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Maori lad, Gary Lewis, a member of the British Royal family who is married to Lady Davina daughter of Prince Richard Duke of Gloucester will attend the Royal wedding when he celebrates his cousins-in-laws family wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

the  has been lucky enough to nab an invite to attend the royal wedding, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

TGary 37, is also nicknamed Gazza. He is a cabinet maker and was once a shearer from the Matokitoki Valley of Gisborne. He is a nephew of much loved Maori novelist Witi Ihimaera. Gary once lived with his wife, Davina in Grey Lyn, Auckland for a time after the couple married in 2004.

Grey Lyn is where authentic urban Polynesian culture is created each week in the world.

Garry will celebrate New Zealand’s contingent of wedding guests. He will be joined by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand and his wife, Lady Susan, and Prime Minister John Key and his wife, Bronagh – formerly of Christchurch, now of Helensville West Auckland.Gary’s Mrs, Lady Davina is 24th in line to the British throne and very down to earth and funny, I hear via the Ministry of Scottish Butler Services (a royal family tradition to enlist Scottish Butlers) of the late Queen Mother. Incidentally, the Queen Mother once had quite the tea schedule throughout her day, when she was alive. Fierce! :)

Gary is of the Te Whanau-a-Apanui and Ngati Porou centries-old  Maori tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

[Photograph Courtesy of MSNBC]

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Ngati Porou (the Maori tribe on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand) are big hearted people.

They are like “super Maoris” as a tribal unit in mobilizing on most issues, even issues for others.

Here’s a story by Scotty Morrison & Tini Mollyneux (exec producer) that shows the Ngati Porou people of Gisborne having a radio-a-thon for survivors of the earthquake in Christchurch, far away from the tribe in the South.

That’s tumeke. Love this story!!!

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Maori bros. Herbs, a Kiwi band from Gisbourne and the East Coast of New Zealand, onced dramatically questioned nuclear power’s place in the world.

At the time, they seemed commonsensical, if not a little bit naive, slightly self righteous on a green issue for the environment, in questioning the ‘what if’ nuclear waste was released into the environment, theme of their song.

In New Zealand as kids growing up, we danced to this song at school discos (prom nights).

This song from the 80′s provides poignant music reflection as we all hope for the best for Japan’s people (first and foremost), who are at risk of a nuclear meltdown, to their personage and sense of home… and also the environment of Japan and surrounding districts.

In the spirit of believing and hoping for the best for Japan in this crises hour, here’s also Herbs song Sensitive To A Smile, that is all about being kaitiaki (or guardians) of the world for the children, the people who will inherit this world the way we work with it and design it for changing times.

It’s a warm hearted song. I hope you like it. Their message is pray, (for wisdom) not take away, as depicted on the ancestral whenua (coastal landscapes) of Ngati Porou, the home of Maori greats like Ta Witi Ihimaera, Hekia Parata, Robin Pere (Bell) Barker tona whanau, Papa Api Mahuika, Taika Cohen, Ainsley Gardiner, Sir Wira Gardiner, Dale, Kobey, Darrin, Patsie, Pa K and Dennis Barry (and their friends like Mary Teachin) to name a few of a long list of good people who practice the spirit of manaakitanga (hospitality from the heart) on these landscapes all year round adding to the Kiwi fused art of bronaaki (Kiwi brotherhood of common shared bonds of community hearted ties).

These are my people with a message today for this earth we all call our kainga (home). Enjoy.

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Here’s some poetry Australia is teaching to their kids. It’s written by Maori poet Witi Ihimaera and worth sharing from Hollywood today.

