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The UK loves Reese Witherspoon. Here she is on her big day--People via The UK Daily Mail.

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Romancing is in the air. According to the Daily Mail – “Petra Ecclestone was left dumbfounded last week by her businessman boyfriend James Stunt – when he proposed.

‘It was completely out of the blue at home and terribly sweet,’ said the 22-year-old daughter of Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

‘James asked my father first, but he was more worried about asking Mum.

‘She’s very hands-on and protective and I know he was a little concerned about what she would say. But they are both delighted, and so am I,’ she added. More here.

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Carrie Ann Inaba, judge on Dancing With The Stars reality TV series talent show, got a surprise when her boyfriend of two years proposed to her on the set of a Regis & Kelly appearance today.

For a cute story, go here.

[Photo via Disney Television]

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Argentine actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre married Michael Buble in a civil ceremony in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday.

The couple have been engaged since 2009. How sweet.

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I’ve got to say, that USA Today giving journalist Nanci Hellmich front page placement on the cover of USA Today, raises a few eyebrows. Does this woman a) write for the pharmaceuticals industry? or b) is EQ an underrated form of guidance and intelligence alerting us mere humans to physical pain in bodies.

This story is a good one, because it’s a reminder that if you’re feeling emotional pain, you’re a) alive – something to be thankful for, and b) subject to social rejection.

In a culture dominated by Facebook followers status and Twitter following counts, this is not a bad story to feature on the front page of your paper. It’s for all of the unwopular people, with little to zero social media followings.

Via iPhone (what else) USA Today.Com arrives Nanci’s words on this humble Hollywood blog. Here’s what the voice of Nancy says in a very scientific tone. I like it as a commentary on society in this IT driven age in which we live.

It’s irrevelant that brain scans can cause radiation exposure in this scientific study though (apparently) which raises the question of was this study even scientific from the outset of it’s design as a study of information gathering – but let’s ignore all that too as Nanci writes -

“Romantic heartbreak hurts, and researchers now have a better understanding of why. The same regions of the brain that are activated when people experience pain in their bodies also become active when people feel rejected by someone they love, new research shows. Read the rest of this entry »



She might elope. This is Jessica Simpson‘s news that bumped her name back into the top ten today. Gosh, so easy for some to make press. Simpson is a bonafide star, for sure. More on what Jess has to say, below.

In Hollywood entertainment news today. Here’s how you voted. One and two had big hits. Peace!

1. No.1 by a marathon mile today, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

2. New golf romance – Tiger Woods moves on in love with a golf pro

3. About Horiwood–> Avalanche City have a guitar folk sound that’s humming

4. Does teen mom, Jenelle Evans like her pot a bit too much?

5. Justin Gaston & reality TV star friends get naked for PETA

6. Natalie Portman

7. Jeremy Irons The Borgias series for Showtime holds intrigue

8. An LA Ink Owl tattoo has major fans

9. Jolie-Pitt family news via One Times India

10. Tie A - Snow White movie casting – Julia Roberts will add the dark

10. Tie B - Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson romance

Simpson tells WWD via CA- “No date has been set yet. We’ve both been married before. We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time,” said Simpson. Nor has she determined who will design The Dress. “I will be part of designing my own wedding gown. We might elope if it gets to that point. We’re very relaxed,” she says. “It takes a lot to get us stressed out. We talk through everything. You’ll see him off in the corner, and what’s Eric doing? He’s just meditating.”

Cover Awards adds, ‘Simpson also tells the publication she plans to one day add a cosmetics, skin care, menswear, home furnishings and jewelry to her already $1 billion fashion empire.’

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez grabbed a bite of lunch at Cafe Midi on Sunday (March 27) in Los Angeles. Berry recently attended Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night, where she showed a fine sense of humor, sharing with guests

“I would have been better off not marrying all these other men. I should have married Muhammad Ali instead,” she told the crowd.

