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Here’s a story about a spinal doctor using patients and doing mock surgeries, to make bank. Good, bad? Innocent? What about the patients one must ask? in this story of potential medical malpractice.

The story talks about one person (Ronald Johnson) having to have a spinal surgery not twice but at least six times from this one doctor (Dr. Vishal James Makker). Mr Makker is just as bad (perhaps) as computer companies who design computers to expire after a certain date, so consumers have to buy a new one from them. That’s the same thing as this story, when you think about it.

Anyway Tom McGinty and John Carreyrou allegedly wrote this story of malpractice via Portland, Oregon for the WSJ today.

I hear the LA Spine Institute of California in Santa Monica are good at fixing backs. Tom Hanks is a fan. Like they’re legit practitioners of good spinal health for their clients here in L.A. In particular, advanced stem cell research is what they excel at for clients who can afford them for a stronger spine.

Meanwhile Japan continues to inspire, navigating a way through tragedy and revealing to us all as our teachers what happens when we don’t take care of nuclear energy. Even fish in our oceans and sea are not safe.

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I’ve got to say, that USA Today giving journalist Nanci Hellmich front page placement on the cover of USA Today, raises a few eyebrows. Does this woman a) write for the pharmaceuticals industry? or b) is EQ an underrated form of guidance and intelligence alerting us mere humans to physical pain in bodies.

This story is a good one, because it’s a reminder that if you’re feeling emotional pain, you’re a) alive – something to be thankful for, and b) subject to social rejection.

In a culture dominated by Facebook followers status and Twitter following counts, this is not a bad story to feature on the front page of your paper. It’s for all of the unwopular people, with little to zero social media followings.

Via iPhone (what else) USA Today.Com arrives Nanci’s words on this humble Hollywood blog. Here’s what the voice of Nancy says in a very scientific tone. I like it as a commentary on society in this IT driven age in which we live.

It’s irrevelant that brain scans can cause radiation exposure in this scientific study though (apparently) which raises the question of was this study even scientific from the outset of it’s design as a study of information gathering – but let’s ignore all that too as Nanci writes -

“Romantic heartbreak hurts, and researchers now have a better understanding of why. The same regions of the brain that are activated when people experience pain in their bodies also become active when people feel rejected by someone they love, new research shows. Read the rest of this entry »



I notice today that stem cell researchers like this blog. I don’t know why, yet I am getting links via stem cell research bloggers back to Horiwood.Com. This happens quite a bit. Thank you.

Anyway, because I do not know enough about stem cell research, here’s a blogger on President Obama‘s stem cell research promises. Go here to read up on that if it interests you.

Again, thanks for the good links.

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In a rather amusing story on the WSJ’s front page today, we learn that the new Republicans that were placed in those House seats in Washington about 5 minutes ago, all want the same things in common.

These can be listed as “smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, sculpted abs, bulging biceps and flexibility they never dreamed possible” jokes the WSJ.

A group of these Republican politicians gather each day in the House gym to worship at the shrine of a series of DVD workout routines known to latenight informercial freaks as being P9OX or “the most extreme home fitness program.”

It mirrors these newbie politicians roll to “chisel away flabby federal programs.”

Their leader? Not John McCain, but Tony Horton, the tanned fitness guru who created P90X and leads the routines on DVD. Tony’s combined skills as a Hollywood personal fitness trainer and actor were fused together to make him “Master of Motivation” where he has also fused his best sayings together, these being “Bring it” and “Man, on Manischewitz”.

Yep, that really is Wall Street’s front page lead in story today. Read it. Hilarious!

The story penned by an Elizabeth Williamson & a Patrick O’Connor goes on to drivel: “The goal of the exercises is to “confuse” the muscles by working different parts of the body each day in a workout that escalates in difficulty. Like much that gains traction in Congress, it’s a familiar idea wrapped in new packaging. ”I thought it looked like some kind of Jane Fonda video,” says Rep. Aaron Schock (R., Ill.), 29, a former recreational weightlifter, but “it kicked my butt.”

