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[Leonardo DiCaprio is pictured on set, starring in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar click. Photo via MTV movies blog]

Pilot Season Casting News- Henry Ian Cusick lands a role on Shonda Rhimes (as yet unnamed) TV pilot who will appear as Olivia Price‘s (the central character played by Kerry Washington) litigating lawyer to Olivia’s PR fix it pro. Already I’m sold on this show.

A C.I.A agent presumed dead is recruited by a reclusive billionaire to wage war on New York criminals – would you watch this show dubbed Person of Interest! Yes! Jonathan Nolan‘s TV show premise, with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot productions producing for Warner TV – has been scooped up by CBS, for high action drama commissioning. As talent often runs in families, Jonathan Nolan is Hollywood director/writer Christopher Nolan‘s brother. The two bros shared an Oscar nomination for Momento one year back. Exciting TV! News source – InsideTV.EW.

Lisa Zwerling‘s tv pilot Weekends at Bellevue was rejected by NBC & UMS. However Fox has picked up the series, where ”a psychiatrist in charge of the weekend shift of Bellevue Hospital psychiatric unit.” Weekend at Bellevue is based on Dr. Julie Holland‘s memoir as the weekend physician in charge of the psychiatric emergency room at the oldest public hospital in the United States whose name has become synonymous with insanity. Zwerling, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein are executive producing.

Cinema Blend reports that Warner Bros is the likely contender to front finance/ secure distribution territory right for The Great Gatsby, the Baz Luhrmann-directed film that is an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s literary classic. A no.1 box office smash already for Warners by the sounds of it. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan have been signed to star in the classic story.

Nikki Finke reports that Jeffrey Reiner is in the final negotiating stages to direct the NBC drama pilot Wonder Woman, that David E. Kelley‘s revisioning talents have been given the greenlight by D.C. comic to work on. In the reboot franchise, from Warner Bros. TV, Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) is an L.A based crime fighter. In addition she doubles as a successful corporate executive and a modern woman. Finding life balance with a super hero kicker action line is the elements of the show’s hook. A spec buy history by NBC via new chief Bob Greenblatt late last month is how this TV series got into Jeffrey Reiner’s scopes.

[Clint Eastwood's photograph is courtesy of Le Studio 1]

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Although every time the lovely Beyonce appears and performs it feels like a “Star is Born” moment for the American people, Deadline Hollywood reports that Warner Bros. has signed Clint Eastwood to remake the Star is Born film classic. Beyonce herself, will star in the Barbara Streisand role.

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1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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Arnold Scwharzenegger filmmaking great, James Cameron into The California Hall of Fame. Clint Eastwood chats to Anne Gust, wife of the current Governor elect Jerry Brown (pics Reuters). Celebrity musings and political meanderings over the last 24 hours look a bit like this today:

Facebook‘s Jesse Eisenberg has no TV and is 100% unaware of pop culture. Refreshing.

Poll: Americans Trust Obama More Than GOP To Guide Country

Christopher Nolan is scouting locations in Asia for The Dark Knight Rises.

Economic Watch: Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson is back home for Christmas holidays.

Larry King is calling it quits on his show this Thursday. Epic.

Jerry Brown‘s budget review says California has been living in La La Land.

China’s Wen pushes India’s trade

Are Michael C. HallJulia Stiles waggling eachother’s tonsils already?

Usher wants to be the next Michael Jackson. Bold words.

Justin Bieber may cover Vanity Fair February. This kid is so huge right now.

Dreamworks cast Eminem in a boxing film dubbed Southpaw.

Orwell and the Financial Crisis

Nicole Kidman loves nesting and wants more kids.

Natalie Portman talks Swan.

Ireland Approves Massive Bailout Package

Are neighbors Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx an item?

Scotts Vocab: Vocabulinks

Glee‘s Matthew Morrison plans to tour, solo.

Sal Alosi is a football coach in a tight spot today.

