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1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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“L.A is the icing on the cake. This is how they do it”–Kascade on how Los Angeles loves music.

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( R.) Director Bill Birrell, Author Robert Ellis, Mideast scholar Adib Nono, at Borders, Westwood, Ca., event

Calif- Beverly hills author Robert Ellis, joined by Film Director Bill Birrell, and Mid-East Scholar Adib Nono, lead a discussion about the new novel ‘Courage to Love’ at a recent Borders Bookstore event in Westwood Village.
 Borders Events Manager Robert Varian described the event as “the single most successful local event by attendance and sales in my experience.”
 Birrell, Santa Monica resident and narrator of the audio book, read moving love scenes. Granada Hills dweller Adib Nono commented on the author’s message and what it meant to him as a Coptic Christian fleeing the Mideast with his parents during his youth.

 “Courage to Love,” available on the internet and at bookstores, is a love story that involves an American Israeli lieutenant from South Carolina and a teenage Palestinian freedom fighter living in the Gaza Strip.  Under the spell of music during a Mideast hospital attack, they are thrown together and attracted to each other. As their budding love grows, the youngsters are forced to contend with their serious wounds, their different religious upbringings, and the stern commands of their families.

On his website,, Ellis states, “To arrest the leakage of war, money and lives spreading from the Middle East onto the shores of the entire world, all of us need to consider three truths.  One, that science tells us the blood in peoples’ bodies can be interchanged to heal, each with each other.  Two, that the Bible tells us men and women in all their beliefs, are descended of one spiritual family.  Three, we must act like one family, drop our prejudices and speak the language of love.”

Robert Ellis can be seen today at Borders Bookstore in San Diego.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.13.10 – with thanks to Andrew Winters, Hollywood publicist and Arrowhead H20~

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Serena Williams is doing way too much of the tennis court today, using her influence to glam up the education of third world citizens. Here’s Serena modeling her booty off for Hamptons magazine.

These comments from M Noble of Cover Awards website on Serena’s Opra-esque star turn as a grand slams tennis champ, turned African educator. Love her. 

Blogs M.N: [This photoshoot with Serena] . . . “is gorgeous. It almost reminds me of a Robert Mapplethorpe print or a still from the Herb Ritts-directed Janet Jackson Love Will Never Do Without You video.

. . . “I always said winning all those Grand Slams was a dream, but when I opened my school in Kenya, that was the best feeling in the world because I was helping people who had almost nothing…one of the schools contains special services for children who are hearing impaired – we gave them computers donated by Hewlett-Packard, and one of the kids came up to me crying and said, ‘Now I can finally tell everyone what’s on my mind,’” Williams remembers. “I feel like my job, more than anything, is to be a good Christian…I’ve been known to make mistakes and because I do live in the public eye, it can be hard, but I’m living my life as best I can.”

Wow! I didn’t know Serena was a Christian. I guess Moses, a Jewish legend Christians usually look up to, threw those tablets of stone down on the ground when he lost his cool, harder than Ms. Serena does her tennis racquet when not impressed with foot fault umpires rulings, so that all makes sense now. Lol! :) I wonder if Serena buys her books to read on tour, from Jayson Payne &  his youthful team at The Rockpile Bookstore in San Diego then? With Serena modeling with such focus like she is in these pics as if she’s The Elle McPherson of the American sports world, and with the Rock Piles Emmys strong McPherson connections, I think that Ms Williams would most probably consider purchasing some of her books there with Mr Jayson. 

But seriously, what a model citizen of the world Ms. Williams is shaping up to be. Educating Kenya! She’s just too cool for Hollywood school, this child of tennis. 

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From football glory, to a once cocaine addiction, to now having Courage to Love in San Diego, Miles McPherson inspires today here in California, USA. 

Writes Miles to author Robert Ellis: “I would like to take this moment to thank you for sending me a copy of your book, “Courage to Love.”  It will be a fine addition to my library. Your thoughts are very much appreciated in sharing this resource with others… “

Ten Things About Pastor Miles McPherson:

1. He believes he is “a man radically transformed by God.” In Hollywood, we like Transformers, so that’s fine by me. 

2. A star footballer, Miles fulfilled his youthful dreams achieving a successful collegiate football career and playing in the NFL. Hot. 

3. Spiritual emptiness, left him looking for love in all the wrong places. Like a plastic blag. Cocaine use was once his big vice. (I told you this guy was so Hollywood!)

4. When two football teammates introduced Miles to God, he reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Debbie (now his wife), and quit doing blow. 

5. Miles embarked on a journey of theology.

6. Today, Miles is a nationally known speaker, and McPherson’s bold, down-to-earth, and humorous style has become his trademark. (I swear this guy could be a New Zealand Maori, with a sense of humor like that). 