[Photograph - Office of Kevin McCarthy. Photo caption - Tony Horton with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who follows the exercise guru's P90X workout program with a crew of young Republicans, at the Capitol.] Read the rest of this entry »



Digital Coffee Culture Snap Shot, USA – Three views today from coffee corporate giant, Starbucks, online wired community reflect a bit of a Japan focus today. Nick Jr‘s appropriation of Japanese cartoon figures. Zagat doesn’t really direct us to Dallas (I rewired that link for amusement). And Adele of the UK gives over a free music track to download so the Brit songstress can have Starbucks marketing presence for music sales in every American neighborhood today via Starbucks.

Click on all three windows to see where they direct your focus.


Oh… and let’s NOT forget, 1/4 of a cup of coffee or more per day, reduces stroke risk by 25% latest research results have shown via Sweden.

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ABC 7 news writes: “NEW YORK (WABC) – A daily dose of coffee can cut a woman’s risk of stroke.

Researchers in Sweden studied nearly 35,000 women for 10 years.

Women who drink at least one cup of coffee a day had up to a 25% lower risk of stroke than those who drank less coffee or none at all.

The brainy smurfs (Scientists) conducting this research, think coffee might reduce inflammation and boost insulin resistance.

These two factors are both known to lower stroke risk.

[Coffee picture by CTS]

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My st (inky) omaha factor is ebbing low today in Hollywood, so, for inspiration here’s some people doing inspiring stuff in the world. I dig it. They’re total celebrities leading with vision.

We believe whenever the very best scientists work together as a team, supported by dedicated leaders, advanced technology and uninterrupted funding, great discoveries will happen.–Jim & Virginia Stowers

More than 99% of our wealth will go to philanthropy during our lifetime or at death. We have already started our giving. Our children have already been provided for.

Virginia and I wanted to give back something more valuable than money to the millions of people who made our success possible with American Century Investments. We wanted to give people “Hope for Life”- Hope for a better life. Our vision is to make a significant contribution to humanity through medical research by expanding our understanding of the secrets of life and by improving life’s quality through innovative approaches to the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases.

In 1994 we began by creating the Stowers Institute for Medical Research to pursue a very distinctive approach to basic science. It took six years to plan and develop the world-class campus and its laboratories in Kansas City, Missouri. The doors finally opened in November 2000.

Today, the Institute is already recognized as one of the best basic biological research organizations in the world.

The Institute focuses on outstanding science.

[Photo caption - Jim and Virginia Stowers, founders of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, were awarded William F. Yates Medallions by William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo. last week. Photo courtesy of The Stowers Institute]

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Meet Joseph Maraachli. A friend in need.

Online here in the US, one of the top ten topics we’re viewing online in the US, is news that mortgage company, Freddie Mac, (FMCC.OB),wants a $500 million bail out from the US government. Ouch! That story can be read here. I don’t really think the US tax payer can afford that. It’s just the vibe, on the ground at this minute.

In the security bizzo/ military bizzo sector of business growth in the US - Boeing wins $35 billion contract to make Air Force tanker. It’s paying to make everyone scared and feel the need to develop military craft, like tankers.

Even the Pentagon Channel is devoting a live feed to this occasion of biz growth and development. It’s a feeling of progress to watch the government hard at work, on the peoples behalf. Honestly, ‘feeling secure’ is like Facebook addiction, to US here in America. I kid you not. You just have to have it. Watch the Pentagon Channel! Boeing gets the jump from the US military over European company EADS who lost the contract.

In Space aviation and exploration news Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133: Ready for Launch.

In computer apps sales news, Apple isn’t feeling the Mobile Me storage service. This product has just been yanked.

The black man wearing black and carrying a gun at the  caused a lockdown situation. Now lifted. Phewsh! He was not found. ‎

Giving Little Joseph Maraachli a Fighting Chance is also a big news story via Canada. “The 13 month old babe’s life hangs in the balances, with a Canadian court order to remove his life support breathing system. His family are appealing to a US hospital for their support. Reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo case, this story has stirred up a controversial debate as many people theorize what would they do if they were in this poor family’s shoes.” Poor little guy. He’s so cute!

Do you think little Joseph should be given every chance to survive? Or not? Couldn’t Justin Bieber step in and pay his medical bills? There’s a thought for Bieber’s record company to think about. It would be great press!