Of course I should have realized, at dinner
That he would be a man of special tastes
His mordant wit and intellect proclaimed him bon vivant
I suppose I was bedazzled by it all
The chandelier, the red roses like stigmata
Too flattered by the invitation
To notice that the table was laid only for hors d'oeuvres
It was understood of course that I was privileged to be there
With him in dinner jacket and black bow tie
The fact that he drank claret should have made me realize
That he liked his meat rare yet, even so
I was take aback when, all of a sudden
he reached across the table to snap off both my legs
As if I was a crisp brown Maori-bread man
Saying, "You won't need these, will you"
The snap and wrench of bone from socket
Sounded louder than I expected, but, the agony was slight
(I've always had a high pain threshold)
What alarmed me more was that my silk trousers were forever ruined
"After all," he said, "a landless man may just as well be limbless"
"And just in case," he added, breaking both my arms,
"This will prevent any further throwing of wet black T-shirts
At Her Majesty"
What could I do? I watched him
Suck the marrow of my bones and tear the meat
That once had made me mobile
I was pleased his manners were impeccable
Not one sweet morsel of me dropped
From his lips - I loved the way
He cracked my toes and fingers open with his teeth
To work the fine gristle for its flavour
He was a gourmet of impeccable sophistication
"That was much better than Aboriginal or Red Indian"
He said, "And I have never liked the taste of Hindu or Pakistani
Too much curry in their diet taints the flesh
You are a repast quite delicious
Almost like Samoan, less fatty than Tongan"
So saying, he proceeded to the main course -
This was my stomach, heart and ribs
Not exactly in that order, for I could not see
What he ate first as he leant forward
With silver knife and fork
To slice the cavity of my breast open
Like a crisp golden chicken
My thoughts were entertained in fact by the memory
Of Noel Coward's witticism about Salote
At the Queen's Coronation in 1953 - 
Mister Coward was wise never to visit Tonga - 
"Ah, there it is," he said, impaling my heart with his fork
And lifting it from its protective cage
I wept to see its pulsing beauty
But thought - This is only to be expected really
From people who eat and drink the body and blood
Of Christ every Sunday
"Best to rid yourself of this, old chap," he added
"Your Maori yearnings are excessive, you agree?"
I wondered if he was right, after all why yearn
For language and culture already taken, why fight it?
Where does Maoritanga fit in this world of teenage mutant Ninja turtles?
Yet I did protest and fight as he cut through the middle
Of my heart and, seeing that rich blood flow red as a river
Wondered if there was time to escape this dinner
"Oh no you don't" he said, as he began dessert
Dishing the sweetmeats of my body onto a crystal plate
My liver, kidneys and tongue
and last of all, my eyes
Smothering them with strawberries and rich cream
by then, without eyes, I could no longer see
The relish of his enjoyment
Cruelly, he left my brain intact to wonder
Why I had ever accepted his invitation to dine
150 years ago ---
[As sourced via WWWMCCC.MURDOCH - Australia's website. Poem first published Auckland University Press].

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“My pride, I will show, so you will know who I Am”He Kaakano School for teen parent mom’s song lyrics of spirit, Ngapuhi, Te Taitokerau.

“We’re really proud of these stamps, they’re vibrant, colourful, and capture the energy of Kapa Haka”–Darrin Apanui said recently, as Maori cultural performance is celebrated as an art form with new stamps being commissioned. Now every person in New Zealand can stick Maoris on to their correspondence. That’s a taiaha stroke of cultural awesomery, in my Hollywod book. Fun.

New Zealand Post marketing commercial director James Te Puni said: “Kapa Haka is unique to New Zealand, and a great way to celebrate our heritage. The series highlights a performance from beginning to end with each discipline showcased on each stamp.”

Alright, here’s a snap shot into the rich diversity of Kiwi news right now:

What guy named Hone too launched one of the most authentic cultural festivals in the world?

What dollar just broke through to the US 76c zone?

Whose sharemarket ended the week on a strong footing?

What country of Nati Hobbits is very excited Japan ended whaling season?

Whose sister’s boss froze the price of milk for a year, so families could afford it more easily? Mine! Woot! :)

Sadly, what Kiwi-Polyensian family are mourning a soldier killed in Afghanistan?

Are sea coastal dwellers at risk of shark attacks?

