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Today was a sad day in Hollywood. My late grandmother Elizabeth Cruickshank‘s (Lil’s) favorite Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor, passed away aged 79. She died of congestive heart failure. The full statement of this fine ambassador of humanitarian arts and culture was read by her son Michael Wilding Jr. It reads as follows via US Magazine:

The two-time Oscar winner and humanitarian “was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor and love. Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear, we will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world. Her remarkable body of work in film, her ongoing success as a businesswoman and her brave and relentless advocacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS all make us all incredibly proud of what she accomplished. We know, quite simply, that the world is a better place for Mom having lived in it. Her legacy will never fade, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live forever in our hearts.”

What a nice way to remember one’s mother. Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood Queen. In Hollywood entertainment news you voted today, here’s our top ten on Horiwood.Com. Thanks people.

1. Elizabeth Taylor‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Homage – 9.17.10

2. Danielle Spencer & Russell Crowe buy ‘Te Puke’ a home in Rose Bay

3. Gabriel Byrne writes about the Richard BurtonElizabeth Taylor biopic

4. Christina Hendricks photo shop humor

5. Windsor - Beckham brands unite – South Africa

6. Supermodel Rachel Hunter‘s message for Christchurch City

7. The Legend of Whakatane by Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

8. Teen mom Jenelle Evans is a reality TV star making choices

9. Soulja Boy mourns his 14 year-old brothers death

10. Stephen Moyer talks racing car training

Bonus Bust – Special Spirit – Christchurch earthquake words by Russ

She was once the center of Hollywood. Photograph, Oscars night archives courtesy of Vanity Fair archives.

Her last text was: “Every breath you take today, should be with someone else in mind.”

Because these words are true. Here’s a pic as a reminder of Elizabeth Taylor’s great legacy.

Mourners gathered for a mass burial on Wednesday in the coastal city of Higashi Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture.

Let’s think of Japan and also every nation that needs to consider green energy that’s better, as Japan is teaching us in their loss. Photograph – New York Times.

Poroporoake words from Aotearoa New Zealand for Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Haere ra te Tupuna Whaea o nga Whakaata ataahua. Haere ra Te Kuini o Rangatira a Te Kura o Nga Whakaata Tumeke. Haere, Haere, Haere.

Coat of Arms, photograph taken five minutes ago, West Hollywood, California.

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Prince William Windsor was choppered into the grounds of Hagley Park in Christchurch City where he praised a “student army” of volunteers for doing “a fantastic job.”

Christchurch’s young have worked tirelessly at cleaning up the earthquake devastation since the City’s 6.3 quake.

Obviously these esteemed youth citizens life experiences in moving on quickly amidst devastation, makes these youth leaders unlike many pampered Western young people today. They now have skills to be mentally fit in highly pressurized devastating circumstances. Their reflexes to act and not remain in shock are skills many youth need to develop in the world today.

In Christchurch City, these esteemed youth citizens of a modern world are rebuilding their lives. To read more about their amazing life experiences and stories of survival, check that out at the Official Christchurch newspaper, The Press – one of the best journalistic newspapers I’ve ever read, right here. Their archives are full of stories of these amazing young people’s attitude and zest for life and living.

Yesterday, Will spent time with Greymouth Pike River Coal Mine families who lost family members in a gas explosion in a fossil fuels mine. Meeting in Shantytown, resident Bernie Monk said ”He’s a down-to-earth person. It was humbling, really… he kept reiterating he knows how it feels.” More on that story can be read here, also via The Press.

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This from CNN’s Glossary for Fukushima Daiichi crises. Three place names to ponder:

Three Mile Island – USA: A nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, which was the site of the worst nuclear power disaster in the United States. A partial core meltdown occurred in 1979. The plant had containment units, so the release of radioactive material into the environment was minimal. The incident caused no injuries or deaths, and only low levels of radiation were found in plants and animals, experts said.