In Cooking Show news, Oprahs big discovery of realness and light in a Souther kitchen, the beautiful Paul Dean must think she’s a Maori or something, because she sucks her shrimp heads too, just like horis do down under in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The cooking shows in NZ are kinda amazing. Paula’s sort of got the humor right, for a NZ crowd of kaimoana (seafood) freaks. Watch her go at it. “It’s always about the butter!” with Paula, of course. Probably why her laugh is culinary golden.

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Nicole Richie goes 50′s for Harper’s Bazaar Russia. Ten entertainment newsy bites we’re sharing in this Hollywood minute.

1. Grammys weekend blogging – 2.12.11

2. Humor for Charlie SheenRob Lowe talks extreme sports for sobriety

3. Hone Tuwhare poetry is timely again

4. Enrique Iglesias - a US hit

5. Amber Rose… before the storm

6. IT humor – will Google get all Ari Emanuel on us?

7. Khalil Kibran poetry for Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain

8. Quote of the Day – Prince William talks bonds of community

9. Rugby football humor – Maori haka + Highlanders kilts

10. Tee Shirts – Everyone in Egypt should have one of these

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The AP - LOS ANGELES – Elizabeth Taylor’s health is improving, but the Oscar winner is still hospitalized in Los Angeles.

A spokeswoman for the 78-year-old actress says Taylor “has continued to show great improvement, and her family and friends are very pleased with her progress.”

Publicist Jamie Cadwell said Friday that Taylor will remain under observation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “for the time being.” She was admitted more than a week ago.

Taylor is being treated for symptoms of congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed in November 2004.”

[Pic of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton attending the Oscars in Hollywood, courtesy of Vanity Fair's Archives]

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No. The above picture is not of a Tupac video of California. The front page of the New York Times depicts “tear gas and bullets being fired by troops” on the people of Bahrain. What is the world coming to?

The AP via News 24, gives us this report – “Manama – Soldiers fired teargas and shot heavy weapons into the air on Friday as thousands of protest marchers defied a government ban and streamed toward the landmark square that has been the symbolic centre of the uprising against the Gulf nation’s leaders.

Hospital officials said at least 20 people were injured, some seriously. Ambulance sirens were heard throughout central Manama a day after riot police swept through the protest encampment in Pearl Square, killing at least five people and injuring more than 230.

An Associated Press cameraman saw army units shooting anti-aircraft weapons above the protesters in apparent warning shots and attempts to drive them back from security cordons about 200m from the square.

The clash came just hours after funeral mourners and worshippers at Friday prayers called for the toppling of the Western-allied monarchy in the tiny island nation, which is home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet.

The cries against King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his inner circle reflect an important escalation of the political uprising, which began with calls to weaken the Sunni monarchy’s power and address claims of discrimination against the Shi’ite majority in the tiny island nation.  Read the rest of this entry »



Oscar nominee Natalie Portman is having a boy. That’s about the only true thing about this tabloid cover.

Already, Hollywood websites are playing ‘name her baby’ games to attract Los Angeles Children’s Hospital as a blog advertiser. Go here to read that.

The power of Natalie Portman’s Hollywood star, making bank for people who don’t even know Nat… That’s funny.

I think all those people deserve Oscars too. Don’t you?

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אַף־אַ֭תָּה תָּפֵ֣ר יִרְאָ֑ה וְתִגְרַ֥ע שִׂ֝יחָ֗ה לִפְנֵי־אֵֽל׃

Ko te arero reka he rakau no te ora; tena ki te wanoke a roto he wawahi wairua.

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, don’t crush the spirit.

He tangata ano ko ana korero maka noa, me te mea ko nga werohanga a te hoari;

he rongoa ia te arero o te hunga whakaaro nui.

מוּסַ֣ר מְלָכִ֣ים פִּתֵּ֑חַ וַיֶּאְסֹ֥ר אֵ֝זֹ֗ור בְּמָתְנֵיהֶֽם׃

Reckless words are as the piercings of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

~Bronaaki is the collective brotherhood of Manaakitanga’s rich cultural values as epitomized in the prayerful and mindful spirit of Bronagh Key of Helensville and her people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The words of King Solomon – son of King David – The Psalmist Warrior King, history’s wisest King on Earth as posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.17.11~




Justin Bieber talks Health Care for… Rolling Stone.

