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“I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen,” Charlie Sheen tells People Magazine. Ridiculous!

On the day baseball legend, Duke Snider passed out of this ball park life, Charlie Sheen talks benders, to distract the 100,000 Wisconsin protestors appealing Scott Walkers‘ enslaving propositions for union workers labor. Fox and CNN ignored their voices. It was called a media blackout day. We hear and see the faces of Egypt. Yemen. Bahrain. Tunisia. Libya, again and again and again. Wisconsin gets added to that list.

A blonde Chris Brown tweets ”look at me “  talks love. ‘s are on everyone’s minds in LA. Things British pick up steam like soccer teams winning from Birmingham. Kadafi provides the dark, here in the USA.

Ten posts we’re sharing in Hollywood are:

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3. Eminem

4. Oscars 1946 – Grace Kelly + Audrey Hepburn

5. Julia Roberts

6. Elijah Wood

7. Oscars 1993 – Swifty + Liz

8. Rugby Football - Sports star pick

9. 29

10. Helena Ataya

have heat too, along with the hot topic of . 

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Kia Ora Crystal Rachel,

While your Uncle took a cigarette break from Hollywood blogging, two things happened. Outside Suru clothing store (a fun store) an abandoned bible lay open. Blowing in the wind, its pages were opened on the concrete pavement to these passages written by Moses.

I share them with you on my blog, as spirit food as one of your Hollywood moments via me. The passage is significant as I blog in Hollywood at a time where animals, birds, fish are being reported dead in the world in large numbers. In this climate, I felt that this is yours and John‘s promise, after your personal flood of fear.

Like a tohu (a spiritual sign of guidance), this moment is your own rainbow for your heart’s Peace as a mother of Aotearoa New Zealand. May your life always hold this promise over this beautiful nation, as a key keeper of Life. And for America too, if you’re feeling up to it. :)

A minute prior to leaving the Cafe I’m at today in the Melrose fashion district of West Hollywood, I saw this lady. A hot dance choreographer of America and Los Angeles I have seen many times on TV. She is the one and only, Sonya Tayeh. Like you, she is extremely talented with a wonderful personality. I asked her to pose for a photograph for you as I’d heard you’d had a wee shock in hospital. She said “Cool, I know what to do for that.”

She grabbed her boyfriend, Craig Hollamon, pictured who is an “amazing dancer and choreographer” also. Craig could look a bit like your brother Bradley James. Especially when Brad was a baby. One of your great great grand Uncle’s (father’s name) had a Craig in it somewhere. Here’s that picture. And here’s a dance for you, as spirit food too, for your own beautiful dance of life.

I love you. Mauri ‘Ola He Wahine o Te Ngakau Reka. Let’s keep life fun and always inspiring and colorful. :)

Here’s one to watch – Hallelujah by Sonya Tayeh as danced by Alex Wong – Watch here.

Above - Arcadia by Ellenore Scott & Ryan Di Lello.

Artwork – Dove by Holly V Hoof.

[Thanks Sonya and Craig].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.23.11~