What a sweetheart.
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Wedding dresses are now available as Costco expands their product market.

I blame Will & Kate for this new supermarket trend. JK. Costco are betting big time on April 29th’s big show day.

I like the idea that marriage is not about expense though. Imagine though, ‘your special day’ (what marriage has been viewed as being in the past after births, deaths, 21sts, birthdays etc), is now at your aisles reach, when grocery shopping. Remarkable really!

That’s irey.

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The Wall Street Journal today goes all out pitching Will & Kate‘s wedding as The Ultimate Reality Show in the world. Discovery Channel’s TLC Network will devote 89 hours of TV coverage across six days.

Over a third (2.4 billion people) of the world are expected to tune in via TV, online streaming coverage or radio in Will and Kate’s special day. For 10 years some TV networks have reserved a balcony opposite Westminster for this moment. 400 CNN Anderson Cooper workers will be based in London working on this one event.

The royal love birds will command the biggest TV audience in history. These pictures give a clue as to how.

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There’s nothing like good Crowded House guitaring and soulful vocals from the 80′s era for easy listening music. Here’s the lads of New Zealand and Aussie with When You Come.

Press play on songwriter Neil Finn‘s pic to hear this love song. Enjoy.

Lyrics follow at the leap.

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When You Come by Neil Mullane & Tim Finn

When you come across the sea
Me like a beacon guiding you to safety
The sooner the better now
And when you come the hills
Will breathe like a baby
Pulled up heaving from the bottom of the ocean
The sooner the better now
When you come to cover me with your kisses
Fresh like a daisy chained up in a lion’s den
I’ll know you by the thunderclap
Pouring like a rain of blood to my emotions

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Three views of Cathedral Cove Coromandel remind us of what life is all about.

It’s about nature. It’s about living in relationship with nature. It’s about enjoying the beach, children growing up safe and playing until the sun sets in the paradise of outdoor playgrounds and, it’s also about adventure with friends at all times.

Three photographs by David Wall of Cathedral Cove provide inspiration today to love community, love fun and love the earth, sea and skies.

All romantic couples should at least get one photograph of their epic love on this timeless beach.

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Did someone want to see teen love in the form of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing? Yeah, most of you did.

I can’t believe I’m posting this. It’s like blogging peda-porn snog pics and I never signed up for this!!!! My true American story!

Lol…. Anyway, here we go! Teen puppy love the Canada-Disney way looks like the above pic via Celebuzz. Very sweet teen friends. And Natalie Portman in a woolen hat doing a romance show, isn’t bad either. Romance is big! Commitment in love is the timeless trend returning to Hollywood for Young America. I like it.

Here’s some hot topics on your warped and twisted minds. ;) Let’s roll! From inside the Horiwood hat, here’s what search engines are driving this way. I am so Z-listed! But thanks Google!!!

selena gomez and justin bieber
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joshua leifer poem
angel in
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Oscars, Oscars, Oscars – as the global stage is looking a little stressed around the world in the Middle East, even in New Zealand too – expect the lights to come up, this Sunday here in the Hollywood hood as global audiences seek some happy, glamorous images at the Awards Show this year. It will be Oscars most watched night in history, no doubt.

In Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie news, here’s the Hollywood Gossip on the topic of the star couples latest romance antics – “A diamond pendant engraved with a microscopic love message.Exactly what Angelina has written on it is a secret, its creator tells the Daily Mail: “I cannot tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it.” Cute.

Here’s news from the hood today.

Sony beefs up to take on Warners Summer movie schedule 2012

Hollywood TV Pilots casting news is being hotly contested to date

Forbes reports on Google collecting kids Social Secuirty Number Digits. Information collecting is the trend in the world these days via IT companies. Where does it stop?!

The Hollywood Reporter’s Oscars Count Down news is always good each year. Read it.

CBS, Warner Bros. ponder fate of “Men”

Don Johnson will star in A Man’s World series for Patrick King

Teen mom Amber Portwood says she wasn’t ready for her close up to be leaked.