Who launched stamps sexier than food bank stamps?

What nation’s President is brainstorming with kings of Silicon Valley to create mo’ Jobs? Good!

Heard of David Leggat yet?

Guest commentary via Aotearoa New Zealand courtesy of the New Zealand Herald’s Yvonne Tahana. Go wahine! :)

“I am not a kapa haka fiend. In fact, I’d rate my relationship with it as A for awkward. The closest I’ve ever come to it was when I did the immersion thing a couple of years ago at Waikato University. We’d do it in the mornings and it was a lovely way to start the day, even for a rythmically challenged dork such as myself who has trouble remembering the words to any song. (The only tune I can claim to know the whole words to – being Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby – sad but true.).

I’d hide behind taller people so one of the cute tutors who took us sometimes wouldn’t be able to see my crimes. But at Te Matatini o te Ra this week, the national kapa haka competition which is fiercely contested every two years, the crème of the crop made up of 2000 performers from 42 teams has been putting on a spectacle.

At Waiohika Estate on the outskirts of Gisborne, roopu perform in a natural amphitheatre. There’s been times this week where voice has cut out through the air, crystal clean and clear and it’s stopped me in my tracks.

To read more of Yvonne’s ataahua (spunky) words, go here. Thanks Yvonne.

Haere ra Te Toa ou tatou Ngakau a Aoteroa i roto i Afghanistan me Aotearoa.

[Te Matatini Cultural Festival Pics in Oscar nominated history's filmmaking country of Whalerider scenic views, Gisborne of Ngati Porou - the ancestral home of Oscar nominated filmmakers Taika Cohen and producer Ainsley Gardiner. Bottom image - Kiwi Base, Bamyam Provence - Kirifi Mila is farewelled. Kapa Haka News Video Footage, anchorman Scotty Morrison of Te Arawa, Executive Producer Tini Mollyneux of Ngai Tuhoe for Te Karere Maori News]

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On birthing a new generation reflecting the best intertwining of the greats: Ka pu te ruha ka hao te rangatahi. The old net is cast aside, but where is the new net?–Te Rangihiroa, or, Sir Peter Buck, Man of Two Worlds.

On unity in tikanga: A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.–Abraham Lincoln.

On mobility of the people, housing and health care towards life: “A canoe may be repaired; a house may be fashioned by hand; a man whom death claims, can never be restored to life by human hands.”–Sir Apirana Ngata in Te Ao Hou, quoting Canon Paora Te Muera, on the death of Princess Te Puea Hererangi, quoting King Tawhio when refusing Governor Browne‘s shark-like request to reconsider the government’s request for a major portion of the lands of the Tainui tribe.

On unity in tikanga – part II: A house divided against itself cannot stand.–Abraham Lincoln

On girding yourself in the transparent qualities of the *aute – or, be Chinese friendly – demonstrating good cultural matchTe pai o Hauraki, he aute te awhea. The peace of Hauraki, undisturbed by the slightest breath (of trouble). He rongo whakamau, me he aute te awhea. An enduring peace, as the aute undisturbed. Te aute te whawheaHe manu aute e taea te whakahoro. A paper mulberry kite can be made to fly fast. Haeremai ki Hauraki, te aute te awhea. Come hither to Hauraki, where the prepared aute bark cannot be blown away. (i.e., where the people cannot be dispersed by the storms of war.)–Sir Peter Buck quoting Colenso and George Graham and the sayings of the Chiefs of the Hokianga and the Otakanini Pa of Southern Kaipara, Helensville.–Journal of the Polynesian Society.

*note - “After this they showed us a great rarity, six plants of what they called aouto (aute), from whence they make cloth like that of Otaheiti. The plant proved exactly the same, as the name is the same, Morus papyrifera, Linn (the paper mulberry) The same plant is used by the Chinese to make paper.

