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When time and space are through, I’ll be found in you… whispers of a well lit way–Brooke Fraser, Shadowfeet lyrics.

May we always stand in what’s truly important.

“Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?”–C.S Lewis

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What friends do for friends… the art of smart water by Jennifer Aniston.

True stars make sure the smartest drinkable water in the world is available to all people on the planet – Horiwood 2010′s.

Jennifer Aniston‘s new promotional video for Smart Water begins with a chubby faced child lip syncing to the song Like a G6. Aniston then appears surrounded by cute ‘golden retriever’ puppies mimicking the UK’s Andrex marketing campaign who employ the same idea for warm fuzzies, brand awareness.

Next, a talking parrot appears. Lol! Then computer generated babies follow who start dirty dancing. Amidst a gazillion Aniston hair flicks, a man appears crying at double rainbows, Aniston comforts him. (That’s too funny!). A ginger haired dude appears, telling Jen he’s been in love with her ‘like forever.’

Kicking him in the groin (Jersey Shore styles) Aniston replies “Sorry… I’ve just been told that’s worth about a 100,000 hits.”

Aniston then dances to Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street. Perhaps the funniest thing about the video is when Aniston tries to drink seductively from a bottle of smart water. She bursts out laughing instead. It is just water.

Jen’s team of friends then all dance and decide what to call the video. “Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape” is one suggestion. The video ends on that note. “I love it” Aniston humorously says.

My favorite part of the video is that she used the Beaner Kee Kee lip syncing kid. Brills. Perhaps making a reference to how kids are being used as parrots today to lip sync messages, not even meant for kids.

What a video! Aniston can now cover off sex tape in her star template. Albeit in a classy way.

Here on Horiwood.Com we do SMART WATER too, click on Jenn’s pic to make a difference.

For music, like a Kiwi6, click on artist Brooke Fraser‘s pic to hear her pop tune. Cute.

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May life be like a walk in an evergreen garden city in perpetual regeneration and recovery towards brighter days. No matter what, may we always remain open to life’s sunlight.

Here’s the lovely Brooke Fraser with a tune to remain sweet to. Click on her pic to listen. Cute song.

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Here’s some Brooke Fraser music.

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I know she’s marrid and all that to that dude Scott Aussie, but Brooke Fraser is so cute. Such a good singer/ songwriter too. Here’s Brooke in the land of koala bears with her performance of that one about the H2O. Happy Saturday Tribe Horiwood, Hollywood & Tribe Fraser!!!. :)

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True fact: The Maori word for spirit is wairua. It means “two waters.” Water distribution is a spiritually humane act, because it takes anyone with spirit to ensure that people who need it, can have life each hour of the day. Our spirits need to act with goodness so water can happen for 1 billion people. Most of these people are in India and Africa. I wonder if China can help as water has so much significance as a metaphor for spirit in China. When I China is already helping share water.

Exciting News: For only $10 invested at Charity Water, one person in the world can have fresh clean drinking water, for a lifetime – when currently 1 billion people don’t have access to it yet. Isn’t that cool information?

It’s the end of the year in Hollywood. Normally I do the list of The 50 People Who Were Voted Most Hottest in Hollywood, as a really good compare and contrast democratic exercise in who is actually hot –vs, other media outlets lists. It can be quite surprisingly the results. On this website, votes are voted daily. The results always provide a study. For example Lady Gaga was no.1 last year, before she’d even appeared on Oprah’s Show.

This year though I thought instead of glorifying Hollywood’s Top 50 list, a priority first, was to link the list of stars, celebrities, hot Hollywood topics in this blogs category list with the topic of H2O. Sometimes we forget that the difference between a ‘star’ and an unknown third world person – is simply basics of humanity or human rights too, like clean drinking water being one–and equal access to it. So, before that list happens, let’s work the existing list already created of people and stars on this blog, who all can do something to help other peeps have life that flows daily with decent water.

