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This beautiful view of Jones @ Sunset on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood is just one of the many reasons why you should visit California.

So pretty. This photograph is real, non photoshopped, required zero amount of money to photograph and is free to share, with whoever you like in the science of information sharing online.

Visit California. Enjoy such views. Sunsets of California are some of the biggest and brightest stars in America as entertaining breath taking views. Peace.

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Photo of the day courtesy of Just Means.

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Featured Photograph I – Binowee – by Murray Vanderveer 2010 / Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery,This image of Binowee Bayles is part of a series of images of Indigenous people in their country. Binowee is the Aboriginal Program  Coordinator, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. As a young Aboriginal woman, proud in her identity and of her culture, Binowee shares her knowledge that has been passed on by her elders from one generation to the next, since the beginning of time. Through her Dreaming Tours, Binowee shows that although this is predominantly a built environment, it is still Country and the stories are still relevant today.


Here’s a snap shot of Aussie via a quick news quiz:

Do scuba divers need to hang out with Jacques Jarryd Hayne more?

Who mollywhopped The Fev’s eye?

What do the people of the inner West know worth knowing?

Should The Broncos get Wayne?

Heard of Tanya Zaetta yet?

How cool is the National Photographic Portrait showcase this year?

Will Aussie resonate with the Blood on the Boardwalk TV show?

Are the Melbourne rebels as good to see in action live, as the papers tout?

Whose dollar has set a fresh record against the greenback?

Will Liz Hurley waltz in Melbourne?

Featured Photograph II - Selfless by Melissa Wood 2010 / Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery: The men and women of our Australian Army sacrifice so much to protect and defend not only our country but also countries that cannot help themselves. I have taken this photo of Corporal Kathryn Jolley to show that Soldiers are real people. They have families, friends and lives outside of the Army. All the politics and conflict in the world aside, Kat is a regular person. She is a beautiful mum, an amazing wife, a caring sister, and a loving daughter. She chose a career where she gets the chance, no matter how small, to make a difference in the world.

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Alright today in Hollywood I notice that Gypsy no.5 pins its fashion retail sales hopes on a ‘white horse’ billboard. The photograph was snapped against grey sky backdrops on La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90069. Good luck to Gypsy no.5 with this marketing lead, a tribute (perhaps) to violet-days of National Velvet Hollywood cinematic history as well as emerging world trends. Cute billboard marketing.

We also celebrate today with an art portrait snapped by Kiwi-American artist-fashion emerging star, Miss Tessa. Hopefully I’m forgiven for sharing this picture as blogging on a budget Hollywood paparazzi-o today. :) Probably not! However, sharing is art so I’m going with it. I first saw Miss Tessa creating artwork when she was 16. Her work was a giant mural for dyslexia awareness, so she’s a good one. Art for good causes is not a bad start in the art world. A charity benefitted from Miss Tessa’s first exhibited work. She exhibited at a cross-cultural red carpet film event depicting Latino actors being filmed in Christchurch, Canterbury – the Garden City.

Years later this city would be struck tragically by earthquake devastation. Both Russell Crowe and supermodel Rachel Hunter offer commentary on how to help this city.

Anyway here’s 5 things you’re looking in Hollywood on a day where California said farewell to a legend in Dame Elizabeth Taylor being laid to rest beside Michael Jackson. These five things are -

1. Dita Von Tesse‘s twitter couture for Marie Claire Russia is out there

2. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie film make together offshore for a change.

3. Movie script premise, conspiracy theory spooky humor – World Bank and US

4. Black racism by Miami police needs a word in oil slicked recovering Miami

5. Basketball fans humor – All Stars Unite – Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z & Beyonce

Bonus Post 1: US at the box office – I Am China by Jayden Smith & Jackie Chan

Bonus Post 2: Paramatta Eels footballers are saving Ireland’s traveling youth via Fiji in Aussie land

Bonus Post 3: MAORI HIJAB KOROWAI CLOAK Leadership – Like Maori legends who walk for justice

Hollywood Media Outlets covering Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s epic contribution to Hollywood culture and the world today as she crossed her finishing line too are - E!Hollywood NewsHollywood ReporterAccess Hollywood;Hollywood.ComET OnlineDeadline.ComCelebrity GossipYoung Hollywood.

