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Shouting out to our Latino brothers of California on Horiwood.Com – Hollywood based entertainment website. These gents are pictured here getting their social buzz action at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

Beyond any media constructs we may often see televised from California, these are the real faces of Young Hollywood today. If we are honest with ourselves, we serve their America here in Cali. Our relevance as people living today to lead and create a world that is relevant to them all depends on our own humility of inclusion vs exclusive attitudes. Although I don’t want to be a fossil, or a relic of the past, pretending I’m with it in America – when I’m not, I still don’t know what I can do to be more cross-culturally savvy and real with our blatino bros.

But – you know – it starts with saying “Kia Ora” (that’s hello in hori-eze) and asking them straight up. How do you see America in the future and are you happy with the way it is now? On their turf, not your own. And when you do that–wow–these guys could out-fierce the Republican Party’s boring policies in an “i-Pod re-shuffle” nano-second, if media held the mic up to them, every once and a while. They’re the coolest. So real.

On that note – “let’s get tacos!” as the cast of Glee would readily say. :)

And to the lads in this pic – thanks for taking the time to update my ignorant hori *ss as to which way America is really heading. Muchos gracios!

Oh and in terms of entertainment gate keeping. I know Jersey Shore are hit reality TV stars right now with mega spin off TV series for MTV–but you could put a camera on any one of these guys and they’d make funny TV if given the chance. They are nothing like Kanye West but their America is a lot more grounded in what they want and where they want to head. Community means everything to these guys, more so than many politicians.

Mic them. LOUDER!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA as a part of the PYAU series of social pics. 1.17.11~