Michael Douglas does the ‘Anti Charlie Sheen’ husband role for Hollywood today. Chivalrous.

Universal buys Paula Pell, Tina Fey pitch

China blocks ‘Linked In’ services then ‘unblocks them’ – censorship wars rage

Jennifer Aniston bores Joan Rivers. Um, Joan is doing way too much!

Variety establishes Variety Foundation

John Chu lands GI Joe gig II.

Cameron Diaz says she’s a little like the lads of Hollywood.

Willow Smith has close ties with Ryan Seacrest & Oprah. She’s hooked up.

Of course Charlie Sheen will get a 9th season of the show he’s appeared on forever.


In local news – Dr Drew was spotted at The American Idol party last night in L.A.

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Photocaption – Newlyweds Emma Howard and Chris Greenslade cheer for a group photo after their wedding, Friday, just days after the bride was pulled from the rubble of the earthquake-devastated Pyne Gould Corporation in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Gosh! What a dramatic wedding story. Got to love the Kiwi sense of nesting, it’s so strong, not even a quake can get in the way of it.

This report in full brought to US by The Associated Press: “CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Clutching her groom, she looked like any beaming bride. But Emma Howard’s trip down the aisle Friday almost didn’t happen. Just 72 hours earlier she was trapped under a building that collapsed in the earthquake.

The 23-year-old was rescued nearly six hours after sending a frantic text to her fiancee, who helped pull her out.

“I got this text … saying ‘It’s Emma here. I’m OK and I love you very much,” said Chris Greenslade, who was outside his office across town when the disaster struck Tuesday afternoon and raced to find Howard.

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Wow! I can’t believe US magazine Entertainment Weekly has succumbed to Royal Wedding action, here in Hollywood. Indeed, it was inevitable as the most watched piece of TV set to romance the world via The UK will attract more viewers in the World than the Super Bowl or The Oscars.

CNN‘s Piers Morgan plays UK Herald with his thoughts on why America should watch Will & Kate‘s nuptials take place. Says Piers, “Americans are absolute suckers for royal weddings. When Diana and Fergie got married, you guys lapped it up. Every tiny second that you could squeeze out of it, you squeezed.”

It’s interesting that the non-Royals are the big draw, to keep the Royal family’s star hot on the tele, as Piers puts it. But wait, the Brits have more in E.W to contribute:

“These days, so much has to do with what people are wearing, like the royal-wedding version of the Oscars in terms of, you know, who’s got the best hat, who’s got the worst dress,” says Glen Marks of the U.K.’s leading photo agency Rex Features.

“It’s the whole story as well, so not just what’s going on with William and Kate, but it’s the referral back to Charles and Diana and the saga everyone can’t get enough of.”

Whatever the U.K wants America to believe with this story, we’re on board in Hollywood. It’s just swell to see a young couple take marriage seriously. Got to be good for instilling faith in love, commitment and romancing in a new generation of kids watching these two pleasant kids walk down the aisle.

Will is always a favorite with Maori-Kiwis of New Zealand. His late mom, Diana, chose to associate Will’s first ever appearance to the world as a babe, in Waitangi – a historic site in the first Capitol home of Aotearoa New Zealand. To see Prince Williams as a babe at Waitangi, go here.

Will you be watching this event in April?

[News source, Cover Awards, New York City]

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I get a little bit tired of people ‘playing scared.’ If we read the news, or see people getting Grammys this year, they say ‘they feel insecure’ or a little bit scared. It’s like we’re all supposed to walk around with ten bodyguards each or something.

Look, enemies exist in our own heads. We create them. The rest is marketing ploys to make bank and rule the money. Yawn.

Anyway, in Hollywood remakes news, Warner Bros. the film studio we most loved (because we’ve given them the most money for movie tickets out of any other Hollywood film studio the past ten years) think we need a film, that stars a central character, in need of protection. The protagonist hero is a bodyguard. Here we go again.