Says the world’s popular teen of music, “How come? In Canada, he says, “We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills,” he explains. “My [American] bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”–Rolling Stone Magazine .

Justin does make quite a good point.

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That’s the rumor in Hollywood. Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s furs are being sold to pay medical bills. Rabbit skin furs for health causes then.

A good social commentary of how expensive medicine can be for people. As I blog, Gabor’s husband is right here in this cafe. But, I’m not going to a) photograph him or b) ask him if these rumors are remotely true, while he’s on a coffee break.

Of course, Francesca – Gabor’s daughter is always ‘the star’ of these kinds of story lines for tabloids I’ve noticed. Wishing this family all the best while nursing Zsa Zsa – a women who built Hollywood in her day, like few women since have been capable of.

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Artwork as sourced via an Aussie website. Lol!

When you type the word “Maori” in America, here’s what you see. The same thing you’ll see via Google.Co.NZ. :)

We’re meant to believe that a) a new Mayor of Auckland City decides Maori’s leadership potential in the biggest city of Aotearoa New Zealand. A two hundred year-old reoccurring joke of New Zealand humor, that perhaps needs a contemporary retelling reflecting human rights awareness of a modern age, because Maori have been in Auckland for centuries and centuries. That show might be worth a watch then.

b) that Maori get sick more than nonMaori in New Zealand. A sad true fact of Maori living conditions in light of colonization and POSTcolonization cultural life.

c) That Maori are news ban worthy. Okay, that last one’s very Hollywood.

I don’t understand why Maori people have to spend hard earned money with good lawyers, to even be validated. Do you? We just are New Zealand.

So this is sort of good comedy writing to me, when I read a headline like this, from Hollywood – a city with the best comedy writers living here in the world.

What I mean is, when Hollywood’s biggest stars want ‘the best publicity’ they drop a bit of money on good L.A lawyers, and the publicity they get back in return via courtroom theater, is so amazing it makes the exercise worthwhile. I hope in good faith, that this is one of those same shows when I read ‘Maori News’ via Google in the USA today.

Let’s go New Zealand! You rock!

Let’s see what the new Mayor of Auckland is made of then. :)

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Beloved Oscar winning box office star for Hollywood, Sir Peter Jackson is released from hospital for a perforated ulcer today in Wellywood/ Wellington, Capitol of Aotearoa New Zealand. Thank heavens! More facts on this crucial story follow below:

Hollywood entertainment news as voted by you the people worldwide today, rounds out our top ten like so:

1. Hollywood’s Top 40 box office stars - Cinema’s players today

2. Maori haka, DJ Forbes & Sporty Rugby Football Super Sevens action 

3. What is the Super Bowl‘s main attraction? It’s not just the pig skin

4. Keanu Reeves fans humor

5. Kim Kardashian – the Art of Reality TV portraiture

6. Justin Bieber covers Vanity Fair - March 2011

7. Some smiling faces of Young Hollywood Today

8. Remembering Thomas Jefferson on Bill of Rights importance

9. Magazine moments – Britney Spears & Sons cover Elle Magazine

10. A-Listed Consulate Hollywood dating- Reese Witherspoon & Tim Roth‘s dinner dates in Brentwood

Bonus Post – Hollywood history: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Oscars Night 1943

Sir Peter Jackson News: “TVNZ quoted the Oscar-winning director’s publicist, Melissa Booth, as saying Jackson wanted to express his gratitude to the doctors and nursing staff at Wellington Hospital for their care and to his fans for their support.

Shooting on Jackson’s current project, a two-part big-screen adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s ”The Hobbit,” was due to begin next month, but has been delayed while the filmmaker recuperates at home, the Web site said.”

Wishing Sir Peter all the best as he recovers, in a city where Tomasi Cama (pictured) and his peers of rugby football sporting mania have temporarily taken over. See no.2 above.

