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Soldiers who fight for New Zealand’s best interest, have immense respect in the history of New Zealand’s fabric as a nation.

I know that Elliot platoon of the New Zealand, love Brooke Frasers Hosanna song. It’s a song, many of them sing, know the lyrics of and that inspires them while on duty.

“Personally I like the line… I see a generation, Rising up to take the place, With selfless faith, with selfless faith.”


This one goes out for them, currently in Burnham, Christchruch City, fixing up a city recovering from Quake damage.

Let’s sing it up, with a Kiwi-penned anthem of their new generation:)

Lyrics follow:

I see the king of glory
Coming down the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes
I see his love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing, the people sing

Hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna in the highest

I see a generation
Rising up to take the place
With selfless faith, with selfless faith

I see a new revival
Staring as we pray and seek
We’re on our knees, we’re on our knees Read the rest of this entry »



Bradley James had a brief respite from the army to celebrate his 22nd birthday, with his sis and best mate John Hōri, father of baby Ezra (also pictured).

Here’s that photo on Bradley James 22nd B’day as a Kiwi soldier.


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B.J Te Kani and Bradley James are soldiers serving in the New Zealand army/ Ngati Tumatauenga.

Te Kani is a leader too on the sports field, who also serves his country in sport, captaining the national team for his age group.

Good effort.

[Photo - graduation day, part I, Waiouru].

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Bradley James joined the New Zealand army recently, as previously reported on this blog, both from Hollywood and also here in paradise too.

Somehow, Brad landed on his boots in the Elliot platoon. A platoon when witnessed in effect is mean, disciplined and focused with courage. When these guys and girls get down to drilling, you can’t help but feel the fierce.

Here’s some snap shots of that. Be afraid.

As Kiwi soldiers, they’re well-trained, tight as an army pack and pretty tough. Integrity sets them apart as army all respect for their ability to serve and protect community. Bradley is 21 years of age, in these photographs.

Thought for today, “The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name.”–Moses.

[Bradley James is pictured here during drill and also with one of his platoon training mentors, L Cpl Bowker].

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I’m a peace-loving soul at heart. I’m not impressed by the exhorbitant expense of war in the world over the last ten years, and I wonder about how we treat the planet through acts of war, and the people this earth houses.

All this was disrupted, while I was living in Hollywood and I read an email one day, while sipping on my daily latte at a Starbucks. The whanau (family) email informed me that my nephew, Bradley James was joining the New Zealand army. Another email, a short time after, informed me he had been accepted into the New Zealand Army’s training program. The kid was on his way to becoming a soldier.

I pondered a lot about his journey towards a life committed to being the best soldier he could be with his training given. He is someone determined to defend and protect his fellow countryfolk and allies. I knew I definitely wanted to be back in Aotearoa New Zealand, to see this guy graduate. He’s attended my own University graduated as a child, I owed him a return of favor, on his big day.

He was always such a good lad from the day he was born. Respectful to a fault. I didn’t want to miss his journey as a soldier, for the world.

I also began to wonder what it meant to be an ‘Uncle’ in a newly discovered ‘military family.’ What does a soldier and his fellow soldiers need in way of support to get through many a situation they will find themselves in, across the months ahead? How do you become ‘Team Army support?’ was the new Hollywood thinking pattern of each day.

These thoughts that suddenly crept into my Hollywood-Kiwi head, were often unanswerable for me. From that moment on, I found myself praying a lot more than usual. Bradley’s name is often prayed at these times. When I pray for him, an amazing Peace descends. This let me know, that as a soldier, he’s a good one.

I also feel a strange sense of pride in his decision. That decision where he’s chosen to push back forces that would rise up against what he believes is the best for New Zealand and his contribution in this world. His view,suddenly becomes all of his family’s view, in supporting him through the battles ahead.

Maturing is about supporting the next generation. So, alongwith his mother, sister, dad, nephew, future bro-in-law and his many Uncles, Aunties and cousins (grandparents and great Uncles, great Aunties as well)…. I’m now on board supporting Bradley James across the summits and through the many valleys of his journey. Go kid!

Bradley’s journey in being a staunch soldier for New Zealand, begins on this road, a highway, at the base of Mt Ruapehu near Waiouru, a place where his mother and I used to holiday with our cousin Bert Jr. as kids. Always funs times.

The snapshot on thw way to his graduation day and initial training base, looks a bit like this.

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Kia Ora Crystal Rachel,

While your Uncle took a cigarette break from Hollywood blogging, two things happened. Outside Suru clothing store (a fun store) an abandoned bible lay open. Blowing in the wind, its pages were opened on the concrete pavement to these passages written by Moses.

I share them with you on my blog, as spirit food as one of your Hollywood moments via me. The passage is significant as I blog in Hollywood at a time where animals, birds, fish are being reported dead in the world in large numbers. In this climate, I felt that this is yours and John‘s promise, after your personal flood of fear.

Like a tohu (a spiritual sign of guidance), this moment is your own rainbow for your heart’s Peace as a mother of Aotearoa New Zealand. May your life always hold this promise over this beautiful nation, as a key keeper of Life. And for America too, if you’re feeling up to it. :)

A minute prior to leaving the Cafe I’m at today in the Melrose fashion district of West Hollywood, I saw this lady. A hot dance choreographer of America and Los Angeles I have seen many times on TV. She is the one and only, Sonya Tayeh. Like you, she is extremely talented with a wonderful personality. I asked her to pose for a photograph for you as I’d heard you’d had a wee shock in hospital. She said “Cool, I know what to do for that.”

She grabbed her boyfriend, Craig Hollamon, pictured who is an “amazing dancer and choreographer” also. Craig could look a bit like your brother Bradley James. Especially when Brad was a baby. One of your great great grand Uncle’s (father’s name) had a Craig in it somewhere. Here’s that picture. And here’s a dance for you, as spirit food too, for your own beautiful dance of life.

I love you. Mauri ‘Ola He Wahine o Te Ngakau Reka. Let’s keep life fun and always inspiring and colorful. :)

Here’s one to watch – Hallelujah by Sonya Tayeh as danced by Alex Wong – Watch here.

Above - Arcadia by Ellenore Scott & Ryan Di Lello.

Artwork – Dove by Holly V Hoof.

[Thanks Sonya and Craig].

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