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Kindness can be likened to a deep well, often hidden within the humble lives and deep recesses of the hearts, contained within beautiful and resilient human beings.

As some of the kindest New Zealanders and Californian-Kiwis as well, I have ever met, are from Christchurch City…

This one is going out for my people in Christchurch today. Here’s the lovely Adele with a soulful live performance of her song, Someone Like You set simply to the backdrop of a piano’s rolling acoustic keyboards.

May you know hillocks of joy amidst your stoic endurance of spirit.

Much love. x.

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She may have the number 1 song in the USA right now, yet Adele shares her excitement with discovering other artists she loves. Adele writes, “Hello, I’m in Boston enjoying a glass of wine and looking at a woman trying to control her dogs opposite my hotel! getting back into the motion of touring after a 2 week break of parks, pubs and bbqs. thank you to everyone who came to the European and UK shows, meant a lot! I’m in the states for a while now, have had too much fun so far. LA, Washington and Philly ticked off but so many more to go. by the way i got the poster with all my song names listed in a beautiful letter from the show at the electric factory, thank you so much to you lot who made it. made me smile hard!! i thought i was going to be incredibly homesick as soon as i got here, but you’ve all made me feel so welcome so far, thank you :) and how incredible to arrive as rolling in the deep goes to number 1 on the hot 100!!!!!! nuts! anyway, i have the complete honour of having a band called The Civil Wars on the tour at the moment. they are by far the BEST live band i have EVER seen. they are magical and stunning, they make my heart hurt but make it a bit stronger at the same time too! perfect timing! please check them out, they re record is beautiful. and if your coming to any of the shows on this trip make sure you get there early to see them. Ive never been so blown away. i could go on gushing forever…poison and wine is my favourite so Ive attached the video for you! love always xx Adele/

What a girl. :)

To hear the beautiful song she’s shared, go here.

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Unassuming UK popstar, Adele holds the current no.1 spot on Billboards music charts with Rolling in the Deep. The lovely Katy Perry who has recently toured New Zealand sits at no.2 with E.T.

Meanwhile America’s Queen Bee of music, Beyonce Knowles looks like she’s getting set to show China, America’s ability to demonstrate cultural match in her new music video promotional video.

Click on Bee’s pic to take a peak. This girl always gets military recruiting responsibilities. Take a look.

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Set Fire To The Rain is playing at the cafe today. A friend brought Adele‘s 21 CD as a gift today. How sweet.

Here she is performing this song at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, UK.

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Our deepest condolences go out to the people of Japan and their families around the world. During the past few days, we have all seen the heart-wrenching images and heard the reports of lives lost there, especially in the Sendai coastal region. Thousands of people have been evacuated near nuclear plants and millions are without adequate food or shelter.

We are committed to doing all we can to support relief efforts in Japan. The Starbucks Foundation and Starbucks Coffee Japan contributed ¥100 million ($1.2 million USD) to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. Starting today, we are accepting donations to the Red Cross in our U.S. and Canada stores, and we are working toward doing the same in several other countries around the world. You may also wish to donate directly to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund online.

Please join me in keeping the people of Japan in your thoughts and wishing them strength and hope as they begin to recover and rebuild. I invite you to share those thoughts here.–Vivek V, EVP Public Affairs, Starbucks, Seattle USA.

The lovely Adele‘s new album 21 can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The beautiful Adele of the U.K has a no.1 album, 21, on her iPod in the USA. When the numbers are in, she will debut at #1. Soulful.

Britney Spears new single from her Femme Fatale album is rumored to be Til The World Ends. Orson-”Spears”-Welles!

Christchurch quake kids need our love. Let’s do it!

L.A can be a harsh city in the romance department. Thankfully, cupid, Justin Long has it covered.

Paul McCartney plays Sir Mix-A-Lot okaying Beatles remixing for kids. He’ll take a cut. Smart.

Chelsea Handler continues to be a tad bit stroppy. New Jersey girls!

Could we be witnessing an onslaught of nude Eva Mendes pics. How very Kimmie K!

Music law suits continue. This time it’s Econoline Crush Vs Nickleback.

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“Welcome to Hollywood. Everyone has a dream. What’s your dream”–script Pretty Woman, the movie.

Everyone has a dream in Hollywood, including Mookie B, a hip hop star whose Hollywood based. At 19 he’s off to a good start sampling well know singing divas and seguing his rap into their mix.

I like parts of his song. Namely because Adele the UK artist and Mookie B are not a bad fusion of the honey vocal and hip hop riff. Chasing is NOT for chil’n, but it does have an L.A drive time vibe to it. Yes, you really do hear music like Mookie B’s in drive time L.A. Going full blast. It’s a part of hip hop culture here, in a town that furthered the Jackson families musical legacies and many hip hop artists too.

Really, Mookie needs his mouth washed out with soap though, like most hip hop stars music.

His lyrics are Eminem-like explicit. We all know that explicit lyrics sells more albums than any other male solo artists in the music game today – as Eminem has proven in the last decade from the US. People worldwide go for it. Hip hop fierce provides an idea of urban attitude that acts like armor, to survive the rigors of the hood. It’s the sound of battle. The best hip hop culture, assuages war through persuasion of hip hop talent, rhythm and rhetoric. It’s life or death.