[Pic of Sir Peter Jackson courtesy of CTV.CA website]

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I don’t why, but this story really moved me when reading it. The story is very real. Says Robin Roberts of Good Morning America TV Show, to Prevention Magazine:

“I found my lump in a self-exam!  Because I was familiar with my body and the lumps, I knew this one felt different. I called the doctor’s office and said, ‘Hey, I found a lump—can you move up the exam?’  They said, ‘No, we’re booked solid.’  And I’m thinking to myself, Wow, this really happens.”

“[After completing radiation] I was in a funk.  I was depressed.  Also you’re mad at yourself because you’re thinking, I’m supposed to be happy.  The treatment’s over.  My hair is growing back.” My treatment ended in March/April of ’08.  It wasn’t until the end of that summer that I started to feel I wasn’t depressed.  Even when I went on vacation to Saint Lucia, I was kind of depressed, even though it was such a beautiful place.”

What a strong person Robin is. She’s always one of the most empathetic and aware presenters in talk show TV. Let’s hope her recovery sees Robin’s joy coming back too in an age where early detection is still the best known path for cancer prevention, cure and treatment known as common medical knowledge.

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Crossword girl sits opposite me in the cafe, her feet in a cross-legged position on her chair as she scribbles, like it’s yoga class over coffee. It’s good to see someone writing in this day and age. Like, with a pen. I jump on Facebook and see my friend Dale from Wellington, Aotearoa-New Zealand wants to head to New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival this year. How cultured of her.

Dale must already be over racking up ten out of ten tans in Hawaii. Dale did that twice last year and loved it, but perhaps New Orleans would be more fun. She reads books anyway, so how’s that going to mesh with our spicy crawfish gumbo, serious paella palate research and sarsaparilla vodka martini sessions, with all the beaut music that dance-loving Maoris will instantly want to do, if I go with her? The world’s hottest books list, might feel a bit neglected, this US trip of Dale’s.

Then there’s all those vampire movie sets we’ll have to visit in New Orleans too, like where the Twilight Saga kids (Kristen Stewart, Alex Meraz, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson) all are filming, or where Oscar winner Anna Paquin‘s True Blood cast film too, or even where Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunce and Tom Cruise filmed the Anne Rice novel adaptation too, of that film, Interview with a Politician Vampire we’ll have to get photographs of at – as well, if we do New Orleans with a Hollywood Maori twist. I don’t know if I can cope without my new Orthodox Jewish friends nearby for too long these days in such political-economic climates of the world; or when you pick up any newspaper. But I think I just might manage.

Of course we should as Dale and I always had movie dates in the nation’s capitol of Wellington when we both worked in government in New Zealand on Sundays, so we should keep our tradition going as US movie loving hori film buffs. Already the possibilities of fun in New Orleans are sounding tres exciting, and that’s months away. I know Dale already has friends there, so that could be rivetingly wild as Dale does biz too. She’s a bright spark with a fine sense of Nati humor, I have always been proud of to have as my friend.

Knowing Dale though, while I’m running around vampire set locations, she’ll be more green thinking conscience, like wanting to go and meet the real people of New Orleans who live in the lakes and inlet areas, to talk to them about how they managed to clean up the environment after the gulf oil spill crises with BP. Remember that? 

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Progress in Egypt looks like President Murabek playing a good ‘bad cop’ in The Middle East, by saying he ‘won’t stand again.’ This comes after news that Egypt’s military have renounced using force against their country folk who are protesting openly.

The Huffington Post repoerts 1/4 million people in open protest in Cairo. While President Obama urges that ‘transition must be peaceful and must be now.’ Wise words. Other nations of The Middle East are using Egypt’s current public displays as their own model too, to align the Middle East style of leadership and politics with a new ‘era’ for modern times. Meanwhile in Alexandria, reports are apparent that Egypt’s economy is crumbling.

This is all off set in the pages of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, with local American news. That being that the ‘Health Care Reform Bill’ has been overturned by a Judge.

It’s all a go go today in the news. I write this as a USC, Trojans supporter studies for her ‘gender studies’ paper, opposite me at the cafe in Hollywood. I want to suggest Laura Mulvey‘s iconic film theory essay for her to read, but I think she has enough on her study list already. And besides, study is already over and she’s now already onto , of course! Lol. :)

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… in California – we are all supposed to have bodies like this? And hire personal trainers like young Aaron Savvy here.