Chernobyl: The site, in northern Ukraine, of the world’s worst nuclear power plant disaster. A meltdown, explosion and fire at the site on April 26, 1986, sent a large radiation cloud over much of Europe and contaminated large areas of then-Soviet Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Thousands of deaths are said to be attributed to the disaster, and Ukraine’s health ministry estimated that one-sixteenth of its population of 49 million was suffering from grave health disorders related to the incident. The disaster led to thousands of cases of childhood thyroid cancer, according to Dr. Ira Helfand of Physicians for Social Responsibility, which opposes the use of nuclear power.

Fukushima Daiichi, Japan: The location where we find our friends in crises, Nippon.

For other terms like: Boiling-water nuclear reactor, boric acid, control rod, fission, fuel rod, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA; International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES); radiation, reactor core, Sievert (and millisievert), spent nuclear fuel, spent fuel storage pool… go here to see what Aaron Brodie has thrown together at CNN.

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Arianna The Aggregator AOL Aligator with Lipstick and a Posh News Tone, here in the USA points out (a day, if not 35 years too late) that Japan’s nuclear power plants have been a deadly threat to the evironment and Japan’s people for decades.

Any nation with a nuclear power plant, take note about safety standards of these plants on people and the environment. They are fast becoming a thing of the past if not tickety boo. But seriously, do we even need them in the world?  Let’s not even talk nuclear bombs, that would be getting into the way too brainless department.

ATAAA also posts these links that lead us to news that she’s taken from other journalists work that she shares in America today in Japan’s best interests on her $315 million blog. These are White House: ‘Deteriorating And Fast-Moving’ SituationHelicopters Drop Water To Cool Reactor.. L.A. Times: Radiation Fears Keeping Help Away.. HOW TO HELP.. LIVE UPDATES.

Seriously though – Pray for Japan!

[Photograph via the AP]

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This pic shows a rising sentiment for clean energy, as expressed by Australia.

I can’t remember where I sourced the pic from, I guess I’m doing an Arianna Huffington on this one, and posting it without a credit. Oops. I almost feel a little bit like a New Yorker media person just now in doing so. :)

A powerful message for the planet. UNLOCK GREEN ENERGY! The rest is all BS.

Believe it or not, these people holding these placards are some of the wisest and fairest people on the planet in this moment. They have an important view.

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Press Release via Otago Daily News & Hollywood for Christchurch City, Photograph via NZ Herald:

“Prince William will make a special visit to Christchurch to pay tribute to the victims of last month’s devastating earthquake, but bride-to-be Kate Middleton won’t be joining him.

St James’s Palace today announced the prince would attend next Friday’s national memorial service to mark the quake on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, and would also visit Greymouth to speak to the families of the Pike River Coal mine disaster.

Prime Minister John Key this afternoon welcomed the announcement.

“This is a heart-warming gesture that will mean a lot to the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed by these events,” he said.

“I would like to personally thank the Queen for thinking of New Zealand in its darkest hours and very much look forward to seeing Prince William again, even though it is in very sad circumstances.”

A spokeswoman for Mr Key said Price William’s fiancee, Kate Middleton, would not be joining him on the visit.

The prince will arrive in New Zealand the day before the service at Christchurch’s North Hagley Park before flying to Australia on March 19, where he will visit parts of Queensland hit by the recent cyclone and flooding.

Prince William last visited New Zealand for three days in January last year, when he opened the new Supreme Court building in Wellington.

The full itinerary for his upcoming visit will be released closer to the time.

Mr Key’s spokeswoman said the PM still planned to attend the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, at which 1900 guests are expected.”



After reading this story, it occurs to me that EARTH ROMANCE is what UNITES EVERYONE in THE WORLD, TO A COMMON BOND SHARED BY ALL. Earth awareness and US is the next big trend in the world. In a way, our thinking needs to marry a mentality that considers what is best for this planet, and the people in it, we serve on this hallowed ground.

Kia Ora Christchurch, Scotland & London. Nice one Prince William.

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People who grow up in New York are a little bit more theatrical in their outlook on life, than growing up in other parts of the States. Lady Gaga’s whackness (her OTT snot snotty otter theatricality) seems to exemplify NYC’s love of theater to a T, yet it doesn’t always translate to people who just go WTF!

