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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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Amy Winehouse has done a cover of It’s My Party for Quincy Jones (initial collaborating producer of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop) tribute album.

Though a tad bit nasally side, (a Winehouse vocal signature) this is Jewish soul via the UK. Hot, I reckon. Coming from a depth of human rights history in the world and survival and triumph — if you look at whose singing what for who.

This number is hard to beat.

In other news, young Disney-spun singer Demi Lovato takes the heat off her buddy Miley Cyrus’ parents’ alleged divorce scandal –by finishing her world tour early and clocking into rehab. The reasons given by her rep are (as obtained from ‘Demi almost punched one of her dancer’s out’, then this:  “Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time,” the statement read. “Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. She is doing just that. [Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future.”

This girl is probably needed to hang out with her bestie at this time. At least she quit her tour: a) a little bit ‘bad *ss rocker chick’ and b) with a very ‘Hollywood’ exit answer of ‘I’m not Disney perfect.’  Works a charm here. Rehab always sells an album when a star is in treatment.

The reasons Demi gives could apply to half the people in Hollywood City right now (or NYC, if you read the dailys and all the Obama whiplash hating going on). Who doesn’t have emotional issues on some level, in a yo-yo economy intersecting with “who are we now” intense self cultural-examination, underpinning a cultural revolution of introspection before rebuilding, the new.

I think Demi’s put herself right in the center of how people are feeling with her responsible reason of quitting her tour. She’s so much more relatable now. Not a kid, who wears the Mouse House’s ears. And when she gets out of rehab, she’ll transfer her new grown up outlook in life, onto her pal, Miley by hanging out with her a lot. It’s just how friends roll in this town for each other. You support, you block, you team up–to win.

This is Hollywood, so Demi will probably be cast in a kick-A action film, next. Like a ‘vengeance girl, fights back’ action storyline.

Wishing her all the best. She’s a tough kid. You have to be, to survive Hollywood, let alone Disney (eg: Timberlake, Spears, Cyrus all have too).

[Image of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick and Lionel Richie, least we forget what Jones for break out African-American superstars of music]

To see who else is on Quincy’s Tribute Album the artists names and the album song lists follow below.

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Amy Winehouse knows how to go straight to the top of the big storyline cue in British newspapers. This grammy winner in not stupid. Winehouse was spotted all over Camden in the weekend with ex hubby, Blake Civil-Fielder.

The Sun are reporting that Winehouse is thinking of moving Blake into her new Camden home. Scandalous news from the UK today as Amy Winehouse dominates UK news.

She asks the question… what is reconciliation in a marriage that was obviously once broken? Smart girl at playing world headlines with the biggest celebrities asking the same question in the world. You’ve got to love her clever in the celebrity game. She’s an adept superstar at playing the fame game.

Look at her! Playing an old card, but an Ace card, Winehouse has got both Hollywood and New York talking about her. There’s not many celebrities in the world who can achieve that by this Back To Black singer can. Too funny! 

[Image of Amy Winehouse courtesy of]

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A terrified Amy Winehouse was rushed to hospital last night with agonizing pains from her boob implants.

The 26-year-old Rehab singer was kept in overnight while doctors carried out urgent tests. She is now waiting to discover whether she must undergo corrective surgery – or even have the 32D implants removed.

How dramatic. Amy Winehouse needs to get on the phone to Pamela Anderson  to give Winehouse some sound counselling on how to wear plastic, for decades. Poor Amy Winehouse.

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Sending a shout out to the world from the UK, in only a way that Amy Winehouse can, The Sun is reporting that Winehouse now has 13 cats running around her London apartment. 

A source tells the Sun: “She loves cats but doesn’t know when to stop. Controlling that many is proving to be a disaster…. Her friends are calling her Catwoman now because they’re everywhere.”

Sounds like Winehouse is giving the  while also throwing Winehouse’s musical audiences weight and support behind the Scottish songstress too… with this kitty cat reference.

Nice one Amy! UK’s reigning queen of The Grammys is looking after Britain’s new Scottish Queen of song. When all is said and done about Amy Winehouse, she is kinda sweet really. 

[Painting of Susan Boyle by Dan Lacey. Image of Amy Winehouse Courtesy of PA via Janet CharltonsHollywood.Com]

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This girl has got a great sense of humor. Amy Winehouse cuts through all of the hooplah at The American Music Awards with a simple statement from her record label that “she’s thinking of Blake Civil-Fileder” Winehouse’s ex husband.

The ploy worked. Entertainment news sites worldwide went WTF! As Amy is in studio writing and recording material for a new album, the world stopped to look at American pop stars and focus on her in the UK.