Let’s do it as a Christmas gift to the world. Each star who gets any press going up online, have these news items emailed to them daily in the form of google alerts emails. So, in doing this exercise, this is my challenge as a Maori-Kiwi blogger to each one of US as I like US together as a global community connected to all people in the world, to give the gift of water this Christmas to someone else in celebration of life. Celebrity is about water. A celebrity is “anyone who deserves to be celebrated.” In giving water to someone else–we celebrate life, and we act like true celebrities of the world.

Merry Christmas and if you feel inclined, make a difference. is our water distribution agency today. It’s a trust that is action certified that Nicole Richie all year round. Richie also does work too for water distribution via UNICEF as well. I think that’s pretty gnarly good. Let’s do it and make a difference. Cheers and thanks for reading this blog all year round. May festive greetings flow to others too through US. Much love.

Until every person has clean drinking water –no one in the world has true power. Who are we fooling? There will never be peace in the world, if people are fighting over clean water each day. As a power balance exercise that makes us civilized nations look less fake in the eyes of the world, let’s have some fun and make it happen. :)

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Music for Flags in the wind–Brooke Fraser. Vamos conte-me seu problema. Whakarongo. Ecoutez bien – click on Brooke’s pic.

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In New Zealand, the fiercest election ever has just occurred.
Here’s the ten finalists to be the next Milkybar Kid cowgirl or cowboy star of Middle Earth. Cute. For having dreams bigger than Texas these Kiwi Kids all stars in this Hollywood book, regardless of who took the most votes.
In no particular order, here’s the the finalists that were shortlisted to the top ten by Nestle, producers of fine creamy white chocolate. Creme de la creme chocolate makers.

1. Hinetaaproa Short of Roto-Vegas

2. Dominic Burrows of Invercargill

3. Astaria Tigerlily Te Aukura of Auckland The Supercity

4. Sam Kirby of Christchurch – The Garden City

5. Eloise Greenwood of Auckland The Supercity

6. Natalie Olson of Wellywood Wellington

7. Madison Hunter of Auckland The Supercity

8. Asher Quin of DunedinThe Scottish-Kiwi City

9. Benjamin Clark of Auckland The Supercity

10. Samyah Powell of Whangarei City, Northland North Auckland 10/10

Kiwi kids – Mauri ‘Ola – Let’s Rock the 2010′s! :)

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I don’t know why Brooke Fraser is so popular in Hollywood today.

Here’s her gospel hit, Lord of Lords. As someone has taken the trouble to translate her lyrics into Portugese of this song, which is more radical than her song choice–and given the fact that I blog from Hollywood, California where the latina and latino vote are the strongest deciding vote, here in this beautiful State–let’s go with this song today then for variety to honor their voting power and tastes in the world in which we all stand.

Hola Brooke Fraser music fans in Hollywood. You were a shock today, with all of the Royal Romance Kate Middleton Engagement News dominating–your love for Brooke still managed to sneak up into the mix today. Nice one!

And as these lyrics denote: “May you run, til you finish the race then.” :)

Brooke’s new album Flags is  folk-pop. She’s such a clever songwriter this girl to keep an eye out for. There’s no end to her key turn of phrasing and her variety as a fearless artist. Nice golden pipes, singing live. I dig. She’s the real deal songbird of New Zealand.

She even plays her own guitar. How humble and skillful is she, before putting her hand up to be a pop star. Like how she presents herself. Humility is so attractive in any culture.

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Models of the World appear as flags for Victoria Secret’s Annual runway show, New York 2010. The show had a gold dust trail runway this year for a bit of fun. Here’s the models and the show.

Flavia Oliveira gets her strut action on for Victoria’s Secret Runway Show 2010.

Model Anya wears the wings this year for Victoria’s Secret, America.

Russian model Karolina walks the gold dust catwalk for Victoria’s Secret in America.

Like the colors of Benetton, colorful fun in fashion as a metaphor of universality for all people. Hot!