Her definition of the term G.O.A.T is a trip. Here’s a link to one blogger’s views, Myrddin Gwynedd, on Gaga’s art and self expression - Blogger Bites Back: Lady Gaga: ‘Born This Way’ video premieres VIDEO

Government owned alien territory (G.O.A.T). A bit cryptic criggereze perhaps with her acronyms constructions and lingotta bandying about as alien wisdom with mace on it now, but perhaps it’s a concept we could get used to. Like on acid or magic mushrooms or just… never.

Does anyone know the movie release date for Men In Black III with Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones, all this alien “moon men” stuff, is sounding a wee bit MIB marketing via NASA, Gaga and well… Hollywood too as the latest spun distraction.

My money’s on NASA for the best Alien show. Why not?! For a change.

Many people (online) discussing aliens (a top trending topic yesterday in the USA for all online users via Google), keep returning to one key premise, “why have aliens never said hello” to earthlings and introduced themselves AS ALIENS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reality TV Shows (where else) etc etc etc – if we’re that fanatastic as humans?

That also provides food for thought. If an alien was as intelligent as people posit, wouldn’t such a being, just look at the way us human’s treat the earth, or, each other in many nations, and say hmmmmmm, no thanks, we don’t want them doing this to our planet or our alien lifestyle, either?’ So…. my money is also on green energies development over alien introductions as being a little bit more pertinent to even sustain a quest in knowing more about alien life forms.

I am all for paranormal activity though. In the main paranormal activity includes a lot of things (it can include alien themes as well) but its main discourse involves the spirit realm where there is spiritual wrestling over territories (spiritually that can translate into physical territorial rule also), that can be scientific or in a realm science doesn’t always understand, or the next big theme of a Hollywod film franchise can grasp easily as well.

Yet, alien movies do well in cinematic history. We sense a director as auteur more so than their entire cast, with a vision that’s created. Star Trek or Star Wars for example are two good ones.

Does anyone also know when Stephanie Meyer (well know Twilight Saga book series) author, will be adapating her alien series of new books to the screen, in the hopes of another Twilight box office success? She’s also doing aliens, via the USA with back to back book (and/or film) ideas, about to follow each other for at least 2-3 years.

In reality, ‘aliens’ needing our attention, not distraction, are located for REAL in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, some prisons of China, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and many other nations on this earth, including the USA, before I get caught up in getting too overexcited about wrongly turned, priorities of excitement. That’s my view of alien life forms today.

I believe in science and its development for us to learn from. In the face of science, we realize how wonderful the world and universe really is, we also see a greater destiny, far beyond human hands best efforts. All power to NASA on that. It will be interesting what WikiNASAleaks happen over the next week or so, in comparing these to narratives also occurring in politics, the economy and worldwide current events.

Head on over to Myrdden Gwynedd’s link (above) to see Gaga do her costume props vision of aliens in action. I’ll opt to go with this 7 minute live piano performance of Stefani Germanotta instead when soulful performance was conveyed more in her performances… than something else. She’s amazing in this performance. What a gift.

Above pic – Diprotodon Tracks as photographed by Amy ToensingThis Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features. “On a drying lake bed in Victoria, a farmer in 2007 alerted scientists to a major find: well-preserved tracks of a Diprotodon. The slow-moving behemoth had been crossing a volcanic plain 100,000 years ago, when megafauna still walked tall.”–Science is a wonderful world.

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Leza Corban is a songstress who is a master at jazz singing. She can sing anything though. Click on above pic to hear Corban sing. Leza also has worked for many other recording artists, including The Strawpeople and Debbie Harwood. Here’s a classic Kiwi lounge tune called Scared of Flying. It’s what we listen to, in our down time with gorgeous beach and rural views on weekends.

In World news via the New York Times, a big budget Hollywood movie’s wardrobe department could not have found better distressed denim jeans (made in Los Angeles) to put on Libyan rebels, photographed here rather fashionably defying Qaddafi troops at Tripolis border in this pic with rockets and guns. If you’re going to die, you may as well look good, right? This photo is a bit odd, actually. Very fashionable rebel lads, I must say.