According to Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood, “EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is rebooting its 1992 hit The Bodyguard, the film that paired Kevin Costner with Whitney Houston and became for its time one of the biggest global hits in studio history with a $411 million worldwide gross.

The film will be scripted by Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, whose action comedy scriptFamily Getaway made the 2010 Black List and is a priority project at Warner Bros. Dan Lin will produce through his Lin Pictures banner, and Mark Bauch is co-producer.

Scripted by Lawrence Kasdan and directed by Mick Jackson, the original was a fairly straight ahead tale of a Secret Service agent (Costner in a Steve McQueen homage, down to his hairstyle) drafted to protect a singing diva whose life has been threatened by a stalker, then falling for her in a way he fears is a distraction from his job. The new version is similar, including the love story, but here the bodyguard will be a former Iraq war veteran who gets the job protecting the star as his first gig after leaving the Army. He discovers that the world of Twitter, Google Maps and TMZ has made access to celebrities easier than ever, making the job more difficult than ever. The goal is to take a young female singer with global appeal and give her the platform that The Bodyguard did Houston.

It becomes the second music-driven remake for the studio, which just got a commitment from Clint Eastwood to direct Beyonce. The studio is in the process of landing the male star.

Lin just wrapped Sherlock Holmes 2, and is producing with Kevin McCormickGangster Squad, which Ruben Fleischer will direct. He is also developing theLEGO Movie, which has Phil Lord and Christopher Miller attached to direct. The scribes are repped by UTA and Mosaic.”


What do you think of Nikki’s words. Is this movie needed or not? If so, should Rihanna – the biggest selling pop diva in the UK and the current holder of no.1 hits in the USA this decade, star in it as the lead? Or should Taylor Swift? Anyway, will there be any room left on screen for an actor to have any screen time, by the time all of the social media IT companies storylines and ‘product’ placements have been written into this new script? Gosh, let’s hope the love story, about the SECURE PERSON WITHIN ONE’S SELF… still shines from the original.

Critique aside, I’m all for a remake. It’s all about the leading lady being amazing as Whitney Houston was in the last film. The original, created some amazing moments of entertainment –all those awards shows performances Whitney did from the soundtrack, were the big highlights of peoples romance lives, way back then. Why not do it again! It was feel good stuff.

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When you’re desirable it’s never your own fault. Be beautiful anyway–Thought for today.

Around the world, USA’s print media paint a picture on the front pages of newspapers of the world being in revolution today. This photograph pictured is the most highest rated blog post today, amidst such news. The image provides a picture of a hip hop couple of entertainment. They’re like twins the way they roll. I wonder if they had scallops for lunch. Red ones perhaps. :)

On May 20th 2009 I wrote from Hollywoood – “How did Beyonce celebrate the news that she was the 4th most influential celebrity in the world on The Forbes Celerbrity Top 100 List for 2009? She celebrated it by having lunch with hubby Jay-Z in Barcelona, Spain, where she’s performing to the Spaniards on her I Am Tour. Check out those Sasha Fierce shoes! She knows how to represent for lunch!”

We still love going for lunch in the USA, regardless of what’s occurring in the world. This pic is a reminder to consider others and still look after ourselves and celebrate life and freedom in the process and face of change. Where that change is being channeled to flow, let’s hope all people get a fair deal with that. That’s my prayer today from Hollywood.

Photograph snapped – 05-20-09. Caption – Barcelona, Spain – Singers Beyonce Knowles and husband Jay Z leaving a restaurant during her Tour around Spain. Pix by Flynet Â in 2009.  Photographer - 818-307-4813 Nicolas.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton continue to amuse at US check out aisles. Their latest US tabloid flaunts a wedding like Will’s mom, Diana‘s. Poor Charles. :)

I was thinking today, how much we have in America to be thankful for. A lot. If we live in the US in community, we know that we have each other. That’s awesome. The diversity here in Los Angeles is amazing. Like a sea of twinkling stars from many nations, reflected in the pulse of Hollywood. It’s humbling to be a part of the ‘class’ in 2011. Not that Hollywood is a school per se.