~Music, Kiwi folk pop gospel princess, Brooke Fraser with Flags from her new album Flags. Check Brooke out. She’s the daughter of a fine rugby football player, Bernie Fraser. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.11.10. Images via CBS News, Special edition~


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Some members of my family went to a Brooke Fraser concert.

She appeals to 3 generations of fans. That’s serious cross-over appeal. I wonder when Brooke will test her appeal in cinema, as a part of her growth curve as an artist?

The girl’s too cool. Her songs feature all throughout this blog. Happy hunting and listening to her excellence as a songwriter. She’s a wordsmith extraordinaire.

Her humility is also Amazin. Her dad Bernie Fraser of Wellington (Wellywood) was a sporting great. He’s a Hollywood star today, on this blog.

Bernie was a little bit Rocky of the Rocky films–. He was a short guy, who could hold his own in a boxing fight on the sports field, long before Hollywood great Sylvester Stallone donned boxing gloves for the silver screen. Bernie was cool.

BTW: Boxing in rugby, is totally not an allowed part of the sport. Technically.

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It’s a true fact that country girls are masters at bagging a cowboy, once spurned in a country music ballad. This always wins them mega awards at the CMA’s and radio play too. Country folk are very empathetic people, and love an artist who appeals to their empathy capacities as an audience.

However, when it comes to singer songwriter (darling) Taylor Swift she needs to change the record. After getting ‘interrupted’ by Kanye West at the VMA’s two awards shows back, Swift catapulted into an untouchable spotlight, where to bag her, was a complete no-no. It’s a tactic we’ve seen Sandra Bullock use too, playing the empathy card, with her “messy” divorce from her not-even-real marriage to that bad *ss tattoo-ed ex-husband, Jesse James‘ back yard couch casting flings with girls more tattoo-ed then him. Jesse prompted Joy Behar to comment on The View, “I can see the attraction, with James and Michelle McGee. It would take them a whole day to read each other’s bodies.” Funny, like a day at the library for a bogan biker.

However, when it comes to Taylor Swift, now writing a song, where she bags John Mayer, one can’t help but see this team effort as being a little bit ‘wanna-be-Kanye-bad’ some more, from these two musical kids. Read the rest of this entry »


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“It’s these failures and faults that hold us together. For better or worse, I am tethered to you. Real love is hard love”–the art of relationships, marriage, family, community, nationhood and US–lyrics by Brooke Fraser.

Today I notice that Jack Kerouac news is rating kinda hot today. I also notice that singer songwriter Brooke Fraser has a new song called Jack Kerouac on her album Flags.

To include, another view too, here’s my nephew Jordan - hip hop dancer extraordinaire of Auckland – The Supercity’s song choice of Brooke’s called Who Are We Fooling. Love the harmony with Aqualung. This girl can ‘frase’ a song, with depth like few can. Her voice as a writer, cuts beneath the tinsel of show bizz and she has answers in our times. Love her.

A different view pic today, singer-songwriter, actor Brooke Abbott who is half Kiwi and half American via California via B’s facebook. Cute. Brookie 7 is now back to being a brunette. Songwriters! Can’t keep up. :)

Lyrics follow after the jump:

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Len Brown, new Mayor of Auckland the Supercity writes on his website: “The Royal Commission on Auckland Governance said the new mayor must be able to promote and implement a vision for Auckland and bring together all the different people, regions, ethnicities and communities to make the whole city stronger.” He thinks this can be achieved if leaders stop squabbling and work with a plan, not against. Len’s thoughts on leadership can also be spotted in this article he wrote for Business to Business publication.

Len wasted no time in appointing Penny Hulse as his deputy Mayor. Says Hulse: “I completely commit myself to making this partnership work,” she said. “And as I have done for the last 18 years of my life, I commit myself to working with my community with a passion and a vision.”

Sounds like the Supercity is in fine form then for the 2010′s.

