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1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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In the age of iPhone and digital media telephony – globally, a nation’s visibility is perceived as credibility. Maori and Polynesian Arts as Visual Arts getting more visual in Tamaki is a necessity to attract a global economy to New Zealand. The substance transmitted in all media that cannot be replicated, it stands on its own, will always be Spirit. If we possess it, we must serve it to Shine.

If we are credible, we must match the integrity of our belief with greater and more creative visibility as leading entertainers contributing to culture in the world. Whether they know it yet or not, the world needs US and our culture as expressed from artistic spiritsHoriwood on Arts & Visual Arts in The Super City – 2010′s.

Hot! Watch this clip to see news reporter Maiki Sherman covering politics and news in Auckland – The Supercity in Te Reo Rangatira (the language of Chiefs).

This clip also features Shane Jones who will stand in the Tamaki electorate, next election. Presenter Scotty Morrison and executive producer Tini Molyneux for News bring us this unique story in Hollywood, wtih Maiki – for your viewing pleasure and Hollywood entertainment diversity. 

Shane was Harvard educated in America, where he studied with his wife and children. He also speaks the indigenous peoples language of New Zealand  – a future trend for all politicians in New Zealand to become more proficient in, for the upcoming years of NZ politics. It’s time.

For Maori leaders like Shane, promoting Maori women into leadership roles across all sectors of society is his and his male peers’ (regardless of color) next biggest challenge. I see Shane being very instrumental, visionary and gentlemanly in this role as the world seeks out Maori women leadership and their wisdom as women on many global issues concerning other women, in the world. Maori and Kiwi women have a gift to lead that’s on the rise. 

[Um, I'm posting this clip, because Mr Jones said "And how is that talented son of yours?" to my Maori Helensville-raised mom, when the two last met, at Dame June Jackson's anointing in Auckland - The Supercity.

[This pic - Samuel Marsden of Yorkshire, a later arrival and founding father of New Zealand]

Shane and I both grew up in Nga Puhi country – when he was not in America studying, learning at the feet of Maori Marsden - one of the greatest minds on theology, whose gift of Peace to mediate, along with Gra Theodore‘s is legendary in the ilk of New Zealand leadership circles.

Maori Marsden was the great grandson of Samuel Marsden of whom exploits and legends of New Zealand history books write about. Samuel had a spirit of deep respect for Maori, similar to that of Sir Douglas Graham. I pay respect to these greats today too from Los Angeles, The Entertainment Capitol of the World.]

For all of you Hollywood readers –manners with a reply back is how I was raised. My reply: E pehea ana a Lucas raua ko Kylie Brown? Kia ora te whanau katoa. Kia kaha.

Maiki Sherman appears at the end of the clip, rocking it in the Maori language. Is New Zealand getting a cultural revolution in between filming Hobbits in 3D for Hollywood audiences, or what? So exciting to see Maori and Polynesian culture thriving. That’s the spirit. It would be awesome to see a leader from the Tamaki Electorate develop and foster Maori Art House Cinema in Tamaki and take Maori and Polynesian cultural operatic performance to cirque de Soleil heights too, in Tamaki.

We need cultural visibility in theater, film, fashion, globally competitive music and dance choreography that’s relatable, emulatable and appealing — across all arts genres diversity to compete with the way visual arts, are being used in political circles today.

In observing political trends in and from the USA – A nation’s arts, proceeds it’s message of political value. There’s no way around that. Art and culture is the artistic armory of Kings to trade within a culturally nuanced global market place.

Now there’s a challenge for a Tamaki electorate leader to foster and ensure for Auckland City’s global presence – for our Prime Minister and nation’s culture and economy growing and feeding into each other, naturally, like enriched dialogue depicting intelligence of expression and maturity of nationhood, in our pride and sense of place – from a paradise nation rich and beautiful in ecological resource. 

[Message to Tamaki Electorate - Horiwood Hollywood, is pictured holding Wellington-based Maori-produced magazine Tu Mai in Hollywood California. Held is an image of visual artist, model and talent, Yasmin Bidois, 15, symbolizing people wealth of our young people’s talented potential. Yasmin wears a Hei Tiki in pounamu worn by Wahine Rangatira of the Chiefly ancients – but now, a young woman faces the challenges before her in a modern world. This image depicts a visible age of Maori and Polynesian in the age of iPhone mobile telephony and all media globally.

The artistic statement is: “Maori on French Art fusion via Hollywood, California USA.” All Maori produced media in making this low budget visual message. Put simply – Visibility is our credibility. Let’s get louder and more visual to express and grow Tamaki’s artistic cultural potential in The World and to compete in a global economy. Korowai evening dress, Yves St Laurent, couture of France, 1952. In honor of French-Maori connection in the arts, as Yasmin also symbolizes by blood. We are New Zealand art. Let’s get visual with sophisticated production budgets in creating our own globally appealing artists and messangers of cultural texts that have an appealing message about who we are as Kiwis. Mauri ‘Ola tatou.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.25.10~


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Fashion designers best work often was inspired by nature. Here’s Christian Dior‘s evening dress and cocktail dress of 1952 demonstrating a nature theme. Depleting meadows was the gist.

Any man who assigned this degree of time-consuming needlework to any women, must have been either an artist or a tad bit festidious in the delegation department, but look how beautiful his creations were. This artwork is the result of Rebe, Dior’s embroiderer. What a lady.

Maori korowai feather cloaks are sewn feather by feather for a chief in the same time consuming manner.

The Maori feather cloak aesthetic is shown here also, by Yves St Laurent’s dinner dress, 1969. Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news items you found interesting today feature in our top ten. Thanks everyone. Make every day count and let’s give more. :)

1. Kim Kardashian chanels Mid-East Princess Jasmine

2. Justin Gaston wears Psalmist Kings ink for Young Hollywood

3. by Lady Gaga

4. Hilary Clinton ‘s roots, beat most pop stars wigs today

5. Beach by Vanessa Hudgens

6. Rebelle Fleur with Rihanna

7. Bill Maher & Christine O’Donnell

8. Kings of Leon with Radioactive

9. Coco Chanel ‘s difficult reputation is a study in arrrrgh!!!!

10. Olivia de Havilland shines in Paris

Bonus Post: Tolerance quote – Hilary Rodham Clinton

Bonus Post II: Local press is always good.

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Pop star Kylie Minogue‘s new single, Get Outta My Waycan be watched above. Art. Excellence, frame by frame. What a quality artist. 

Guest Commentary for all woman, their breasts and their body’s health:

Yahoo News reports: via SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) – “Pop star Kylie Minogue has been voted the most inspirational breast cancer star for her willingness to speak openly and honestly about dealing with the disease.

The Australian singer, 42, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and underwent surgery and hair-losing chemotherapy.

But Minogue, whose career began on the TV soap opera “Neighbours,” returned to the stage within a year and continues to perform. She toured 21 countries last year, and just released her 11th studio album, “Aphrodite.”

Minogue topped an online poll of 1,000 participants by British-based mastectomy-wear specialist Amoena, coming ahead of other celebrities affected by breast cancer like the late Linda McCartney and singer Olivia Newton-John.

“Kylie inspired many women to be more direct about their own fears, encouraging them to believe they would get through their ordeal,” Amoena spokeswoman Rhoda White said in a statement.

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