Mookie B is full on pro, the mary-jane-juana herb I notice too in his Chasing song. And he’s tattooed up to the eyeballs. I want to suggest to Mookie B, that there’s plenty of other rhyming words, that are just as forceful as the MF one. Poetry classes with a dictionary help you discover these. Yet Mookie B is rolling his way and his styles. Kuros for creating an edgy sound.

To meet in person, Mookie is a young brotha to the days. And he earns a spot on the blog today. This is his casting couch time on Horiwood.Com.

“Believe in a dream Mookie, and no matter how you do it, impact your world for the good. Peace!” Here’s a big clue of what to do.

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Alright – here’s what’s happening in celeb news with a touch of politics from Hollywood today.

Mashup Hotness – Brit Brit on Kat Graham on Adele. Getcha dance on here.

Chicago has mixed emotions about Hu’s visit. Apparently.

Hot Post - For New Social Networks, Sharing Can Be More Focused

Do fisherman get too over-excited to be on land with women? This guys OTT.

Britney Spears debuts at #1 on billboard for the 18th time.

Sargeant Robert Shriver dies aged 95. Love to Maria Shriver and family.

USA - House Votes To Repeal Health Care Law

Coachella‘s artists list looks hot this year.

Editorial: Poverty and Recovery – NY Times. Yeah, as if they know.

Want to catch real great white sharks? New Zealand’s got plenty. Apparently.

Cee Lo Green & Gwyneth Paltrow‘s  is in the works.

Banking analyst Toby Carroll is doing way too much triangle stuff in Dubai.

Children are always more important than ‘men’ who should not be Priests.

The UK sinks its fangs into Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady – a Margaret Thatcher biopic.

Washington’s hottest ticket

Starbucks marries Big Brother – credit card/paypal aps – global currency moves to mobile telephony payments.

U2‘s Adam Clayton reveals he’s been a new dad for a year now.

Schott: Vive la Différence

Johnny Depp wants to readress Native American Indian exploitation starring as The Lone Ranger.

Tom Hardy news – playing Bane of The Dark Knight Rises

Natalie Portman will produce rom-com, kick ass action-comedy films for women through her HandsomeCharlieFilms co.

Harvard Hasty Pudding Award winner 2001 is Julianne Moore.

Anne Hathaway has signed to play Selina Kyle/ Catwoman for Chris Nolan.

Global Green Property Services employs a Gosselin.

Harawira complaint hui postponed – why does one bro – play a clown at a circus in a game not even his? E oho.

Jane Lynch plays Simon Cowell‘s publicist. How sweet.

Rent meets Glee says Amber Riley.

Real Estate News: The Elvis, Howard Hughes, Zsa Zsa Gabor, mansion in Bel Air is on the market for $28 millies.

Golden Globes winner Paul Giamatti sees himself as a model?

‘Bankrolling’ Facebook news - Goldman Sachs’ Quarterly Profit Declines 53%

How beneficial is college? Don’t read this if an educator.

Bravo can’t part with Camille Grammer in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality TV show.

Robert Ford Wilson is Owen Wilson‘s sons name.

Sarah Palin’s popularity gets leeched. She doesn’t need it all anyway.

How to Make Your iPhone Gently Weep

Jennifer Aniston talks not sitting down for long – fitness.

Have you ever dated anyone you met on Twitter? No.

Reality TV boy, Alex Lambert still is getting press.

Broadways How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying signs Anderson Cooper.

Gay reality show The A-List – will flaunt bodies that are just too fit – for another season.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Mila Kunis buddy up for flirting with media this week

Teen mom bashing? Should Kim Kardashian just breed about now?

2 Charged Over iPad Hacking On AT&T Network

Big Day Out: Iggy Pop and the Stooges

China agrees to buy $25b of US goods

USA - U.S., China Announce $45B In Export Deals

U.K. Bars U.S. Pastor Who Threatened To Burn Koran – Has the U.K even read it? No.

Fashion sheep news: An Identity Dyed in the Wool

Miami Herald – Obama & Hu spar of Human Rights

Ryan Gossling shares a secret with Olivia WildeGolden Globes 2011 (below) and a French film director with a Coco-Chanel tattoo, multi-tasks with her newborn at Starbucks on Melrose tonight, while dancing to Coltrane Jazz and debriefing her US-Euro mixed crew in French. I LOVE LA! :)

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On the twelfth of every month, I honor dear Aunt Elvira – a beautiful woman – I had the honor of caring for in California while she had cancer, who sadly passed away on this day.

Because her life is a celebration of good and sweet things, here’s Adele singing her song, Rolling in The Deep, on Italia Television for “Aunt Elivs’” sweet memory today. Enjoy! It doesn’t really matter what the lovely Adele is singing, Aunt Elvis has a sister by the same name, hence this song choice. I just appreciate the timbre of this singer’s voice in conveying depth of soul. Life is always about family! Peace. :)

[If you have trouble with the above clip - go to the link here]

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