Here’s my advice for a Supercity’s focus. Auckland City is the largest Polynesian populated City in the World. This uniqueness of the city can be realized if Auckland “thinks green and brown” – as the Lenses forward to see through, providing an overarching template of direction for the city and what it upholds, serves and promotes.

Rigid and solid infrastructure like steel. Culture flourishing fluidly across the strong infrastructure provided. May the diversely rich culture of Auckland Supercity be the bejewelled korowai-cape motif of New Zealand’s leaders that shines in a cultural revolution, being unceasingly celebrated, created, produced, seen, heard and visited to be repeatedly revisted – for this is who we are-well cultured people in celebration of a new world of possibilities from a Supercity.

The city must also think globally while thinking community. Supercity residents have the unique ability to touch community locally and also with kindness internationally. Brooke Fraser‘s Flags song, released yesterday is a pearla – on the topic of how a leader thinks at the end of each day. A wise leader will think of both the great and the least.

Wisdom is found where opposites can meet in hongi – breathing the shared breath of life into one another – a centuries old tradition of Tamaki Makaurau as Auckland The Supercity. In a hongi of differing worlds meeting in acknolwedgement of welcomed and mirrored difference, wisdom and life exists. Always.

In dealing with many cultures the Mayor of Auckland must be skilled at providing fusion points of where cultures intersect, organically. The art of a cultural seguer, is the success, essence and art of Auckland City and the p-ulse of Auckland’s life and growth. Brooke Fraser’s Flag’s song. Well worth another play today. Go Len Brown and Penny Hulse for Rugby World Cup leadership 2011 and beyond all expectations. Be Super to Imagine, Showcase and facilitate, existing greatness, both under spotlights and naturally. Mauri ‘Ola from California. :)

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She sings: “I don’t know why the little ones thirst, but I know, the last shall be first.” Brooke Fraser for World Justice and Peace.

Brooke Fraser‘s lyrics to flags are profound. She’s pictured here hugging her friend Taylor, after his first ever EWA meeting (Elvis Wannabes Anonymous) lol! Brooke “good on ya Tay.”

Favorites: ‘My enemy and I are one and the same’. ‘Our lives blow about, like flags on the land.’ Deep.

Full lyrics follow after the jump. I love this girl.

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~Spirit is always beautiful~

Liu Wei - the amputee musician inspires today. The winner of China’s Got Talent. Playing the piano with his toes, and singing the lyrics to You’re Beautiful is a picture of an artist who truly transcends all borders of humanity (disability and culture) - to inspire the world.

This one goes up in memory of the sweet spirit of beautiful Aunt Elvira Kanim, who passed away 3 months ago today.

Go Liu Wei! A Gaga duet I’m sure is going to happen!  What an artist.


Chinese Wisdom – I love this kid – he’s Confucius on a piano. His humility is pitched right, and as an artist Liu Wei is so now.  Outstanding. The best entertainment any nation has produced all year. Poignant.

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Strings are the icing on the cake–Brooke Fraser

Singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, talks the awesomess of how strings add to an album of music, for her new album Flags.

Apparently, strings are most used in the title track, and they are the star of this album she says.

Here’s her slow ballad, May Waltz, which is similar to a Bic Runga ballad. Very raw, stripped back music. Sublime in its nakedness to be simple.

You can imagine her singing Waltz around a camp fire. Very backyard, great outdoors, Kiwi/ Aussie summer music flavor. For good folk. Love it!

Pretty stuff. Go Brooke Fraser her album drops October 12th. I’ve never met Brooke, but she is one star, I’d like to meet. Humble, talented with honest music, she writes all herself, with a bit of help from Stevie Black on strings. To learn of her thoughts on how strings can be used in pop and folk song layering, this clip is the bomiest.

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Here’s Brooke Fraser of Christchurch’s song, Something in the Water… again, just because. 