I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s been a privilege to be here, interact with American people in Hollywood and dream a dream with Americans towards better and noble things. I believe in the best for America, of America, and with America. It’s in my Maori-Heart to be pro-USA.

I don’t know how many Americans have put up with me some days, but I am very thankful that Hollywood and beautiful California, has. Thanks Cali. And thank you all worldwide for your support of this blog.  :)

Here’s our top ten celebrity and entertainment news posts voted today. Nice choices.

1. Brahim Zaibat

2. Britney Spears video portrait artistry – Hold it Against Me

3. Tatau – Dwayne Johnson is Samoa and New Zealand’s Rock of Hollywood

4. Hollywood humor - Olivia Wilde does all the stuff Megan Fox won’t do

5. Elaine & Ken Langone‘s Giving Pledge letter for Berkshire Hathaway angels

6. Justin Bieber can act – CSI

7. Hawaii – Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green‘s sun-kissed romance

8. Branding by Sir Richard Branson

9. Cynthia Germanotta‘s sad day

10. Justin Gaston & friends – reality TV stars Kim Kardashian follows

Bonus Post – Te Mata Tini O Te Ra – is what we’re made up of. Maori culture on display is vibrant and authentically inspiring.

Vintage Hollywood stamp art – Aunt Elvira‘s stamp collection – Marilyn Monroe original stamp.

True Royals today are all of US, who give safe water to those in the world who don’t yet have it. That’s 1 in 6 of US. Go here to make a difference if you want to. Perhaps we should start the Red Scallop Water Trust, just for kicks, to ensure this happens in the 2010′s. :)


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Have you caught a glimpse of Irina Shayk‘s hotness yet. Her last name is similar to Sheik (oil barons of the world)- and she has curves like Shakira too. In addition, Irina also happens to date a guy who kicks a soccer ball around for a living, while he father’s mystery love children too. Yes, Irina really does date Cristiano Ronaldo while holding her own on the cover of the iconic 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover.

Nice job!

Irina’s latest press sees her acting a cheer leader for Kanye West too, calling his music videos “moving art” instead of well… a music video. That news can be read via Atlanta, Georgia today. Go here for that. Whenever Kanye’s name is mentioned with Irina’s that can only mean one thing, Kim Kardashian is so done with being the bikini girl for America, it’s Irina’s turn this year.

Incidentally in the Maori language – the word “iri” means “to hang suspended upon” and “to rest upon.” Quite cute really as Cristiano Ronaldo let’s this mega-babe of the world hang upon his own star. A good star pairing if ever there was one seen this year.

Irina’s name is Greek and used in English and Russian speaking nations. It means “Peace.” Beautiful.

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About a gazillion blog posts ago, here in Hollywood I once shared a news story that “Kissing is medically proven to reduce stress.” This was way before the American people worked out they was a ‘global economic recession’ mirroring ‘the great depression of 1930′s’ in world history on the cards.

It was way before politicians started busking for their supper in America, asking people to be patient because we all needed a ‘stimulus plan’ in order for ‘war budgets to be increased’ and ‘before we were all supposed to be cast in recovery narratives’ that then became reflected in our pop culture.’

That original blog post can be read here, written two years ago, to the day starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie swapping spit at the Oscars Awards ceremony one year back. Where else would you kiss but at the Oscars, right?

Today when I turn on my lap top in the local Hollywood cafe, Starbucks coffee communities web page, is running with a story that gives you free online access to read . I kid you not.