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People walked down a road amid the destruction in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, on Tuesday.--New York Times.

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From Haiti earthquake’s resilient survivors, to soldiers returning from war, to saving a coastline after ‘oil spill waste tragedy’, to the front lines of war or the secret life of guns in the USA – The Washington Post’s photojournalism archives, really are something else.

To study life through Washington’s lens, click on pic to view.

Good work.

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20 @ 7pm from HOLLYWOOD

Twenty Things of Interest via the WordPress Community being fed through a Hollywood bloggers blog, look like this today.

In Nova Scotia at Peggy’s Cove, it can be a brisk outdoors walks across the granite outcrop of rocks around the lighthouse landmark, while all the while you watch your step, you can look out to the ocean.

1. Rigatoni with eggplant & pine nut crush

2. Taylor Swift‘s bikini vacation

3. Poppressed – the freshest in culture

4. Wall Street Journal – 2.9.11

5. Angelina Jolie script hunts via UTA these days

6. Taylor Kitsch

7. Brazil Bugs 15 Formiga Membracideos Mutualismo

8. Cowboy Mullet by Billy Ray Cyrus

9. The Creative Panic is worth checking out… artsy weird

10. Hiromitsu Shinkawa

11. Peggys Cove Nova Scotia – Lighthouse travel photography (top pic)

12. Love Not War by Annie Crummer

13. Eminem‘s people heart Charlie Sheen

14.  Jonathan Franzen‘s 10 Rules of Writing

15. The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

16. Lazy dazy pot roast

17. Chalmers Ashby Johnson

18. For once, let humans prevail

19. White Face, Black Ninja – Fifty Cent & Soldier Boy

20. Scenes of Survival & Devastation in Japan

Guest commentary – The Creative Panic on film cameras: “I love my Yashica 635, the vintage medium format 120 film camera I rock with when I get the chance. There is something about the permanency of film that I love. I shoot digital on commercial jobs, but for personal work I prefer film most of the time. Check out my  to see some shots off the Yashica.

Hi to all the visitors from FRESHLY PRESSED! This illustration is #44 in my One Illustration a Day project. I am up to#56 today and you can check out all the illustration to date here

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Forbes Magazine devotes their journalistic focus on “Japan enduring the worst crises since WWII.”

The truth is economically, many nations are enduring a crises as drastic as worldwide II for majorities within nations, yet Japan has this new tragedy onboard to endure physically as well as an economic battle.

The Japanese are resilient and strong people in every way. Our hearts are with them. They will get through this.

Yas Idei took the photograph. Starting words of Forbes story are: “Japan is mourning, trying to recover and bracing for more struggles all at the same time. Continue »

This woman’s face sums up this crises. Wow!
What seems like years ago, yet only 8 months ago, I wrote some words when faced with losing someone I loved. I had only know her for a short time, yet grief when potential is cut down unexplained perhaps hurts the most to endure. So from Westwood California where these words were penned, I’m posting them again for Japan. Philosophical thoughts offered from a Hollywood Maori perspective:
“When someone you love is dying so many things don’t even seem important. In that moment, one person becomes your most profoundest teacher. Their sweetness is like snow falling on cedars. Everything they say means something memorable, life-giving and important. In Maori culture we call such conversations–the “ohaki.”Life is about entrances and exits. Memories of life, are the pearls in the middle. 

I was raised to believe that the exit was the most important thing about a life. Here at “Majestic Crest,” we are celebrating a beautiful life. Her sweetness, can make you cry. Here’s your top ten for Tuesday. It’s a bit late, but better late than never.”

