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Sometimes when you go for dinner at Silver Spoon in West Hollywood and you’re tucking in to your lamb shanks, the last thing you want to hear, is a lovely old lady, pining in her soup and egg roll over the manipulations of a Hollywood leading lady at the manipulative hands of a Hollywood… man.

It makes you want to say, “Honey. Forget Jane Russell, what’s your Hollywood story.”

But alas, this was the case in the hood last night as the sweet old lady bemoaned in her recollection of hood history saying, “Jane Russell was just business property to Howard Hughes the way he manipulated her to make him money was frightful.”

Okay then, can’t argue with that. The lady saw it all happen. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that some girls go for that kind of thing.

Writes the U.K in more diplomatic tones, the same sentiment is shared: “Using his considerable marketing skills, the billionaire movie producer Howard Hughes had Jane Russell photographed in publicity shots of The Outlaw (1943) languishing on a bed of straw, looking petulant as her tight-fitting peasant blouse slipped off one shoulder.”

Poor Jane Russell. She looks as if she was tortured for her art in this pic. Frightening. I mean, that haystack really is a bed of hard-bitten, Howard Hughes nails.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.1.11~