Dylan Walsh and wife Joanna Going call it a day.

Senate Passes Obama Tax Cut Compromise Plan

Facebook gift cards offer digital currency for Facebook addicts.

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“Tatou – Honor Role.”

Rugby News, Hollywood Calif – Ko nga mea katoa e kitea e tou ringa kia mahia, kia puta tou uaua ki te mahi; kahore hoki he mahi, kahore he tikanga, kahore he matauranga, kahore he whakaaro nui i te reinga, i te wahi ka haere atu na koe ki reira. Whatever you set your hands to do, do it with all your might –King Solomon.

We see fideliter. It anchors us consistently. We hold to our school ideal, of serving faithfully–WBHS Fideliter Moniker, School Song.

We are waiting on prophecy–Moana Maniapoto, song: Prophecy

Surrender to the sky. Over snow-mountain shine, upon the upland road, ride easyJames K. Baxter — poet-seer.

With rugby football and haka in hand, we carve our narrative across green of paddock. Our spirit’s dream expressed as talented physicality driving us forward as relentless sporting passion, forming “our rough-hewn story”.–filmmaker Rudall Hayward, The Te Kooti Trail

Kimihia te kahurangi;. ki te piko tōu matenga, ki te maunga teitei. If you bow your head. Let it be only. To a great mountain–Maori proverb of the ancients, a favorite of Ta Witi Ihimaera, author of Pounamu, Pounamu, a literary collection taught at WBHS when I was in high school.

“We have a good story to tell”–Prime Minister John Key

In Hollywood tonight, the City of Angels, (namely me, oh- and Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon rugby fans of Invictus the rugby leadership movie, maybe just a little bit too, & Ye Old King’s Head Tavern rugby supporters in Santa Monica too!) we celebrate the sporting selection of Sonny Bill Williams joining Samuel and George Whitelock in the announced new team of the New Zealand All Blacks for 2010/11.

New Zealand is the host nation in 2011, of the fiercely contested, gladiatorial sporting world’s, elite Rugby World Cup.

Get to it if you can. Awesomery sporting action. Gladiatorial sporting action. The supporters of the sport are one of the most fun aspects of the game of rugby football. Another reason to get there, just be a part of them all. Bloody good people.

As culturally correct, in sending these lads on their haerenga (journey) towards greatness, we celebrate this with the haka of Te Rauparaha, a Chief who overcame death from enemies in hot pursuit of his life. Te Rauparaha took refuge in a kumara (sweet potato) pit, beneath a Chiefly and noble woman who sat above him wearing chiefly woven cloaks that covered her and him. When he arose from the pit unscathed  - he celebrated with these words of the haka (Maori warrior’s war dance), an artform of masculine ferocity and cool, an expression of strength of a man’s inner spirit, distinct and indigenous to Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Centuries later, this same haka, is the offiical haka of New Zealand rugby lads.

Two hakas go up to be beamed out today from L.A. The first a haka from All Blacks rugby football sporting history performed before a match against South Africa, the current holders of The William Webb Ellis Cup.

The second haka, is the haka of Ngapuhi school boys in one high school - from the entire school of Whangarei Boys High School, brown and white lads (and fellow awesome redheaded like fire et al Kiwis too) performing in unison in the Maori language, in a city that is in the tribal region of NgapuhiTonuNui, one of my two Maori tribes by blood.

In doing so, WBHS send a challenge throughout all high schools in their nation, to match them and do the same with their ferocity – in unity as a collective school expressing Maori culture, language and heritage arts together with pride as a norm and forefront expression of their identity.

Back in my day, the school haka we wrote and performed under Wiki Harding‘s tutelege when I was the High School Maori Cultural captain, when performed – went on to win that year at the Te Taitokerau High Schools Maori Cultural (Kapa Haka) Festival - A haka that won the cup. Which is why, I’m posting this school’s haka in Hollywood today. It is like prophesy that “the best is yet to come.”   This haka featured is a new and updated version. Ka pai. It is good to see culture strong and evolving.

