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About a gazillion blog posts ago, here in Hollywood I once shared a news story that “Kissing is medically proven to reduce stress.” This was way before the American people worked out they was a ‘global economic recession’ mirroring ‘the great depression of 1930′s’ in world history on the cards.

It was way before politicians started busking for their supper in America, asking people to be patient because we all needed a ‘stimulus plan’ in order for ‘war budgets to be increased’ and ‘before we were all supposed to be cast in recovery narratives’ that then became reflected in our pop culture.’

That original blog post can be read here, written two years ago, to the day starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie swapping spit at the Oscars Awards ceremony one year back. Where else would you kiss but at the Oscars, right?

Today when I turn on my lap top in the local Hollywood cafe, Starbucks coffee communities web page, is running with a story that gives you free online access to read . I kid you not.

I’m like – if you don’t know how to kiss by now, that’s sad. Maori-Kiwis have kissing sussed out by the age of 13. Maybe 15 if a slow blooming kisser. It’s all about lip shapes and whether they are juicy or not – that will decide the nature of a good kisser. Who said kissing was a science? There was never a text book on it when our ancestors first sailed on down to Aotearoa-New Zealand with a language similar to native Hawaiians, but different. But Kiwis have always been the best kissers.

Why the need to over-discuss in paper form, the science of kissing, I ask today? Isn’t a kiss best given from the heart? Like art? 

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