On being gardeners of good and better things: All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind. –Abraham Lincoln

On Education with traditional Maori and nonMaori worldviews taught: “E tipu e rea, mo nga ra o tou ao, ko to ringa ki nga rakau a te Pakeha hei ara mo to tinana: ko to ngakau ki nga taonga a o tipuna Maori hei tikitiki mo to mahuna: ko to wairua ki te Atua nana nei nga mea katoa – Grow up, little one, in the way of your day and age, your hands grasping the tools of the Pakeha for your physical well-being, remembering in your heart the works of your ancestors which are worthy of being worn as a diadem upon your brow; your soul ever turned toward God, Who is the creator of all things.’”–Child educator Chris Whaanga quoting Sir Apirana Ngata as quoted via Spasifika Magazine.

On courage to create new pathways: As our case is new, we must think and act anew.–Abraham Lincoln

Sir Peter Buck authored the works known as his principal scientific monographs that were: The Evolution of Maori Clothing, 1926; The Material Culture of the Cook Islands, 1927; Samoan Material Culture, 1930; Ethnology of Tongareva, 1932; Ethnology of Manakiki and Rakahanga, 1932; Mangaian Society, 1934; Ethnology of Mangareva, 1934; Arts and Crafts of the Cook Islands, 1944;Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology, 1945; Material Culture of Kapingamarangi, 1950; Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, 1957. In addition, he published for the general reader a survey of Polynesian life entitled Vikings of the Sunrise, 1938; an account of Polynesian religion, Anthropology and Religion, 1939; and his final thoughts on Maori life published under the title of The Coming of the Maori, 1949.

Let’s go Kiwis of Aotearoa New Zealand in the World! :)

~Top photograph – Sir Peter Buck. Destiny’s Child’s Hollywood star, Walk of Fame as photographed by Horiwood. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.17.11 for Ngai Tahu, Ngai Tuhoe tikanga purposes and Maori children’s bright Kiwi future in the World. For Metiria Turei, Shane Jones, Hekia ParataTau Henare, Joseph Hawke, Metiria Turei of Orakei, Kelvin DavisPaula Bennet,  and Tukuroirangi Morgan of Tainui, Tariana Turia, Sir Pita Sharples et al. Maori Whale’s Tale Key as Kiwi Oscar nominated Pop Art Motif via Hollywood. In memory of Sir Hugh Kawharu~



One Maori leaders words resound from Hollywood today. Api Mahuika, known affectionately to inside tribal members of the Ngati Porou Maori iwi (tribe of Aotearoa), New Zealand, as Yoda, comments on his tribe’s $110 million settlement. Says Api in wise words that many global leaders could take a note from:

“I don’t believe that growing the bank balance at the expense of our people is the way to go.What you have to do while you’re looking at investments is consider where your people sit and where the employment opportunities sit.”

“You are growing your economic wealth on one hand and growing the employability of your people to look after those assets that you are growing.”

“We have many sharks going round and round and you’re in the middle watching the fins. It makes me sick.”

Mr Mahuika says that Ngati Porou, the second largest Maori tribe in New Zealand after Nga Puhi in the far north of New Zealand, are likely to favor these tribally focussed programs:

~ A science of technology and innovation unit, to work with universities to find more efficient and profitable ways of managing farms, aquaculture and fisheries

~A school of excellence focused on tikanga (tribal truth principles of cultural lore) and Te Reo Rangatra (the Maori language of Chiefs). An associated sporting academy would call on the expertise of elite sportspeople from the iwi such as Rico Gear, Rua Tipoki.

~Housing and alternative education.

~Working with schools to develop a science syllabus which would prepare students to work for the tribe in the future.

It’s good to see Maori and the sciences develop along with cultural lore, the best known ideological framework known to best support Maori excellence and top level achievement in the world. Put simply, the knowledge of this tribe’s Maori ancestors, but with the tools of science aligning Ngati Porou with its destiny in the world.

As yet, Nga Puhi, the largest Maori tribe in New Zealand has yet to be compensated for their tribe’s settlement. Although all New Zealanders are one and a very tight community of people as a nation, Ngati Porou’s ‘dodging greedy sharks’ news, gives Ngapuhi and other tribes hope today.