I grieve with Japan because Ohaki (final words) were taken between loved ones. Maur ‘Ola Japan. Your future is with US. Thank you for all that your culture has gifted California life, Aotearoa New Zealand, The West and the world as a whole in your tasteful and sophisticated uniqueness.

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Artists are leaders because they know no fear. Culturally, they will cross over–Dame Elizabeth Taylor‘s humanitarian story.

What: Photographic Exhibition – Elizabeth Taylor in Iran.

Who: Photographs by Firooz Zahedi

Where: LACMA, Los Angeles, Ahmanson Building, Level 4, February 26, 2011–June 12, 2011.

About: The year was 1976 when Hollywood’s leading lady of cinema, Elizabeth Taylor travelled outside of the USA to visit Iran with photographer Firooz Zahedi.

Back then Zahedi was an arts student, who having left Iran as a child was rediscovering Iran with Taylor on this sojourn. These photos are being exhibited for the first time.

The locations Taylor and Zahedi visited were the Persepolis. There The Tent City erected for the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire was on display in 1971. They also visited Shiraz known as the home of fine wine and all things poetic. Isfahan’s mastery in tile-clad architecture was a key spot of their travels.

Zahedi would photograph Taylor many times post this trip, but these images are their most personal collaborative efforts. This installation was made possible in part by the Art of the Middle East Council. Additional support was provided by The Icon Lab.
Image: Firooz Zahedi – Titled - Dressed as an Odalisque, 1976

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According to Invest in New Zealand, China Southern Airlines are spending $10 million promoting New Zealand as an amazing travel destination for the people of China to visit.

One look at this beautiful mountain range at Havelock, Marlborough, you can’t really argue with that logic. Stunning. Some of the world’s finest sauvignon blanc vino is grown between these hills. Gorgeous.

[Photography by David Wall]

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If in the sun suspended above a beach, we feel the warmth and the light of democracy’s glow glistening on our salty skin – how wise were we to give freedom to all freely as nature does so abundantly.

Photographer – Unknown.

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As a resident of Little Russia in West Hollywood, I always see the strangest things. Like cloud whisps above Chabad Community Center candles, on a day where avante garde fashion designer, John Galliano has taken on Oscar winner Natalie Portman‘s people of Jerusalem opening up the anti-semitic debate. I’m just going to let the sky answer on that. No, it’s not saying 9-11 (this year, anyway!) instead, it has it’s own upturned Salvador Dali mustache today. :)

Hollywood blog shares we’re sharing via social media, that you like… here we go then.

1. Dark, weird & manipulative – Ryan Gosling & Kiki Dunst talk movies

2. George W. Bush is a wanted man

3. Whites gnashes just got bigger

4. 10 rugby football stars of New Zealand

5. Aunt Frieda of Syria was da illest in a Westwood kitchen.

6. Rabbi Topp runs a smart community in LA

7. Texas Landscapes & the Coen Brothers – a winning cinematic formula

8. As Good as it Gets poetry – Sam Cruickshank for Mauri ‘Ola poets collective

9. Klutz Confessions 12.27.10

10. All of the Lights lyricsKanye West feat Rihanna & friends

Thought for the day – The concessions of the weak, are the concessions of fear.–Forbes website.

[Hollywood photography - Herb Ritts on Dustin Hoffman, on Salvador Dali - 1996]