One of the few pop stars today, to experiment with wet hair in a music video. Water being a universal symbol of life. Does this make Brooke Fraser more real than her contemporaries?

Fraser’s next performances are:

Tue, Oct 26 Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
Wed, Oct 27 Christchurch, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND
Fri, Oct 29 Wellington, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

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“I’ve got halo’s made of Summer, rhythms made of Spring… I got crowns of words a woven each one a song to sing”–lyrics by Brooke Fraser. 

Something in the Water is the new single from Brooke Fraser, from her album Flags,  October 2010 release date. Order it from iTunes here. 

Love her!!! Brooke is an international Christchurch music artist of New Zealand and Australia. 

[Image of Christchurch angel, no. 2, courtesy of Brooke Abbott, Hollywood actor,  singer-songwriter, artist and future designer. Oh... and a recent earthquake survivor too!!!]

And on that note… Christchurch Angels: Put yo’ golden pipes, yo’ talented, skillful hands and yo’ appointed, annointed & invincible Wings Up!

Let’s go Christchurch City!!! Up! Woot!

[post note: Christchurch City has the best drinking water... naturally]

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Foreign Press Pick: “We are here to support them. We are not going to let Christchurch suffer this great tragedy on its own”–New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, via NPR. 

[John Key, son of George Ernest Key and Ruth Lazar is pictured here with Brooke Fraser]

For the second time this Labor Weekend, USA, here’s Brooke on this blog, with her song, Still Standing [Shadowfeet].

Quote of the weekend from Brooke (again): “When the world is falling out from under me, I’ll be found in You, still standing… Whispers of a well-lit way.”

Let’s go New Zealand. Up!

~This live performance at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London. Full lyrics follow after the jump for resilient inspiration. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 9.5.10~

[This image: Silver Fern imprint art in Sand, Bethells Beach, New Zealand]

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“When the world is falling out from under me, I’ll be found in you. Still standing”–singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser for C.S Lewis.

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I will don my Horiwood hat all day long, to any woman who can take humble burlap, and turn it into fashionable pop cultural trending art, that sells–any day. Look at the cuteness of this picture via twitter. Too cute. 

Tweets popstar, Brooke Fraser, “ night last night at the inaugural Next Magazine Woman of the Year Awards. Kiwi women from the business/community/health&science/sports/arts fields sectors honoured. Felt very proud to be part of a society that honours & champions its women.”

From Hollywood, go Brooke and go New Zealand!

It has to be said, that in this bottom image, New Zealand forrests (the ngahere in Maori) are just made for rich, depth-of-field (mise-en-scene) cinematography, quite naturally really. Nice pic.

Fraser is always such a gracious and sensible, humanitarian recording artist. I digg her madly. She is New Zealand’s Angelina Jolie with a guitar, microphone, a pen and notepad for songwriters scrabble and a piano. 

[Image: . Recording Native Kiwi Artist images courtesy of ]

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(المُحِبُّ): يَاحَمَامَتِي اللاَّئِذَةَ بِشُقُوقِ الصَّخْرِ وَمَخَابِيءِ الْمَعَاقِلِ، أَرِينِي وَجْهَكِ وَأَسْمِعِينِي صَوْتَكِ، لأَنَّ صَوْتَكِ عَذْبٌ وَمُحَيَّاكِ رَائِعٌ.

وَعِنْدَمَا يَعْبُرُ مَجْدِي، أَضَعُكَ فِي نُقْرَةٍ مِنَ الصَّخْرِ، وَأَحْجُبُكَ بِيَدِي حَتَّى أَعْبُرَ،

«أَزَحْتُ كَتِفَهُ مِنْ تَحْتِ الأَحْمَالِ الثَّقِيلَةِ، وَسَلِمَتْ يَدَاهُ مِنْ حَمْلِ السِّلاَلِ.

[Hot tip: Sometimes, you must see the world, side on... to get an education This was her message] … Quircke for Lisa & Kiwi family from Horiwood, West of Wood for L.A, Hasbaya, China, Montreal, Lebanon and America. 