Go Natis! :)

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Crossword girl sits opposite me in the cafe, her feet in a cross-legged position on her chair as she scribbles, like it’s yoga class over coffee. It’s good to see someone writing in this day and age. Like, with a pen. I jump on Facebook and see my friend Dale from Wellington, Aotearoa-New Zealand wants to head to New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival this year. How cultured of her.

Dale must already be over racking up ten out of ten tans in Hawaii. Dale did that twice last year and loved it, but perhaps New Orleans would be more fun. She reads books anyway, so how’s that going to mesh with our spicy crawfish gumbo, serious paella palate research and sarsaparilla vodka martini sessions, with all the beaut music that dance-loving Maoris will instantly want to do, if I go with her? The world’s hottest books list, might feel a bit neglected, this US trip of Dale’s.

Then there’s all those vampire movie sets we’ll have to visit in New Orleans too, like where the Twilight Saga kids (Kristen Stewart, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson) all are filming, or where Oscar winner Anna Paquin‘s True Blood cast film too, or even where Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunce and Tom Cruise filmed the Anne Rice novel adaptation too, of that film, Interview with a Politician Vampire we’ll have to get photographs of at – as well, if we do New Orleans with a Hollywood Maori twist. I don’t know if I can cope without my new Orthodox Jewish friends nearby for too long these days in such political-economic climates of the world; or when you pick up any newspaper. But I think I just might manage.

Of course we should as Dale and I always had movie dates in the nation’s capitol of Wellington when we both worked in government in New Zealand on Sundays, so we should keep our tradition going as US movie loving hori film buffs. Already the possibilities of fun in New Orleans are sounding tres exciting, and that’s months away. I know Dale already has friends there, so that could be rivetingly wild as Dale does biz too. She’s a bright spark with a fine sense of Nati humor, I have always been proud of to have as my friend.

Knowing Dale though, while I’m running around vampire set locations, she’ll be more green thinking conscience, like wanting to go and meet the real people of New Orleans who live in the lakes and inlet areas, to talk to them about how they managed to clean up the environment after the gulf oil spill crises with BP. Remember that? 

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[A brown owls/ els Parliament Post on Mining: In this video footage from Te Karere, The Maori News, Kelvin Davis of Ngati Manu, Karetu, Bay of Islands has some interesting thoughts to share on Maori and Kiwi mining. He is "no." My thoughts are, minerals are the allusion of wealth (a metaphor of sciences future direction linked into IT production too). Like diamonds allude to a wealth trail--minerals are the bait to attract other biz deals in a modern world, and you must have some minerals on the whanau table, or else you'll miss out on meeting global trade opportunities. I have ideas, but they're not being put on here. :)

Perhaps quality, limited supply, over quantity is a good balance for Kelvin's tribe--and being more strategic with developing the use of minerals as Maori tribes, so the supply is maximized and controlled more (for a purpose--not wasteful), to preserve the resource could be key too. China, India, America--all want minerals  (a strategy to save oil usage on the planet)--specifically for green energy technologies advancement, so if the Kaupapa is green there may be a meeting point there. Always remain open. Put some family jewels on the table. Give a little. Diversity from tourism is key too. What to do to be a part of the global game? Watch this clip. Mauri O'la Kelvin Davis].

[John Key picture courtesy of Indigenous Peoples and Polyeurasian magazine, Tu Mai; Great Barrier Island pictures, courtesy of Destination 360, GW]

New Zealand is such an onto it, nation. Everything you can imagine is there in this paradise nation, naturally, but the leaders of this nation, are mindful that they are stewards for future generations of the wealth and abundance they collectively share.

The rare leadership displaying respect to the environment is, in-the-main, a unique cultural-economic role they play, called “Kaitiaki” which means a Guardian.

