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The Front page of the paper today in Los Angeles asks some good questions.

All President Obama has been allowed to say about the USA’s involvement in Libya, is that, America is committed to helping the Libyan people in their revolt against Mr Kadafi Sr.’s dictatorship? simply because it’s ‘for a strategic interest.’

Libya is a test ground of military might and working together on a global stage. On a practical level, I don’t even know yet how to say “hi” or “hello” or “how are you?” in Libya’s many languages spoken in Libya? I certainly don’t know how to say “strategic’ in Libya’s languages either. Do you?

Maybe the world bank has the words for that.

Does anyone else in the US know how to do this yet? Or am I the only person whose this dumb, at this cultural juncture of US life?! I must try and learn how to do that.

When I asked an American friend their feelings on why America is involved in Libya, my friend said “I believe it’s in our best interests to be in Libya.”

Fair enough. That’s how Libya’s translating outside of Washington on a daily level. Let’s go with that view too then, today.

Also, Japan’s nuclear crises continues to capture our attention here, as Japan’s people find out that radioactive water is now in waterways of Japan. When I ask Americans about how we feel here about nuclear energy, a friend who invests daily on the stock market says.

“I am all for nuclear energy in the US, although I am aware that President Obama has tried for a while now to raise awareness to the dangers of it too. I am for it, but I just don’t want to live anywhere near where it is.”

Let’s go with this view too as a commentary on what is happening in Japan from our front page news today as well then. Japan’s crises prompts this story to be written about radioactive concerns. The story is

Do You Get More Radiation From A Banana Or Living Near A Nuclear Plant? The Results May Surprise You

Interesting differences of opinion on key issues, perhaps displaying democracy is a many sided debate on any topic, affecting us all. I personally appreciate that trait about this nation.

On the topic of Libya though, you can’t argue with ‘strategic interest” as America’s official answer for engagement in Libya with allied nations… there’s interest on loans to repay. That’s a given and perhaps a wise answer from America’s oracle elect today. I like it, ‘strategic interest.’

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron have published a joint statement on Libya ahead of the London Conference on 29 March 2011.

Their Statement Reads:

Tomorrow in London, the international community will come together to support a new beginning for Libya. A new beginning in which the people of Libya are free from violence and oppression, free to choose their own future.

The world has witnessed momentous events over the last ten days.  Following an appeal by the Arab League to take action to protect the people of Libya, on 17 March the United Nations Security Council passed an historic resolution to protect civilians from the violence unleashed by Qadhafi’s war machine.

Two days later, the Paris Summit emphasized the determination of the participants to act collectively and resolutely to give full effect to UNSCR 1973.

The same day, a coalition of countries took action to help break the siege of Benghazi and drive back Qadhafi’s forces. Hundreds of thousands of people have been rescued from the brink of humanitarian disaster.

Our countries are resolved to continue to enforce UNSCR 1973 to protect the people of Libya. More countries from Europe and the Arab world are joining us. It is only when the civilian population are safe and secure from the threat of attack and the objectives of UNSCR 1973 are met that military operations will come to an end.

We emphasize that we do not envisage any military occupation of Libya, which would be contrary to the terms of the Resolution. We reaffirm our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.

Military action is not an objective as such. A lasting solution can only be a political one that belongs to the Libyan people. That is why the political process that will begin tomorrow in London is so important. The London conference will bring the international community together to support Libya’s transition from violent dictatorship and to help create the conditions where the people of Libya can choose their own future.

In the words of the Arab League resolution, the current regime has completely lost its legitimacy. Qadhafi must therefore go immediately. We call on all his followers to leave him before it is too late. We call on all Libyans who believe that Qadhafi is leading Libya into a disaster to take the initiative now to organize a transition process.

In our view, this could include the Interim National Transitional Council, the pioneering role of which we recognise, the civil society leaders as well as all those prepared to join the process of transition to democracy. We encourage them to begin a national political dialogue, leading to a representative process of transition, constitutional reform and preparation for free and fair elections.

To help Libya make this transition, we are today also calling on all the participants at the London conference to give their strong support.

We have averted a humanitarian disaster but Libya still faces a humanitarian crisis.  In London, our countries will come together with the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, NATO and the Arab League to consider how we can bring urgent relief now, and how we can support the needs of the people of Libya in the future.

In the last few weeks, the Libyan people have demonstrated their courage and their determination. Like all other peoples, they have the right freely to choose their leaders.

We must unite to help them make a new beginning.

News source – Number

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There’s a lot going on in Libya today. Here’s a snapshot - LIVE UPDATES: Air Strikes Target Gaddafi Compound In Tripoli16 Reported Dead, 1000 Hospitalized In Misrata.. Gaddafi Tanks Resume Attacks On City.. Leader’s Inner Circle Reaches Out To U.S… Congress May Vote On Military Action In Libya.. N.Y. Times Journalists’ Days Of Brutality – The Interview

[Photograph - Reuters]

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“I see my friends kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up. Which seat can I take?” are the words of Rebecca Black‘s new song, Friday, Unplugged.

In the war on Libya, it is a Britain and France led war, with America taking the back seat position on this one. The Los Angeles Times, lifts the lyrics of Black’s song, in this story on that issue for their front page cover story.

Here’s a bit of that. News Analysis – Obama Quietly Enters The War. ‘For many reasons the president would like to be seen a sitting in the back seat’ writeBob Drogin reporting from Washington.

“This is not the way American presidents go to war. The opening act is supposed to feature the president sitting solemnly in the Oval Office, explaining the reasons, laying out the goals, talking tough.

Barack Obama did not even announce the start to the third U.S. war in the Muslim world in a decade. He left that to his secretary of State who was in Paris, standing alongside a French president who a few months ago wanted to do more business with strongman Moammar Kadafi and was now claiming credit for leading airstrikes against him.

When Obama did emerge hours later, he stood at a lectern in the bottom of a convention center in Brasilia, capital of a nation that did not vote for the U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing military force. He went to pains to point out that the U.S. mission will be limited and not include U.S. ground troops. And he emphasized that U.S. forces were acting as part of a coalition that was enforcing international will.”


In the big news story on Libya. Attack on Libya: U.S., allies unleash cruise missiles on military targets: “Reporting from Tripoli, Washington and Cairo—U.S., French and British forces blasted Libyan air defenses and ground forces, drawing intense volleys of tracer and anti-aircraft fire over Tripoli on Sunday at the start of a campaign that will severely test Moammar Kadafi‘s powers of survival. Read the rest of this entry »



The price that people pay to live lives away from those ruling by brutal force, is reflected in this ‘Wall of Martyrs’ blurred photograph of a photograph on California pine news print, of Libya today.

Pray for Libya. What a sad pic. Political martyrs in jars, allegedly slaughtered at the hands of Kadafi’s soldiers. Sad.

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