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Marriage, romance, recovering from heartache are the key themes today of a New Start in leading entertainment and celebrity news stories of the new year to date. A bit of politics segues into our mix today from Washington DC, with newsy items from New York, Miami sport and Chicago too. Enjoy the read.

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology

Shania Twain married Frederic Thiebaud in Puerto Rico on New Years Day. Big story @ TMZ!

Obama‘s New Year’s Resolution? Fix The Economy

Lindsay Lohan Ghandi messages for New Years new starts. Oh Hollywood!

Chile earthquake

Valerie Bertinelli married financial planner Tom Vitale in Malibu. How sweet.

Dolphins lose to Patriots, last game of the season.

Poor ObamaIssa says Obama administration is ‘one of most corrupt’

Op-Ed Contributor: This Year, Change Your Mind

Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio danced NYE’s away in Cabo with friends. Fun!

Chicago New Years fun gone wrong – 2 dead, 5 wounded in club shooting

Snooki of Jersey Shore‘s wows MTV‘s audiences with her NYE ball drop.

Humor: Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You

Football usefulness: Introducing, The Chicago Bears App

Lady Gaga‘s latest co-pro with Polaroid is titled “Polaroid Grey Label.” Instant ‘uni-ass pics‘ for USA?

Texas Files Again To Block EPA Carbon Rules In State

Crystal Harris, 22,  a pic of her Playboy engagment ring. Aw!

Austerity is first order for Boehner’s installation as House speaker

TV Show 30 Rock loves screenwriting ethics violations into its shows. The basis of comedy, really.

The New Speed of Money, Reshaping Markets

Major Health Care Reforms Take Effect On January 1

David Arquette checks into alcohol rehab “for [his] family.”

New York: City Room: A Gorilla Diorama

Alyson Hannigan & Kristen Wiig get their cartoon action on for The Simpsons.

Chicago Tribune’s Pictures of the year.

Sustainable Food: Chop, Fry, Boil: Eating for One, or 6 Billion

[Both images sourced by Mickey K of The Big Apple. Thanks Michael]

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