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Neo Cubes and Toys R US: This Hollywood news post brought to you via Eddie, (pictured above) demonstrating the art of Neo Cubism.

Although it was good to hit the shelves in 2008, The Neo Cube is the lastest craze to hit in L.A. It’s message is both scientific and a commentary on — whatever you want it to be.

Demonstration video follows for fun.

Thanks Eddie.

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True fact: The Maori word for spirit is wairua. It means “two waters.” Water distribution is a spiritually humane act, because it takes anyone with spirit to ensure that people who need it, can have life each hour of the day. Our spirits need to act with goodness so water can happen for 1 billion people. Most of these people are in India and Africa. I wonder if China can help as water has so much significance as a metaphor for spirit in China. When I China is already helping share water.

Exciting News: For only $10 invested at Charity Water, one person in the world can have fresh clean drinking water, for a lifetime – when currently 1 billion people don’t have access to it yet. Isn’t that cool information?

It’s the end of the year in Hollywood. Normally I do the list of The 50 People Who Were Voted Most Hottest in Hollywood, as a really good compare and contrast democratic exercise in who is actually hot –vs, other media outlets lists. It can be quite surprisingly the results. On this website, votes are voted daily. The results always provide a study. For example Lady Gaga was no.1 last year, before she’d even appeared on Oprah’s Show.

This year though I thought instead of glorifying Hollywood’s Top 50 list, a priority first, was to link the list of stars, celebrities, hot Hollywood topics in this blogs category list with the topic of H2O. Sometimes we forget that the difference between a ‘star’ and an unknown third world person – is simply basics of humanity or human rights too, like clean drinking water being one–and equal access to it. So, before that list happens, let’s work the existing list already created of people and stars on this blog, who all can do something to help other peeps have life that flows daily with decent water.

Let’s do it as a Christmas gift to the world. Each star who gets any press going up online, have these news items emailed to them daily in the form of google alerts emails. So, in doing this exercise, this is my challenge as a Maori-Kiwi blogger to each one of US as I like US together as a global community connected to all people in the world, to give the gift of water this Christmas to someone else in celebration of life. Celebrity is about water. A celebrity is “anyone who deserves to be celebrated.” In giving water to someone else–we celebrate life, and we act like true celebrities of the world.

Merry Christmas and if you feel inclined, make a difference. is our water distribution agency today. It’s a trust that is action certified that Nicole Richie all year round. Richie also does work too for water distribution via UNICEF as well. I think that’s pretty gnarly good. Let’s do it and make a difference. Cheers and thanks for reading this blog all year round. May festive greetings flow to others too through US. Much love.

Until every person has clean drinking water –no one in the world has true power. Who are we fooling? There will never be peace in the world, if people are fighting over clean water each day. As a power balance exercise that makes us civilized nations look less fake in the eyes of the world, let’s have some fun and make it happen. :)

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“Middle Earth is a 3D film making environment of film making excellence, rich in imagination facilitating diverse culture’s vision (their tino rangatiratanga and unique cultural sovereignty of culture) and their vibrantly entertaining expression in 3D film. Middle Earth is rich in acceptance of others’ difference & a film making haven of World Peace”–Horiwood, 2020′s.

“In 3D, all nations are created equal, in Wellywood film making practices, imagination, execution and delivery of film production excellence.”–Abe Lincoln and Horiwood.

A film is not a film, unless it is made in the Spirit of the experimental filmmaker–Len Lye, filmic artist, Taranaki.

In New Zealand we collaborate and create the world’s next array of Super Heroes in 3D, with powerful messages of good that impact and change the global consciousness and future direction of the world, through Kiwi made pop culture in cinema, merchandising, music soundtracks and entertainment distribution–2020′s

Writes Barry Glibb of the :

“Perhaps unemployed Americans should move to New Zealand to become underpaid production assistants for all these movies.”–Barry was responding to: “JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR SOARS AHEAD ON WINGS OF HOBBIT LAW CHANGE”

A response: HORIWOOD – What a great idea Barry. The lifestyle that nature has to offer Americans, when not on set in New Zealand – is accessible to all – and would more than make up for any pay cuts.

Also, travel – let’s all people grow up and learn, outside their own cultural frames of reference.

It shows security within peoples own sense of identity, when Americans become a minority on distant shores and blend with the world too. Happily.

In New Zealand, people like dialogue, (not one-sided cultural monologue–so Americans will be more than fine in that switch and exchange). Exciting.

With New Zealand’s potential to attract Bollywood and China to New Zealand landscapes to film musicals and action films in NZ too in 3D in the future, the Americans who do make early inroads into NZ 3D filmmaking NOW – will be set with work for life.

NZ is going to become busy. A globally sought after 3D filmmaking nation. How New Zealanders welcome warmly diverse cultures of the world and overseas actors and crew members too (including those from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Russia, UK–every now and again–France), will determine the return rate of these nations to NZ as a filmmaking nation. As far as America is concerned (Avatar’s record breaking success as Hollywood’s leading film of all time box office history), New Zealand is a culturally friendly place for Americans to work and conquer from, with a Hollywood-Wellywood partnership.