Of course, Colonel Kadafi’s latest appearance has again, for the fourth decade running now, managed to adjust global economies and push the price of oil up. How does he manage to do that by being a grumpy grandad, presented to Western Media to explain oil price hikes. Because he’s a ‘foreign face’ in the “West’ we just excuse it as ‘crazy Middle East behavior.’ We shouldn’t, when he’s acting for others. But that has been his gig for forty years now. Pretty much.

The US is further along in the big disappearing act in Afghanistan now with troops being withdrawn more and more – while the NY Post floats the rather naive journalistic concept of the USA picking “the winners of the Mid East’s new line up.” The cheek! It was always going to be the Monarch nations who were the winners. But they do make Presidents of nations look like puppets of Monarchy, in this trade off of wealth acquisition (oil hikes) for giving their people ‘democracy’ Western style. They cheapen the political world with these antics. Gotta love the front page of The Times today. It’s a little rich. Very ‘Wall Street’ is the tone of the article who are some of the most oil addicted/ dependent people in the world (like many of us as well), with how this news effects stock market bearings and outcomes.

In particular, this is the verbage penned by Helene Cooper on the matter of whose winning via the Mid East oil/ ‘revolution’ show – “As the Obama administration grapples with a cascade of uprisings in the Middle East, it has come to a stark recognition: the region’s monarchs are likely to survive; its presidents are more likely to fall.

Helene continues – “In the rapidly changing map that stretches from Morocco to Iran, two presidents have already tumbled: Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia. Administration officials said they believe that Yemen’s authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, is in an increasingly tenuous position.

Yet in Bahrain, King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has so far managed to weather a surge of unrest, winning American support, even though his security forces were brutal in their crackdown of protesters. Officials believe that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is also unlikely to be dethroned, while the emirs of the Persian Gulf have so far escaped unrest. Even in Jordan, where serious protests erupted, King Abdullah II has maneuvered deftly to stay in power, though he still has to contend with a restive Palestinian population.”

Monarchs sit pretty and all the rest is distraction, pretty much.

The US however talks imposing ‘unilateral sanctions to deter Libya’ while the other oil family, The Bushes of Texas with good Saudi ties, cancels a scheduled public appearance because ‘appearing with Julian Assange of Wikileaks together at the same venue is the reason given for the cancelled speaking gig.’ Fair enough, but Aussie’s aren’t that scary. Or are they? A Saudi student in Texas is arraigned and arrested in a bomb plot at the exact same time. Bloggers apparently love talking about this. Why, I don’t know!

The people of Bahrain want more changes. Is their internet too slow? This is ridiculous! :)

And, The Discovery space shuttle heads into Orbit for the last time. Apparently. Here’s ten posts we’re sharing as pop culture in this moment, on the build up to Helena Ataya of Aotearoa New Zealand’s centenary celebrations, right here from the City of Angels. Enjoy.

1. The Ali Tin tote – don’t leave home for the office without it

2. Inspiring kids – Why we should sing

3. Vintage Oscars – Cary Grant & friends 1958

4. Natalie Portman for Christian Dior 2010

5. Observing the Egypt Crises – Switching out billionaire spokespeople

6. Born to be Somebody - Dianne Warren songwrites for baby Elvis

7. Helena Ataya turns 100 very soon

8. Leonardo DiCaprio on being stalked

9. Donald Trump does publicity for Jennifer Hudson

10. Don’t Call Me Fat - Bahamas tweeting with Miley Cyrus

Bonus PostRed Carpet Paparazzi – 30 Seconds to Mars R US

Texas was doing a lot today with Saudi, Wikileaks distancing and Space Shuttle launches. Wowsa!

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“I think politics dominates everything so much, that guys like us are restricted. We can’t do much. We can’t move much. We can’t travel much. Our life’s choices are so limited,”says one Starbucks barista to another as I write this blog post from Hollywood. These guys are mid thirties. They were born in America.