Ngapuhi is the largest Maori tribe by population, in the world. A good effort of leadership from WBHS! Interwoven community strength of participators actively creating and performing culture (like Hollywood movie stars do in film), being the star. Of course WBHS, you’re doing this today. 120+ years of being together as a school, looks good. Mauri Ora from Hollywood. :)

What a fine effort. A reminder that in sport and culture we are all united and are black too in New Zealand. And because we are, I acknowledge, see, affirm, give expression to and visibility to: your ihi, wehi, mana as young men of importance and value as leaders of the modern world in your own right, already. Btw: I am adding all of you lads to Hollywood’s Maori (& Kool Kiwis) Honor Role today. We are on a roll. :)

This image of Horiwood aka Sam Cruickshank (yawn! me – sorry), graduate of Whangarei Boys High School, CR Theology College (woooot!), Te Whare Waanaga a Aotearoa and Auckland University, with Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black to encourage both sporting achievement, entertainment excellence and academic achievement of all young people in New Zealand, on the rugby field and in lecture theater rooms and science labs too and on cultural/ theater stages, on sets and in cinemas. If you endure, dream, find strength within, always look up not down, and believe and give expression to your belief, your voice can be heard in the world too. Even against great odds, as you and Sonny Bill Williams and Samuel W, show as a rugby and haka nation of men who love to perform and entertain.

Good stuff fellahs! Louder - I still can’t quite hear you. :) And – go Rugby World cup players, supporters, followers and entourage of rugby mad babes too, like the smart and sporty Yale Women’s Rugby Team here in the US - for 2011. Kia Kaha Koutou- May great strength be yours.

[Top image - Samuel Whitelock scores a try breaking the tackle from Richard Buckman via Zimbio. All Blacks Rugby Football Team coach Graham Henry rolls out with his latest football appointment, Sonny B Williams, today. Image via Zimbio. Dustin Lance Black and Horiwood appear for Robert Ellis, an author for World Peace in the Middle East. Box office star and Oscar winning Maori-Kiwi-Aussie, Russell Crowe's Hollywood star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, California - The Te-Ika-A-Maui version.]

This post also dedicated to Ngapuhi rugby sporting greats, Zinzan Brooke and brother Robin Brooke of Warkworth; to my family’s childhood friend, world rugby great, Michael Jones and family and extended family of friends and allied Oak Ridge whanau a Whale Pasifika, along with youngsters and entertainers and sporting greats in the making Freedom Kahanui, Oscar Brooke, Louis Henry III, Taylor Thomas Thorp and Bailey Reign.

Universal of California are broadcasting The Rugby World Cup within America, 2011. Go Universal Sports and Warner Bros Studios for promoting rugby football as sporting entertainment in the USA.

When visiting California, Universal CityWalk Theme Park is a great place to visit when in Hollywood.

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Warner Brothers, the most successful studio in Hollywood the last decade, cranks up their P.R machine today, with the release of fresh pictures, from Clint Eastwood‘s Hereafter view.

Reports Beyond Hollywood, “Hereafter” tells the story of three people who are haunted by mortality in different ways. Matt Damon stars as George, a blue–collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (Cécile de France), a French journalist, has a near–death experience that shakes her reality.

And when Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might—or must—exist in the hereafter.”

I believe in life after Hollywood, life after rugby football too. I also believe in the hereafter. Sounds like an interesting film, no? Will you be going to see Clint and Matt’s new film? Kinda deep, as Eastwood’s films can be. This shot, is film noir lighting almost, meets country. It’s all about Matt’s pondering expression to evoke thought. Eastwood casts the shadow of Matt’s body as a projection on a wall, to denote the spirit inside the man, for this film.

When we die, where does our spirit go? To the hereafter? A good film, already for raising this question from Hollywood.  