Bonus Post – Ko wai a Natalie Hershlag? Forbes Magazine related Quotes: “Mazel is the term used in Jewish mysticism to describe the root of the soul. The mystics say that only a ray of our soul actually inhabits our body. The main part of the soul, our mazel, remains above, shining down on us from a distance.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.1.11. Other bloggers and USA media outlets who might be covering anti-semitic news awareness Hollywood entertainment news today too, are: Ellen GoodmanDavid KirkpatrickHoward KurtzNew York TimesNPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlateTIMETimes Of LondonTMZUSA TodayVanity FairWall Street JournalWashington IndependentWashington TimesWashington Post; ; Youth RadioAltercation (Media Matters)AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing BoingBrave New FilmsBuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireRaw StoryRedstate.orgSeeing The ForestThe Swamp (Chicago Tribune)Swampland (Time)TalkLeftTalking Points MemoTapped (American Prospect)Taylor MarshThat Minority ThingTruthdigThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWashington Whispers (US News & World Report)WonketteThe Young TurksRoger E. HernándezChristopher HitchensRich LowryDick MeyerJohn NicholsJack ShaferRobert ScheerLynn SweetBrian TillGeorge WillMichael WolffPBS – Horiwood.Com is a 300,000 attained Hollywood website and growing. Be kind. Peace!~



Here’s a 900 year old prayer that has stood the distance through time and space.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
Grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Francis of Assisi – Prayer of Peace, edited by Peter Y. Chou via Wisdom Portal. Photo caption - White marble from Greece adds to the gleam of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque courtyard in Abu Dhabi. Courtesy of Jasper Juinen National Geographic, Places to Travel.

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There’s a saying I was raised with in New Zealand that goes “when your number’s up, your number’s up.”

Here in the USA, my number’s up. I have fifty days left on my visa.

It doesn’t make too much sense to renew my visa at this point. Days go by, they are all the same. Change occurs with what we create ourselves. I have had enough fun days to know for sure, that the USA is a nation who loves fun, more than any other cultural trait. That’s been a gift the US has shared with me. I’ll keep you posted each day with my remaining time here.

So far, America has been an experience. Living and thinking with US views and values, (in particular, uniquely surreal Hollywood views) for five years, is almost up. Even in the most painstaking and trying of times where one was forced to be creative or die, the time went by very fast. In these times, we got through it together, on this blog. Thanks for reading Horiwood.Com from Hollywood the last two years. It’s been quite a journey. Like a blur really. :)

In thinking about leaving the US, a nation I love and have loved, this picture above defines the face that looks like the typical person on the planet provided by The National Geographic. The face looks like some Americans I know.

This year, the world will hit a total population of 7 billion people this year. Exciting challenges ahead for global community. How are we, reflected in this face then? is the one question we must ask ourselves ahead. What part of this face are we? What is our place in the world? This image is made up of 7 thousand typical people reflecting the planet’s diverse population and was made by DuPont. I love the nose, it’s definitely not a Hollywood nose.


Again, thanks for being a part of my Hollywood story book on Horiwood.Com. We are close to the three million milestone on this blog and I leave the US with a 55% American audience base of daily viewers. In my heart, I feel 55% American this year, as voted democratically by you all, yet when your number’s up, perhaps the world indicates you are needed elsewhere. I feel both gutted and excited, all in one! :)

Maori Taiaha -depicting duality – of this world and the world of spiritual things courtesy of .

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“For the world will fade away.

Still my song to You remains.

Only You will I adore…”

[Image - Mediterranean Ocean, Enric Adrian Grener]

~Psalmist’s Poetry ~ Adonai lyrics. Hollywood. 2.11.11~



Maori proverb – Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu koe me he maunga teitei. Search for great mountains. If one has to bow, let it be to a lofty mountain –Rotorua Boys High School motto.

According to my calculations via the Jewish calendar, we are fast approaching the 2.95 million milestone on Horiwood.Com.

Okay, I was joking about the Jewish calendar calculations, but blog stat calculations reveal that at midnight tonight Hollywood’s first website created by a Maori-Kiwi, will hit the 2.95 million benchmark.

We’ve got their together – thanks for your loyalty as a blog audience and making it happen. Kia Ora! :)

[Photography credit - Climbers at Syme Hut, Fanthams Peak, and Alpenglow at Dawn on Mt Taranaki, Taranaki, Te Ika a Maui - North Island, Aotearoa New Zealand - aerial by David Wall]

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Guest Commentary: He left office more than two decades ago, but former President Ronald Reagan‘s mark on American politics has yet to fade.