I’m like – if you don’t know how to kiss by now, that’s sad. Maori-Kiwis have kissing sussed out by the age of 13. Maybe 15 if a slow blooming kisser. It’s all about lip shapes and whether they are juicy or not – that will decide the nature of a good kisser. Who said kissing was a science? There was never a text book on it when our ancestors first sailed on down to Aotearoa-New Zealand with a language similar to native Hawaiians, but different. But Kiwis have always been the best kissers.

Why the need to over-discuss in paper form, the science of kissing, I ask today? Isn’t a kiss best given from the heart? Like art? 

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For Eduardo Cruz love is a walk over coffee with your Oscar winning sister’s good friend, Eva Longoria. Happy Valentines beautiful people. Already these two good looking Hollywood kids are appearing comfortably twin-hearted. Close knit ties.

It’s a mellow day in Hollywood post the Grammys. Everyone appears to be happy and in a good mood. The power of music in Los Angeles. We love it all. As I blog Neil Diamond‘s Love Song plays. Lyrics follow below. I like the thought of Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news voted across 50 nations in the world. Here are the top stories you searched for today.


1. Overjoyed cello musique by Esperanza Spalding

2. Seth Rogen strikes Miley Cyrus star heat at Grammys 2011

3. Mork & Mindy humor – Lady Gaga is so ‘insecure’ she’s on egg shells

4. Ryan Seacrest did a good job hosting the Grammys red carpet arrivals

5. Humor – Johnny Markoudakis has a show biz twin?

6. Cleopatra reality – via Egypt Kim Kardashian takes USA from silver to gold

7. Complete Grammys winners list 2011

8. Hollywood history – Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

9. Belt Buckles on Melrose & The Grammys Weekend Horiwood Top Ten – 2.13.11

10. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez teen friendship

Again - Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?

Thrice then - Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen. :)

Espanol of the Day:

Si hablo las lenguas de los hombres y aun de los ángeles, pero no tengo amor, no soy más que un metal que resuena o un platillo que hace ruido. Y si tengo el don de profecía, y entiendo todos los designios secretos de Dios, y sé todas las cosas, y si tengo la fe necesaria para mover montañas, pero no tengo amor, no soy nada. Y si reparto entre los pobres todo lo que poseo, y aun si entrego mi propio cuerpo para tener de qué enorgullecerme, pero no tengo amor, de nada me sirve.

Tener amor es saber soportar; es ser bondadoso; es no tener envidia, ni ser presumido, ni orgulloso, ni grosero, ni egoísta; es no enojarse ni guardar rencor; es no alegrarse de las injusticias, sino de la verdad. Tener amor es sufrirlo todo, creerlo todo, esperarlo todo, soportarlo todo.

El amor jamás dejará de existir. Un día el don de profecía terminará, y ya no se hablará en lenguas, ni serán necesarios los conocimientos. Porque los conocimientos y la profecía son cosas imperfectas, que llegarán a su fin cuando venga lo que es perfecto.

Cuando yo era niño, hablaba, pensaba y razonaba como un niño; pero al hacerme hombre, dejé atrás lo que era propio de un niño. Ahora vemos de manera indirecta, como en un espejo, y borrosamente; pero un día veremos cara a cara. Mi conocimiento es ahora imperfecto, pero un día conoceré a Dios como él me ha conocido siempre a mí.

Tres cosas hay que son permanentes: la fe, la esperanza y el amor; pero la más importante de las tres es el amor.

[Pic via Bauer Griffin Online with thanks to Mickey K]

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Grammys Twitter Quote: “‎ RT : That awkward moment when you win a grammy for best new artist and nobody knows who the hell you are.”

Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding on the cello, (performing here live at The White House) singing Stevie Wonder‘s Overjoyed (Castle of Love) song is cute. What a talented young lady. She makes singing and cello playing look easy in an ego-lite way while honoring the traditions of the greats with grace and elegance. Hot. Esperanza scooped up the best new artist award. Let’s hope her own songwriting skills get to shine in 2011.

Esperanza was a Grammys break out star this eve. Here’s ten blog spotlights post Grammys 2011 you’re sharing via social media in Hollywood. Let’s work!