On July 13th, our beloved, graduated for the 2nd time, to a much better place. She died with a peaceful and jubilant smile on her dial. She was sweet, elegant, wise as an el, charming, intelligent, gorgeous with an American vocabulary to die for and most of all – family-centric and community loving. Already, I miss her presence, humor, scent, gracefulness in this world.

In honor of her life, which offered inspiration and redemption, like a turning point, in many a person’s  ’Hollywood’ story, the top ten tonight, has been highjacked to paint a picture, over a month, of who Aunt Elvira and her family are. Here we go :)

Entre: Lena Horne for Aunt Elvira  & her ashes on Haramon as Rain in Hasbaya: Dr Bruce’s star trek hike ;)

1. Un Sospiro in The Secret Garden

2. Brooke Fraser for The Beloved June 6th 2010

3. Li Bryan‘s love, Pinkberry and Lea

4. Apple iPad & Ten Things

5. Tree of Life in a state of grace

6. Gorgeous is her American vocabulary

7. Goodness by Juliet Ellis

8. Honey Bee‘s fridge speaks

9. Art: Glistening on Peace Roses: Miss Elliette & Shakira for the beloved

10. Beauty for Ashes by Steve Apirana

Music: Beatitudes of the Classics 

Love by Emile, Compassion by Kim Bryan

Future by us. :)

(الْمَحْبُوبَةُ): حَبِيبِي بَيْنَ الْفِتْيَانِ كَشَجَرَةِ تُفَّاحٍ بَيْنَ أَشْجَارِ الْوَعْرِ، تَحْتَ ظِلِّهِ اشْتَهَيْتُ أَنْ أَجْلِسَ، وَثَمَرُهُ حُلْوٌ لِحَلْقِي.

 خَاطَبَنِي حَبِيبِي وَقَالَ: انْهَضِي يَاحَبِيبَتِي يَاجَمِيلَتِي وَتَعَالَيْ مَعِي،

Comme un pommier parmi les arbres de la forêt
      est mon ami parmi les jeunes gens,
      j’ai grand plaisir à m’asseoir à son ombre.
      Combien son fruit est doux à mon palais.

Mon bien-aimé me parle,
      et il me dit:
      Lève-toi, mon amie, viens donc, ma belle,

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

כְּתַפּ֙וּחַ֙ בַּעֲצֵ֣י הַיַּ֔עַר כֵּ֥ן דֹּודִ֖י בֵּ֣ין הַבָּנִ֑ים בְּצִלֹּו֙ חִמַּ֣דְתִּי וְיָשַׁ֔בְתִּי וּפִרְיֹ֖ו מָתֹ֥וק לְחִכִּֽי׃

עָנָ֥ה דֹודִ֖י וְאָ֣מַר לִ֑י ק֥וּמִי לָ֛ךְ רַעְיָתִ֥י יָפָתִ֖י וּלְכִי־לָֽךְ׃

Como el manzano entre los árboles del bosque, 
         así es mi amado entre los jóvenes. 
         A su sombra placentera me he sentado, 
         y su fruto es dulce a mi paladar.

Mi amado habló, y me dijo: 
         ”Levántate, amada mía, hermosa mía, 
         y ven conmigo.

As the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Kei te aporo i roto i nga rakau o te ngahere te rite o taku kaingakau i roto i nga taitamariki. Ahuareka ana taku noho iho i raro i tona taumarumarutanga, a he reka ana hua ki toku ngao.

I korero mai taku e aroha nei, i mea mai ki ahau, E ara, e taku ipo, e taku mea ataahua, ka haere mai.

Living Art Peace Rose by Miss Elliette for her baby sister, the Princess Bride, July 13th 2010. What a Woman!