Okay! I guess we can call this my American sense of duty post today for the political machine. Here we go, via ABC News in remembering President Ronald Reagan for what he gave the American people post Hollywood and via Washington. He was the Actor President.

Guest commentary follows: “Reagan, whose 100th birthdayanniversary, is being celebrated across the country, has become more relevant than ever, with Republicans in control of the House and a recession still gripping the United States.

“Everyone tries to grab the Reagan mantle because it’s one of strong leadership, big ideas, bold stories,” said Ken Duberstein, Reagan’s last White House chief of staff.

The former President’s name is repeatedly invoked by conservative politicians — Mitt Romney urged supporters to “ take inspiration from Ronald Reagan” while out on the campaign trail.

Sarah Palin has called him “one of my heroes and one of yours” and has used his name during rallies.

Even Democrats tout his leadership. Barack Obama once said “I think Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America.”

To read more, in its pure form as a news story, go here.

[Images - Horiwood.Com's own as photographed with a Latino-owned family photography service, in The Valley. The mystery Hispanic-American couple's photograph, also pictured featured in the window display beneath The Reagans. Equally worth sharing too as true American families culture today.]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.5.11~



There are very few pop stars with a sense of humor like Pink aka Alecia Moore. In an age where prosthetic bellies are all the rage, Pink wants you to know that she’s having her baby for reals, the good old fashioned way. Via her twitter Moore says:

“ALRIGHT… because paparazzi of today have absolutely no photograhic skill or artistry whatsoever, and their pictures are hideous….

I’m going to post a self-portrait I took yesterday morning for all of you asking to see belly shots. 3 wks of photo classes for me…

and I am already a far better photographer than any one of them…..

have a great day everyone!!!!”

Even funnier is Moore’s coffee cup of Belgium in the background of the pic, with her slogan art tile that says: “Women who behave NEVER make history.” Lol!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.5.11~


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“Hold up your hands before your eyes. You are looking at the hands of God.”–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner talks practical spirituality as food for thought today.

Photo Caption: “Crown Heights, NY – What is it like to photograph thousands of rabbis? Award winning photographer Don Holloway has been doing it for over twenty years. The Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim gather from over seventy-six countries for a five day conference in Brooklyn and traditionally gather for a group photograph outside Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters.”

What a photograph! That’s a lot of wisdom assembled in one place as depicted in this picture. Thanks Don.

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Photographic art from Egypt via West Hollywood today where I blog.


A photographic work by Artist actress Jacqueline Ann Finch, granddaughter of jazz composer and vibraphonist Victor Feldman, as photographed on ochre-brown brick. Artists information – email . Ph: 213-590-8222

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We come nearest to the great when we are in great humilityRabindranath Tagore, Forbes Magazine.

Humility is two things. It is an attitude of spirit worn like a garment, to be conscious and mindful to serve others. Humility is also having no fear to be known for whom you really are as a naked and transparent spirit–recognizing that great gifts that do not belong to us are often haused in our incredibly flawed humanity as people. Where the paradox meets of these two opposite positions of truth and fact with this kind of recognition in life, is where great people and new things (the ledge of launching a precipice of new thoughts and attitudes much better for the world’s future flow) will always be found abundantly. Put succinctly, humility is the shared road of kind people who have transcended what numbers can do, and who seek a balance between IQ, IT & EQRead the rest of this entry »



Like many of you, I’m a big fan of all kids in the world having clean drinking water whenever they need. 1 billion people don’t have access yet. 54% of all people in Africa need us to act on their behalf for their better water situation as well.

Click here to make a difference if feeling it. Let’s flow. Thanks peeps. Water.Org is asking for $10 to makes this pivotal dif. Sweet!

[Music: Kings of Leon] Their message:”It’s in the water.”

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We rise

above plateaus.


It’s our nature

to know heights

of vantage points,

the amber lit tussock

flat of valley too,

the pristine cool

hidden depth awes of

wet velvet lake lands.