Never have truer words been said of America’s youth today. Since the George W. Bush (years of politics – not the man per se), reign of leadership? in the world and the deficit situation of the USA’s positioning on a global stage, Americans have pretty much been kept within US borders. Can’t argue with honest people, actually working with their hands on the topic each day. They have my attention with a vision of honesty and truth. But it’s not working for them.

In local Hollywood news via Britain…

Martin Sheen is doing way too much pretending to be a concerned show biz dad. Via The UK, Estevez Sr., says to Sky: “He’s doing well. We pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up.”

If you replace the word ‘addiction’ for ‘oil’ or ‘coal’ or ‘fuel’ or ‘debt’ or ‘war’ what would that say about US all? A few things.

Based on the headlines though that Esteban’s son, Charlie Sheen clocks up globally each week, the ‘Sheen Addiction’ ‘male-trainwreck show’ is a vibe that most people in the world, find amusing.

They’re a strong family. Hollywood fit. The answer is always “Peace.” A good story from a Hollywood great on a global problem. Green energy’s development, all the way… I say!

Alright then, it’s time a hardworking honest American, served this Maori-Kiwi another coffee in Hollywood. The blatino guy, goes by his Hispanic-American name. Chaa! :)

[Emilio Estevez appears with his dad, Martin Estevez/ Sheen in the pic also via the UK]

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“We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.”–President Barack Obama in words that do not sound like tips from the book “How to win friends and influence people.” Yet, these are the challenges that the USA is faced with. Most people in the world want America to do well. Innovation comes from information sharing/ or capturing. These days. Sharing is better and more open. Education is just that too – about sharing information that’s pertinent to people who need it to build. Building happens with our hands. I like the third one. It has tangible outcomes – as the world builds together.

To watch President Obama’s State of the Union address in full. Press play above. Full transcript also follows below some quick thoughts:

Quick Overview: China and India – the US needs to buddy up and get more palsy. More spend needed in strategic education (maths, science, physics, sciences), high-speed rails, clean-energy technology (green energy), high-speed internet (the new opium of the masses). Kelley West (a star blog companion most afternoons – who consults on environmental issues) tells me “China has 10G highs-speed internet capability, whereas in the US we have 3G. China can almost watch TV quality live feeds on their telephones.” So yeah, that needs some attention in America perhaps.

Taking responsibility for deficit also gets a shout out.

Gabriel Gifford‘s tragic wounding and the slain and injured in Arizona were remembered with a black and white ribbon being worn by those in Obama’s live audience. They also mixed up the seating this year (Democrats sat beside Republicans) for ‘exciting variety’ – showing unity and more side-by-sideness being hoped for in the way politics will be played out, in D.C. You have to be really into politics to find new seating arrangements exciting really, don’t you?

I think education is important, along with employment creation as being a number 1 priority. The internet can take jobs off people as well as create them. So being more internet dependent to me is kinda a 50-50 balance needing to be looked at closely here in the US.

If everything is virtual – are we imagined or real, or both. We are definitely becoming increasingly more a fusion of the two.


The White House

Office of the Press Secretary Read the rest of this entry »



Competing implies that there is ‘a race’ of sorts going on in the world. President Obama says the words “we must compete” from the front page of the The Wall Street Journal today.

The other option than “compete” is “to not compete.” Fair trade involes the rhetoric of “trading this for that” so that equality is shown from one nation towards another. That’s the gist of fair trading. Then there’s trading the most of something lucrative and of great value, more than any other nation can match. It implies being sought after for a nation’s value. I think that’s what Obama has in mind for America, to “compete.” The people I know, who know what a buck is (that’s definitely not me), tell me that math, science, physics is what all American young people in education should really be studying – as China’s young are so adept at these subjects. To compete is also about educating your youth in the most useful areas.

Again even the best results of accumulative education efforts and their successful outcomes with a nation’s leadership, goes back to fairness and fair trading in supply and demand relationships based on a sense of fairness… long term strategies that work and are resourceful and not wasteful… if competing is seen to be realistically sustainable.