7. Miles is also a fine entertainer, often tackling issues that are tough, in order to make a difference in people’s lives, with similar struggles to what he has overcome. 

8. McPherson earned an Emmy Award in 2007 for a documentary on methamphetamine. He’s Hollywood fit. 

9. An author of several books, McPherson’s latest release is DO Something! Make Your Life Count

10. His church is built with the same dimensions as Noah’s Ark was, as noted in the book of Genesis and the Torah. Miles is army families and Firefighters families friendly with much of his current work in San Diego. He’s rocking with people who serve community. 

As a guy whose known victories, dark days, and the power of transformative love–Miles McPherson is a Pastor to keep an eye out for as a spiritual leader of the USA. He’s the first Pastor, I’ve picked here in America, to head a new category on this blog, titled Pastor Watch. I guess it was Miles sporting ability, that did it. 

To read the book Courage to Love by tennis-playing Californian author, Robert Ellis (pictured above), a Romeo & Juliet styled novel set in the Middle East, that Miles McPherson has in his personal library. Go here to order online from Tate Publishing, or if in San Diego buy the book at Rockpile Bookstore, 2777 Rosecrans St. San Diego, CA 92106. 

Aren’t people of Spirit, so inspiring in their own unique ways? I think they are. Rock on, Miles McPherson.

[With thanks to Morie Bell and Jayson Payne]. News source. The Rock website.

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When asked at Comic Con conference in San Diego, about whether J.J Abrams was staying on to direct the Star Trek rebooted film franchise’s next film sequel, actor Karl Urban, who plays Dr. McCoy told Collider  this:

“Knowing J.J. I think he will have a pretty tough time handing this baby off to someone else. He was such an instrumental force of nature in delivering that film and creating those characters and ensuring that the Star Trek that was released was not some vacuous special effects extravaganza and that it was a character driven film. My hopes are that he will come back to the director’s chair.”

Karl is pictured here promoting Red at Comic Con with his costars Dame Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis. Urban also confirmed to Bleeding Cool, he has been hand picked to step into the shoes of the upcoming South African filmed, Judge Dredd in the title role. Karl also tells Steve “Frosty” Weintraub of Collider:

“I’ve met with Pete Travis, Andrew McDonald and we’ve had a really wonderful meeting of the minds and long story short, they have offered me the role and we’re in the process of making that happen. To have the opportunity to play such an iconic and enigmatic character as Joe Dredd is a phenomenal opportunity and I’m really thrilled and looking forward to getting into it. Joe as a character has great ironic witty one liners set in this futuristic post apocalyptic world.”

He’s such a Kiwi bro, this guy. I guess I’m always proud of Karl as a New Zealand born Californian, because he’s always done good work in small budget Kiwi films and on New Zealand television series too, like Xena and Hercules as well as big budget New Zealand and Hollywood films.

Karl also happens to be distant family, a cousin-in-law, whose married to my first cousin Aroha‘s daughter. Ironically, (like a lot of Karl’s early work is based on irony entertainment) “aroha” happens to mean in the Maori language “Love” and I help promote an important book called Courage To Love by author Robert Ellis, here in Hollywood – a book with a good message of Peace for the world. 

Following Red, Karl will next star in another comic book adaptation film called, Priest. Karl plays the villain, a vampire named Black Hat. An interesting acting career in Hollywood is about playing good guys and bad guys. It’s always good to mix it up, like Karl is for Priest. But he’s most famous for being J.J Abrams star doctor in Star Trek these days, with a legendary following from New Zealand’s Lord of The Rings Oscars winning legacy he brings to the Hollywood table from the land of green paradise, down under. Kia ora bro. Karl is also part indigenous Maori blood too. 

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Los Angeles is going wild for Ms Angelina Jolie as the actress and mother of six who has come to define the A-List template of a true Hollywood star in modern times and the future too, heads to the box office this weekend. One word is on everyone’s lips with Jolie and that is Salt

Sources at Comic-Con in San Diego, say that Jolie more than excelled fans expectations at her Salt press conference appearance. She was both gorgeous and gracious.

65% of movie goers who were surveyed when her film Wanted hit theaters and earned a whopping $350 million at the box office, had this to say about Jolie. “We came to see this film not for the plot, concept, storylines, directing but because of Angelina Jolie and the fact that Jolie is doing an action film.” Jolie and the action genre are killer. She’s untouchable. 

Alright, if you’re an Angelina Jolie fan, check out The Sounds of Asteroth: Into The Florescence  rock musical play at the Highways Theater in Santa Monica (18th & Olympic) this eve at 10pm, if you’re already out from your movie session of Salt here in the City of Angels. Let’s do the City proud this weekend by supporting its artists. Let’s go Hollywood stars and artists of L.A Thanks Team. Action. Call Time. Lights down. Fade up on three. And… Live. 

[Sources 1 3]

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