We know

no other Way

than our destiny

to be




Photograph: Lake Taupo & Mts Ngauruhoe & Tongariro, Tongariro National Park, Central Plateau, North Island by David Wall.

To see in person, adventure here.

~For Barnaby Coxon. Happy Birthday Esquire. T*. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.17.10~

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[Blue Balloons as photographed by MP Katrina Shanks/Michael Woodhouse Media Group]

Hollywood California USA (Monday 6th December 2010)–A toast was raised in Hollywood today at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont at the announcement that Hekia Parata has been promoted as a Cabinet Minister of New Zealand.

Ms. Parata becomes Ethnic Affair’s and Women’s Affairs Minister. She also picks up associate minister roles for Accident Compensation Commission, Energy and Resources and for The Community and Voluntary Sector. The latter is a new role and was requested by Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Tariana Turia, who said she did not need an associate for disability issues any more.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, last sighted wearing a Muhammad Ali boxing silky robe in a charity auction for burns sufferers, Mr John Key, announced Ms Parata’s appointment at a post Cabinet press conference today, saying he believed she was the most deserving of the position.

“When it comes to Hekia, I think she’s extraordinarily talented,” he said.

At the news Hekia Parata said, “All New Zealanders understand these have been challenging times both domestically, and internationally. The National-led Government continues to face up to those challenges on behalf of all Kiwis. I look forward to doing my part to help all our communities realise the dream of a brighter future.”

“I look forward to getting my feet under the desk and learning all I can about the portfolios the Prime Minister has entrusted me with. I’m excited about the prospect of serving the public of New Zealand in a Ministerial role and the new challenges this will bring.”

Hollywood Maori-Kiwi blogger Sam Cruickshank met with Hollywood friends to toast one glass of Veuve Clicquot in honor of Ms. Parata’s very timely appointment on the global stage of politics. Her leadership will be very welcomed in California, where Maori-Kiwi filmmakers of Ms. Parata’s tribe of Ngati Porou have presented films to the world that have been Oscar nominated twice in Los Angeles cinematic history and body of work to date.

Hekia’s skills in diplomacy are an asset to New Zealand’s growth potential that are key to growing the New Zealand economy in win-win diplomatic partnerships of the future. In particular Parata’s destiny to lead the charge on many human rights issues affecting women on a global stage is something to watch as her international political career unfolds along with her New Zealand cabinet portfolios.

Her capacity of heart is similar to an advocate of oppressed peoples of the world, on the scale of an Angelina Jolie, if Ms. Parata is allowed to and also funded to by the New Zealand people to express that from New Zealand for the world.

Her gifts of noho-puku (EQ) instinctual intelligence and their full and free expression to be vibrant and creative make Ms. Parata exceptionally talented and exciting as a political leader serving New Zealand and The World with her gifts.

She’s known in Hollywood as a global star of politics already.


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[Image - Men Fishing, Kashmir, Asia 1998 photo by Steve McCurry for National Geographic]

Thought for today, Walloon Language: Tos lès-omes vinèt-st-å monde lîbes, èt so-l’minme pîd po çou qu’ènn’èst d’leu dignité èt d’leus dreûts. I n’sont nin foû rêzon èt-z-ont-i leû consyince po zèls, çou qu’èlzès deût miner a s’kidûre onk’ po l’ôte tot come dès frés.

Translation: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

brotherhood: the quality or state of being brothers; fellowship; alliance (Merriam Webster)

an association or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. (Oxford)

He aha te mea nui i te ao? he tangata. he tangata, he tangata. Ask me, what is the most important thing in the World? It is people. It is people. It is people (Maori Proverb)

Source: Omniglot

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Namaste. Special thanks to all of you who read Horiwood.Com in Hollywood. May your holiday season be a good one and 2011 be prosperous and abundantly blessed for you all. Most of all, may your smiles increase and your spirits rise.