They are stewards and guardians of the future generations of New Zealand and this rules their thinking of a temporal sense of personal gratification and selfish use of the resources of the earth. To me, they are star leaders, their knowledge of the environment, woven into governance matters–is a star template for leading-edge, wise global leaders worldwide.

Within this context of leadership, a timely discussion is occurring with Maori leaders of New Zealand and Prime Minister John Key on the topic of mining. Here’s a full report from TV3 News on this issue, down under in the green paradise nation of Aotearoa/ New Zealand or Middle Earth as we know it too, in California.

TV3 NEWS reports: “Iwi leaders and the Government have met to discuss mining, and how Maori could be part of talks about future mining and energy issues to prevent disagreements such as that by East Coast Maori over oil exploration in the Ruakumara Basin.

Prime Minister John Key and Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee met the Iwi Leaders Group last night.

[Metiria Turei is a Green Party politician. Her party believes in the legalization of Marijuana and Preserving the Earth's resources with green-thinking strategies forward in a modern world. Whenever she appears on any political matter, she pops! Her political trajectory is colorful showcasing both the humor, theatricality yet intelligence of the New Zealand sense of showpersonship. Read her resume for chuckles. There's no Hollywood or Washington star quite like her]

[To visit Great Barrier Island go here. I went to school on this Island briefly with my siblings as a kid. Everything about it is other worldly. It's a country paradise surrounded by extraordinary beaches. It was like living on the set of that hit Hollywood TV series Fantasy Island every day. Great Barrier Island is real, but surreal. Beautiful. Go to this Island to let your children discover a quality adventure with nature.] News story continues.

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“@politico tweets: AP: New Mexico Republican Susana Martinez elected nation’s first female Hispanic governor. hasta la victoria siempre. Well done.

Politics daily writes: “Republican Susana Martinez won the New Mexico governor’s race on Tuesday night, becoming the state’s first female governor and the first female Hispanic governor in U.S. history. She won by 10 points over Democratic rival Diane Denish, in a race pollsters assumed would be more hotly contested. The race was called about two hours after the polls closed, with 21 percent of the ballots counted. “

Key facts: 45% of the state’s population is Hispanic. Martinez has leniency toward illegal immigrants.

The victory is also a mixed-bag of challenges: With New Mexico facing a budget shortfall of $300 million, the winner faces tough times ahead. Sarah Palin had also given Martinez an endorsement via her facebook.

Politico also reports Martinez and colleagues of The Republican Party saying: “These women say that this time for change has come because the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress have failed to get America’s economy moving again. The millions of female small business owners have felt the pinch especially hard. When the American people called out for fiscal responsibility, limited government and pro-growth policies, the Democrats instead delivered higher unemployment, more wasteful spending and a health reform bill that penalizes many small businesses for creating too many jobs.

For the first time, women in America fear that their children and grandchildren will not be better off than they are. Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress have added trillions to our national debt and burdened our small businesses with massive tax hikes. As you read this, every taxpayer in the United States is saddled with more than $43,000 in debt owed by the federal government.”

Read more: press play

Tau Henare is a part Maori politician serving in John Key‘s National government in New Zealand. He is from an esteemed family of proven Maori leadership and is much valued by the New Zealand people, for keeping it real, to where the New Zealand public are at. Tau not only is a good gauge of pop culture, but he also creates it, when needed.

[To see who Susana Martinez's Doppelgänger (person who looks similar, doing similar things) could be on the world political stage, click here to meet Hekia Parata who is 17 days away, from winning her electorate seat of Mana in New Zealand. Fingers crossed, bubbly already chilling. I wonder when these two great ladies will eventually get to meet? What a moment that will be.]

[Photo caption: ‎Hekia writes: "02 November. The official launch of my campaign for the Mana Electorate. Guests included many MPs, the Prime Minister, Hon Nathan Guy and Hon Tony Ryall."]

I really do think that Porirua City just may have found it’s Hispanic-American friendly and culturally vibrant, Sister State – Mexico City in the USA. Exciting times are ahead for the USA and New Zealand’s collaborative growth and sharing opportunities. Dare to think big in a new world. Heck yeah!