1. Tahi, Rua, Toru – Cleopatra portraiture via America – starring Kim K

2. Complete Grammys winners list 2011

3. Vegas Magazine – The Kardashian sisters go white

4. Solange Knowles & Australia music markets

5. Kat Graham can tweet

6. Hollywood Walk of Fame and Nat “King” Cole

7. White face, black ninja – the American lads of hip hop

8. US reality TV star mogul humor – Donald Trump may run for President

9. Yale women’s rugby team have good college sports marketing

10. Ten posts about Maori you like in Hollywood

Bonus Post - America is becoming more bilingual – census results 2010

Overjoyed lyrics follow after the jump. Some media outlets covering the Grammys fashion, music, “try hard arrivals” on the red carpet news this year 2011 and political news too are - Hollywood NewsHollywood ReporterAccess HollywoodHollywood.ComET OnlineRead the rest of this entry »



Chelsea and Julian are professional Young Hollywood circus acrobats. Bloody good American kids to yack to.

They perform in Hollywood when they ‘want a change from the circus.’ Like, for reals. They do. Lol! Born this way, to perform and entertain. They are the sweetest couple ever.

Thanks Team. ;)

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What do President Obama, Elvis, Justin Bieber, pubescent teen girls hormones and Donald Trump have in common with a cartoonized hairstyle? Nothing actually, except a single magazine cover and one magazine editors thoughts when it comes to cartoonizing a bunch of trending names. All names mentioned are actors of American entertainment or history’s pop cultural pages.

EXTERIOR/ HOLLYWOOD CAFE/ DAY – The actors act out a script at Starbucks in West Hollywood. He’s intense, she plays the misunderstood lover. Every now and again while delivering their lines, they gesture dramatically with their hands while looking around. You never know, if acting out in public, you just might get discovered. You never know whose having coffee. Directors and casting agents need their coffee too. For belief in their dream, they’re cute.

Alrighty then, Facebook shares you’ve selected from Horiwood.Com to share as social media give a snapshot of as looking kinda like this list. Here’s ten in this moment we’re sharing as culture from Hollywood.

1. What Egypt means - Political leaders making billions while in office

2. Country hotties know how to stay in shape

3. Hollywood’s Top 40 Box Office earning stars of cinema 2011

4. For Ezra‘s generation – Key @ Site Ramses II with Isaiah‘s poetic words

5. Social Media, Hollywood News & You – 1.15.11

6. Maori musical expression in music via Te Piranga – live theater

7. Model billionaire citizen – Christopher Chandler

8. The sweetness of Superbowl DivasFergie defends Christina Arguilera

9. Celebrity news wrap up via The Hollywood Hood – a day in Feb 2011

10. Yes. I really really am a Facebook friend of Alison Stewart

True Fact – In New Zealand, ‘I grew up’ reading my friends copies of Mad Magazine. This from MAD’s Editor-in-chief: on a Justin Bieber-Google choice of popularity (Zeitgeist) magazine cover. Subtext being, just do what Google tells you is popular. If you cover who Google recommends, then as a magazine editor the chances are you’ll make money – hence this magazine cover above.

The ed’s comments are: “That was probably the highlight of his career and being on the cover of MAD is the lowlight. We like to do what we call Zeitgeist covers. When we found that his movie was debuting just about the same time we would be coming with the issue, we knew he’d be all over the place. He’ll hate it and buy every copy, and it will be a sellout. Or, conversely, Bieber won’t even notice and we’ll probably sell three copies of the issue. Every time we put one of these young teen stars on the covers — this goes back to New Kids on the Block — we do get a ton of mail from prepubescent girls. The weird thing is I happened to be looking through old issues and we did a piece on Elvis, too. So that must be hardwired into the DNA of prepubescent girls. When somebody attacks, they do the same. The magazine has changed quite a bit. We take ads, which was a trade-off for the color. Certainly the humor has been ramped up as society has been ramped up. MAD just reflects the signs of the times. It’s a great time because there’re so many whack jobs for us to go after. The lunatic fringe is alive and well from the right to the left. There’s never a shortage of material.”

