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[Photo caption - Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) scores as Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith (5) defends in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game, Tuesday, March 22, 2011, in Atlanta.]

Two basketball hooping peeps on twitter like the basketball flow of Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose scored 30 points to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 114-81 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Their sentiments follow:

‎ Derrick Rose is COOKING the NBA on a FOREMAN GRILL.

‎ My man mike Wilbon & I had a convo..u CAN’T “NOT” like Derrick rose. His game. Work ethic. Heart. Humility. Drive. Courage. ALL top notch.

Nick Friedell of ESPN writes – “ATLANTA – Derrick Rose never forgets the bad things that happen to him on a basketball court. It gives him the drive to be successful day in and day out.

“He remembers every misstep, every wrong decision and every game that didn’t go his way. He wants to prove to any person that may have doubted him, or the way his team would bounce back in the face of adversity wrong. Plain and simple: Derrick Rose wants to beat you. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And if some reason he doesn’t, and the other team gets the best of him or his team, watch out. The next time he sees that team, he’ll be sure to get the job done.”

In addition, Rose says – “We knew that after that game we all felt bad,” the 22-year-old point guard said of the March 2 affair in which the Bulls struggled down the stretch. “You don’t want that feeling anymore. It hurts. And one of the reasons why we lost that game is definitely because of me. Turnovers, bad decisions, everything, it was because of me. And I just tried to stay focused. My teammates did a great job of getting open and I was finding them and they were hitting shots they normally hit.”

Learning from experience, getting the game better is what it’s all about. As Rose shows, he can deliver at the hoop.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.22.11~