I’m not joking! Lol! I like my KFC too much to um, perfect this particular art form. Though many people spend hours and hours and hours each week perfecting it.

None of these people are on television, but they all walk around like they could or should be. At first it was unusual to get used to. Then after being in L.A for a while, you respect these peeps for making an effort to further Los Angeles culture in the world, their way – using the Health & Fitness avenues to express their version of LA culture.

After a while too, you relax in your own skin and accept your one pack ab (called a puku in the Maori language).

You realize that you’re still all good, although you exercise more than you would anywhere else in the world, with health nuts all around you.

It’s perhaps one of the reasons why California people can live such a long time. The increased health focus and the beaut warm climate all year round.

Bodies like this are everywhere in Los Angeles. LA is both the Entertainment Capitol of the World as well as being The Heath & Fitness Capitol of the World.

Alright, this is my health fitness plug today as I have people pointing out quite rightly that I don’t do enough of this part of L.A culture enough.

Gosh – you could blog all day really!

[All pics via this week's issue of Frontiers Magazine].

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Sadly, Hollywood screen legend Zsa Zsa Gabor required radical amputation surgery of her leg. The good news is that UCLA Medical doctors are closely monitoring Zsa Zsa post surgery because she’s 93. The wonders of medical science!  –via TMZ

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So you’re a woman who values health and happiness over anything else as your expression of living life to the full in the land of the brave and the free? Where could you live then in America?

Kristen Dodd shares Women’s Health Magazine and Men’s Health combined readers poll results to rate 100 U.S. cities in 41 categories, including cancer rates and cost of living, and residents who tend to have healthy eating and workout habits. Here’s those .




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Lucky is being surrounded in a city of talented, creative writers: This week I seem to have been a writer magnate. Writers have struck up conversations with me all week. It’s like a writer avalanch moment – it’s raining people with story ideas, movie scripts, books and words. I’m digging it. I don’t know why this week has brought that on. In Hollywood it’s perhaps a sign that independent writers are emerging out of recession’s woodworks here in Hollywood. I like that. They have survived the writers’ drought, that actually began four years back with the writers’ strike. They’re tenacious and strong people.

Unsurprisingly then, I met a writer today. I know nothing about her. She told me she had a challenging day with her lawyer. Her story (confidential) moved me, hence this post. In her own words then:

Cara Mia Bella. “There is a garden growing and flourishing brilliantly within the ground of your being utilizing divine intelligence symbiotically blossoming in service to the highest expression of who you are. This garden is nourished by Love. May joy and beauty and love be yours today and every day!”–writer, screenwriter (Swingers) Melanie Lutz whose new book Love Land will be hot this valentine’s day. Author too of Always Alice Blog and Crazy Lemon blog contributor as well. Author of the book The Bare Melcessities.

If you know Melanie, feel free to leave a comment either here or on Mel’s own blog. She’s very Gleeful as a creative thinker.

[First time Peoples Choice Awards Winner 2011Jane Lynch of Glee and Horiwood Hollywood discuss the virtues of healthy iron supplements in the hood - "organic is best!" was our conclusion. Hailing from the organic paradise of Middle Earth (New Zealand) I was happy that Jane too holds that view. One day Jane hopes to go to New Zealand for a good vacation as her schedule permits to check out "the mountains and the beautiful beaches". She's so conscientious to give back to audiences like Kiwi's who watch her hit show each week like many Kiwi's do. Culture that is real is about mutual dialoguing and respect shown one to another. It's never one way. Jane is one smart lady. Melanie is too. As a good sport and Maori dude, whose a fan of four times world rugby football champion girls, The Black Ferns, I just feel so dumb today, like I almost need to enroll at Yale University or something and join Yale's rugby football team as well. Lol!].

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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“Mould me in your hands, into a vessel you can use”–song lyrics, the incomparable Helen Baylor

At this minute in Hollywood, a certain malpracticing ‘doctor’ has been accusing a certain A-Listed actress of being a non-reformed and current heroin addict, for his own try hard publicity. This woman has children. And he’s doing this at Christmas time. What a raping grinch!