Conclusion: Your blog Barry, is rocking, albeit as minimalist as it is, I enjoyed the guide to your twitter account. Thanks for commenting. Incidentally New Zealand has 5% more women than men in its total population, so there’s a few girls that wouldn’t mind marrying an American crew member and sharing citizenship and beach views like no other. A lot to look forward to, aye?!

Wellywood is the box office winning 3D Film Franchises Haven of the film making world. Those who find success with their franchises, will all own homes in New Zealand on beach fronts and live there for most of the year. Their kids will be raised there. It’s the new more-relaxed mecca of box office power players, that can deliver proven results. Well, in 2020, this will be so–Wellywood is the World’s 3D Mecca. It is Middle Earth. A meeting place in The Middle for all cultures to realize the cinematic visions, without culture being compromised in the film making process. New Zealand is a culturally rich haven, paradise nation for this to occur for 3D film makers across the globe.  Good change ahead in Middle Earth.

I like your thinking Barry, where yes, film crew getting roughed around in Hollywood should move to NZ. Why not! NZ is a nation based on immigrants who joined the Indigenous Maori People, so as one of them, NZ can handle you bonding with us Maori-Kiwi lot. It’s how we came to be as a nation, just like America.

Incidentally how any nation has treated their Indigenous Peoples, is the barometer of all human rights relations in the world. It’s the gage of whether other cultures can be trusted dealing within our shores fairly as nations. So as a Maori-Kiwi if you want to move to NZ, I say… Go for it! Get on board brother. More studios other than WETA will spring up in New Zealand too, in order to handle the demand and keep a fair and competitive 3D filmmaking industry occurring in NZ. The economic possibilities are exciting.

[Images - Costume Design worthy -runway fashions - China in Tokyo & Indian sari]

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Can Taylor Lautner punch well above his box ofice weight for Hollywood Entertainment or what? This dude is unstoppable. Twilight Moms are infatuated with this 17 year-old newbie as well as children all want him as a doll. He’s the household name most families in America love.

But the big question is: Martel’s Max Steel doll for Paramount Vs Martel’s Summit Entertainment/ Twilight’s Jacob Black doll? 

Taylor Lautner is set to be both for Hollywood as Mattel take a big chunk of the young star’s box office appeal. A living action wolf pack lad and a living super hero action doll. Not a bad effort in one year. Lautner will go up against Ryan Reynolds at the box office now. Who will win?

English Translation: Taylor Lautner will be living at the gym and eating sushi for the next ten years of his life in his Hollywood career. He’s a filmable athlete. The flip side? Sushi in California is very good.

My only gripe with the Max Steel representation is: another teen wielding a gun image? Why is America so obsessed with promoting ‘shooting guns as entertainment’ to its young people right now? Is this good for teenagers to see? Maybe in the context of film it is okay….but  you decide. Speak on it. Leave a comment if you like.

[Images of Taylor Lautner via Summit Entertainment and Nikki Finke. Images of two dolls via Matell and Man Behind The Doll]

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Thanks Michael K. This is seriously Rocking. The Muppets give Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody song a major tribute… anyone with a heart or a pulse couldn’t help but love.

Not since Wayne’s World or Pink live in concert have we been so entertained by this song. However Miss Piggy as the stand in blonde American pop tart (Like Madonna/ Lady Gaga are today) is the big scene stealer of the moment. That aside, what classic fun from the Muppets camp. Thanks Team Hensen on La Brea & Fountain in my hood. You creative fun people all rock!

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Yes, actor Taylor Lautner‘s Twilight Saga character, Jacob Black really has been transformed into a male Barbie doll, by Martel for Stephenie Meyer.

Does that mean that when Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner go out on a date, they are just like living dolls? 

So Hollywood! :)

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As children develop a need to get creative in this economy at insatiable rates to save their world, the rise in popularity of the Dora Links Dolls and her online interactive world of fashion has grown a market where young girls worldwide want a doll that they can interact with and experiment with their own creativity regarding her fashion choices.

Effectively the doll, facilitates and grows the talents of a new breed of emerging collaborative fashion designers.


Hispanic Business recently commented about Martel’s Dora Links Doll making a leap in maturity from 5 to 12 years of age, for girl consumers worldwide, claiming the doll was too sexualized for children aged 5.

Always ignoring what adults say, because they know that whining consumer children will win their parents over anyway, Matel is continuing to hawk the new Dora Links Doll with great success, for $49.95 at Walmart Stores.

Dora Links is the #1 gift American girls want now, or for Christmas. The demand for the doll reflects a trend that young girls worldwide, want more control of the world in which they live.


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Australian men and toys. What next?!

Australia’s two greatest actors, Mel Gibson and Hugh Jackman were spotted Monday being all sorts of playful. Mel Gibson is pictured here on the set of The Beaver, a film directed by Jodi Foster. Hugh Jackman is pictured in Conneticut, with My Little Pony twins.

Those gazillion kangaroo soft toys sitting at tourist shops at the Sydney airport are going to be pissed by  this! I kid. If you haven’t yet visited Australia, go here. It’s a fun country to visit. People never grow up in the land of Oz.


[image via my LA friends at: Splash News]

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