She’s a smart cookie. Like a dark queen of pop residing in the UK and competing with the best of them in America. She brings the drama. A true entertainer. Love her!

[Vintage Amy Winehouse and Blake Civil-Fielder pic from getty images]

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Queen of British Pop, Amy Winehouse is always such a walking production when she rocks out for the night in London town. Totally digging her freckles.

Amy has got hand maidens and security guards close at hand as she does her bit to support the British economy. Too funny! Diva.


[Image courtesy of] ~ Horiwood.Com 11.11.09~

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Amy Winehouse is more pro-America’s new leadership, than many Americans are.  This girl never ceases to make me laugh, as she transforms herself into the UK version of a cheerleader of global change.

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… were not to be outdone by the British singer and music producer’s cute freckles. Amy Winehouse is now looking more like Beyonce than ever. Same surgeon perhaps? The wonders of medical science.


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La Toya Jackson is a vision of silky blue as she leaves the set of Dancing With The Stars.

Celebrity always does bite, but it is how one uses their fame for the good, that shows a star’s true star power, or whether they are just pretending to be a star. Always give. Celebrity News bites today are as follows:

Hollywood legend, Steven Spielberg has been retained as Creative Director for Universal at $50 million a year. Nice!–Variety

At 16, Miley Cyrus brief appearance in Sex & The City II sparks questions. She loves it.–popeater

Oscar and grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson is in talks to play the role of Winnie Mandlea in a Nelsen Mandela biopic. Great role!–showbiz411

Giving fills Madonna‘s love of more fame with Glee. The hit feel good TV show is doing an entire episode devoted to Madonna songs as Madonna gifts Glee her music royalty rights. Nice!–Music-Mix

Charlize Theron may play Mad Maxine, as Mel Gibsons famous role  gets set for a Mad Max reprise, down under–Sydney Sun.

Kanye West did not die in a car crash as falsely reported. Taylor Swift did not kill him.–Sophos


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We may laugh at Amy Winehouse but she’s one amazing godmother.

Last night in the UK, Winehouse’s goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield made her debut singing performance on the show Strictly Come Dancing. The 13 year-old who is the first signed talent to Lioness Records, sung Mama Said with Amy Winehouse singing background vocals for her protege.

It appears that the four times grammy winning Jewess of the UK, has a very politically savvy sense of the world. When Ted Kennedy The Lion of The Senate passed away, Rihanna took her little brother, who resembles a young Barack Obama to see The Lion King on Broadway, New York City.

A week after this incident, Winehouse announced her new record label, Lioness records. Dionne Bromfield, her first talent to sign, did a great job last night. I love the way that the UK and America are in dialogue with pop culture, in a new age of an Obama-led world. Pop stars are doing their bit, to show respect in support of Obama’s father’s roots in Africa and his promise of hope to lead the world towards peace.

One thing is for certain, black leadership is the way of the future, it’s time.

Also, thematically if we follow hot trends before they  emerge en masse; Africa’s wildlife is very hot for American celebrities to promote right now. Africa and all things Africa, are on celebrities’ minds. Paris Hilton (does she have a mind?) got snapped with a monkey, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher with giraffes, baby rhinos and elephants and Beyonce associates herself with a jaguar, in concert on her I Am Tour. All themes that denote a cultural sensitivity from America that her leader now has a half-African king.

But anyway, let’s not steal, 13 year-old’s Dionne Bromfield’s big debuting moment with fashion pop trends of A-List celebrities. That would be so LA surface shallow. But Wow! Dionne Bromfield is tres chic.

Winehouse’s first young lioness of  song, has been successfully launched. Love it. Amy Winehouse is leading from the UK. Nice producing job! Amy &  Dionne’s pop-cultural political rhetoric is a metaphor for global change.

Think Queen Elizabeth II embracing new kid of the political scene, First Lady  Michelle Obama into her Commonwealth nations countries with guidance and nurture. Amy Winehouse is showcasing tonight to Regina with Dionne, how effortlessly it can be done. Wow! Lioness records has got relevant pop-political teeth, with an exquisitely sweet Motown roar.

Being Amy Winehouse, Dionne is 3 years younger, than America’s reigning teen queen, Miley Cyrus. Winehouse takes no prisoners in her push back brand of entertainment to the US. She’s just raised the bar in acknowledging youthful talent and potential in entertainment. Totally digging it. 10/10!!!

[image: courtesy of Wenn.Com]

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The UK’s most famous Jewish grammy winner,  Amy Winehouse, has taken her fancy to being the UK’s female Ali G  of rap. Her  humor is funny, but she’ll have to try a little  harder than this. Good  to see Amy  laughing at herself. Go honey!


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