilde is a knock out as she covers this month’s Women’s Health Magazine. In preparing to be movie ready she confesses:

“I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week. Weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal routine.”On Friday in IMAX and 3D, you can see Olivia’s hard work onscreen when TRON: Legacy opens at the flicks.

Wilde’s unconventional marriage defies any Hollywood movie role she could ever play. She tells a story of how she eloped with Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli (the son of Prince Dada Ruspoli) after only six months of courting. Rather unconventionally and very spontaneously, the love birds who share film as their passion married on a school bus in Virginia. They’re still going strong after six years from their special day on a bus.

“You’re not thinking, ‘We must be perfect!’” Wilde shares. “It was, ‘Hey, isn’t this an optimistic thing to do? And if it lasts, we’re lucky.’” She says having a filmmaking husband has it’s benefits. Tao just gets it. Wilde says her husband doesn’t even mind when she’s got love scenes with other actors — as long as it’s only on set.  ”I think he likes it, she says, borrowing an Italian sense of humor. “It’s a turn-on that I get to do these things. The confidence that comes along with doing well only makes you more desirable.”

Upcoming sci-fi flick, Cowboys & Aliens, is what Olivia will appear in next. The film co-stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell. To check out more from this pint sized cutie of action film, shoot over to Women’s Health Mag.

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Madonna is pictured launching her first Hard Candy Gym in Mexico City. The Material Girl says:

“If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don’t skimp on them and the same is true for the gym. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym. Our plan is to use Mexico as a place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries and, in the long term, develop a global brand that includes the United States.

Membership is $860 down (how else is Madonna going to make the Forbes Top celebs list next year?) and then in third month it is $40 per week to be a gym bunny a la Madonna.

[If Madonna wanted to stand for Governor of California and be in the running after Gerry Brown has had his turn, she is certainly doing all the right moves to get California voters attention here. Arnold Scwharzenneger spent the first part of his life in the gym, the next part of his life on movie sets--before he took office as Governator. I see where this going! Good for her. *jokes*]

[Image courtesy of Splash]

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Health & Fitness is US in California as Glee’s Matthew Morrison proves on the cover of Details Magazine, this month.

Morrison jokes that the Hollywood kids on Glee look up to him. “I am a teacher to them. I’ve taken a few under my wing. I don’t want to say they idolize me, but…” via Just Jared

Image via Cover Awards.

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To be cast in a Victoria Secret’s fashion show, is like being Oscar nominated in the modeling world. It really is a big deal. Model Edita Vilkeviciute walks the runway during the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Nov. 10, 2010, in New York.
Model Isabeli Fontana walks on stage during the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York on Nov. 10, 2010. Her model friends follow at the most sought after American fashion show each year.

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As a leader I love her because she can listen and divide matters fairly. In this regard she’s just like her grandma, Lady Thorp–Horiwood on Trinity Brooke’s fearless leadership skills.

Trinity Brooke of rugby royalty has a beaming smile today as she hangs out with some girlfriends for a bit of socialite time in the U.K. She is the grandchild of Lady Patricia Thorp, the sweetest woman who served Auckland City on The Council looking after the environment. That was Lady Thorp’s hot thing, amongst many. As a leader, Brooke is a young lady I trust. She’s always worthy of spotlight and she’s a pearla.

When it comes to entertainment trends, Trinity has the best tastes. She grew up with women the ilk of Debbie Harwood singing impromptu (no bands, no palava just real true fearless Kiwi talent) around her dinner table, as a kid growing up in New Zealand, so you can’t blame Trin really. She’s the real deal Pasifika knowing Kiwi girl. Impeccable taste.

Trinity and myself, thanks to Lady Thorp, both went together to see Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson perform live in concert, because Patricia was like that. If someone was talented with a message people needed to see and hear and feel, Patricia was the all for the talented person in the world. I still thank her for her gifts of leadership today, that Trinity Brooke now also carries so richly in her young life. Trinity Brooke is special. She knows the ways and I know that Trinity does. Women of action. Can’t be beat.

When we last caught up with Trinity, she’d recently given birth to baby Oscar Brooke and then had launched right on into a wee triathlon excursion. Kiwi’s–we’re full on!

Trinity is all about health and fitness. Actually this girl always has been as far as I can recall. Love her. She’s a fine basketball player and netball player too.

What a gorgeous Maori-Kiwi smile. Full beam ahead then. Hey Trin. :)

[Trinity Brooke is proudly of the Ngati Awa Maori tribe and also of Matakana Island Maori tribal affiliations too. Now based in London, Brooke is from Auckland the Supercity and has fun family in Melbourne Australia too. Image Trinity's own. Amy Te Whetu is pictured with Trinity on the right. Go Maori-Kiwi girl's in the UK!]

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Right now on Horiwood.Com, three girls of country music are rating the hottest on this blog. Namely, LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride and Julianne Hough who share their Shape tips with you all. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not too far behind these ladies though. Here’s the start of their interview:

Julianne: I love that you encourage your daughters to eat. There are a lot of teenagers out there who look at me and say, “Well, she’s 21, I want to look like her.” But I want everyone to know, especially young girls, I eat. I am not starving myself. I’m concerned about young women and their self-esteem being based on what they see on TV or in magazines. It’s not about being beautiful on the outside, it’s about loving yourself and who you are.

Martina: When I do a magazine shoot like this, I have to explain to my three daughters [Delaney; Emma, 11; and Eva, 4] that it takes a team of professionals to do my hair and makeup so I look this way. I have girls who are concerned about how they look compared to models or what have you. It’s my responsibility to teach them that beauty is more than superficial.

LeAnn: It has to be hard for them to understand that it’s part of your job to look glamorous. I’m 26 and I’m still a little self-conscious about my looks. When I was a kid, I had psoriasis over 80 percent of my body. Luckily, I’ve found a medicine that helps control it, but I never know when it will stop working or if I’ll have to deal with it again. It’s still a struggle, but as you get older, I think your perspective changes.

A nice interview format that reads as three women just chatting. Very country chill. I like.

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