According to Quantcast, here’s what we all look like. Pretty diverse. I love you all. As a fellow global citizen, thanks for being my daily teachers who share yourselves on a New Zealand Maori Kiwi’s blog. You’ve taught me so much. As caring is sharing. Many thanks for your open hearts and your limitless abilities to share. Peace.

United States 11,875 53.82 123 53.81 102
United Kingdom 1,635 7.41 147 7.24 157
Canada 1,115 5.05 128 5.00 134
Australia 765 3.47 220 3.37 230
New Zealand 515 2.33 848 3.07 1,116
Germany 450 2.04 55 2.03 81
France 345 1.56 42 1.54 47
India 315 1.43 59 1.41 84
Brazil 310 1.40 32 1.36 39
Philippines 265 1.20 108 1.19 103
Italy 250 1.13 41 1.10 52
Spain 210 0.95 39 0.93 46
Mexico 190 0.86 34 0.82 32
Indonesia 185 0.84 52 0.82 68
Malaysia 180 0.82 89 0.87 97
Netherlands 170 0.77 52 0.74 57

[Photographs: Train Rider by Amy Helene Johansson and Jump by Leann Arthur] Read the rest of this entry »


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If I was to ever covet anyone’s career, it would probably be someone artistic like LA Times photographer Carolyn Cole. She sees the faces of war for a job, yet her artistic take on her war coverage – really is modern art. I like her work a lot. Here’s an image from her body of work. The Iraq War as posted byJerome Adamstein (Originally posted On: 3:43 p.m. | August 18, 2010).

In the days leading up to war, many Iraqis didn’t believe they would ever see an American soldier in Baghdad. They marched in support of their longtime leader, Saddam Hussein, who they trusted would see them through. Gloom filled the sky as bombs rained down and the number of dead and wounded grew by the day.

She’s the best. Thanks Carolyn for all of the great coverage as an America foreign press, photo-journalist, serving abroad. You put us in the picture by bringing the world to us. Thank you.

Carolyn Cole’s work is always a reminder that World Peace in the Middle East will always be our goal in the world towards sustainability being a real concept in a modern world.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.16.10~


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A different view: Photoshopped Aubergine featuring the letters, A & B.

If you blog from Hollywood “A” will always stand for Angeles, Angel (a messenger), or, Angelina (Jolie) – a second generation proven Hollywood star and cultural, global treasure of America.

“B” in Hollywood’s current celebrity star system, will always stand for Brad (Pitt)- champion celebrity supporter of the New Orleans Saints football team, who wear a Super Bowl ring. “B” stands for Barack (President Obama, husband of FLOTUS Michelle Obama) and Bill (Clinton) husband of the current US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or (more current) Canada‘s teen entertainer, Bieber (Justin) or a returning Kawana (Governor) of California, Jerry Brown too.

Of these names listed – American culture is spun, millions of dollars, time, energy, resources, hours and hours and hours of global attention and effort are spent printing, distributing, broadcasting, (watching, viewing, emulating, discussing at office water coolers) any inkling of a sighting or a key message from any one of these names.

As celebrities of entertainment, politics, music, arts and culture – they form a multi-billion dollar industry that generates around them each day. AB people, leading the world – in a metaphor of a (solar) star system, or the particles of an atom. They are the oracles, of a Super Power’s discourse. The artillery (signifiers elect by popular free-choice vote) of a super power’s dominance and culture–imploring the key message of:  ‘emulate US’ worldwide. They’re fun people. Fun sells. As celebrities of US culture, I like them all. More often than not, they always bring a smile.

“B” also equals whose got the ball. B is also about what you do for others when you have the ball.

You’re an A-List star in Hollywood when you do A-List worthy things with the ball you hold in your hands for others. Angelina Jolie perhaps sums this up the best, on her humanitarian missions for the UN, to people of the world most needing advocacy. AB is a blood type (like any other, O type for example is too) –the signifier of human life globally–symbolizing the movement of a pulse for the good, across the globe, for people.