This is what a real reformed heroin addict does look like. Drug addiction is a disease like any other that is nothing to be proud of or ashamed of either. It’s just something that some good people are or have been afflicted by. Many people in Hollywood, New York and Australia are afflicted by heroine addiction.

This real reformed heroine addict (above) is so beautiful on the inside. Her name is Helen Baylor and for our West Hollywood Christmas Special, Helen sings All of Me live, because in her life, she credits overcoming heroin dependancy on her faith in God. In this song she offers up her life as a broken gift, full of the good, the bad and the plain ugly facts of her life. So powerful! Ms. Baylor makes me bawl my face off when she sings. If you hear her life story, you’ll bawl your face off too. Yet Helen ‘aint ever graced a cover of a tabloid or a visible-to-all magazine. Why is that I wonder? She’s a total winner.

I love her. Stars don’t get more real than Helen Baylor this Christmas. Her story belongs in a future Hollywood film. Helen Baylor’s life is the freaking Christmas story. No one can deny Helen her Christmas story. If you tried, she’d sing you out of the ball park. Go lady! Sing the Christmas blues. Merry Christmas people, especially ya’ll in West Hollywood. This year we are celebrating grinch-freeness in our lives at Christmas.

We are celebrating living lives beyond lies and falsity too. 2011′s hot American goal. It’s actually a miracle many of us are even having a Christmas this year and that we are choosing to. Truly, it is. We overcame a lot this year in two years of the most hideous economy ever, where we still watched the greedy get greedier and act like spoiled children, more uglier to me than heroine addicts are, wanting more so blatantly. That stuff was sick! Average people perhaps like ourselves all got a bit thinner and came out on top this year, still smiling. Wow! How cool are all you people? You’re the best!  Let’s keep at it then. Grinch-kicking has become my new sport. Join me in it, in making the world a sweeter place in 2011. Meanness, stingyness (the flipside of greed), let’s kick it to the curb when we see it, to win. Up!

Click on Helen’s picture above to see a winner shine drug free. Her gratitude is medicine. Can’t get enough of her spirit to celebrate living life to the fullest with healthy respect for the gift of life. Wow!

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A SCIENCE/ HEALTH STORY: “The United Kingdom and New Zealand health ministers have advised parents not to use soy-based infant formula. Studies have found that soy-fed infants have estrogen levels an average of seventeen thousand times higher than infants fed human or cow’s milk.”

“The wonder bean that vegans, vegetarians, and health food nuts have sworn by may not be as beneficial as we’ve been led to think.

In 1999, the FDA may have approved the claim that soy is “heart healthy” and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, but not without the protest of two FDA researchers.

Researchers Daniel Doerge and Daniel Sheehan were opposed to labeling soy food as heart healthy because “abundant evidence that some of the isoflavones found in soy…demonstrate toxicity in estrogen sensitive tissues and in the thyroid.” Read the rest of this entry »

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What Hollywood needs is hug dealers, not more drug dealers–Horiwood 2010

With an over-emphasize on drug cartels ‘invading America’ (‘Washington’s latest enemy construction, yet true too as fact) from the cover of The Washington Post this week, Angelina Jolie draws the hyped up focus on drugs within America and fixation on them, onto herself, taking the focus offshore to where she’s filming in Bosnia.–Clever as she draws out the poison of an unhealthy national drug focus.  Her message, ‘drugs are a thing of the past.’

Angelina Jolie was not always the angel, we know her as today.

Hollywood’s face of humanitarian glamor was once put through her paces, at a gruelling pace, just like any other sought after actor in Tinsel Town.

This tabloid cover and the accompanying video footage interview the magazine claims to have seen of Jolie, allegedly wasted on drugs, has America buzzing today. The story line to bring attention to drug useage in America follows, “Jolie’s ex-drug dealer talks of her heroin and cocaine days.” via HuffPo. & UK Sun.

If you live in Hollywood, and walk to the local 7-11 (50 yards from where I live), you’ll get encountered by a sketchy looking character, who fits the description of Jolie‘s alleged nemesis of this tabloid story, allegedly pimping a tale of the actress today. First up, Michael Jackson revealed to the world, that doctors are who A-List people go to for drugs. Not non-doctors. But that’s another story. This is a Hollywood hood story. Let’s go with it. But already it’s a little bit ridiculous.