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“She has a young Reese Witherspoon look and fresh-faced appeal about her as a potential child-actor of the future in Hollywood”–Horiwood on Hinetaapora Short.

A Diverse View of Hollywood worthy new talent potential:

Should Hinetaaporo Short, 10, be cast as the next Milky Bar Kid!

One of this kid’s X-factors in the entertainment game already, is that Hinetaapora speaks Te Reo Rangatira – The Language of Chiefs - otherwise known as the Maori language of New Zealand) each day, at her Kura Kaupapa school in Roto-Vegas/ Rotorua, Hiobbit country.

Te Reo Rangatira is one of the two official languages that Middle Earth, New Zealand protects and speaks within its shores.

Should Hinetaapora be the Milky Bar Kid for chocolate makers Nestle? Heck yes! What a bilingual, intelligent and talented cutie pai. Adorable. The Milky Bar Kid is a New Zealand child’s ‘super hero’ figure of inspiring Adventure and fun adventuring activities with friends and community–the great Kiwi Way. Just like Hobbits represent such cultural heroes too. A Maori girl super hero? Heck yes! It’s time. What a splendid idea at updating Kiwi pop culture in the 2010′s.

Will Hinetaapora go on to appear in Hobbit in 3D films in Wellywood too and Hollywood? I hope so! She’s a doll.

Go honey! Mauri ‘Ola from Hollywood. Let’s hope Hinetaapora can sign on to the same Hollywood agent as Oscar nominee, Keisha Castle Hughes. My Hollywood agent recommend though for Hinetaapora’s Hollywood acting hopes, is agent: Steve Dontanville. –the agent behind Reese Witherspoon’s acting career in Reese’s initial early years until two years before Reese won her Oscar.

Imagine Hinetaapora Short in a 3D action adventure film? Could she be another Reese Witherspoon, with the potential to win an Oscar too? Only time will tell. But, go kotiro tutu! I love her chutzpah. This kid has spirit.  She’s off to a good start at ten years-of-age.

[Presenter Scotty Morrison, executive news producer Tini Molyneux - Te Karere. Keisha Castle Hughes appears here with Inception star Ken Watanabe, image courtesy of Wire Image].

UPDATE: Hinetaapora Short is on the Nestle casting team’s Top Ten Short List at this minute. Go honey! You have Hollywood’s big tick approval. The gorgeous Hinetaapora short is a descendant of the Te Whanau a Hinetaaporo subtribe (Haapu) of Ngati Porou. She also descends from the Te Arawa iwi of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. The same tribe as famed and globally-loved entertainer, the late Sir Howard Morrison. The son of a Maori All Black rugby football star, Temuera Morrison , Sir Howard’s song My Old Man’s An All Black - combated and addressed apartheid in South Africa back in the day. He’s still a legend in hearts and minds today. Good Kiwi Ambassadors and proven entertainment stock are the performance artists of this tribe. They do the right things with their fame for noble humanitarian causes.

Hinetaapora’s Te Arawa tribe are watched by globe-trotting visitors to New Zealand, every day of the week in Rotorua City when they perform live daily as consummate and gifted entertainers. They star in musical theater showcases daily and have been practicing mau rakau (traditional Maori martial arts) for over a thousand years in New Zealand on Mokoia Island. As warriors in performance, they are New Zealand’s indigenous action stars. Very similar to Japanese samurai or Old-World warriors of the Chinese Empire dynasty too. Sir Howard, their much loved late Entertainer king, is pictured wearing his cowboy hat above.

Courage to imagine, see and be true to… yourself.

Message to H.S: Mihi atu ki a koe Hinetaapora… are you practicing your American accent and learning Chinese each morning for Hong Kong filmmaking, 3D action movie/ co-productions in future years, before school? Hope so! Ka rawe! Tino pai kē! Kid, you’re too much! :)

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