To make a difference to one in six teens in the world, who don’t yet have access to clean drinking water, let alone a Justin Bieber/ Dianne Warren penned song hit, go here to Charity Water to . We Are The World. Let’s do it.

[Justin Bieber is depicted here with the lovely Selena Gomez courtesy of Celebuzz]. Some bloggers and media outlets who do not live in Hollywood like I do, but who cover Hollywood story lines too and political story lines as well are: USA TodayVanity FairWall Street JournalWashington IndependentWashington TimesWashington Post; ;  Read the rest of this entry »



While Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, two top earning box office stars of 2011, canoodle for their latest Water for Elephants poster, Nicole Kidman in a rare moment, shares insights in to her decade married to Tom Cruise.

Says Nicole of their marriage, “I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love…It’s hard when you’re young. But I’m ready to give up anything for love, because ultimately, that is what you have.”

On damages: [via the UK Daily Mail]  ”I knew he was a really big star, but after a while, to get to a real place in a relationship, that has to wear off. As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23. That was a great relationship. It was great,’ she adds. ‘I think it ran its course.

Nicole Kidman admits she was unsure she would ever find love again after her high profile split with Tom Cruise ten years ago.

“I was really damaged and not sure whether that was ever going to happen again to me,” Kidman reveals in this month’s UK Marie Claire magazine.

[It's a good thing Nicole is being so sweet regarding Tom, because Cruise gave Kidman a half billion dollar divorce settlement, when they'd run their course together. How could Nicole see Tom any other way. It was of the main reasons why Hollywood is still listening to Nicole Kidman at 43 share her Pearls of wisdom as a leading light of this industry town. He may get a rough deal by press, may have never won himself an Oscar either, but Tom was very fair].

On her marriage to country Kiwi star Keith Urban, Kidman says: “I’m crazy in love,” she says. “I think you can live anywhere and do anything when you’re crazy in love. I’m very driven by falling in love. I fall in love and I’ll drop everything and change everything.”

On having more babies: “More.”

[Kidman appears above in her Moulin Rouge poster with Ewan McGregor. Pics courtesy of Crabby Golity, EW Popwatch and Vanity Fair's Oscars Night photograph archives].

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Reese and Tim nipped out for a quick bite in Brentwood last night.

It must be love if this new star couple are dining in family oriented cosy Brentwood. Cute.

Reese must have a lot on her plate, because Tim looks like he’s enjoying his increased spotlight with his colgate American smile all shiny for the cameras while the lovely Reese just looks, well… totally shagged really!

It happens. Must have been the camera angle, on this one pic.

[Photo courtesy of Splash]

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Writes Girls Don’t Like You Blog: “Have you ever seen the shining turd of a Vh1 show “The Pickup Artist”?  It is awful.  It teaches the “tricks” guys use to pick up girls.  It is taught by one of the creepiest men in the universe – oh, btw, his name is Mystery (Seriously???).”

Writes r, co-host/ writer of The Pick Up Artist, for an upcoming episode of this show: “I used to date this girl who believed that to succeed in Hollywood, you needed a “C” shaped smile like Britney Spears. That is a smile that goes from ear to ear. Her take on success was as simple as that. She always had that smile on her face, like that.”

“The truth is though, that if you date any girl in L.A, many of the girls here have fake breasts and fake butt implants. Basically, what I’m trying to say is–you’ve got to be prepared to put the girl you’re dating through the scanner.”

James is kinda full on and loud. He works hard, even on the weekends.

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It is what it is. A poster. Autente en emporte le Vent starring Clark Gable, Vivien LeighLeslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland.


[As displayed in the Weideman Gallery - West Hollywood today].

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