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True fact. Dina Eastwood is now managing the South African boy band Overtone in Los Angeles, The City of Angels.

Overtone provided that very groovy song, Colorblind in Clint Eastwood‘s rugby hot film, Invictus that starred Matt Damon in it.

I must say, that film had amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing sound editing. Whoever did that deserves a mention on a Hollywood celebrity blog, because that was freakin good work.

Here’s Colorblind by said band. And go Dina Eastwood rocking these lads out in L.A with good managerial skills.

[Photog credit: Clint Eastwood grins ear-to-ear these days at his film premieres with three lovely ladies on his arms, wife Dina, their daughter Morgan Eastwood, 13, and his daughter Francesca Eastwood, 16. Forever young, Eastwood turned 80 in May.]
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Lift your game Clint Eastwood! The “Grey power set” in New Zealand have always been respected and magical beings to the young. Ha ha. We were raised to respect older people.

In fact, unless you have grey hair–your opinion doesn’t  really count in NZ. Too funny! It’s the anti-Hollywood on an agesit front that’s for sure. Thank goodness for the adorable Betty White here in the USA.

This short film link sent from my sister Saloni Ruth for your Hollywood Entertainment today reflects that cultural art of humor amongst grey power, down under.  Thanks babee! ;) Too funny.

Being a Maori New Zealander, I’m looking forward to the day when I have grey dreadlocks [with retro: Katchafire playing on the iPhone b’neath dreads… and I’m fishing with the Tamariki’s chil’n at our beautiful beaches (while Hollywood blogging… of course.).. in my old age.

Humpty Dumpty Uncle Sam needs some Hori rebuilding from ministering whanau star angels. You’re the best healers in the world. You know it, that’s what we do. See you soon. Woot! xox.

Short film by Tim Mclachlan. Nice! Let’s go New Zealand!!!

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J Edgar Hoover‘s years as FBI director, has captured the creative attention of Hollywood directing great, Clint Eastwood.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Eastwood is buddying up with Imagine Entertainment, Richie Cunningham’s (Ron Howard) and Brian Grazer‘s film production company who have been ‘developing’ it.

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Celebrities. Entertainment. Arts. Music. News.  It’s quite a news day from Venice, the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and America.

Guest Commentary: Author Robert Ellis about Clint Eastwood: “Clint Eastwood’s working home is behind a gate marked Warner Brothers. The property is nestled in a valley and separated by high mountains from high-rise, hyper-active Los Angeles. The low-lying property is not unlike a giant ranch fenced off from the world but feeding it every day. It’s quite an achievement to be invited to drop into that high-price spread where contracts are measured in days and weeks, but even more, to be asked to come back for a second go-round. Since 1975 — that’s when Gerald Ford was the US president, Clint Eastwood has been a guest-in-residence. The Oscar nomination snub of his latest picture, Invictus, speaks to the intelligence level of present Academy voters, but its truths speak to the intelligence of millions of viewers around the world.”

Now that’s what you call intelligent writing and real Hollywood commentary too.  Perhaps the first ever real writing on the blog in a year. Thanks Bob. Here’s your top ten today.

1. BAFTAS: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

2. Jason Mraz makes music history

3. Suzanne Hinn files for divorce

4. New Pic: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Brad Pitt

5. Young Hollywood Adam Lambert and Ke$ha

6. Lady Gaga live in Dublin pic 2010

7.  Evan Lysacek is golden

8. Lady Gaga for Q Magazine by John Wright

9. Amber Rose and Whoopi Goldberg do NYC fashion week

10. Art: Hollywood Black Leather on Paua II

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Keeping it real, Clint Eastwood tells moviefone, he’s all cool, with his recent Oscars snub where Invictus was overlooked by the Academy for Best Picture and Best Director. Clint has won the Best Picture Award twice before with Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven.