Drugs are not glamorized here. It’s just like, ‘oh well, that’s what they’re doing at the moment,’ when a drug scandal or story comes up. Only tabloids, (studios who want to make a quick buck with a drug themed film) and media blow drugs up from Hollywood as a scandalous topic. If you’re a local in Hollywood, part of being a Hollywood local, is avoiding them at every turn. Drugs are not glamorous, but are a part of people in Hollywood expresssing and trying to find themselves.

Drugs and drug dependancy offer a false sense of power – they are used by people who really want to say ‘I need more love than what I got in childhood, or am getting in my life today.’ They’re a creative way of saying that. In a way, drug users and dealers are represented as being dishonest thugs – not always the case, they are honest in the sense that using drugs, says they just need love.

Genuine love is needed by everyone, a drug user makes their statement that way. An overdependence on drugs are the stand in, for the real love they need on a much deeper level. Many creative people use drugs to escape a noncreative reality that does not fuel their talent, or to slow themselves down, or as a barrier of availability to people who exploit their talent to create, without considering the person, with the talent in context with their talent. Many creative people are either overworked, or, abused for their magical talents. Drugs is the way these people switch off the world and protest.

What they need is love. Because Hollywood is fueled by creative people who create. Drugs will always be a part of the culture of Hollywood. They are a currency in entertainment circles to wheel and deal. Because in a deficit economy, creative people are the real stars, who can create new products to get America out of debt quicker, people use drugs to try and draw in creative people into their web to create for them. True creativity is not drug dependant, so true creatives, can and will always avoid the trappings of drug culture because to be ensnared by anyone or anything is against the nature of a true creative. Drugs are the sign, that someone is losing or lost their creative, authentic power – in a shuffle or a game of trade offs.  

I have learned from personal experience that if you live in Hollywood – drugs are always the sign of someone not coping, or a sign of the weak. They’re always a sign, that someone is angry, numbing their pain from past grievances, wrongs against them. They’re a sign of someone in emotional pain, self-medicating. No judgement towards drug users, but they often need a hug rather than more drugs. Having said that, many genuinely fun people use drugs too here. No slight on anyone in doing a normal story on a real topic that factually happens in Hollywood any day of the week.

Food for thought today worth sharing. Today Jolie, is the fulfillment of her drug dealer’s redeemed potential as a leader and human being of the world. She’s a hug dealer, not an illegal drug dealer – for people in the world who suffer atrocities at the hands of others- who need a hug from a Western leader, for their causes.”

[If you have been drawn to this story, and you feel like you are drug dependant, the AA are believed to run the best recovery programs here in America. West Hollywood's meetings draw people from all over L.A. Check out their website here. Life gets better when love replaces all fear!]

[Image courtesy of Life & Style Magazine]

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After research revealed that 50% of all women are forgetting to get regular breast cancer check ups, a new app has been developed for ladies phones and breasts.

iBreastcheck allows the girls, to set a personalized alarm clock, to remind of check up times. Said Bernie Nolan who is being treated for breast cancer:

“This is an incredible development from Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I only wish it had been thought of sooner. The earlier breast cancer is found, the earlier we have a chance of beating it.”

Isn’t this the purpose of technology and medical science knowledge fusing together, for what they’re meant for? Saving lives. Saving breasts, America’s national treasures too!

That’s awesome. Grndr one of these apps, a hot girl’s way to celebrate health, life, well being in the world – and be a man, I say! In order for men and children to be healthy in community, women with the best healthy breasts in America are US all too. Way cool! This app created by the U.K to help that along.

 iProstatecheck TM does not sound as sexy for men, as this little number, but that app should happen too on the IT health front for us men. Technology is a gift to preserve and care for Life. Love it today.

Here’s Christina Hendrick‘s who says in Harper’s Bazaar that everyone’s hitting on her, women, men, gay, straight – the whole shabang – and she’s happy about that. “It’s flattering,” says Hendricks.

Um, there is nothing flat about Christina at all, so that was funny! Bump this post on for the ladies you care about and love. IT’S FREE, our favorite.


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