~Peace bee on EarthPosted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA, with thanks to Camela. 7.13.2010~


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Because you’re with me, I will not fear“–pop star, Brooke Fraser 

Without meaning to sound weird… (hey this is, so I guess I’m excused of all weirdness :) … Your love letters sent across the world, are beautiful

So… this one goes up like unabashed love from a precious alabaster [juke] box for her spirit’s kept P r o m i s e

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood, California USA. 7.6.2010~


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Beloved, “now, that I have held you in my own arms, I can not let go, til you are”–Brooke Fraser

She has World Vision

“But I carry you in me, in the dust on, the dust on, the dust on, the dust on, the dust on my feet.”

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 6.20.2010~


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[Easter Image, Christ of Saint John of The Cross--Salvador Dali. Music: His Glory Appears performed live by Brooke Fraser]

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son”–John 3 v 16

“I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”–John 10 v 10

“Unless a colonel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone: but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit”–Easter is about reproduction of Life in all of its fullness for All–John 12 v 24

“He went out, bearing his cross, to the place called “The Place of a Skull,” which is called in Hebrew, “Golgotha,”–John 19 v 17. “When they reached the place called ‘The Skull,’ there they nailed Him to the cross, and the criminals also, one at His right hand and one at His left hand”–Luke 23 v 33.

“And when Jesus had tasted the sour wine, he said “It is finished” and he hung his head and released his Spirit–John 19 v 30.”

“I come to the garden alone/while the dew is still on the roses/and the voice I hear falling on my ear/the Son of God discloses. And He walks with me, and He talks with me/ And He tells me I am His own/ And the joy we share as we tarry there/ None other has ever known.”–Hym of Mary Magdalene first person to see the risen Christ.

“Worthy is the lamb that was slain…” Revelations 5 v 12

~You made me whole/ At the cross/ You took my place/ You showed me grace/ At the cross/Where You died for me./And His glory appears/ Like the light from the sun/Age to age He shines./Look to the skies./Hear the angels cry/ Singing holy is the Lord–songwriters Darlene Zschech and Marty Sampson

~“One day, these hands will touch the world”Rachel Scott, Columbine High School teen~

[Salvador Dali painting courtesy of Glasgow Gov website, Scotland]

~Epistle to the Church of West Hollywood 2010 from the online Colin McCahon. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.2.2010~


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This week I was thinking of Angelina Jolie getting let go by St. John fashion label because she was ‘too big’ a person to represent mere garments of clothing.

I also thought about the painting St John of The Cross by Salvador Dali, a work that haunts me, along with millions of Dali’s fans worldwide.

St John was The Apostle of Love and Love is something that everyone is searching for in Hollywood, including me, because I am only human too and I happen to live here.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Brooke Fraser is a rare singer-songwriter from New Zealand who spans both the pop markets and gospel markets of music experiencing success in both markets.

The daughter of an All Blacks rugby football star, Brooke was an editor of a youth magazine before she eventually settled on a music career with Sony.

Brooke Fraser is rated by you the worldwide audience as the 48th hottest star of influence that you want to see more of in Hollywood.

Congratulations Kiwi diva. That’s some star power. As it’s Christmas, here’s Brooke singing one of her new gospel songs, I Will Exalt You live in Australia. And also her first single, Arithmetic many years ago, when the songstress started out. She’s like the Kiwi Taylor Swift singer-songwriter of the South Pacific. Hot!

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out–and the people of Rwanda sing her name with joy, like she is their Angelina Jolie.

Brooke Fraser is someone in the world who inspires me to live bigger as a global citizen building a better kingdom. You too judging by your votes this year. She’s so talented, pure, natural, courageous, brave and just herself. How can anyone not love Brooke Fraser? 100% quality.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round… and Brooke Fraser… She rocks!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.25.09~


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Here’s singer songwriter Brooke Fraser‘s song Saving The World and Horiwood‘s poem, Urban Iwi for your entertainment today. 

urban iwi: tihei mauri ora!

bound together by mobile phones
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