Practically speaking though, if you’re from New Zealand and you’re a rugby football enthusiast, AB stands for All Blacks and of them and what they have achieved in sports and what AB’s culture has inspired for human rights records of the World (cf: Nelson Mandela‘s story and human rights, apartheid advocacy via Maori New Zealanders and Kiwis in the documentary films of artist, Merata Mita, one of the most significant filmic artists in the world of all time, who held, focused or directed a camera, in often zero budget filming conditions–yet in a Queenly manner, like Angelina Jolie is now as a debut director, seeing beyond color bars into the heart of genocidal, raping tendencies as a filmic theme)–is only the stuff Hollywood legends are written of and made of. Hence that very long sentence. Sorry ’bout that.

On the other side of the world, in New Zealand, at a significant time in world history as captured on film in Merata’s film, Patu! – AB’s culture helped free a Nobel Peace Prize Winning King, of South Africa. His life story of freedom, is a Kiwi story too. He’s in our hot mix. Maori and Kiwi’s freed him with advocacy also, helping give Nelson his long awaited cup of Liberty in his unique journey of a very long walk to freedom as a now celebrated South Africa icon of the world. When New Zealand play South Africa in rugby, we celebrate our part we play, in his ongoing legacy of freedom. He gave us a challenge, we responded, and that legacy to free others, will always be what we do in rugby country, Middle Earth. It’s a proven gift, a cultural taonga (inner treasure) AB Kiwi-thinkers have, carry, possess, pass on to others when needed for the world.

We instigate the play and the pass of freedom with our actions and instincts, outworked in a teamwork formation. We always have.

AB thinkers and action star-doers, are ‘Humanitarian Messangers of Sport.’ They are down-to-earth and fine Commonwealth people. Their nobility of spirit is defined by a Joe Blogg’s-appearing cloak of humility.

Like any rugby football enthusiast or ‘team work sports’ appreciating Kiwi in the world –The AB’s are our fun heroes. Gladiators of sport, whenever they appear, they symbolize fearless change in a modern world of fiercely contested challenges. New teamwork strategies in play is what they evolve as a science of sport and an art form of globally loved entertainment. They are masters at evolving the game of play and making it better.

Image: Photo-shopped Aubergine (deep purple) appearing as black. Hot image via Freaking News website.

[For a good Baba Ganoush dip recipe, enjoyed by people in the Middle East equally (regardless of geographical borders) and also with people in the Western World too, check out David Bovitz recipe. Pictures are also DB's. Recipe found here].

What’s cooking in your kitchen for the world America? Good things, I trust. Happy cooking, creating, eating, shared and diverse dining. Peace ya’ll! :)

[Below Image: 'Canterbury Kia Mau Training Rugby Ball" courtesy if Ikon Sport].

A and B are two important keys on a King or Queen’s piano’s keyboard. I am not either. I am the “C” key, of Middle Earth (eyes are needed to C), like any try-and-do-some-good Kiwi does, I try and join in too, in and around supporting our rugby footballers to excel in teamwork opportunities that get the best results on and off the field.

Our rugby players are our AB’s stars. The rest of us Kiwi’s – at best, tend to play the “Middle C” key role of Middle Earth – to entertain for a peaceful and productive future of “big hearted” purposes in the world. Baba Ganoush - with pita bread as a change from Latino-staple Corn Chips and Salsa, in this Jerry Brown latino-voted California’s elect future, of political climate change terrain of Hollywood, that I blog from. Exciting times.

Keeping it real, is having a diverse taste palate. That way, we’re more likely to consider the needs of others, with a worldview different and/or similar to our own. Mature tastes then maturing together with consideration and love for others in our stout rugby and football hearts- Baba Ganoush, why not?! You know it. Peace!

~Music, Sam CookeA Change is Gonna Come in honor of Motown Artists contribution to the world for MO-vember rugby nation mugs 2010. Courage to Collaborate And Bee more awesome. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.5.10~


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