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Residents of Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi are faced with rebuilding their lives in the face of destroyed homes, businesses and schools, as well as the loss of friends, family and neighbors in the wake of devastating tornadoes that have hit these regions.

In New Zealand, we were blessed to have friends from North Carolina who visited us over the years. They were impacting people full of encouragement. None of our lives were quite the same, when they turned up here. Beautiful people.

Catching the plane from LAX back to New Zealand, a lady sat behind me.

She was a honey and we were both flying Air New Zealand in one of those amazing 770 luxury planes. Brand new and it flew like a dream. The lady’s name was Frankie and she lived in North Carolina with her husband and three kids and was en route to visit her mom who lived in Christchurch. Frankie was a remarkably strong Kiwi girl. A tornado had hit in her nieghborhood, the night prior. So…

This one’s for Frankie and her friends in their courage to rebuild from tornadoes devastation. To make a difference to Frankie’s hood of North Carolina, click on this link if you’d like to.


~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Aotearoa New Zealand, Asia-Pacific. 20.4.11~