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Like many of you, I’m a big fan of all kids in the world having clean drinking water whenever they need. 1 billion people don’t have access yet. 54% of all people in Africa need us to act on their behalf for their better water situation as well.

Click here to make a difference if feeling it. Let’s flow. Thanks peeps. Water.Org is asking for $10 to makes this pivotal dif. Sweet!

[Music: Kings of Leon] Their message:”It’s in the water.”

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In Hollywood, celebrity couples know how to work the popular vote to get movie numbers in theaters and TV ratings. Well, according to People actor Thomas Jane and Patricia Arquette are headed for Splitsville again. People report their spokespeople as saying: 

“The split is completely amicable and their prime focus is their daughter. They ask that their privacy be respected at this time.”

Alright, let’s see Jane’s TV ratings go up now that he’s ‘available’ for his HBO audience watchers imaginations and expect Scream 4 to also do well at the box office as Thomas punches his weight and mainstream appeal for David Arquette his brother-in-law. Courtney Cox, does the same thing for the Arquette family’s fanbase, starring in TV series Cougar Town. This is how the Arquette’s roll.

And if this couple is splitting up for reals this time, then let’s hope life is peachy for them and their daughter In L.A, Thomas’ image is plastered everywhere for HBO.

In terms of advertising spend, there are high stakes for a return riding on him. Jane has to do “splitsville” publicity, because his network’s top rating show, True Bloods two main stars, do devoted in love–both onscreen and off.

Thomas has to do something dramatic to get his celeb headlines today. So, Patricia hangs out the husband again on the celebrity clothesline as the couple play the divorce saga ticket for the second time for his TV ratings. Good luck with that. And as saga driven PR, is not real, for most of us; if you are in a happy relationship and value your marriage, don’t try this at home.

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