Says Eastwood about his rugby football themed, film’s snub: “No” [he's not affected] he told Moviefone. “Look, I’ve been around a long time and probably they should give somebody else a look. I don’t think too much about that stuff. I didn’t think about it then, I just got lucky with those two.”

What a humble guy.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Clint Eastwood has been with Warner Bros for 35 years. That’s amazing.

To celebrate a golden son of the box office, Warners have thrown together a 19 dvd set of Clint’s movies. From the films Where Eagles Dare of 1968 to Gran Torino 2008–Warners have packaged into: Clint Eastwood: 35 Films, 35 Years at Warner Bros, to mark the anniversary of the creative association, on February 16.

Congrats to both Clint and Warners on a very happy marriage.

[Photo credit: Boris Horvat of AFP]

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An Isaac Ross post: As you know, here in Hollywood, the Clint Eastwood directed film Invictus stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon and is a little Oscar nominated film  for Best Picture 2010. Invictus has a rugby football storyline.

Why is rugby football so awesome and universally loved? Because it’s about teamwork, rugby communities; down to earth brotherhood that gets the job done, regardless of race, color or creed, with the absence of ego at large–as well as introducing gladiators of the sporting world who very much deserve a spotlight as superstars. Rugby football players are some of the most awesome people in the world and on Horiwood.Com, the sport is proudly supported along with the worthy stars of the football sport.

One such footballer is Isaac Ross whose dad and mom both played the sport. Here’s what the official All Blacks rugby football team’s website of New Zealand says about Isaac:

“Isaac Ross made his debut for New Zealand Maori at the 2007 Churchill Cup, continuing a proud family tradition of wearing the black jersey. 

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Clint Eastwood, 79, took three red carpet dates with him to the London premiere of his film, Invictus, this weekend. His dates were: wife Dina, their daughter Morgan, 13, and his daughter Francesca, 16, by a previous relationship. How sweet.

Eastwood’s rugby football driven narrative of Invictus should be a huge hit in the UK, as rugby football originated from England. Go Clint!

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James Cameron loved announcing to the world that Australian Sam Worthington wasn’t the studio execs first choice for Avatar. Actors Matt Damon and Jake Gylenhaal were.

Perhaps off the back of The Dark Knight‘s huge box office success with the late Aussie actor Heath Ledger‘s Oscar winning performance, the Hollywood movie industry knew, the world wanted to see more Aussie’s in Hollywood films.

After George W. Bush‘s presidential reign, (poor George!) if a cast is All American, the wider world doesn’t seem to trust a movie from America these days. Mixing it up (Aussie’s are the hot ticket at the moment) with an actor from another country who can still do an American accent, is viewed as more credible from Hollywood for a worldwide audience.

As Avatar‘s $1 billion (and rising) earnings came largely 70% from outside of America, casting Sam Worthington in the lead role instead of Damon and Gylenhaal was perhaps a smart move. Read the rest of this entry »

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In Hollywood right now, there’s a big focus on rugby football due to director Clint Eastwood‘s film, Invictus, based on a poem loved by Nelsen Mandela that stars Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman cast in the lead roles, in a story about how rugby football helped transform Nelsen Mandela’s South Africa into a great nation of hope again when he went from prison to President.

In light of this, I’m featuring the real stars of rugby football on Horiwood.Com (sorry Matt Damon) from the best rugby football team in the world. That being team members of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

Here’s Aled de Malmanche of New Zealand for your entertainment. The official team website says this about de Malmanche:

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America loves her stars to be tough when they deliver an American message. Clint Eastwood got the ‘Badass’ Tough guy crown this year from GQ Magazine.

Go Clint! A profound filmmaker, storyteller and actor into revealing aspects of the human condition.

Rock on Dirty Harry!

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… is filming in London. Riveting stuff! On a film set, there’s so much waiting around to do. Clint must be the most patient man in Hollywood and what an outstanding director of real human stories that make us all think Eastwood is. Love his work!

[image courtesy of Bauer Griffin]

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