Sustainability is the big issue, ahead. At the moment, America’s best export in my opinion, is pop culture. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft – are all vessels (containers/ distributors) that have arisen to help share it in the world. Perhaps America is still too currency based (with too much faith in guns and a printing press toy – printing currency and trading with it, to buy time for ‘real’ tangible product the world wants to buy. IT media seems to be a good export at the minute. The US now looks to green technology as a way forward.

It’s hard to believe that while both China and America want to be superpowers – that they run on 70% worth of coal energy each year. So the talk is more than the walk (perhaps) right now – with both nations using military technology – as symbols of might – yet from coal-fueled nations running largely on unsustainable fossil fuels – emitting more global pollution than most other nations of the world too for capitol gain and domestic use also. Go figure. Super powers as paradox nations consuming a lot to hopefully best serve the future direction of the world.

Therefore ‘competing’ to me – means ‘anything that gets US less coal dependent.’ What does ‘to compete’ mean to you in the USA?

Proven news, you like, that you share with others via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog Shares etc) are:

1.  No Ordinary Sun poem by Hone Tuwhare

2. Rahm Emanuel, Richard Daley & Chicago’s US leadership boost strategy

3. Carlina White‘s real life was once high jacked

4. Oscar winner Marion Cotillard keeps abreast of France

5. Diabetics and insulin shots

6. Talking iron supplements with Sue Sylvester at the market

7. Hollywood people who wear Scottish kilts to Starbucks

8. Hot is Coco Chanel-tattooed film director mothers, directing in Hollywood in French

9. Heirloom Tomatoes at The Beverly Hills Chiffon Cafe

10. Cowboy mullet country music culture with Billy Ray Cyrus

Because words are just that unless grounded in concrete solutions, where young people can safely walk. Here’s my favorite Hollywood pic today. Not a Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - a legacy of history it is an iconic landmark of America everyone should be on and walk, at least once – but a concrete contractors symbol of pride with John McNamee‘s mark of quality, stamped into his labor.

John is so proud of his work in the West Hollywood community, he even reflects his own name back in his moniker above. That’s good concrete. Good stuff! Between Obama and McNamee is found two solid views of where America needs to be in this moment. I’m definitely, more towards John McNamee’s positioning in the US than the inspiring words pathway. But, who knows, like every American person, I too hope to get there and be in the future too.  Lol!

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Green energy, speaking tours are not the first two things I’d immediately associate to our ex-Gov, Arnold Schwarzenegger off the top of my suede (old English for head). However lo-and-behold this is exactly Arnie’s latest reinvention.

I like it.

Schwarzenneger is set to tour Canada with a speech titled, “Will innovation and green technology save the global economy?” It’s like you really need to talk to the Fed about that, however it will definitely help save the Planet – far more important than the few people who decide global economy status (including The Fed) in the world – so I’m all for Arnie’s tour aren’t you?

True fact – my family started out New Zealand life with four children under the age of five. My dad used to take us all on a speaking circuit with him. It was a fun life. We met interesting people. My pop was always a star. People appreciated him so much more than in our home town when he travelled. Looking back, I don’t know how dad did it. Must have been a little nerve wracking at times, such a life. With his big smile, dad would always make it appear so easy. As kids we were always so proud of dad. He always rocked the gig!

Maybe Arnie’s missing being appreciated and we haven’t appreciated him enough in Cali? Whatever his motivation is for touring, let’s support that green energy love movement. A good incentive for everyone to think a little bit more green, regardless of the way the tides of the global economy are structured across nations to ‘flow.’

I know peeps in New Zealand will be all for Arnie thinking green for the world, in spirit. Go Arnie the public speaker then. Read more .

The L.A Times is stinging Arnie as a Cryonism proponent today. Columnist George Skelton‘s opening paragraph states:  Schwarzenegger’s rewards to his friends, such as cutting the manslaughter sentence for the son of ally Fabian Nuñez, reaffirm the public’s cynicism.

Gosh! That’s very severe. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN then – from Mr Schwarezengger then from here, to help turn around his public image looks like a smart and productive move.

[Photo caption: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger chats with First Lady Anne Gust Brown after Monday’s inauguration of Gov. Jerry Brown. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times / January 3, 2011]

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